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  1. Definitely worth a try. The thing is with Kirkland it comes in fairly large packs and is cost-effective, but it needs to be frozen because I couldn't possibly use it all at once. But I do use a lot of it over the course of a month or so for cooking. It's already frozen when purchased, too. So now I really don't know if that's the reason for the taste, and there's really no way to find out. On the other hand, I've always used salted butter for my popcorn (because, salt) and added salt or salted movie flavouring as well.
  2. I keep a stack of Kirkland butter in the freezer; it's unsalted; it's for cooking. I used salted butter on my popcorn. Alton Brown did an old show on popcorn last week and said to always use unsalted butter. Hmmm. Okay, so I used the Kirkland last night. Unfortunately, it had a "fridge" taste, which I never get from the salted Lurpak or Presidente. I keep any extra butter in the freezer, then thaw it when needed, in the fridge. I have never noticed any odd taste when cooking with the Kirkland, and never an odd taste on popcorn with the other salted brands.
  3. Thanks for the information. I will call her. I have worked with Millie for many years. It has been tough to see her lose her eyesight. She counted on it for so many things. And she has never given up, getting ZoomText for her computer, getting large-screen electronic readers, and anything else she could think of.
  4. Ensure the phone you are using is plugged into the iLox modem. Ensure also that iLox did in fact port your phone number over, or give you a new one. Interesting note: today I was witness to a TelMex landline refusing to provide a tone when plugged into the TelMex wall outlet. The Internet modem is plugged into the same outlet, using the proper splitter. The phone only worked when plugged into one of the two VOIP ports on the back of the modem. When I arrived, the customer told me not to change it, as the TelMex installer had told her this was the new system. I am baffled.
  5. I enjoyed it a few times, but it is sadly now closed forever, as of Monday, November 11, 2019. For some reason, it never attracted a following, even with the more-than-reasonable prices. I guess it was the pineapple-on-hamburger fiasco that everyone remembered.
  6. Geezer must have made a typo. But I do concern myself with price. To not do so is a fool's errand.
  7. There are places online that do helical scan (open reel) video tape of different widths, because the equipment is far too expensive for a hobbyist. For video cameras (different formats: 8mm, Beta, VHS-C, etc), if you can still play back on the video camera, you can hook it up to a computer with either hardware or software modifications. Typically what the business refers to as "reel to reel" is audio, either 1/4" or 1/2" tape. There are also 1/2" video cassettes from the old days, that were professional transfer quality.
  8. What?? Are you sure you're not talking about kinescope? That technique went out many decades ago. There is lots of software available to convert video tapes to DVDs and various digital formats. eg: https://10techy.com/best-vhs-to-dvd-converters/
  9. Folks: please don't email, phone, PM, or WhatsApp me about CFE. I have no idea about any details other than what I posted as a "public service" based on emails I received.
  10. I will generally take any butter that isn't rancid. There is an ingredient or a method in many Mexican-branded butters, I forget which, that gives it a uniquely awful smell.
  11. Thanks for letting us know. I worked on her computer stuff many times. She was a feisty, fascinating woman. A real history. Haven't seen her for years.

  13. I'm finding I like President's just as well, and now CostCo has tubes of the salted President's.
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