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  1. Pretty much US and Canadian pizza styles have nothing to do with Italy or gourmet. As I've always said, the dough is simply a delivery mechanism for whatever you want on top. (Yes, dough afficionados will argue about that comment, and that's okay. Most Mexican pizzas are slighly gourmet in nature simply because so many start with a thin, crispy crust. But we are pretty much all expats here, which means we didn't grow up with gourmet or Italian pizzas (seriously, a slice of pie from a New York pizza joint owned and operated by the offsp;ring of an Italian immigrant family is not Italian pizza). Which means when I talk about pizza, I'm assuming I'm in an audience of mostly like-minded people. (And that has proven true most of the time.) That's precisely why I said it may be delicious... but it's not pizza.
  2. He's trying to get the @ symbol on a Spanish keyboard in Mexico. What is non-lakeside about that? This board used to be for help, not haters.
  3. There are at least 12 distinct flavours of Spanish and Latin American keyboards. Only the Asian manufacturer of the device knows for sure. EDIT: Apparently my reading skills are fading... I completely skipped over the fact that he is using a TABLET, which means standard keyboard stuff does not work. Sadly for me, virgo's images below are correct.
  4. If there was no workable infrastructure, there would be nothing to steal. It pays them to maintain a subsistence level of product delivery.
  5. Well, I called you guys all day Wednesday and sent you two messages via Facebook, which said you were OPEN. No answers, no response.
  6. That's not a pizza anymore. It may be delicous, but that's not a pizza.
  7. Please don't feed the troll. Let him stay under the bridge where the air is foul, where he belongs.
  8. Not fond of the smell of the mascobado... too much like molasses.
  9. I have never heard of an installation of Windows offering three languages. Most laptaps sold in Mexico are "single language". Most are Windows Home. Windows Pro allows you to download a language pack of any kind. The only way you will know for sure what language you are getting is when you start the Setup. If it starts in Spanish, that's what it will be. Only Apple products give you a language choice during Setup. You will always be given the choice of more than one keyboard language, but that won't help if it's a Spanish install. And of course the keyboard won't physically change... it will be Spanish so you'll have to figure out the characters yourself. When you choose more than one keyboard, you will get a keyboard icon on your screen to switch between keyboard languages. It won't say on the box anything about languages. But yes, as pointed out here, you can use a standalone English language keyboard connected via USB. But then, what's the point of having a laptop? Dell Mexico at one point offered English installs of Windows; I had heard they don't anymore, but I don't know for certain. Ruben generally cannot order English laptops. I frequently remove Spanish versions of Windows to install an English version instead. It's fairly easy getting used to the differences in the special character keys. There are not very many.
  10. Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days, along with anytime around the 15th... payday.
  11. Not sure what the reasoning here might be. Your wife has a voter card with her address; you have some kind of ID with address. If you are not domiciled in Chapala yourself, why would they let you through without a problem but not your Mexican wife?
  12. And I quote: "No one needs to buy baby food." ... "Commercial baby food is just a marketing gimmick and utterly unnecessary. How is it that the human race was able to survive and overpopulate the earth without commercial baby food?" How is it that this is not telling people how to live? Your point is always the same: if it's different than you, then it's wrong.
  13. Just wanted to agree on the Home Depot thing. Mexico treats big box stores like specialty shops and overcharges for everything, the complete opposite of "back home". Then I saw your admonishment on baby food. There you go again, telling people how to live. Dammit, people have been using commercial baby food for a hundred years, and none of us sprouted antennae or turned into the devil (I'm proud to say the drawing of the baby girl on all Gerber jars was my playdate when I was a year old. Raised in Ottawa). Next thing, you'll be railing on about mothers' milk vs formula, then shoelaces vs. velcro, and god only knows what. Can you not just finish a thought with jumping on your patronize-wagon?
  14. Tell that to every big store in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City... you name it. Life has changed in oh so many ways. So keep doing what you do; no one has a problem with that. My problem comes from being lectured to about things I am already fully and completely aware of.
  15. The government can print as much money as it wants to. The gold standard is long gone. It is under no obligation to pay back its own debt. Ever.
  16. That is to what I was referring in my other message to you. I just threw one out, last week, because with extra time on my hands I went through my piles of collected junk that I knew would never be called for again. It has been almost a decade since I last used the USB portable 3.5 floppy drive. Happens every time.
  17. It was open Monday. Did you check the office hours? I paid Monday because they were closed Good Friday, and of course every weekend. They cut me off at midnight on Saturday, my due date. I was more than a little miffed. Yep, my fault, but no grace period. Not even a reminder notification, which they only send to clients who pay by credit card.
  18. So now the offender, apparently unhappy with the responses on this thread, has seen fit to start yet another thread on the same topic. Duplicate trolling. Fantastic concept.
  19. He is talking about two things, perhaps poorly worded: One, he wants a cheap DVD player. Two, a way to get info transferred from an old floppy disk. Only older towers are going to have one of those. Even I don't have one anymore, because the format is extinct.
  20. Oh, so that's what this is about. He's already been told. http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=Fogon+de+charlotte+ajijic But he probably thought it was FAKE NEWS. Our own little Trump. I put him on IGNORE, but he keeps turning up.
  21. And I've only seen this happening on the Chapala entrance side... have not seen photos or videos on the Joco end.
  22. There are all kinds of videos of people being turned away, of people being asked for proof of residence. They are on Mexican FB pages and a variety of other sources that most expats will never see. Just because they don't see them, doesn't mean it isn't happening. There's a long one from the under-Presidente himself, and several others he's made, wearing a mask and announcing to people on the highway at Ch. Haciendas 2, what's happening.
  23. Ah, brilliant. Have to save that one. I expect to see it a lot on this Board in future.
  24. Tonala, absolutely. All over the place, out in the open. Tlaquepaque too, although better deals in Tonala.
  25. Heck, I was watching Sesame Street in college in 72. We didn't have a whole lotta TV choices.
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