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  1. Just an observation: I have found it far more persuasive to have with me the entire code of traffic laws for whatever state I am traveling through (they are not all the same). If there is English, the polic disregard it. All of the traffic laws are available in each state's website. While Spencers rulebook is mega-helpful (English and Spanish) it is not persuasive to ruarl policemen. If you have the rules of the road of whatever state, it really stops the police in their tracks.

  2. I'll update it soon. Please note the minimum wage is rising in 2010 so that will affect fines. The Guadalajara Metropolitan area (Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tonalá, El Salto and Tlajomulco de Zúñiga) will be zone B at 55.84 pesos and all other areas Zone C at 54.47 pesos. Our zone is close enough to my last year's rounded amount of 54 so I won't change until I make other changes. I'll always list at the bottom of the guide the revision date. The next major revision I hope to do soon and include the national driving laws that the Federales enforce. I'll stick it at the end so you can just print those pages.

    Please remember that the driving guide is for the Chapala area. Other cities and states have their own driving rules and modifications of the State rules (if within Jalisco). Other states may seize your driver license until you pay the fine and other cities as well who have modified the state code in their municipal driving code (Vallarta for example). Also on the highways the Federales can take your license and their fines are higher. Other differences in the other areas / states / federales are that there are no or limited discounts for paying early, some areas don't give discounts for paying early on certain offenses and others don't give discounts for a 2nd or 3rd offense.

    Drive safe.

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