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  1. It is sopa cebolla, but not crema de cebolla.
  2. SuperLake as of yesterday had Hidden Valley Ranch dressing packets (I was looking for onion soup mix for dip: no luck). I rarely look at their imported soups, but that's the only place I can think of that might have cream of onion.
  3. Half the grocery items I tried to order online from WalMart here were "not available" at checkout. So I went to the store instead. Everything not available online was in the store. Very poor system overall... I would not bother for quite a while yet, to see if they can get their poop together. Based on their history here, I would say it won't happen. A customer ordered a new, very expensive laptop online. At pickup, he discovered it was not new, and in fact the memory configuration was incorrect (in their favour, of course).
  4. The scientists have made it very clear, but they aren't trying to lure you into touching surfaces just to see (as if that is something we want to do anyway). they are saying use your damn common sense.
  5. Actually, my best research says less than 72 hours. But be aware: all that will get you is the RNA of the bug, not the DNA, as the efficacy wears off much more quickly. And the DNA needs to be there to infect. All the RNA will do is tell you there were traces at one point. Plus, when did making a joke about hijabs become disrespectful in this sense? This particular humour was pointing in the opposite direction: a good reason.
  6. I'm okay with sensible topes and vibradores. But what they did over the last 10 years is psychotic. Many places but here have topes big enough to slow you down, but not make you stop and/or rip out your undercarriage. And a handful of vibradores, instead of 16 monsters in a row, is more than sufficient.
  7. “For other shoppers [there are no health risks], no different than any other time or no different than shoppers wearing their own clothes,” Lee Health said."
  8. It is a public Webboard. That doesn't give anyone the right to nail anyone's ### in public.
  9. Only wear a standard mask to protect others from your expelled breath. Won't protect you from others.
  10. Ian, down the street? You mean towards the lake from the corner where the lights are in front of Fenix Real Estate? Or east of the plant along the highway...?
  11. None of us do. The shop on Ocampo may send it to the manufacturer's outlet in Guadalajara if they think it is fixable. There may even be a shop or two in the tech plaza that has enough connections that repairs are doable. We cannot get parts. There are thousands of varieties of printers, and inventory management is impossible. Printers are, for the most part, so inexpensive as to be pointless to even try and repair. Even if we could get parts, it is a labour-intensive job that would cost you more than the price of a new printer. Taking it to Guadalajara, paying for repairs, and returning to Guad to pick it up and bring it back also is a cost that is reallly not feasible. The most a repair person can do is hook up the printer and run some basic tests. Note that half of all printer connectivity problems are because of WiFi printers that have lost their connection, for a myriad of reasons.
  12. Marisco's Peter is an excellent, consistent restaurant. We were first drawn to it in his smaller location, because it always seemed to be filled with locals. Good decision.
  13. Well, I worked with mostly French Canadians for many years in the government, and Mon Dieu was rarely said, and when spoken, raised eyebrows for it's silliness. (Not that Le Gros Mac has anything to do with the discussion, nor does the canned beans that went from Big Joe's to Le Gros Jo [I'll let you look that up]). Chalice was truly offensive.
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