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  1. But, not for those on the winning side. Only for those on the poor losers side !
  2. Just trying to "sneak" it in "disguised" like you really care. LOL Why should you? No longer your Country and the people who live there make their own decisions, whether you like it or not. Reference their new Administration. LOL Why don't you tell us about how much you are helping the poor in the country where you live; that would maybe encourage more to do more here, instead of continually bitching about what the US is doing. Choose to not live with them, but can't live without them, huh? LOL Surely you can afford to sponsor many poor families and children, not just 1 or 2, or 3, full time. Let us hear it from you bitchers ! LOL
  3. Interesting how common sense seems to "kick in" at different ages for different people, no?
  4. I see why you want out of the US with the prospect of Socialism ahead, unless you are filthy rich, then you are among the elite that Socialism doesn't affect.
  5. My wife says that the stores that sell "cheaper" bras don't allow, but the expensive stores do.
  6. Just proved my point. Thanks.
  7. Actually mine said it covered me for emergencies out of the US. YMMV
  8. There is another one who can't alway seem to get her way, so thinks its ok to trash others.
  9. Yep, that is a typical Libtard response. Your politics are showing. Can't resist that Trump bashing can you? Got that syndrome bad, don't you?
  10. Not for most people over 65, with Medicare and an Advantage Plan. Basically no cost for us NOB.
  11. One would certainly hope that is the case, which establishes how powerful at saving lives the vaccine is. Actually, deaths are rare, if non-existent, from the current vaccine. All these diseases are fairly common still in Latin America, but rare NOB.
  12. The most disturbing part of this is that Mexico has been allowing those illegals to use Our country(those of us who have invested in gaining citizenship in Mexico) as a back door to the USA. That must not continue and apparently our current Mexican government believes that the administration NOB is serious with its threats to completely shut down the Border until the US Congress acts to put controls on these illegals, or Mexico steps up on enforcing our own laws on illegals in our country. The latter seems to be happening now. IMHO, AMLO is interested in a friendly, strong, and productive relation with the government NOB.
  13. That is exactly the point! Your interpretation of what makes and does not make this Board viable is exactly that, your take. It certainly does not represent everyone who is on this Board, only those who enjoy putting down members, mods, etc. You have 2 choices, continue crying, or Block him. Up to you.
  14. "I'm off this Board." How many posts ago did you say that? Mean what you say, man, or don't say it. Makes your credibility zero !
  15. Why can't you just Block him? Too much trouble for you, or you just must have you way no matter what others think?
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