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  1. I have no idea how anyone would know that you went out of the country for a few days. In 18 years, no one has ever known I went out and came back. So, you do what you want to do.
  2. Agreed. Maybe my wording should have been; Does this belong under the pet/animal section, also?
  3. And, of course, the city mentioned in many books and articles as the most beautiful in all of Mexico, Guanajuato, with all its charm and historical significance. So, you have a LOT to select from, as you do in most countries. Just depends on what you like. No one can make that decision for you. Of course, the more Spanish you know, the more doors will open for you. But, that is also true in any country about their language. Suerte.
  4. If there are no job prospects for these "felons" then the USA should keep them? WE don't think so! Seems that is a Mexican problem for EPN and his government. The USA needs to enter them in deep Mexico, like President Eisenhower did in the 1950s. That was a real successful era for the USA and Illegal Immigration. The USA need to look at the past and see what Made America Great then, too.
  5. Hey, Chilli, I have no trouble with their training. Only someone who doesn't want to cooperate, and is resentful, and feels they are better than those tasked with doing a job would ever have any problem with them, INHO. Like those who seem to always show disrespect to police officers anywhere. If you are polite and follow their direction, 99% of people have no confrontation. Only those 1% that are a$$holes have a deservedly tough time. If you are unhappy with their training, that is not a reason to badmouth the individuals who are doing as they are told. Think about it and do yourself a favor and NEVER put yourself in that position again. Suerte !
  6. Well said, MC. I think that speaks very well for the various countries from which we come to Lakeside. Excellent ambassadors from those countries.
  7. Hey, I have a son in law and a second cousin that just happen to be ICE agents, and neither is a jerk. I don't speak about your family members like that so please don't speak about my family like that, when you don't know either. That is disrespect and uncalled for. Name names, but don't include the innocent, ok? gEEZ!!! As far as liking my country, no one honestly cares if you do, or not. We have way too many people that like it now, INHO.
  8. Hey, if it bothers you, don't read it and don't post. Simple, no? WE already have police here, called Mods. That decision is their job, not anyone else's. Why put more stress in YOUR life over nothing? Just sayin'.
  9. The world is learning that their way of life is severely threatened by refugees who are not interested in assimilation into their society. People are getting tired of turning the other cheek.
  10. I hope for the best, and you are absolutely correct, there is little we can do about it but pray that there are a lot fewer squirrels here than NOB.
  11. Do people realize what they are doing to the lives of people(like us here in Mexico) by inventing and printing crap like this, or do they just not care about lives of others? https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-mexico-care-bad-hombres-us-might-231304076--politics.html
  12. WE have been here since 1999 and spend the best weather six months here and return NOB for the best weather six months there. We think we have the best of both worlds. Every person has different experiences, likes and dislikes. What works for one does not always work for another. The only way to know is to try it out and be sure to not cut all ties NOB. We prefer to have our health care taken care of NOB (after both having bad experiences here SOB). For simple heath care and dental care, you can't beat the price here, unless you have Medicare and a good supplement NOB. WE have never been bothered by politics NOB or SOB, and are not concerned now. Change always gets some peoples panties in a wad, but most are mature enough to move on with life and allow the elected officials to do what they were elected to do.
  13. Can I take the new bi-pass that goes from the airport ? Faster?
  14. Would someone be kind enough to give directions from Ajijic to Tonala to go shopping tomorrow? Its has been 6 years since I have been, and maybe the route has changed? Realize tomorrow will be very busy there. TIA.
  15. My wife was born in Mexico, but is an American Citizen. She has always enter as an American Citizen and brings her car from the States. No problem with Embassy assistance. No problem with Mexico. No problems.
  16. In the US, it appears that the Liberals want those who have earned the most money in their lives to pay a disproportionate share of taxes to pick up the increasing tabs on welfare, etc. You sound like that is not how the Canadians feel. Just sayin' !
  17. Canadians seem to think differently than the US Liberals.
  18. That is an extranjero opinion, not the Mexican Opinion, which is the only one that counts with most of the people living and coming to this area. As I stated, the extranjero population is insignificant here except for the few jobs they provide. The song is about Chapala, not Ajijic, nor Joco.
  19. Not to offend anyone, but Chapala is the Jewel of the Lake. At least to the Mexicans. They couldn't care less about the expat life in Ajijic, except for those who maintain their living from the work provided by the foreigners, and even most of those are basically only interested in their pay.
  20. WE came NOB the middle of September, and everything looked normal to me. Turned in TIP and Tourist paper. No problems. But, again, my wife says that I often have "tunnel" vision, so maybe I missed something? Just a long wait on the US side (new female agent, and she was practicing writing up people for an inspection stop). Wait time, no problems.
  21. Sorry. RV, but you are not qualified to interpret the Mexican Laws and how they are applied. Your "opinion" lacks credibility. Therein lies the problem that you are creating with misinformation. People here that deal with these laws and Mexican Immigration personnel on a daily basis are telling us that you are wrong. Just let those who deal with these situations give us the real facts, interpretations, and how they are applied.
  22. I believe that those who deal with the law and assist foreigners with various paper work have said that is not the case, RV. I would think that a person here would take the word of someone like that over someone who does not live in Mexico anymore and is not up to date on what is currently happening with immigration, no? Fear mongering has not helped anyone move forward. What you speculate ":might happen" can not be verified by anyone in the last few years. Please do not spread rumors that needlessly put fear into people because "you think it might happen".
  23. We find it cooler NOB for us from mid March until mid June, when we return for the rainy season. YMMD.
  24. I have a nice one for 1800p firm, but I am in the States and will not be back until June. If interested and don't find one, PM me 1st of June.

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