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  1. Florida has flattened the curve drastically because they attacked taking care of the most vulnerable in their State, the elderly and those in nursing homes. That strategy paid off big time for them. It appears more and more that the virus has infected many times more than have been reported, making its death rate perhaps dependent on high risk factors. Young (and older) people without other health concerns seem to be riding this out without significant problem. Our attention needs to be on those high risk, and let others go about their "normal" lives.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/23/mexico-health-workers-attacked-covid-19-fears?fbclid=IwAR2Fah5la2H5SVWYOMGz07BQtgjYU7QxjlHDuxxp2DRkXgeff95ytCtHsWU
  3. I believe the first question should be "why use the word afraid?", don't you? Without that insulting word, kam would not replied.
  4. Unless AMLO declares Martial Law, no state governor can suspend any civil rights of anyone. They can, however, demand that you wear a mask, and can limit crowds, enforce social distancing, similar orders. Pretty much the same NOB, except each governor can declare Martial Law, IF, that is included in the Constitution of that State. If not, they cannot do it. Only then can they restrict personal freedoms. The President(NOB) can also do this, but his ability to enforce in all states would be unmanageable. Easier to enforce in a community or maybe one state.
  5. If you check the border crossing site, that should give you the answer. ( I would think you would need a good reason to enter at this time and not sooner).
  6. I think it has more to do with lack of common sense. Or, as someone said "Stupid is as Stupid does" ! Remember, you can't fix Stupid !
  7. So, if the new study out of Stanford in CA is close to correct, then as many as 59,500,000 people in the US could have/had the virus, with 38,000 deaths. That would mean this virus, although spreading much more rapidly, is much less a killer than the regular flu. Wouldn't that be wonderful if it actually turns out to be correct !
  8. So does that mean no one that buys a new car in Mexico needs to take it to the dealer for any service? Or did you just get lucky?
  9. Is that information posted on your site?
  10. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/imss-doctors-warn-they-will-strike/?fbclid=IwAR1kToRxEWBSpXd0fPVWtMOQnxgrtnFLYHvDT3-rk0PhR93lDGOnlkeFsZA Also, the related coverage about Puebla at the bottom.
  11. Come on, Mostly ! Tell me again that these cities are not pop. centers. All at, near, or more than 100,000: PV,, Lagos de Moreno, Tepatitlan, Cuidad Guzman, Hacienda Sante Fe, Ocotlan. Most cases in Guad ? How many do you think they have tested in those other pop. centers? It is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. We are talking Mexico here, ok?
  12. You read my mind? Wow ! I, too, have that "college" degree you are so proud of, actually 3, and fortunately I have some common sense and a lot of different experiences, as do others here. So, where is YOUR plan of what he could/should have done differently as I asked, or do you not have one. Let us see it. Put up...
  13. So, what would you have had the governor of Washington State (or NY or NJ or Michigan) do differently? Are you offering something positive and constructive, or you just criticizing someone else, as there is an abundance of that and putting the blame on others, without offering anything new.
  14. Did you explain that to AMLO. Maybe he doesn't have that info . Obvious we are not doing that, so ... I'm only concerned with Mexico here. So, do you think he doesn't want a real reading of those. Of course, the only ones that need hospitalization are the 20% that show serious side effects, and of those , less than 2% die. The rest can get well at home.
  15. Good info, but are these the only locations where people from every pueblo in Jalisco are to be tested? If so, we have a Big problem. Also, remember the criteria for testing, Mild Symptoms are NEVER tested and a doctor must certify that he thinks there is a strong possibility you have the virus.
  16. I was referencing now, not before, and in Mexico, not any other country. I thought that was what this thread was about.?
  17. I don't think we are testing many who show symptoms here in Mexico. Unless, you can establish that you meet the criteria (which is quite difficult to do), just having "the symptoms" gets you nothing but "stay at home and take something for the fever". Because symptoms are so similar to the flu and upper respiratory problems, and there is a Lack of Tests, many that would test positive are not being tested unless they become extremely ill and sometimes then still not.
  18. Yep, you MUST have all service recommended under the warranty done AT THE DEALER, or void warranty.
  19. I was told a KIA was 7 years, as opposed to 10 in US. (100,000 km)
  20. MEDICAL STAFF IN MEXICO CITY PROTEST HEALTH SYSTEM COVERING UP COVID-19 CASES https://www.vallartadaily.com/medical-staff-in-mexico-city-protest-health-system-covering-up-covid-19-cases/?fbclid=IwAR0sgzZ1K0t7ry-zri23ImkWQrrO3Y9NYPxamMEVemG13wD54N45RvcNy3M
  21. You think 202 deaths/1M is better than 61 deaths/1M. Wow ! Just maybe you should look again. Seems, to me, they did much better in the US than France.
  22. Well, not exactlu true. Counting the ballots in Sunday’s presidential election is complete, the National Electoral Institute (INE) said yesterday and confirmed that the Together We Will Make History coalition’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador was the winner. The electoral authority said just over 30 million Mexicans voted for López Obrador, representing 53.1% of the total votes cast. It is the highest vote count of any president in Mexico’s history.
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