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  1. ComputerGuy

    Question from a Newbie Visitor

    Perhaps diarrhea, but e-coli and other bacteria?
  2. ComputerGuy

    Lakeside Stream TV

    The 3rd satellite went up years ago, and it will be several years before the older two are decommissioned. This is fact, not rumour. And to be clear, for anyone interested, Buzz TV is just another in a lineup of hundreds of different types of Android TV boxes. When they work, they often work great. When they don't, or when their "best by" date expires (that is, the box will no longer accept software updates), it needs to be ditched and replaced. That's why those were were advertising installation services at are having serious problems with their customer base. One Buzz TV site also sells MyGica, just another Korean import. I have a MyGica that is two years old and won't go beyond Android 4.4, which makes it useless. You cannot even find a BuzzTV official website, just a bunch of resellers. For example. "getbuzz.tv" shows a product with Android 5.1, which is hopelessly out of date. Getbuzz.ca shows it with Android 6. Android 7.1 has been available since January, and may even now be out of date. So if you can't even get the straight poop from these people, be wary. I have a client who is using an X96Mini, yet another type which seems to be working great. So the reality is, you need to know someone who is heavily into this technology and keeps up on the latest news, or you are going to be frustrated. Expect to have to buy new hardware every couple of years until some sort of standardization is met.
  3. ComputerGuy

    Cinnamon Rolls

    I will feel so embarrassed when I do find it...
  4. ComputerGuy

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Next time for sure. Thanks.
  5. ComputerGuy

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    That's a pretty definitive clue that nothing will ever change, and we just need to carry on.
  6. ComputerGuy

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    There is a story in today's Guad Reporter on the front page.
  7. ComputerGuy

    Cinnamon Rolls

    I'm having a great time driving down that street. Back yesterday at 1:30, crawling along.... found 237 and 237A on one door, but no 237B, and no sign of any type of bakeshop. A few doors down is a doctor or dentist... Maybe next time I'll park and ask around. I know it has to be there, and I know I cannot find things in my own fridge, but now I feel as if I have a new hobby.
  8. ComputerGuy

    Question from a Newbie Visitor

    As they say, Pepto and Imodium won't have any effect on the stomach bugs, but they will help prevent the squirts. I just got a bug from an unwashed tomato (my own fault) at a local fruit stand. Never happened before.
  9. ComputerGuy

    So quiet in here...

    They were able to fix the security issue with the software on the server.
  10. ComputerGuy


    Security error has been cleared.
  11. ComputerGuy

    Would this work in Ajijic?

    Got a real kick out of Patsy Krakoff's article in the Sept ish of Ojo, wherein she postulates a future showing Lake Chapala as ecologically pure, due to the giant man-made weather bubble sitting over the area, but with the same potholes we have today because of the municipal government...
  12. ComputerGuy

    Physio Therapy Services

    You may have noticed a dearth in ads in the Guad Reporter up until a couple of weeks ago, from dentists, doctors, therapists, etc. The government started cracking down and insisting that they produce their license numbers in every ad to prove they are "legit". It took a long time for many to comply, willingly or otherwise, and a number still haven't.
  13. ComputerGuy

    So quiet in here...

    A favourite quote from a Van Morrison song. Applies to this site these days.
  14. ComputerGuy

    Warning message against this website

    The servers are cared for by outside security and other providers, and Coldwell pays for them, so it is up to them to keep the certificates in order... which is usually very automatic. Just like on our own computers. But the software updates from both places are seemingly in conflict.
  15. ComputerGuy

    Warning message against this website

    When a computer gets a Security Certificate warning, it is most often because the date the computer is using, and/or the time, is incorrectly set. This may have some relation to the servers, but I don't know...