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  1. How does one put it out at the bell, when kids are in school and the only adult living there is at work. or both are at work? No one can be home at that time.
  2. Spencer, never forget this is Mexico, and take care of your health.
  3. Chapala has 2 sets of books and the State is trying to prove that. Mexico works all of the angles. Pure Corruption is common place.
  4. Mexico's citizens face a constant, everyday, in-your-face, endemic corruption that plagues them. It started with the PRI, and continues with the PRI.
  5. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/mexicos-2016-murder-tally-exceeds-those-of-many-countries-at-war-study/ar-BBAWJSZ?li=AA4Zpp&oci Only Syria ranks above Mexico in annual Murders in the World. Looks like 2017 will be the highest it has ever been in Mexico.
  6. I trust them just as much as I trust our local government to do what is right for the people they serve.
  7. I can see right now, Jabonera, you are not going to be a favorite of many on this Board. Your opinion does not serve "Paradise" or the Real Estate market.
  8. It will depend on who you get that day and what kind of mood they are in, as to how simple or impossible it will be to bring in your animals. That also happens to be how things often go when dealing with many government officials in Mexico. Welcome to Mexico. Patience, patience, and more patience. Good luck.
  9. AS I suspected, not one personal comment from any extranjero who regularly swims in the Lake, nor regularly eats fish from the Lake. Nor, have I ever encountered one in all my years here. That tells me something.
  10. I would be extremely interested in comments from extranjeros that regularly (or even once recently) eat these ":bass" from the lake. Any takers? I have found a lot who talk a "big game" of eating fish regularly from the Lake and swimming regularly in the Lake, but in my almost 20 years here have not encountered one person(extranjero) (let alone many people), who have ever done either. So, make my day with your own "personal" experiences.
  11. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. My opinion is that Lots of dangerous pesticides are used in the local area and they are being allowed to run off into the lake. Thus, local rivers and streams also get polluted.
  12. One of many survival skills one needs to learn in Mexico is that Mexicans do not just get "mad", they get "revenge". Bear that in mind in your dealings with them. Remember, less than 10% of those that commit a crime(and that includes murder) are ever charged and serve any jail time. This truly is NOT Kansas, Toto !
  13. I doubt very much that "intelligent minds" would read very much before they realized the numbers were way off from reality. Maybe you should consider not using the "player" piano next time.
  14. And Ricks, you believed those numbers are accurate?
  15. But, you believed you were posting true facts? Really?
  16. Until someone comes up with a count based on some real hard facts, a guess between 30,000 and 100, 000 for those non affiliated full timers living in Mexico would be hard to debunk.
  17. I would be very surprised if the total living full time(outside of government and business interests) in Mexico from the USA exceeded 100, 000. I am not 100% sure that Mexico actually has the most expats from the USA of any country. I see no actual proof of anything except guesses or so-and-so says. Not reliable by any stretch.
  18. At least I have a thought process, bubba ! Your jealousy is showing again !
  19. Just out of curiosity, how do they know if you are not legal?
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