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  1. Interesting information, but what would really be of benefit here at Lakeside, Alan, would be that above type information as it is happening daily in Mexico, as many here have no interest in the US, but ALL here have interest in Mexico. See what you can do to provide ALL of us that type of pertenient information, ok? Thanks a bunch.
  2. Actually some state adjacent to NY closed access, but NY complained so much, that governor gave in. That, by law, is a local decision for mayors/governors to make. Florida, evidently, stopping those from NY and NJ from going to Florida.. This happened some time ago. States have a Lot of rights by the US Constitution and the Feds cannot impinge on those rights. Here in Mexico, the Feds are more powerful, if they care to be, which it looks like they do not.
  3. You really believe this would affect how he proceeds?
  4. https://www.solmexiconews.com/disciplined-countries-like-mexico-winning-the-covid-19-battle-navy-chief/?fbclid=IwAR1oVv9AouPGPKJlpGFxWhMaUqOVGo1kjx1Lfa-3Y4VV3LIXP22EBAoPAgA
  5. Other IMSS doctors meeting was videoed on Whatsapp where they are saying they have families and are tired of working with no protection and tired of reporting no more than 1 death every 3 days (ordered by government), no matter if they have 50 each day. Getting really interesting. Maybe coming to a head in a week or so.
  6. And that is what it is for, to spend on the US economy. You will do that.
  7. I see several using the "real names" of posters. Is this a way to "shame" and make known certain posters that are of the "opposite view" so others can "castigate" them in public? Appears some stoop really low now.
  8. 100% correct, because their hatred of Trump is only exceeded by their fear of being wrong. Thus, they can never admit they are incorrect. They are always correct. Sadly, they will take that to their grave, either here or elsewhere.
  9. I've seen that tern used before by people educated beyond their intelligence. They think they are better than others. Actually, they are inferior.
  10. And, you certainly don't either ! Check out MERS, maybe that will suggest something to you, or Spanish Flu. Probably not, though. When a person becomes educated beyond their intelligence, logic and facts mean nothing to them.
  11. According to the CDC, this China virus (or Wuhan, if you prefer for us racists ) reporting today a total of 33, 404 cases, with 400 officially reported deaths. The CDC happens to be the only official reporting agency NOB. That computes to a death % of 1.2%, with the majority over 85 years of age, and most others having an underlying condition. Really great response so far, NOB. Using mostly's stats, not official, the death % is still 1.2%. Sorry if these stats hurt the feelings of those who are hoping for a much higher, because of their hatred of Americans. Just ain't happening.
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