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  1. FYI, I only read as far as your incorrect post, so I responded to it at that point. Did not have the time to read farther. I think you could have deleted it, if I am not mistaken, if you were already aware it was incorrect by the time I posted. If it were me, I would have done that, and I would be more concerned next time to be sure that I did not ;post any more Fake News. But, that is just how I respond. YMMD
  2. Actually, "you don’t hear a peep from Trump" is a false statement. Check out what has been said and done BEFORE you make absurd and foolish statements.
  3. I find that if you have a Mexican last name, you always seem to get the discount. Not always so if your last name is not Mexican. Maybe you last name is Mexican?
  4. I'm sure that must have been the intention of this "air" guy. and he was treated so rudely/. WoW ! That is what makes living in Mexico safer than NOB. All the extra security measures and precautions needed here to survive here. Viva Mexico !
  5. I would like to know how you tell the difference. Just take a chance and if you pick wrong, tough? Or be wary of strangers bearing gifts? Help.
  6. There is absolute disrespect for laws and rarely enforcement here. When those few attempt to do what they were hired to do, all hell breaks loose. Ref. NOB.
  7. Actually, it seems to me that those who have chosen this lifestyle have less of a need for family times and grandchildren than most people who treasure the experiences of seeing grandchildren growing up and being at their activities. I would say that family closeness is not(and probably has never been) one of the strong suits of this group. Each to his own. Family is still very important to many NOB, and that is a major factor why many do not choose to live out their days away from what makes them happy.
  8. Careful. Al, they will accuse you of promoting homosexuality, instead of just reporting a fact, like bman did. Sad when people are put down for stating the truth. But, then it easily identifies the "Elitists" among us.
  9. Didn't take long for the attacks to begin ! Actually, the post by the bman is accurate and whether you like it or not does not change its validity. I don't think you can call the bman's comment "misogynistic". Check the definition.
  10. Has anyone had this? Would appreciate any info you would be willing to share. When/where? How long to notice whether it benefited you or not? The positives/negatives? If it did help, what did it do for you? How many treatments? PMs are welcome. Thank You !
  11. I found (from personal experience) that getting an ice pack on the sting quickly stops the burning/stinging and takes care of the swelling. Certainly an antihistamine will benefit also. Remember, ICE is a very good friend for many injuries.
  12. That is why, RV, people need to trust the advice of Sonia and Spencer when these questions are asked. Other "so called experts" just continue to create panic and confusion for "their personal enjoyment"? Shame on them, no?
  13. Maybe that is because this is NOT a MAJOR city either. People seem to always compare this place to MAJOR US cities where sections have rampant crime/violence. To be honest and fair, one would have to say they feel as safe as a similar populated resort type area in the US or Canada. When that comparison is made, based on my limited travels to US resort type cities of very similar population, I honestly can not say that Lakeside is as safe. But, that is just my/our experience. YMMD. (Maybe a place like Marble Falls/ Horseshoe Bay Resort area in Texas would be a good comparison area).
  14. Yep, that says it all. Other stuff is just fluff.
  15. I agree, the Russians ! That evil empire is the root of all problems, and even when they are not, they should have been. Lets pull together and all hate Russia.
  16. Worth a read. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/07/21/mexico-experiences-deadliest-month-in-decades.html 2017 is deadliest year.
  17. In defense of Alan, I have found him intelligent to the point that he is not caught up in this Fake News Story and is simply posting it as a way to start a good discussion, which several have picked up. It seems clear to me that only a very few that have any idea about living in Mexico would not realize that this "story" is nothing more than a "story", and certainly implies much that is not the way things are.
  18. We would still have come to Lakeside, but would have prepared better for when the "pueblo feeling" disappeared, like about 2011. We would only have spent about 6 months in Mexico, and 6 months NOB, and would have prepared to change that to less time here as things moved more to the "hustle and bustle" we now experience. The first 10-12 years were "great"., now not.
  19. He won't be the last. Mexico is serious about its immigration laws and intends to enforce them. They do not want "free loaders" here. They are selective about who can live here legally. I think they are doing the correct thing. Agree with pappy: all countries should be serious about illegal immigration.
  20. And, did they care at all what we thought NOB about them learning English? Most of those who come NOB can't read, write, or speak Spanish very well. And you expect them to become fluent in English? Then we need to insist they come legally and pick and chose those that will add things that improve the culture and society NOB, as does Mexico and Canada.
  21. WE have found that Patzcuaro is still a lot like Chapala/Ajijic used to be, and of course Morelia is 30 minutes away. Security is no more a problem that here. We have just lost that "pueblo feeling" here!
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