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  1. I don't have anymore time to waste here. Fear and Ignorance do not live at My House !
  2. If you "breeze through a market unmasked" that is your decision and Not Mine. I am not responsible for your actions nor can I control them. I can, however, control what I do and how I protect myself. I cannot put blame on someone else if I were to get ill in that situation, because the reason I became ill was because I did Not do everything that I needed to do to keep myself safe. If you want to blame someone else for your failings, I have no control over that, but I find that relates to not accepting the responsibility for one's own actions, and Heaven knows that our current World is eat up w
  3. We are Not all in this together. Everyone is responsible for their own health/lives. No one is responsible for the health/lives of others, Unless you are their guardian/parent/protector. You can try to blame your lack of preparation on others, but to me, "that dog just don't hunt". Fear and Ignorance are good buddies. They don't live in my house.
  4. One thing for sure that we have known from the "get go": this virus is with us forever, just like the Flu is with us forever. If you have been "waiting" for it to "go away", you will not live that long. So, learn what YOU need to do to protect Yourself. That is YOUR responsibility.
  5. They all will need that third "booster" eventually. Moderna says they believe theirs will be ready for this Fall. They both speculate that you will need a new "shot" every year, just like for the Flu. The good news is that Pfizer hopes to have their "pill" ready at the end of this year to treat the virus "at home", if you catch it early.
  6. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/ngo-ranks-mx-cities-among-worlds-most-violent/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=beaa5f2acf-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-beaa5f2acf-350176874 Security-focused NGO ranks 18 Mexican cities among world’s 50 most violent Mexican cities held the first top six spots on the list
  7. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/opinion/sarah-devries/is-going-home-for-vaccine-jumping-line/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=beaa5f2acf-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-beaa5f2acf-350176874 Many Mexico expats have the opportunity to get a Covid shot elsewhere, unlike many Mexicans. Should they? What, if any, ethics are involved?
  8. 0 deaths 2 family member had it, one 98 yrs old female, mild case; the other 53 yrs old male, had 4 tough days, but neither hospitalized. Both fully recovered.
  9. So far In 2021, United States border agents have detained 147,000 Mexican migrants, two-thirds of all such arrests made. If trend continues, US authorities could see highest number since 2008 https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/massive-increase-in-mx-migration-recorded/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=f306b9d13b-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-f306b9d13b-350176874
  10. If you would have read more carefully, you would have discovered many things that you "failed" to mention. (1)Those in the group were much younger than a normal sample, because the older people had been vaccinated much longer (2) Did not include anyone who had been vaccinated more than 21 days after the second dose (3) etc. Pfizer said that the protection after the first dose was not 95% and this study verifies that. This study says nothing about those vaccinated more than 21 days after the second dose. This simply confirms what Pfizer has said about the first dose.
  11. Spoken like a true Leftist ! Congratulations ! P.S. But, we already knew that. )
  12. You can tell the slugs, as they crawl out from under the rocks to spoil things for others. Such slime.
  13. Pfizer says that their vaccine has been 100% effective for over 6 months already. No one has been positive for covid after getting both Pfizers.
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