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  1. You are assuming too much; assumptions that are incorrect. First, you've already been told that WalMart Mexico IS Mexican and the money stays here, except for the percentage the original company makes... same as with every corporation around the world. Second, you've been told that it provides thousands of jobs in this country. But your assumption that it is killing small businesses is also based on a fallacy. Every corporation started as a Mom'n'Pop, and the founders (let's say, like Black & Decker) built the business from a garage hobby into a full-blown international outfit. They were hailed as heroes for "making it" and for providing jobs. Now it's hip to denigrate them all. ANY corner store could take the same approach if they wanted. So it's on THEM if they don't. Case in point: the plastic and bits shop on Madero in Chapala. He's happy with his level of growth. He carries a big selection of toasters, pot sets, clocks, dollar gadgets, bedding, etc. Now, he ain't "living the life" but he took it upon himself to up the game, and he is very popular (even though he is a grump). Same with the gift shop off the plaza in Ajijic. So it can be done. Don't be putting all the blame on others who "won". Put the blame on them when you know they lobby unfairly with huge amounts of money and bribes in Washington to further their shareholder's interests. THAT's where the problem lies. But remember, they didn't start out that way. Unless their father was rich and gave them 10 million to get started... On the other hand, yes, we know the US gov't is corrupt at many levels and that the big corps are going to take all the money, because they have cadres of lawyers taking advantage of every loophole in the acts (including those loopholes built in by those legislators who are in the pockets of those same corporations.
  2. Which is nowhere near the restaurant curves. That sign is up before you get close to Arileo Restaurant if coming from the east. Actually, also if coming from the west.
  3. happy jillin will be along any minute now to tell us where the Joco/Chapala border actually is...
  4. ... and of course businesses "design" their own FB pages.
  5. She's offering advice from personal experience, which is what this board is all about. And what do you offer in exchange? Smarm. So helpful.
  6. Don't be. From everything I've read, there is no nutritional difference to speak of between whites, brown, and raw sugars. We are just programmed to think there is.
  7. That closed many moons ago, and was replaced by a restaurant, which is also gone.
  8. I don't know why people are posting the same "rules" over and over and over again, even in the same thread. Especially when they are leaving out the best part, which clearly states: All individuals have the right to eat and the right to health protection under the heading "Exceptions to Stay at Home Order—right to buy food, medicine and see doctor".
  9. Perhaps, but that is not reflected in any of these posts.
  10. I ordered at 6:41 Sat. night, and it arrived about 7:09, which I would say is primetime, although I imagine there are lots of seniors who want dinner around 6, like my Mom used to. On the electronic bill you see the Subtotal, which is the food order, a Delivery Fee for the Driver, a place for a driver tip (although I didn't figure out how to enter one, nor would I anyway until I actually got a delivery), and the Traitte Service Fee of 7%. Nothing for the restaurant staff.
  11. In fact, I can find nothing of substance since a video on April 7 on the main page, just a bunch of brief tweets. I'm not sure many users of FaceBook for business purposes really understand how it works. For example, today's info is under POSTS. But there are no other posts of that nature, no images of the papers themselves, etc. Restaurants are also having a difficult time posting things like menus, because no one knows where they should go. So mostly what you get is the odd photo. Some places are very good at posting photos, but this leads to a lot of people who go to FaceBook spending way too much time looking for things that should be obvious. This is a problem with the design, not the users.
  12. The Traitte delivery service is really pushing their business these days. Got a notification last week that delivery fees were 50% off (don't think that lasted long). I used them for the first time on Saturday evening. I wanted junk food, and ordered wings, fries and rings from Vancouver Wings, just to see once and for all what these guys are all about. The phone app for Traitte offers instant updates: when they get your order, when a driver accepts your order, when he picks it up, and then a map with delivery times in minutes. Mine was 25 minutes from request to delivery. Unfortunately, the guy had no gloves or mask. Fortunately, the wings (in "Vancouver" sauce) were excellent and not puny. Fries were soggy, as expected, but nicely seasoned, and rings were about as good and crisp as you can get around here. https://www.traitte.mx/search/type/delivery/address/20.2904547,-103.2382505 The Traitte app and Website have got it all figured out, with a complete list of many restaurants, distance from your location (all geo-located), hours, and full menus, plus delivery costs for each restaurant (based on distance for the driver). It was unfortunate when the other Lakeside Restaurant delivery service had to fold, but Traitte looks like they will be sticking around.
  13. They used to be good, long ago, then something happened. Have known the family for many years, and they insist the cooks have not changed or left. We had occasion to actually complain after getting odd-tasting dishes more than once. The only item I can count on is sizzing rice soup, but that's not something that works for delivery. We won't go back.
  14. You've all seen the price of gas at Pemex lately... down from 20.x to 15.x. Yet at the rate I'm using my vehicle, it will be weeks before I'm down even a quarter tank to take advantage of the price. Here in Riberas, only two pumps are being staffed.
  15. Not sure at all what this has to do with living in Mexico. As a moderator, I would be pretty lenient about topics posted here, but there are thousands of chatboards out there that are dedicatied to this kind of thing... and this is not one of them.
  16. more than 80% are elderly over 60 years old, and more than 75% had underlying diseases present such as cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and, in some cases, tumor. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-death-rate/
  17. I was told that he often calls to cancel or postpone appts, and that is exactly what he did with us last June.Insert other media
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