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  1. His last sentence actually said "a little community". It was Mr. Kessler who initiated this whole thing, not Ilox.
  2. It was reported some time ago on this board that it was opened by one of the partners of (the now defunct) Tremezzo on Colon.
  3. I have to update my earlier statement about who is getting Ilox installed first. I was told there was NO QUESTION that Ilox would honour the original signees first. I thought this was rather daft, considering the huge extra expense that would incur to the company. (Imagine: you order a pizza and a guy across town orders a pizza... then your neighbour orders a pizza right after you. What place in their right mind is going to deliver the first to you, then travel across town to deliver the second, then travel all the way back to your neighbour's?) Now a member on TOB says he ordered his Ilox on March 8. They told him it would be two months, and turned up today to install. He is now getting 38Mbps down. This certainly puts the lie to the statement about preference. On another note, the first client I helped after his Ilox install this week is getting 5Mbps download via WiFi, standing right beside the modem. Not the 60 he was promised, so he is placing a service call.
  4. I will attempt to enlighten: My service is called Ajijic Computing. My ads say "Call Mike". I never called myself The Computer Guy originally. People would refer to me as "the computer guy" on the phone, when I'd call them back, as in (yelling to a husband) "Honey, it's The Computer Guy!". This started more than 15 years ago. Eventually it became easier, when calling, to say "This is Mike, the computer guy," than "This is Mike from Ajijic Computing." No one else got that moniker until Richard took it years later, knowing full well it was already in use. In fact, I first discovered he was doing so when I turned up at a client's house in Chapala, and she answered the door by saying "You're not Mike the computer guy!" (having already met Richard). Turns out, when asked, Richard would say "Yes, I am Mike the computer guy". I know because I called him myself shortly after the incident.
  5. You are jumping the gun, hombre. Only a few people on this board have been connected, and only for a very few days. And the one customer I dealt with this week did not subscribe to the TV part. Asking for "actual experience" is not going to help you.
  6. Most definitely not the manual that comes in the box; it's a little foldover leaflet, basically. But it is in English. Here is a photo of the modem. It has only two ports for ethernet, but it is a WiFi router with a strong signal.
  7. My kids are masters at this, but they hook up to the Internet WiFi wherever they happen to be: hotels, restaurants, etc. This obviates the need for a cell connection.
  8. Smart move, Pete. An SSD can easily be 2, 3, or 4 times faster, depending on the equipment, with a new installation of Windows. Even if you don't time it, you'll notice the improved speed every time you turn it on from now on.
  9. Glad everyone had a great time and enjoyed the presentation. I don't know who Lelo is, but would like to find out. I know that Sr. Sushi moved to that location, and they have been providing mediocre Mexican-style sushi lakeside for years. What I see in the photo, which looks lovely, is all sushi rolls (no sashimi, but perhaps that was the whole purpose), what looks like cream cheese internals, and a bowl of soya sauce with chiles, which is typical of the country. Was the rice vinegared? I ask because last month I attended a master class put on for free by Ukiyo of this board, during which he went to great lengths to discuss the proper preparation of sushi rice, along with many other interesting aspects.
  10. All we're talkin' about is where to get good BBQ. If me 'n raftrbr agree, that's all and that's that.
  11. A simple, enjoyable discussion about BBQ and once again, it's felt necessary to turn it into a growing **itshow. Last comment.
  12. It's a rule: the restaurant you want to go to will be closed on that day.
  13. Then you get places like Cocinart, where the chef really knows how to cook a decent meal and mixes it up every week, which shows his true interest in the food side... but the service collapsed a couple of years ago, the waiters are snooty, the noise can be unbearable, and his business partner is blissfully unaware.
  14. Please bear in mind that while using a password manager is a good idea, it may amount to nothing if you don't keep the accounts themselves updated with your backup/secondary/emergency information of emails and phone numbers. You will also need to make a backup of your password manager on an external drive or in the cloud.
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