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    So quiet in here...

    A favourite quote from a Van Morrison song. Applies to this site these days.
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    Security error has been cleared.
  3. ComputerGuy

    Would this work in Ajijic?

    Got a real kick out of Patsy Krakoff's article in the Sept ish of Ojo, wherein she postulates a future showing Lake Chapala as ecologically pure, due to the giant man-made weather bubble sitting over the area, but with the same potholes we have today because of the municipal government...
  4. ComputerGuy

    Physio Therapy Services

    You may have noticed a dearth in ads in the Guad Reporter up until a couple of weeks ago, from dentists, doctors, therapists, etc. The government started cracking down and insisting that they produce their license numbers in every ad to prove they are "legit". It took a long time for many to comply, willingly or otherwise, and a number still haven't.
  5. ComputerGuy

    Warning message against this website

    The servers are cared for by outside security and other providers, and Coldwell pays for them, so it is up to them to keep the certificates in order... which is usually very automatic. Just like on our own computers. But the software updates from both places are seemingly in conflict.
  6. ComputerGuy

    Warning message against this website

    When a computer gets a Security Certificate warning, it is most often because the date the computer is using, and/or the time, is incorrectly set. This may have some relation to the servers, but I don't know...
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    Warning message against this website

    This is, unfortunately, the result of ongoing problems with the security software that is used on the servers. Hard to let anyone know, of course, because if they are unable to get in here, they can't see this, obviously. Again, it has nothing to do with your computers specifically. You might want to pass around, if you can, that Chrome is now the most affected, and newer versions of Firefox, for some reason, are not. Clicking on ADVANCED when faced with the warning allows you to bypass it. Clicking on Advanced in Chrome does not. Chapala Mod knows and is working on it.
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    Todo bien... gracias.
  9. ComputerGuy


    Had occasion to order from The SmokeHouse via Food Delivery Services. Keeping in mind that nothing is going to be the same when delivered in a styro box, as compared to fresh off the grille/smoker, my thoughts: I ordered the rib/brisket combo, to get a taste of both. Two sides come with each order. I also got BBQ Wings (not hot, because I wanted to check the basic cook). It's $199 for the combo, and $95 for the wings. There was enough meat to justify the combo price. The ribs were a bit over-cooked, but easy to remove from the bone, and the homemade sauce was tasty. Not an expert in sauces, but I believe it is a Texas style, while the wings were more Kansas City (sweeter). Nice to see two different sauces instead of just one covering everything. Adelita's ribs are better cooked and juicier, but I never liked their sauce (which tastes like bottled, and if it isn't, then they are making a huge mistake cooking their own). The brisket was neither good or bad, just "there". But I come from a place where smoked meat/corned beef/pastrami/brisket is an art form, so it's hard not to be prejudiced. Again, it would have been better fresh off the heat, considering an abundance of marble that would have made it juicier. Chicken wings were excellent, and very meaty, if a tad over-cooked.. 8 wings for $95; I guess that's normal these days? My sides were slaw and rings; slaw was not of any "style" I could tell, but was okay. Certainly not limp or over-vinegared. And the rings were fine. Delivery from Lakeside Food was amazingly fast, knowing the restaurant is on the west side of town and I am in Riberas: 45 minutes from the time I called. Here's a link to the menu, and the new Delivery Website: http://food.sslakeside.com/item/smoke-house/
  10. Am I wrong, or isn't the area currently "without" local transitos, while the State has taken over this function? If so, what is FatBoyMoustacheMan doing, back on the highway with his pickup truck, stopping drivers at random heading east from the San Juan direction? He flagged me down, but I just waved and drove past, enjoying the look of disbelief he registered. This would mean he is not only coercing bribes, his favourite pastime, but now also working illegally.
  11. ComputerGuy

    Question from a Newbie Visitor

    Yes, you may experience stomach/gastro upset your first few days. (I advise visitors to brush their teeth with the tapwater, but don't drink it, and rinse with bottled water.) But, when you head back north, you will also experience a reaction to water you once were used to.
  12. ComputerGuy

    Ocelo sponges

    Then I'm even more curious: if no fancy colours, why are they better than others? This image is from the 3M page about Ocelo sponges.
  13. ComputerGuy

    Emissions place in Chapala

    Perhaps someone knows the actual law: foreign vehicles are exempt from emission testing, but for how long?
  14. ComputerGuy

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Thanks. I will get there.
  15. ComputerGuy

    Question from a Newbie Visitor

    And know that Mexicans are just as wary, but not overly so.
  16. ComputerGuy

    Tripadvisor, por favor

    The "fake" reviews just add to the general malaise of the site, but I wasn't commenting on those. That 80% may indeed be honest and true, but that isn't my point. I don't know these people, I don't have any standard on which to place a value on their judgment calls... and so it's simply pointless to me. Some of the comments over the years on this very board, regarding "the best burger I have had", and "the best pizza I ever had", and any number of other reviews both good and bad, have proven to be so miserably wrong that I cannot fathom their lack of taste: "tastebuds are all in their toes", as the saying goes. So I take them with a grain of salt, unless I know the person. Heck, there's one guy here who I have known well for years and call him a good friend, and his opinions on restaurants are shocking to me. I mentioned before that I have nothing against those who like it, but I personally find it a waste of time. So it's only a "useful tool" if you believe it to be. I do not.
  17. ComputerGuy

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    Who knows what kind of hypno-speak these guys have on each other. But nobody jumped in their paddy-wagon to come get me. I'm out that way a LOT and I haven't seen them, so I guess I won't need your help on that GoFundMe page... Me and FBMM go way back... I usually ask him how his family is, what's he been up to since last we met, lots of smiles... he gets flustered and gives up. His Capitain was with him once, asked if he know me: he said "Um, I guess..." and the boss said "Just drop it".
  18. ComputerGuy

    Ocelo sponges

    I looked these up. Apart from fancy designs, is there a reason to get these over any similar sponges?
  19. ComputerGuy

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    Yep. Pre-packaged, though, after they buy it in bulk from Toyo in Guadalajara. $69p/kilo. Usually in bags of 1/3 kilo for about $25p. Bottom shelf of Asian section by the coolers. Not where they keep the bulk nuts/seeds.
  20. ComputerGuy

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    And they have bulk panko, which I use regularly instead of bread crumbs for coating meats. Buying a box of panko at, say, WalMart is easily four times the price.
  21. ComputerGuy

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Ah, so much for the "black casa and door". I drove all the way down to the lake today at 2:30 pm and found nothing, driving very slowly. I will try again; perhaps the door was closed, and I missed the 237B.
  22. ComputerGuy

    Tripadvisor, por favor

    Gringal and I were once "enemies". I offered to take her to Arileo's shortly after they opened, for what then was the best cheesecake in town. We met, we enjoyed lunch, she wouldn't let me pay, and we've gotten along ever since. (Now I don't go to Arileo's anymore after three steak disasters and many botched meals of my companions.) I too respect her restaurant opinions.
  23. ComputerGuy

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Did anyone ever get there? I'd forgotten about it, but my head tells me that no one can sell a cinammon bun for 5 pesos. Or a muffin. The ingredient cost of raisins, stuff for dough, icing if used, electricity or gas, labour involved... no way. Heck, even a bolillo costs 6 pesos these days.
  24. ComputerGuy

    Tripadvisor, por favor

    Nothing against anyone who uses it, but I find Trip Advisor to be a complete waste of time. Reviews vary wildly for any given place, and this is because everything is subjective. How can you accept anything that veers between "best ever" and "worst ever", or "excellent value" and "overpriced"? And no, counting up the good vs. bad to see who comes out on top is just silly. Because even if there are 60 "likes" and 40 "don't likes", that's still 40 people who don't like. At times simply reading the restaurant reviews on this board makes me wonder if there is something wrong with my own taste buds. At least here, there are certain people who's opinion I can (usually) count on. Nothing like that on Trip Advisor.
  25. ComputerGuy

    PBS Series, Wonders of Mexico

    That is actually the same series. Just watched the one about the Sierra Madres. Fantastic photography, even if the voiceover is a tad schmaltzy.