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  1. What happened with some regularity at the registrar tables wass that the names on the comprobantes were picked up from the person's CURP. There, Betty Lou Smith MAY have been picked up as Betty (Nombre) Lou (Apellido 1) and Smith (Apellido 2). Just review and go when slated.
  2. Isaac Trejo, the interim Presidente Municipal, just did an interview and said the following (I summarize): • He anticipates the second-dose Sinovac for seniors to start here any day. The day the municipality is given the go-ahead is the day vaccinations start. That could be, he says, Saturday, Sunday, Monday… • This round is for second-dose seniors only. If you did not get the first Sinovac shot in this municipality (either in Ajijic or at the Parque de la Cristianía in Chapala) you aren’t eligible for this round. • This round will only be at Parque de la Cristianía. (Not, I guess, at the Malecón in Ajijic) • This round will be alpha order only; the last name order will be followed. Here's the link to the interview I watched this afternoon: https://www.facebook.com/lavozdelariberadechapala/videos/746512745985042 ------------------------------------------- As y’all know, things change quickly and it doesn’t mean that they won’t make changes, as they have in the previous round; however, for now, please plan on having almost no notice to be ready to get thyself to the Parque de la Cristianía on the day your last name is scheduled. Also, bring all your previous docs as well as the first-round shot confirmation. LOOK AT THAT CONFIRMATION and see what they have as your last name. When I worked registration, many of the Spanish-only registrars were having a difficult time conforming to our single last name. I saw “Betty Lou Smith” being assigned “Lou” as the paternal (first) last name. If that is the case on your document, I’d plan on going on the day assigned to your first last name, then ask about getting your document amended.
  3. Here's an easy way to find vaccine availability in the US based on zip code. I needed to turn my VPN on, as it gives me an error message "Error: unable to load results" if I don't. Plug in your desired zip code, then you can check the boxes to sort by the vaccine you want: Pfizer, Moderna, J&J. The real-time availability (or lack thereof) pops up by address. The website is vaccines.gov
  4. When I applied for citizenship some years ago, at one stage I received from SRE a printout of my and exits they had documented to/from México (for this process, they are only concerned with the two years prior to application.) It included passport records as well as FMM information. Since I had renewed my passport during that time (thank goodness I had the expired passport returned to me and in my possession) and with the help of my calendars and airline documentation, I was able to reconcile the information, then revise the form to complete the attestation. Here is the kicker: I think perhaps only one or two trips were actually fully documented with INM (FMM) and passport stamps: in most cases, either I was missing the passport stamp or the INM, or I was logged out, but not back.... It took several hours to go through the documentation but, yes, they were serious about reconciling so you are not out of the country more than the allowed days. Also, since all of us enter the country before we ever leave, our records show (E) Entrada prior to (S) Salida on our passport; México records in reverse--exit then return. That also helps screw up the documentation and dates, as you'll always have a missing (E) to show how you entered.
  5. That was also me. They just phoned me (Friday 1:40 pm) and said event tomorrow is postponed until further notice.
  6. A private clinic in Nuevo Leon illegally sold 80 vaccines at $1000US per person--and these were deemed to contain distilled water, not the Pfizer vaccine. The BBC news source differs in detail from the local Mexican information released this morning. Purchasing Covid-19 vaccines anywhere in Mexico is currently not legal.
  7. You are correct in that nobody is exempt, and part- and full-time workers are treated equally under the law. However, the calculation is proportional for a part-time worker. And the "holiday bonus" is not a discretionary bonus--the aguinaldo is required by law. Therefore, the math gets a bit complicated. Smartest and safest advice is to go to one of our well-regarded local attorneys to have the calculation confirmed for you and a contract drawn up. You can then use this contract as a template for future workers.
  8. The interim presidente municipal earlier this week petitioned the state to identify the Parque de la Cristianía as the ONLY location for upcoming Covid-19, citing the confusion and disorder at the other locations used for shot 1 of Sinovac. I read the original request, but haven't seen any response from the state authorities.
  9. 1:46 Friday they called from la Barca hospital just now. The event tomorrow is postponed and they don’t have a new date yet. 12:49 pm Thursday As noted below, only Ajijic Radio on-line has posted this information for first-timers for the Covid vaccine BUT I've still not been able to confirm independently. I've been calling the hospital since 8 am and just got a live person who also cannot confirm. She did give me two extensions, and I've left messages and a callback number at each. So, for now, I cannot say with certainty that this event is legit. If you want to verify yourself, the phone number is 393-759-5980. After the recording, dial either of these two extensions-- x 1097 or x 4071. I've left messages and a callback number at each, and will update if I hear anything. For now, there is no confirmation that this is "on" for Saturday. Saturday only in La Barca at regional hospital. Single-shot Cansino (NOTE: I only have seen this posted on the original source, noted below. I've not been able to confirm it, but this was posted late Wednesday Here's the phone number and address, to confirm: Address: Venus 84, Col. Fraccionamiento del Sol, 47910 La Barca, Jal. Phone: 393 759 5980) THURS 8:20 AM I AM TRYING TO VERIFY WITH THE HOSPITAL THAT THIS EVENT IS TAKING PLACE. NOBODY ANSWERS ANY OF THE EXTENSIONS, AND ALL MAILBOXES FULL. I'LL POST ANY UPDATE OR CONFIRMATION. AVISO SOBRE LAS VACUNAS COVID EN LA ZONA De Secretaria de Salud , Sub Sede en la Barca Jalisco A todos los adultos mayores de 60 años que NO HAN SIDO VACUNADOS contra covid19, se estará aplicando la vacúna Cansino (dósis Única). Éste sábado 24 de abril en el Hospital Regional de La Barca; de 8:00 A 4:00 Favor de llevar CURP e INE. Así como su cubre bocas. ***** ÚNICO DIA ***** Favor de Compartir Source: Ajijic Radio-on-Line
  10. Actually, that is incorrect. Statewide, most seniors are awaiting their second shots. It appears that the cry to vaccinate private medical workers and teachers (so some schools can open in person on May 17) has bumped the anticipated schedule. Tonalá announced this afternoon the second-dose Covid-19 vaccines are Tues-Fri of this week; alpha order and only 5 locations (down from the original 11.) http://semanariolaguna.com/57346/?fbclid=IwAR3TqaLWo6XY5T-_tStfRwncsVXc6QuZWjJMU9e3Aem-fIXsx3-4I0cfy-g
  11. Add "Secretaria de Salud Jalisco" to the list above. If you go to each link and click the "Follow" button (and you can go into the settings and raise the viewing priority of each to your liking) you'll get alerted to updates. Outside of FB, El Informador, El Mural, El Financiero papers update federal and state deliveries, which then filter to the local official media sources on FB.
  12. PCR results at the Soriana location are 48-72 hrs, they told me Friday. They also are open 8-1 on Saturdays. Pay first at a register inside Soriana, then take your receipt to the trailer. Antigen test results were received a few hours after the sample, via email. Had name, DOB, QR code etc. on the pdf. $485.00.
  13. Laboratorio Tolsa asked us which language we preferred.
  14. It's tonight; tix are $100 and $200 mx. On ESPN at 8 pm.
  15. Hector, the Chapala EXPAT Liaison who initially posted the info, now says: Save the Nation is a no show and not answering the Delegados calls.We. apologize ,but, it is out of our control As soon as we know something we will post here. So sorry! Your friend Hector! The Guadalajara Reporter, however, says you can go next week to the old City Hall in Chapala and pick up. Guadalajara Reporter 39m · PROOF OF VACCINATION AVAILABLE IN AJIJIC Persons who were vaccinated in Ajijic last week and did not receive an official comprobante (voucher) verifying that they got the shot will be able to pick up the document today, Thursday March 25 and tomorrow, March 26, according information provided by Chapala government officials early this morning. The location is the Biblioteca Virtual, the lavender-colored computer module situated next to the restrooms at the Ajijic Malecón, that will reportedly be open from 9 a.m. until at least 2 p.m. Individuals who were vaccinated or representatives going in their place will be asked to show an official identification (Mexican INE voter credential or INM foreign resident card) of the shot recipient. Interested parties who are unable to appear on the above dates are advised to go instead next week to the Servidores de la Nación reception desk at Chapala´s Antigua Presidencia (former town hall) located on Avenida Madero next door to Banamex, open weekdays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. English-speakers may best stay up to date by following posts by Héctor España on the Chapala Expat Liaison Facebook page.
  16. It is the small purple building, north side of the malecón, east of the bathrooms. Near-ish Dharma Restaurant
  17. Here is what I found online, albeit it is dated 2020: 30 calendar days prior to expiry and up to 90 days after. ¿Cuánto tiempo tengo para renovar mi licencia después de vencida Jalisco? “La revalidación de la licencia de conducir se podrá solicitar a partir de los treinta (30) días calendario anteriores a la fecha de revalidación consignada en la licencia de conducir y hasta los noventa (90) días calendario posteriores a dicha fecha.Mar 6, 2020
  18. Locally it is Sinovac. Now moved up to this morning, Sunday, starting at 8 am at parque de la Cristiania in chapala.
  19. Natasha, some Jalisco vaccination locations initially publicized residency requirements, yet lifted or modified them towards the end of their campaigns. Other municipalities from their first day actively invited seniors from any municipalities to be vaccinated at their site to encourage locals who were hesitant about vaccination to follow the example, and so they would not have to return unused vaccines. The public health coordinator for IMSS, Silvia Valencia Espinosa, in late February said that wherever one can get the vaccine is where one should get it. Here's the headline and story from El Informador: https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/COVID-19-acuna-a-adultos-mayores-sin-importar-residencia-20210228-0014.html COVID-19: Vacuna a adultos mayores, sin importar residencia Los tapatíos pueden acudir a otros municipios de Jalisco para recibir su dosis; sólo deben presentar la credencial del INE y su CURP Even Lakeside vaccine sites, during their vaccine clinics this week, relaxed initial requirements and provided vaccines to people who are from out of the area, had not previously registered on the site, are on tourist visas, or had incomplete documentation. This was authorized by the people in charge of the vaccine events, often at locations that had weak initial attendance. Now that the vaccine arrivals to Mexico are more frequent and greater in number, hopefully this will become a non-issue.
  20. This is not just for Ajijic: it consolidates this last push of vaccine for the 60+ crowd for all of Lakeside, which earlier in the week had three different vaccine locations for all our municipalities. And now the date and venue have changed again as of an hour ago--Parque de la Cristianía, 8 am SUNDAY, same document requirements.
  21. Note that Monday's Ajijic vaccination clinic has been MOVED UP to Sunday--tomorrow--at Parque de la Cristianía, starting at 8 am. Just announced on the Chapala government website by the interim presidente municipal. https://www.facebook.com/GobiernoDeChapala/videos/267997484878114
  22. Note that Monday's Ajijic vaccination clinic has been MOVED UP to Sunday--tomorrow--at Parque de la Cristianía, starting at 8 am. Just announced on the Chapala government website by the interim presidente municipal. https://www.facebook.com/GobiernoDeChapala/videos/267997484878114
  23. Interim Presidente Municipal announces now, live, (Saturday, 9:15 pm) that the Sinovac vaccine scheduled for seniors on Monday morning in Ajijic has been RESCHEDULED. 8:00 am tomorrow, at Parque de la Cristianía in Chapala. One still needs to bring a photocopy of (new) CURP, Temporal/Permanente/INE, and the federal vaccine registration confirmation (mivacuna.salud.gob.mx) Sr. Trejo did not say whether or not any vaccines remaining after tomorrow will be made available on Monday.
  24. According to the Secretaría de Salud and posted on 19 March, the Tonalá event is over. Concluye vacunación en Tonalá con 100% de vacunas contra COVID-19 aplicadas en adultos mayores Se aplicaron 40,948 dosis y solo dos fueron desechadas, la mejor productividad alcanzada en estas jornadas de vacunación. En diez municipios del Estado de Jalisco, se rebasa el 70% en la aplicación de vacunas asignadas. Este jueves concluyó la vacunación contra COVID-19 para adultos mayores en...
  25. The interim municipal president announced on Friday that vaccinations will continue for those age 60+ on Monday at 8 am in Ajijic, at the malecón, to use up the approx. 800 doses of Sinovac that remain from the allotment to our area. Please have a photocopy of three documents with you: the federal vaccine registration confirmation (get at mivacuna.salud.gob.mx), your CURP, and both sides of your Temporal/Permanente/INE. Having a copy of these documents to turn in to the registrars for your paperwork greatly speeds up the registration process.
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