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  1. Their policy for the last three years has been to refuse to offer replacements, instead insisting that the Service number in Mexico be called. Here's hoping they have changed that BS policy (as in, you pay to rent their equipment, which they then refuse to fix without a great big hassle). I have my doubts, however... just the other day a customer of mine said they "lioaned" him one until Mexico City helped.
  2. Not "sound" as in of mind (although that would be good, too), but someone who can offer advice and wire a house with speakers. Something I used to do in the old days but have zero interest in reviving.
  3. Yes, pretty much. But you haven't said whether any of this is a problem. And I'm still waiting to hear what you have in LAN 1.
  4. There should be a telephone cable coming into the jack labelled DSL. The four LAN ports will go to different devices: eg: computer, Vonage or Magic Jack, an extra router or "bridge"... that kind of thing. Flashing lights mean only that information is being sent back-and-forth. The important thing is that the light is ON, regardless of being steady or flashing. LAN 1 cable is not the Internet connection. The internet connection is from the telephone jack/filter in the wall; referred to on the modem as DSL. You should follow it, see where it goes. If you are getting Internet on your computer, then all is well. Do your speed test. If it is maintaining its speed, then no new modem is required. Not to mention, just trying to get one out of our local TelMex office is a whole ball of bees.
  5. Exactly right... wasn't too long ago Foccacia's pizza/pasta place was freaking everyone out with the same announcement. It doesn't mean "permanent" permanent.
  6. Yep, or whatever amount. Tell them it's for a "paquete", so you continue with your data. No service charge to us.
  7. For those who prefer to pay cash, all those stores around are not TelCel stores, specifically. They are just cell-phone stores, but of course they deal with TelCel accounts (and MoviStar and probably others). So does every Oxxo and 7-11. And Walmart. And Soriana. Too bad about the big one, but I guess I am surprised it stayed open as long as it did. They foresaw a huge need, based on Guadalajara tourism mostly, but missed the notion that tapatios already have their phones purchased and loaded before they come here for the weekend.
  8. Tell that to the folk who shop at Sorianas and La Paz...
  9. Sorry, I should have said Teeangee. Teangeez is more than one Teeangee. Grassyass.
  10. ... almost... but look, I already have a buncha 600s. So all I would end up doing is reselling them, which would negate the whole price point.
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