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  1. Certainly not before your time, lol.
  2. This board has become a magnet for the truly unsettled.
  3. Not very impressed with mine the other day, especially for the price. Why was everyone raving about this place? Almost no sauce, almost no cheese. Lots of good toppings; tasteless dough.
  4. Probably won't play because it's FaceBook.
  5. Any modem TelMex has offered in the last 4 or 5 years is configured for the higher speeds available.
  6. I did not say you were new, I said the other guy is.
  7. Then you can join that other new guy here who is ranting about WalMart. Just think, in a while you won't have any stores you'll be able to shop in, and the I'll know that social distancing is really working...
  8. No. Your hearsay is not evidence. And heed daisy's advice: which staffmember do you think goes in early enough to turn on the freezers, which are probably going to take minimum 3 to 4 hours before the food is refrozen, and I would guess substantially longer because that amount of stuff will not freeze in the same time that four pizzas freeze in your own little freezer. This would also add uncountable kWh to their CFE bill. And the lights are off to save power anyway.
  9. How Ford treated his employees has nothing to do with the concept that big corporations are ruining small businesses. I could have used an example of the first guy to carve a wheel out of stone pissing off all the human people carriers... let's see you dig up some dirt on their employers. The point being when you rail on against WalMart, you need to rail against every huge corporation, from airlines to Federal governments, for ruining the existing businesses that got shut down. You need to rail against the work-houses in newly-industrialized England. It's a joke to think anything can be done about any of this. It happened already. Nothing is going to change. Everyone shops and works and will not stop. You are perfectly entitled to take your business to small shops; no one is arguing that, least of all me. I prefer the small shops where I can get fresh bolillos, or my favourite kind of cracker. But I shop at WalMart, and so do most WalMart haters. Because, NO, I can't get a big selection of toasters or irons or dinnerware sets or cordless phones with extensions at any small shop I know of. Life is a compromise. Preaching about it the way you are on this board has no effect. In fact, please remember: we are all adults here and have been through this thought process ourselves a million times before your post.
  10. Yep, and people bitched and moaned about the devastating impact Henry Ford was going to have on the horse and carriage trades, from the specialized chassis all the way down to the guy who shoed the horses. The future is here. Nothing anyone can do except try and make them fly right.
  11. I'm afraid you have stepped into a time warp, tomwins.
  12. I can only repeat what Mostlylost already said. Look at the answers throughout this thread. You are not going to find many, if any on this Board with experiences specifically similar to yours. Only guesses. If you are indeed happy to hear what people think, as you put it, so be it.
  13. You won't get proper answers here. Please contact an immigration lawyer.
  14. So your daughter is here, or will be. I was simply trying to help YOU by letting others know a little bit more, and maybe you too. If the fact that you lose your right to IMSS for two years if you miss the due date is not useful, well...
  15. This is a completely untrue rumour that has been circulating for years, ever since they lost power for a couple of days and everyone claimed they had refrozen everything to sell. Now, I don't know exactly how they handled that, but they do NOT shut down the freezers every night. I am not buds with Pancho, and I have no reason to protect him or the current owners of the place, but let's have some proof before making ludicrous statements like that.
  16. Sounds like he will be here anyway. And if you miss your IMSS payment, you are off the list for another two years.
  17. Whoops, my mistake for not reading all the way through. Photo on the package looks breaded. Anyway, still, only formed chicken. I have never seen a solid chicken patty at any store here. However, there are a variety of frozen chicken cutlets, if you will, that are sold at the two bigger stores.
  18. They taste fine, but are definitely ground and formed. I prefer the chicken tenders, as they are solid. Not round, but more like you'd get at McD's or Burger King. BUT you can't get them from their list... I get them at WalMart and Soriana.
  19. Pretty sure it's a she. Franky? Please out yourself.
  20. Haha, no you're not. Prepare yourself for a barrage of new questions.
  21. Franky, you have had all the help you are going to get. You are asking questions that no one can properly answer. This is your modus operandi. Every post you have ever made is 8 miles long, asks an interminable amount of questions, then rephrases those questions when you don't get the answers you want... instead of simply accepting the fact that you are not going to get them. You may be a fine person face to face, but here you have developed a nuisance style. I am posting a link to all your other stuff so members here can be reminded. You started your life here with almost exactly the same kind of post about Amazon: https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/profile/55549-frankyop/content/
  22. Yes, of course, or I wouldn't have posted that note. Perhaps I should have said "successfully".
  23. I just successfully texted someone in Canada, who received it and replied, using "+1" and their 10 digit number (you know, 613-xx-xxxx).
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