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  1. Hi:  Moving to your area from Houston and have Uverse Internet upload speed of 4.79 mbps and download of 29.43 mbps here.  Is there any way to get that in any area around the lake as I will still be carrying on my business when I move.  So backing up files to the cloud and getting to the internet is going to be very important.  Can you pay more to get more speed there?  From your research you are doing, which neighborhoods are going to be the best for getting the internet anywhere close to what i am used to?  Thanks for your help and if I need to buy newer modems, etc, please let me know as I won't be able to bring the AT&T equipment with me.  They just upgraded me to a new modem at AT&T UVerse.  Also They just recently bought DirectTV.  Do you have that there?  Appreciate all the help you can give as my moving date is mid January


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      Michael E. Donahue

      I am in no hurry. Where are you located?


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