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  1. ComputerGuy

    CHARTER CLUB Thanksgiving tickets discount

    She asked you to PM her, which means Private Message. Move your mouse over her name until a popup says "Message", and click on that to send her a message.
  2. I wonder if people should also keep their personal opinions about other people's personal opinions to themselves. You know, so they don't show how really stupid they are.
  3. Perhaps the OP will chime in.
  4. First off, I applaud the opportunity. Secondly, I have to question the "sad faces" peiople have posted. I personally feel it is rather devilish to allow icon commentary with no substantiation by name. It's an easy way to take a cheap shot without the responsibility. I've asked Chapala mod if there is any way to show poster's names. I, for one, like people to know when I give them accolades. Thirdly, I think it should be noted that the parade is a big local thing; the post unfortunately makes it sound like ex-pats only. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pridechapala/?ref=br_rs
  5. Wikipedia: "Christian Church" is an ecclesiological term generally used by Protestants to refer to the whole group of people belonging to Christianity throughout the history of Christianity. In this understanding, "Christian Church" does not refer to a particular Christian denomination but to the body of all believers.
  6. ComputerGuy

    Who is this?

    You may have. Here is the home page: http://lakechapalaweboard.bigforumpro.com/?_branch_match_id=468097416409833319
  7. ComputerGuy

    Planned CFE outages

    And my guess is, if they decide the work needs to be extended, and they don't have time to email people, they try to knock on your door the day before. This has happened twice on de la Ribera; unfortunately, the second time (Sunday) I wasn't home to get the message, and BOOM. No power most of Monday.
  8. I'm always on the lookout for someone who really knows sound systems. Misael on Flavio Romero (people call it the Sony store) is pretty much limited to basic hookups. My car has a separate amp and subwoofer amp along with the front end. There have been a couple of people over the years, but I guess business wasn't good enough. My amp has options for 2, 3, and 4-way, with sub, and the settings require a real interest and knowledge just for the wiring alone.
  9. ComputerGuy

    Shaw cable TV

    I briefly lost Classic 193 (MSNBC) this morning. Did not notice other channels. It came back by itself. She can either unplug and restart the Shaw box, or go to her account page (if she has her own) and send a Refresh.
  10. Absolutely. Just curious, as I mentioned. Not trying to start a thing.
  11. Just a curiosity: are not all churches Christian? As in synagogues are Jewish, a mosque is Muslim, etc. (Obviously, other than those that are outliers...)
  12. Pancho's also has a box out front. They ask that plastic water bottles not be included.
  13. Yep, that's what he's talking about.
  14. ComputerGuy

    TV Repair Reference

    In San Juan Cosala, the best: Jose Teleservicios Calverio. 761-0379. Carretera Chapala-Jocotepec # 43-A . 4.5 blocks into San Juan on left, between del Cardenal and Iturbide.
  15. I'd recommend a USB WiFi adapter. It will plug into a USB slot on the front of your tower, which is a better location than the PCI card requires, wherein the antenna is in the back of the case, and therefore a little bit more blocked. In fact, getting a USB cable extension in which to plug the adapter is even better, because it can be hung high on the wall, affording even better reception. A bonus is, you don't have to take the side off your tower. You just stick in the little DVD that comes with it and set it up. I have them and can do it for you, or you can pick one up from Computerland in Riberas.