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  1. One would certainly hope that is the case, which establishes how powerful at saving lives the vaccine is. Actually, deaths are rare, if non-existent, from the current vaccine. All these diseases are fairly common still in Latin America, but rare NOB.
  2. The most disturbing part of this is that Mexico has been allowing those illegals to use Our country(those of us who have invested in gaining citizenship in Mexico) as a back door to the USA. That must not continue and apparently our current Mexican government believes that the administration NOB is serious with its threats to completely shut down the Border until the US Congress acts to put controls on these illegals, or Mexico steps up on enforcing our own laws on illegals in our country. The latter seems to be happening now. IMHO, AMLO is interested in a friendly, strong, and productive relation with the government NOB.
  3. That is exactly the point! Your interpretation of what makes and does not make this Board viable is exactly that, your take. It certainly does not represent everyone who is on this Board, only those who enjoy putting down members, mods, etc. You have 2 choices, continue crying, or Block him. Up to you.
  4. "I'm off this Board." How many posts ago did you say that? Mean what you say, man, or don't say it. Makes your credibility zero !
  5. Why can't you just Block him? Too much trouble for you, or you just must have you way no matter what others think?
  6. Hey, if JIT is a problem for you, it is YOUR fault, not the Board. All you have to do is BLOCK HIM and you will never read a post from him again. VERY SIMPLE. Trying to force your way on everyone on this Board does not let those who enjoy his banter have their say. If you gotta go, you gotta go.
  7. Texas Department of Safety ! Check it out !
  8. It is a terrible situation and is an extreme emergency, not only for drugs, but the human trafficking, the type of people coming, etc. The people in Texas are faced with over 900,000 crimes committed by illegals over the last 5 years and growing daily. Help is desperately needed.
  9. Were it me you were talking about, I would not respond either way. That should really piss off those who "need to know".
  10. We live part time just outside Austin (the Hill Country). Beautiful when the Bluebonnets, etc. are in bloom !
  11. Glad you wasted your time, I knew you couldn't resist. You just showed that you have a closed mind. A member of the Texas Taliban, is that what you think will offend me? You gotta do better than that. Looks like you have the "Texas Taliban Syndrome". Bless your heart !
  12. Compiled by a Mexican Organization: https://www.foxnews.com/world/tijuana-is-the-most-violent-city-in-the-world-top-5-located-in-mexico-report-says
  13. Worth a listen, for those with an open mind (those with a closed mind, don't waste your time): https://www.foxnews.com/science/10-times-experts-predicted-the-world-would-end-by-now
  14. I doubt MC can do anything about that, or you, for that matter. A better response might be you telling us how we get China, Mexico, etc., to do something about it, don't ya think?
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