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  1. I can dig it. On another note, I like all that.
  2. I like the recipe. And I subscribe to Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen from my hometown library and read it on my tablet. But typical of their eagerness to provide the best techniques, they often go overboard. I see the whole "browning of the panko" in a separate step as a waste of time and effort, and while you may get an even cook by roasting, (a great use of your toaster oven), I'll stick with a slow pan fry for this recipe, breaded in panko and cooked all at once.
  3. Yes, try a factory reset, by sticking a pin in the little hole on the back for 30 seconds or so, until all the lights start acting differently. Then wait about 5 minutes for the Internet to come back, and try again. If it doesn't work, either your modem is malfunctioning, or TelMex should be called to check. 01-800-123-2222, Mexico City, ask for "English, please".
  4. Worked fine for me all day in my travels. Where are you located? And is this always at home?
  5. I assume that bit of information is already public, or I wouldn't have heard about it. Perhaps I worded my comment improperly. I've edited it.
  6. I hear he is about to retire.
  7. You misunderstand me. I said: "suggesting that an owner change his main concepts seems kinda pointless." And seriously, if it was all about the customers here, we would have a LOT more and better restaurants.
  8. Agreed. It's the owner's choice, 100%. We all value creativity and uniqueness in our eateries, so suggesting that an owner change his main concepts seems kinda pointless. Unless you also feel that the restaurant will fail otherwise. There is a fine line here somewhere. It's different than telling, say, the owner of Scallions that his eggs benny could use some real improvement.
  9. Interesting how our reactions differ. I really enjoy their burgers, just not the price. If a beef burger is the same price as an ostrich burger, then that's a bit out of line. I'm trying the "exotic" meats one at a time to gauge how good the cook is. The bun doesn't fall apart right away, which is a bonus. It's doubtful I would go there just for the burger, though. (Have to say, I like the extra pile of cheese myself...)
  10. Ate there again Saturday. This time, tried the steaks. The T-Bone was a typical, thin Mexican cut, but cooked perfectly and very tasty, and covered the whole plate... but to get four orders to hit the table at the same time, unfortunately, all dishes were no longer hot. Chambray potatos were very good, and once again the sweet potato chips are deelish. The arrechera was very tasty and a decent cut. Coconut shrimp perfect with a nice mango sauce. Salmon not on the menu except in a burger, but they were happy to convert that into a salmon steak which was cooked expertly and served with sides. They also serve a nice, light salad dressing that is homemade, if you ask. I ordered an ostrich burger to go, and it was gigantic and much tastier than the buffalo burger. Oh, almost forgot: two avocado and shrimp salads; we mentioned we would be splitting them, so they brought them out on four plates already split and made into individual dishes, no extra charge. And they were perhaps the highlight of the meal: delicious.
  11. Ah, in that case, lesson learned, and moving right along. One of the benefits of having this section for restaurant reviews just hit us in the face: you read it here before you went and got PO'd yourself.
  12. Lunch menu would, of course, be different. But as I said, I think his prices are high.
  13. I'm looking at the extras: hot cornbread; starters with mousse, etc; soup or bisque. Then ice cream, too? Add all that up and it looks better. On the other hand, I think Yves' prices are high, but he does include a one-plate salad bar (guards it well), which would add maybe 55p to the dinner price if separate. And you get a shot of something after each meal.
  14. Wait, you've had iLox for longer than two months? That would probably make you the very first install. And if they did cut it, like I said, they were morons. TelMex offers other services via their lines than just phone, and many people want to keep their Internet service, so why would they do that? Regardless of the law.
  15. Only TelMex modems work with TelMex Internet. Unless you are super-network savvy. My son is an expert and it took him two full days to get a third-party modem working with the TelMex signal. And of course when the modem had to be reset, the work had to be done all over again. What you perhaps mean is a "router", which can be connected to the TelMex modem in various ways. But I must tell you, the TelMex modems have the best standard WiFi signal strength of any I've ever seen. To get a better signal farther away, you'll want a router that is labelled specifically extender or repeater. Or, a very, very expensive multi-antenna router. $300 bucks or more. But if you're going to spend that much, might as well invest in Google Mesh to really get wide coverage. But as discussed, no modem or router or extender or mesh or anything is going to improve your TelMex speed. These devices are simply for extending your WiFi signal. Meantime you can call TelMex and see if they offer better speeds in your area. 01-800-123-2222, and ask for English.
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