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  1. I am speaking for myself. That was an asinine response. Who else? No one cares whether you are interested in my experiences and what we do about health care, as I am replying to the OP and not you. So, piss off !
  2. Agree 100% with Rony ! We are Not in Mexico because of the health care services and anything the least bit serious, we travel North just as fast as we can ! Seen too many die here that should still be alive, and with God's help, we are not 2 of those. 21 years of living in Mexico 6 months a year.
  3. Walmart has cameras on their parking lot. I had my car keyed, and they looked and saw the guy do it. However, they said they could not read his plates when he drove off.
  4. Sounds like someone that posts here from that the Yucatan board. Playing with us.
  5. Thanks, Rony ! Hope all is good with you and Miss V ! Take care from me and R, and Double Trouble !
  6. Trying to reach the Lady Dentist in Chapala named Lourdes. Would very much appreciate any one that can give me her phone number. She is on the Main street in Chapala, upstairs. Thank you.
  7. Really, ten times over the years ! Impressive ! And one would have thought you were a resident expert on traveling around Mexico.
  8. Actually, wife and I were stopped and pulled over once there in Laredo and asked how much money we had with us. When we responded, they told us to show them and count it in front of them. That was about 14 years ago. Really curious that the same thing happened later that morning at the last checkpoint leaving Nuevo Laredo. Whatta ya think?
  9. Geez, give us a break ! Take your BS somewhere else. You know nothing about what type of people they are. My Mexican friends say they are trash. I think they know much better than you .
  10. I hear that because of the government attack on those stealing gasoline (around Salamanca, Gto. area, etc.) those sources of revenue have dried up, so these "gangs" have been hurting for money. As a result, they have spread out into extortion, drugs, kidnappings, and home invasions. Kinda what a lot of people say will happen when hard drugs are legalized and the drug revenue dries up. Maybe we are getting a preview of things to come.
  11. Just as any "Gringo Enclave" in Mexico, no one wants to report the truth about violence and killings in their "paradise", or else values, buyers, etc. will dry up. That should not be a surprise to anyone here who does not have their head stuck in the sand. Deny, deny, deny !
  12. Read in various Mexican Papers and Facebook posts about the terrible situations taking place in SMA and warnings to not go there, nor buy property there. People there are warned to shop, etc. in Queretaro. Seems the entire State of Guanajuato has become a dangerous place.
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