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  1. Yes, I'm curious too. Just trolling? Who gets their water tested for radioactivity, anywhere in North America? Maybe in Chernobyl or Japan or folks living by nuclear plants that have melted down... or is it just the people who lean their heads against the CFE meter all day?
  2. Juan Carlos is the owner of both the one in Riberas and out west past San Juan Cosala; he spends most of his time out there, leaving the management here to one of his long-term employees, of which there are several.
  3. Does anyone know how often the Chapala Plus bus runs, and is there one that stops by El Dorito?
  4. So true. In Riberas I lived across from a weekend Tapatio who emptied his rooftop pool every weekend. It poured onto the street for hours. And there are laws forbidding exactly that.
  5. Right, a CURP is just an identification number... originally supposed to be something loosely like a social security number, I believe? Remember when everyone had to get one, to buy a cell phone, and people were using Felipe Calderon's name...
  6. Huawei is the better brand right now, but it is still prone to damage... too bad, was hoping you'd say Technicolor. Just yesterday I had a gal who couldn't get onto her Chase site, no matter what we did. It would work one time only. She traded in her modem and now everything is hunky dorey. Anyway, just one option.
  7. So they are sending a tech, right? It often comes down to cabling, especially during the rainy.
  8. My Internet has gone off around midnight or so for the past two nights. Other than that, during the day, not seeing any difficulties. I am in Riberas about two blocks from Mom's restaurant toward the lake. Aquaponicsman, check and see if you have a Technicolor-brand modem. These regularly exhibit this drop-off behaviour, and need to be exchanged. (I had two in a row, both doing the same thing after a week.) Failing that, you should contact Mexico City tech support at the previously mentioned number, because overall there are currently no generalized problems in this area of which I am aware.
  9. Don't bother going to the office. Instead call Mexico City tech support at 01-800-123-2222, and ask for someone with English. They are far better equipped. Our guys here in Ajijic know nothing, see nothing, do nothing. Trust me on this. And it's not the servers, it's the infracstructure here.
  10. Relax, kiddo. Just trying to keep it light.
  11. What's probably the biggest cause of indigestion and other innards issues? Stressing out too much, over things like homeopathic options...
  12. Sorry, I can't seem to find room after taking in all that coconut oil, probiotic yogurt, kombucha tea, soy and almond milk, microalgae, and tempeh while doing my reiki. Oh, wait, I don't have any trouble digesting foods. I guess then I should just switch to a different diet: maybe the zone, the south beach, the Mediterranean, or raw foodism.
  13. Kefir grains at the grain/seed/spice shop beside Gossips restaurant this very day, across from Clinica Ajijic.
  14. Must have walked by it several times. Thanks; I'll check again. And RV: right: you find me a clerk, and I'll ask.
  15. But that's NOB thinking. I'd like to know where it's actually been seen at WalMart, because I just scoured that section moments ago. Now, being a male, it's quite possible that I can't see the obvious, just like when I'm looking in the fridge. I can go to a local abarrote, but I'd like to know for those times when I don't want to hit two stores.
  16. Man, I just walked all over the WalMart looking for BacDyn or MicroDyn. Anyone know for sure where they hide it?
  17. This is exactly why I mentioned the armrests. God only knows what's on those, so unless you bring paper towels into the theatre, forget trying to keep clean by towelling the door handles...
  18. Don't forget those armrests at the movie theatre and ballet... forget the darned bathroom door handles!
  19. This is getting silly. The long article posted goes way beyond water. I have been here for 10 years, and I do everything like Xena. The only time I got sick was at the defunct tomale place (we think), from something in my food that was handled by unwashed hands, and I got amoebas... which just about killed me for two weeks. I have never been ill from stomach problems since. I LOVE street food.
  20. No, I got your point. The article plainly states that Shigella can live in tequila; it would have to be introduced during bottling or after in the process.
  21. That would make sense, except my story is true. "But Shigella bacteria, which cause dysentery and were found in a study to be responsible for 15 percent of traveler's afflictions in Mexico, are much more potent. Studies have shown that as few as 200 of the microscopic Shigella organisms are capable of making a person acutely ill. Far more than that can survive in ice; viable Shigella bacteria have been recovered from ice that had been frozen solid for two months. For that matter, hazardous numbers of this hardy microbe can survive a bath in straight tequila." Any ice in our house was triple-filtered, so who knows? In any case, the problem went away when he switched tequila... maybe it was something in the brand of tequila. http://www.nytimes.com/1985/07/02/science/even-frozen-and-dunked-in-alcohol-lurking-bacteria-menace-travelers.html
  22. I have a filter on my tinaco, and have had same at all houses that did not have pressure/filtration systems. In some cases, such as in Riberas, the water can be sandy enough that the filter gets blocked and requires regular cleaning/changing.
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