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  1. Where is that information located, or is that just more smoke?
  2. Actually, those of us that are at high risk will be able to waltz into that center with the first responders and med workers for our injection.
  3. It appears that Europe is beginning the "second wave" as cases are more now than at the beginning there. Reminds me that by the end of October was when Mexico was expected to have its second wave. It is still among us !
  4. Better check with Texas, they can tell you better than anyone here.You are sure the car was not stolen and brought to Mexico? And, you have proof that the original US owner sold the car?
  5. Most, you ASSUME a lot. Sonia never said they were clients of hers, nor that they had ANY paper work. I'd bet a taco that if they had marriage certificates and she had a visa and he had his pp, they both could ave passed. I think this is a "they said", without all the details. Of course, Sonia could have given all the details,;maybe she gave all she "heard". Let her fill in the blanks, then we may know 'the rest of the story".
  6. Really had that paper work?I didn't read that in the post, so I guess you know the people?
  7. Did she have papers to cross, as just being married is not required papers? "Officially, technically, legally, however you want to phrase it, any Mexican citizen crossing the border into the United States needs a visa. Anyone from the U.S. who wants to spend more than 72 hours in Mexico or plans to travel beyond the 16-mile border zone, regardless of length of stay, needs to get a visa to do that, too."
  8. You are pathetic, Judge and jury. Others are not entitled to squat. I am not on trial, except in your perverted mind. You dream. You imagine. You make up things. I did not equate anything. I reported someone (I don't even know who they were) giving a reason for moving here, I thought that was the purpose of this post. See, you don't even know what you are talking about here. I suggest you may need professional help. Get it together. I saw her point means I understood what she was saying, I did not need a translator. It does not show agreement, but if it did, it is still none of your business,
  9. Why do you want to know? Plan on being my "judge"? People are entitled to their own comments, get used to it or go cry about it.
  10. What did you expect me to do about her comment? Beat her up? Call the police? Turn her in to Immigration? She was entitled to her opinion, the last time I checked, just like you are. No one has to agree with what you think about anything, and there isn't anything you can do about it. That is the way it is in life, get used to it, or look for a safe place where you can cry about it.
  11. Someone told me several years ago that living here with a comfortable amount of retirement money was probably like living on a plantation prior to the civil war. I could see her point.
  12. Ever notice who posts threads like this one? They never seem to learn and are "surprised" when something like this happens.
  13. I've never lost anything from CC use either and I am older than you. I don't carry my purse while shopping either. Too much of a target. Only use a Debit at the ATM, nowhere else. I do carry some"chump change" here in Mexico, but NOB, never, for many years. Love those "points".
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