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  1. We find it cooler NOB for us from mid March until mid June, when we return for the rainy season. YMMD.
  2. I have a nice one for 1800p firm, but I am in the States and will not be back until June. If interested and don't find one, PM me 1st of June.

  3. Actually, snowy is not correct. Mexicans living in the U.S. can get a TIP good for 180 days and bring a car into Mexico to visit family, etc., and return NOB. My wife has done it. Your Mexican neighbor came in as a US citizen, not a Mexican, and he came on a visitor permit. Happens a lot, as Mexicans from NOB often want to keep their US cars, and they go back every 6 months.
  4. Some of the methods they use on some tests are not the standard methods accepted.
  5. I, for one, vote to allow that "shameless advertising". Thanks for Everything you do here for Free, Spencer.
  6. So, Mike, what was the cost of the exam, or is that a "secret"?
  7. Just as we have new "visas" and rules are being enforced/changed, I believe that more notice of those "living full time" in Mexico and using a tourist card is being considered. I think they actually want those who really live here to get a RT or RP. But, has the rule changed...NO !
  8. I believe that if you are denied another 180, you have 2 more choices: (1) wait until the next shift comes on, or (2) go to another nearby crossing. These rules have not changed, or it would be published. Remember, this is for visitors, not someone living full time in Mexico. If they believe you are living full time, what do you expect them to do? A lot depends on when and how you ask for this. Use common sense.
  9. Surely there must be some guidelines, as every agent could give the same person different # of days? (I know, this is Mexico).
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