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  1. Don't forget: close, then closer, and finally closest !!! A ways to go by your admission.
  2. During April, May, and until the rainy season starts, the heat can be very oppressive here at Lakeside, BUT, my major complaint is the "extreme" UV rating, that indicates a person could burn in as little as 5 minutes from sun exposure. Best climate in the World? Certainly not during these months. Rest of the year, excellent weather.
  3. One problem is the import duty at entry.
  4. Give it a rest. This is the one about Mexico.
  5. Air pollution is a real problem in Mexico, causing about one in 17 (5.9%) of all deaths in the country. It is the eighth largest cause of death, after factors such as diet, overweight, high blood pressure, alcohol and drugs, smoking and lack of exercise. The most dangerous of the airborne particles are known as PM2.5 . Air quality in Mexico is among the worst in the world. According to the World Bank, air pollution kills nearly 33,000 Mexicans every year, mainly in towns and cities.
  6. Maybe we should start with the worse offenders, like China, Mexico, etc. THAT might make an impression.
  7. Certainly this Century, but not this Decade.
  8. And, others clean house for 480 pesos for 6 hours. Not near the physical labor, yet pays more. Maybe it is the "training" that makes the difference?
  9. Sister-in-law in California pays $21.50 an hour, so $12 an hour here seems about right, no?
  10. I won't give it away as I can't type numbers above 99.
  11. Economy was in a great place during last US Administration and we were reaping benefits here in Mexico. Now, as you say. food and gas prices have risen and the rest of the economy is under stress. This is not "normal" inflation; it was created by poor economic decisions. Simple as that. It was bad before Putin jumped in, so this is not on him, contrary to some.
  12. I heard that same thing earlier today.
  13. Sorry to hear about the Hound Dog. He was a character.
  14. What happens if a palmetto bug bites you? Although they may seem scary, palmetto bugs do not pose an immediate danger. They rarely ever bite people. Palmetto bug bites are not serious or painful, but may leave a small, red mark. These pests can contaminate your food with bacteria such as salmonella because of their tendency to hide in unsanitary areas. Always remember fish, ICE is your best friend for ANY bite(after you have washed it with soap and water to get rid of the bacteria) and the quicker you get it on the faster it works to help you.
  15. There seem to be a lot of "Cornhuskers" in Nebraska. Wonder if they also make flowers?
  16. What is that yearly maintenance?
  17. They live among us and more are coming each day.
  18. Interesting. I just check mine about once a year for refills. Whatever rings Your bell.
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