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  1. Thank you, Cedros. I think I can shed some light for you and others who may be wondering what this is. There is nothing in your attachments to worry about nor fill out prior to receiving your vaccine. Three pages are partial scans of one page of internal paperwork that will be completed by frontline providers and handed to you as you wait to ensure that you don't present any immediately abnormal reaction to the vaccine you receive. You'll get the original, completed in full. For those who received their vaccine in the US, it serves the same function as the small card you get that details the specifics of your first, then second, administered dosage. From what you sent, in the order received, I see three partial scans of a single blank form/receipt the brigadiers give you after your first shot; this serves as your "receipt" for the second vaccine; it shows details specific to your vaccine such as the brand, the lot number, date/location/details of administration and, at the bottom, shows the earliest date you can return for the second shot. This form is filled out by the healthcare workers who administer the vaccine to you--there is no part of this form that requires the recipient of the vaccine to complete anything. It will be handed to you, completed and signed by the designee where you get your vaccine. The third of the four scans (the green one) is a registration form to be completed by supplemental healthcare workers/frontline providers of the vaccine, known here as the brigadiers, to identify them and to whom they report. It is not for any of us receiving the vaccine, but instead looks at a way to sign in and identify volunteer personnel in the vaccine venue. OH...in your post (but it did not appear in the four scans) it says you need two COPIES of your CURP and official ID. I'd take originals and two copies of each, plus two copies of a residency verification, just in case. You know how Mexico loves its copies. Registrars may not keep them or ask for them...this need for copies does not appear anywhere on the federal website of requirements, although ID can be requested (but photos of them, and you, per López-Gatell, are illegal. Today, Governor Alfaro says he has no idea when specific areas will receive the vaccine, that Jalisco is following the federal distribution plan. I can't find anything today that lists future sites, just Tlaquepaque ended today (per the Guv) and it appears Tonalá may be upcoming (per news media). I hope this helps put people at ease.
  2. As a pm is fine, or if you want t post here, you just use the "Drag files here" button that appears when you quote/respond to a post. Thank you!
  3. We get the same message...starting religiously at 8:01 pm every night and it lasts till somewhere around 11 pm. I can be watching a show from 7-8, continue with the beginning of a show on those particular channels that start to broadcast at 8 pm then POOF! at 8:01 we get the message above. (NBC is our nemesis, on both feeds we receive.) I reached our to our contact in Alberta who says there's not much she can do; Shaw will want to send a tech out to check the system and we all know that's not possible.
  4. Yes, got my call 2 1/2 weeks ago. The caller confirmed (1) I still wanted the vaccine and (2) I was physically able to get to the designated vaccination site. She also said the second of two calls should come by mid-March, assigning a vaccine date and time for the designated "local" site.
  5. Not exactly accurate: In this first phase, México is vaccinating people with CURP cards, starting with healthcare professionals, outlying-area seniors, then by age (in decades.) EVERYONE, including migrants and people without residency status, is eligible but their enrollment period will come after all the others have presented for the vaccines. The Mexican government has been adamant about vaccinating as many people as possible, but prioritizing those groups noted above.
  6. Every night, from 8:01 pm till 11 pm, we are losing the US CBS affiliates. It says the system has lost the signal, but it is only in my 2 CBS feeds. I've not heard yet from our Shaw rep in Alberta to see what the issue might be.
  7. Go along the malecón until the Yacht Club double doors are on your right. Look immediately to your left: there is a small tienda and a road that heads north. Go up that road and the parking area is on the right; the white building wall is on your left; it has a poster "painted" on the wall with all the requirements for each of the licenses. Yes, you do need a previous appointment. All your photocopies must be very legible, including that of your bank pre-payment. They will keep most of these.
  8. Thank you, but as far as I can see from the links, each requires the purchaser to provide details online to "open" the card including proof of address, email, after which the card (with the initial deposit included) is mailed to the address on file. There are commissions and fees per transaction, as well. I was hoping to pick up an anonymous MC or Visa. It does look like Walmart has gift cards, some with special-occasion designs.
  9. I looked and looked for prepaid, US-style over-the-counter Visa or Mastercards to give as a gift (not linked to an account of my own) but came up with nothing. Both CiBanco and HSBC advertised them, but when I went before Christmas, neither had those options and the staff had absolutely no clue what I was talking about, despite having the printouts in my hand. Please let me know if you are successful in finding one. Around the holidays, I thought they'd be useful gifts.
  10. Last night he gave us kudos for being compliant boys and girls, and after today the restrictions are removed. His 1:00 conference is for him to share the new Plan Jalisco, to be enacted supposedly for the rest of the year.
  11. Here's a copy of the signage at the airport in Guadalajara:
  12. The Jalisco traffic law doesn't appear to offer any red-light leeway; even the yellow light is open to interpretation. Artículo 24.- En los cruceros controlados por semáforos, la luz roja proyectada hacia los conductores y peatones indica alto; la luz verde indica siga, la luz ámbar indica preventiva interpretándose esta última, como el lapso que existe para despejar la intersección cuando algún vehículo haya entrado a el o se encuentre muy próximo y no le sea posible detenerse inmediatamente por el riesgo de producirse un impacto por alcance.
  13. On UDGTV.com as well as El Economista: Los pasajeros a vuelos internacionales tendrán que realizarse una prueba de antígeno para quienes viajen a los Estados Unidos, que se entregan los resultados en 30 a 45 minutos y la prueba PCR se entrega entre 36 a 48 horas para los que tengan la intención de viajar a Canadá o a los Países Bajos quiénes pidieron como requisito para ingresar a sus países el comprobante de resultado negativo.
  14. There's another mandatory form for all air travelers to the US: a passenger travel disclosure and attestation form. If you can print and complete prior to getting in line at the check-in, you'll save some time. It's here, on the CDC site, as well as airlines: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/attachment-a-global-passenger-disclosure-and-attestation-2021-01-12-p.pdf
  15. I've helped several people get their registration: all start with AM but some have 7 digits and some have 8.
  16. Actually, it is first consonant and first vowel of one's first last name and not necessarily the first two letters: TLALOC would be T A.
  17. The OP is incorrect: the first two keystrokes are the first letter of your last name followed by the first vowel of your last name. The naming convention is shown above in Mostlylost's post. And characters 12-13 for foreign-born CURP holders is NE (Nacido Extranjero).
  18. Yes, about 8:15 am. It took a few tries, during which I got wonky messages, but did get registered. This process is to get on the call list--specifics about when, where, and which vaccine will come later...after you get contacted for your appointment. The site does not give any answers to your questions; it is merely a registration.
  19. It sounds like Trinidadian hot sauce I grew up on as a child. It could take the skin off the roof of your mouth, but still had fabulous flavors.
  20. No issue yesterday, no lines. There is a posting on the door saying that the interior office is closed until further notice.
  21. I watched and took notes: Alfaro started and ended his 38+-minute press conference saying that these new restrictions are in addition to the sanitary protocols that have not been modified. He listed face masks, social distancing, hand-washing, staying away from crowded or public places, and contacting a health professional should you experience symptoms.
  22. Café Grano Café used to stock electric grinders; it has been a while since I looked for them, specifically, there.
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