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  1. Mexico cannot afford to continue to lose approaching $2 billion every year in gasoline. This is the only way they could try to get a handle on it for the future. Sure it is inconvenient,but people must support this measure if AMLO is to keep his promises. Actually, the only ones I hear complaining are those who did not vote for AMLO, or those who are hung up on him being a Socialist(and that is usually an extranjero who has not made an attempt to gain Mexican Citizenship and vote)!
  2. $1.6 billion would still build a southern wall for Mexico ! He only inflated it 1x. 1.6 +1.6 = 3.2. (original + 1x = 3.2)
  3. The theft is $3 billion USD a year.The gas sales at the stations in Leon, Gto. was 80% stolen, a city of over 1.5 million people. The State of Guanajuato was getting 40,000 barrels of Pemex gas a day before, now gets 10,000 barrels. As long as people panic, there will be a shortage.
  4. It is amazing to me that two of the 3 major countries in North America have new Presidents that are doing their best to keep the promises they made to those who elected them. But, corruption and the fear of losing power by those who 'were in control, makes the tasks extremely difficult for both. Hopefully, those who put them in power will continue to stand with them and ride out the storms of protest and civil unrest.
  5. Vi Visiting in the state of Guanajuato, all stations are out of gas. No idea when we will be able to get back to Lakeside.
  6. Maybe this is what is happening, again. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/did-a-mysterious-extinction-event-precede-adam-and-eve
  7. We have known maybe 20 people to return in the time since I came in 1999. Reasons were : grands, violence/cartels, health, just being tired of Mexico. For ourselves, we just find that spending more time in God's Country NOB suits us a lot better than being here more. Still need that few months each year here, but each year we are ready to go back NOB sooner. Life seems to be a lot more to our liking NOB now than the previous 20 years. My guess would be that about 25-40 % of those who "settle" here will some day return to their home country.
  8. And here in Mexico, it is $4.16 a gallon.
  9. You gotta remember who those states are dancin' with and how much higher the State taxes on gas is than most other States. Some States just have no respect for their own citizens.
  10. Anyone care to venture why Mexicans are not "screaming" as Pemex continues to raise gas prices? Do they not realize that Pemex continues to sell gas to ALL stations? Price now over $4.00 a gallon !
  11. I will be getting OR had three? I think you just run off at the mouth sometimes !
  12. I was told by 2 "master plumbers" that CALOREX is the Cadillac of these types of boilers.
  13. Jim Bowie


    Reports say that Team Trump has saved the US about $1.1 trillion in this deal. His critics look like fools now. Now on to Europe and China ! Just keeping his promises. Look for AMLO to do the same with his promises.
  14. So are you saying that here in Mexico, there is a Socialistic distribution of tax monies, where NOB each entity (local) does their own taxes to provide the vast majority of local services?
  15. http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2018/07/if-theres-not-change-in-mexico-with.html#more A worthwhile read, IMHO. Reminds me a lot of the current US President in many ways.
  16. I think you would really enjoy it there if you would just spend more time there ! Give it a real chance, Angus !
  17. Why would anyone go through Houston quickly. I've never been through there and would never go through there. Wife's family(and her) would never let us go on 101either.
  18. #101, is that the "infamous" hwy of Death, referred to by most Mexicans?
  19. The current Interior Secretary is Ryan Zinke, appointed by President Trump, FYI. Bennet is available to do lots of "honey do " stuff, as his voting record is really clear; he is what is referred to in Washington as an "obstructionist", a senator that puts the interest of non-Americans above those of American Citizens. (FYI).
  20. If that ;person can show proof that they live full time in Mexico and are just visiting the US with a Mexican car, there would never be a problem. The only problem is if you live in the US, you cannot have a Mexican plated car. They are sometimes asking lots of questions now, sometimes not. Just be prepared with the proof. I would not be surprised that in the next few years, if you want to enter the US with a Mexican plated car, you might need a visitors permit, like the Mexicans. That is the only way the US will know for sure that you are really just visiting with that car. YOMD.
  21. That is funny ! Don't you think something like that treaty condition is moot, after 170 years! If Mexico does not respect decisions by the US on handling the US Border, how could they EVER expect the US to respect such an obscure condition from 170 years ago. HA ! BTW, that condition was ONLY for those Mexicans living in the territory (about 500 verifiable ), and for NO OTHERS. Prove you are a descendent !
  22. Was that Peter, Paul, and Mary? Great Group ! Loved them !
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