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  1. That is a helluva good deal. The ebay price is for "reconditioned". About the same price on Amazon US. New, about $650 US. Anyone looking for about the best phone camera on the market, this is it.
  2. Like I said, lousy PR, but they are learning as they go along. The simple truth is: Before, no fibre lakeside. Now, a huge fibre network and a ton of activity from lazy competitors. I don't see the "lose" anywhere.
  3. No, you were very clear. But you do have two heads, apparently. One head clearly believes that it will only get gringo prices if it is any "where to be seen or heard". The other head believes it is somehow masked and taken as Mexican by everyone you know, and therefore is impervious to being treated as an expat. What isn't clear is how the two heads live together, since one will get taken every time, and the other one will not. But of course I couldn't understand, could I?
  4. Practically every pole in Riberas was replaced. Let's just say I kick-started the whole thing: two years ago, we took a photo of my rotting pole into CFE. They were "shocked". It seems safety was actually uppermost on their minds (probably not mine, but the linesmen's). Instead of farting around, they came right out and replaced it, and checked out similar poles on the street. A year later, they dumped loads and loads of concrete poles down the street and started the "revolution".
  5. I was charged $399 when I signed up for installation. Others have reported paying more at the time of installation. Guess they needed to figure it out.
  6. That is all well and good, but in any place there are always the scammers and the "entrepreneurs" who will take advantage of any situation, and not just where money is concerned. Jose is not representative of most people we know here.
  7. They appear to have no PR for this project, so the best we can do is email them. Certainly not worth contacting the local office, which is designed strictly for sign-ups.
  8. It will be quite interesting, possibly even entertaining, to hear your results, which we all hope you will post asap.
  9. It's a PDF file, and the reason it doesn't link is you'll notice the "blue link underline" does not extend all the way across the address. If you copy and paste the whole thing into your browser, a PDF window will pop up.
  10. No Donas Donuts existed in the 80s. No one has ever heard of Willie hanging out here. Dewayne Blackwell was a super-nice guy, wrote a tonne of hits, and could be found most often at the bar/dancefloor he owned called Club Hidalgo or 8 Ball or something, on... guess where... Hidalgo in Ajijic. His records adorned the walls, and he had some great stories, but he was not an egotistical man.
  11. Ack. You are quiet correct. Apologies. EDIT: I love a good typo. "Quite".
  12. They were computer customers of mine for some time. Their house was in Brisas.
  13. Had dinner at Scallion's on Saturday night, after taking note of La Ceiba's ad in the Reporter... and arriving to find they were closed, along with Alex's and Forest Grille. Maybe they had power problems, because a: who would take an ad and then not open that same week, and b: how could three restaurants in the same strip all close up on a Saturday before 7 pm? After an initial service stumble, I have to say the service and food was very very good. Beautifully presented. Both the veal and the pork dishes were overcooked, but the sauces made up for that faux pas. They have a standing item for mushroom soup, which was delicious and obviously made from blended mushrooms and a lot of cream. The soup of the day was unavailable, but the reason they gave was pretty entertaining. The plating is a cut above most places around here. Mashed potatoes on both orders were hidden under the veg and were excellent, as were the choice and styling of various other vegetables that were served as part of the dish rather than as a "side". It's not cheap, but not bad for what you get. Portions were quite large. We'll be going back. The wide selection of menu choices means we can go often.
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