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  1. Do you know anyone who was vaccinated? I registered people by phone; nobody has received a call or a shot. I've been calling 20 times a day for the past several days for an update, and the number is constantly busy.
  2. Tapicería San José on the carretera in west Ajijic does a lot of vehicle seats. 376-766-3487
  3. Governor Alfaro held a Covid-19 press update today, 14 Jun 2021. Some restrictions previously in effect are being relaxed, and these may affect you as you head out and about, hence my update. For specifics regarding changes to occupancy and hours of operation for social gatherings, venues, and restaurant/bar occupancy, scroll to the bottom, where this appears in bold red. With input from Fernando Petersen (Scty of Health), Bárbara Casillas (Social Development), and Alejandro Guzmán Larralde (Economic Growth and Development) and the members of the Jalisco State Board of Health, which will continue to meet as long as needed, the following walk-through announced today by the Governor summarizes changes in our state’s handling of Covid protocols. These protocols will change given changes in Covid across the state of Jalisco. We have improved and made advances against Covid; however, we are not out of the woods; we cannot relax prevention methods but, accordingly, we are updating the following regarding public activities, schooling and back-to-work protocols to make forward steps in the Economic Reactivation of our state. The changes updated today with be vigorously monitored by local municipalities, which are charged with their enforcement. We are a bit worried how in some countries and cities both north and south of our borders are showing new waves or outbreaks of Covid; we insist that the we have more road to cover and we need to be aware of what is happening in other parts of the country of Mexico as well. In August and October we will have updates to see whether we can continue as presented today, or whether changes have to be made. In the 4 categories in which the semáforo system is based, comparing Jan 2021 to June 2021: Active daily cases decreased from 1897 in January down to 83 recorded in June Confirmed active cases 8730 down to 838 Rate of positivity 35.59% down to 2.9% Hospitalization 58.4% down to 8.3% 2,530,455 total doses received in 24 deliveries since 24 January 2021. 1,943,559 vaccinations have been applied applied. Of them: 46% are Pfizer; 15% CanSino; 26% AstraZeneca and 13% Sinovac 80% of people 65+ have received full doses across the state Age 50-59 received first dose in 125 municipalities Special pops (health (80%), education (93%), preggers, paramedics and public safety are being vaccinated) The semáforo system shows our current federal levels thru 22 June 21: 0 red states, 4 orange, 9 yellow, 19 green (including Jalisco; we’ve been green for 6 weeks) Hospital reconversion has started to return to previous hospital use and beds to pre-Covid usage NEW MEASURES ANNOUNCED TODAY: 4 Themes * Resilience and health education * Treatment and medical attention * Economic and social responsibility * Follow-up and reinforcement of the National Vaccination Initiative Vulnerable groups (60+, preggers, preexisting conditions): can return to their normal work activities after 14 days post-second vaccine; IF YOU REFUSED AN AVAILABLE VACCINE, you must also return to work, since it was your choice not to vaccinate. The following changes across the state of Jalisco go into effect as soon as they are published officially in the state daily diary later today, as required by law. EACH OF THESE IS SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY LOCAL MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES and for each venue as subject to their licensing. CULTURE ACTIVITIES: Occupancy can increase from 50% to 75% in Jalisco. This includes for movies, theaters, and centers; Museums, galleries, cultural centers, remunerative and cultural activities; Workshops and artistic academies; religious worship (note that processions and that type of religious extracurricular activity must be approved on an individual basis by the state health organization.) GROUP RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Urban forests, parks and public spaces, including those that were previously closed can increase from 50% to 75% occupancy; large general events go from 300 to 600 person capacity; tourist or passenger trains are to 65% capacity. SPORTS: Soccer fields up from 50% to 60%; water parks, gyms, sports clubs, physical activity academies and sports centers increase from 50% to 75% EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES: In-person schooling was suspended thru the end of the 20-21 academic year; now to follow academic and evaluation recommendations with support activities open; daycares can now enroll children of any age (previously age 4+) ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES: Economic events and expos held indoors: from 200 to up to 300 people maximum with density of one person per 4m2; open-area from 300 to a maximum 600 people, one person per 2.5m2 so long as we continue to follow sanitary distance and other restrictions. EXPO CENTERS increase to a maximum daily occupancy of up to 3000 (simultaneous) visitors with a daily maximum of 6,000 persons so long as the venue is greater than 10,000 sq m in size. The health mesa will determine additional restrictions as needed. BARS, RESTAURANTS, EVENT CENTERS: Bars add an additional hour; they can stay open till from 11 pm to 4 am; restaurants can now stay open until 1 am (up from midnight) and event centers can increase from a 5-hour event to a 6-hour event. COMMERCIAL OCCUPANCY: Commercial services and establishments, restaurants, self-service, department stores and commercial establishments can increase occupancy from 50% to 75% and up to max occupancy of 500 people (70% up to 1000 people in area greater than 4000 sq m); hotels and motels increase to 80%; bars and dive bars increase to 40% from 35%; casinos go up from 40% to 60% of total occupancy. Per-table occupancy in restaurants increases to 8; in bars to a max of 10 people per table. In-store dressing/changing rooms can reopen; seating in movies, stadiums, theaters, arenas increases to a 3 seats occupied/2 vacant configuration, from 1-1. The sanitary filters will be modified (no detail/explanation…wait for update tomorrow.) Some business Covid-registrations (for example, for Covid-compliant businesses) are terminated. Bars, dive-bars and casinos: it is reported that several of these across the state are not complying with the current guidelines and the state Board of Health is considering restricting/closing them for non-compliance. These updated protocols and prevention methods will be available to view online as of tomorrow, 15 June 2021 at reactivacioneconomica.jalisco.gob.mx
  4. Updated 20 Jun: On the carretera in Ajijic, directly across the street (mountainside) from the bus station there is a bright posterboard sign advertising the apartment there for rent, along with a phone number to call. Just this week, I drove on Ocampo heading east towards 5 de Mayo and saw two hand-written posters en español. One advertised a one bed, one bath apartment; the other (I think) was posted at the Papelería on Hidalgo and Juárez, or thereabouts, advertising a room for rent. Might be worth a walk-by, as I don't think the ads were directed to expats.
  5. Yes, it is only the border area that is 18+. The rest of the country is still 40 (birthday in 2021) and older: - Mayores de 18 años que residen en un municipio fronterizo. - Embarazadas mayores de 18 años con más de 9 semanas de gestación. - Personas que cumplen 40 años o más en este año.
  6. Just FYI to all: there is a FaceBook page called Lake Chapala Memory Wall where posters can announce, or otherwise honor, friends of Lakeside who have passed. It's helpful for many of the posters, and especially for others who haven't heard about the passing or contributions of those who made their mark here. Lakeside7, you may wish to copy and paste your post there for those who aren't members of this group.
  7. I just clicked on the link and it shows availability for the first three weeks in June, Monday-Friday.
  8. Clearly, again, there are discrepancies, but I don't make this stuff up--I just monitor closely and provide information as it comes. And guess where my assignment location is today? Puerto Vallarta. Clearly, I am not going. They can screw up a two-car parade. I also posted Jocotepec because many people live in San Juan Cosalá--if not members on this board, then many of their workers, who are now of age. AND...the 40+ registration is ongoing, so please encourage your contacts of this age to sign up on the federal platform. So...here are the primary-source posts, with the conflicting details. By noon we will know what opened, when, and if there are restrictions. Interim President Trejo announced yesterday afternoon that the event would start today, nobody over age 59. You can watch his conference and see the information provided. AMENDED JUST NOW (9:10 AM MONDAY) ON LOCAL WHATSAPP GROUP: TREJO SAYS YES TO 60+ WITH NO PRIOR VACCINE HISTORY. https://www.facebook.com/GobiernoDeChapala/videos/324964432375735 The local tv is reporting the same--starting at the Tecnológico today at 8 am; starting in Joco today at 12. Yet, here is the post from the state: 1-4 June; 60+ welcome so long as this is the first dose.
  9. Bisbee Gal, I'm confused by your post...Joco is a different municipality and I updated for it last night. See above.
  10. AstraZeneca starts tomorrow, Monday 31 May at the Tecnológico de Chapala on the libramiento for first dose age 50-59. Goes thru the week. Take CURP, federal registration and INE/temporal/permanente. No alpha order, no additional state registration Also, Jocotepec starts tomorrow , apparently 12-4 on Monday and 8-4 thereafter.
  11. You are going to hear some people say that it is unnecessary to check out when traveling by land and this has been confirmed to them by INM personnel. However, if you read the back of the FMM (in English and Spanish) submission of the FMM form has no exception for anyone at any time. It reads, in part, "All foreigners, including diplomatic personnel, must fill out this form individually and present it..." As you are returning by air, the computers at some point will try to link the exit portion to the reentry portion, as both have the same bar code number. Solidaridad-Colombia is a quick and efficient Laredo crossing. Never in 15 years has any official at Colombia, Juárez-Lincoln or Progreso, Pharr=Reynosa told me NOT to submit the document. But, your risk level and experience may vary.
  12. Dr. Petersen made no clarification. I'd register here, just in case...
  13. THURSDAY 27 MAY AFTERNOON UPDATE I wanted to do a trial run of the call process to find out what information for callers to have ready, but I got busy signals for two hours. However, a friend (non-Spanish-speaking) DID get through and the following is her experience, "It was easy." • Once she got through, the automated system offered six options; not speaking Spanish, she randomly chose 3 and was connected an English-speaking person. • She was asked for full name (Reminder: match your CURP and legal docs and first shot record, if you received), age, date and type of first vaccine • Complete address, cell/home phone contacts Was told that Bienestar will call within two weeks to provide a date and hour. WEDNESDAY 26 MAY POST Jalisco Secretary of Health Dr. Petersen on Wednesday posted a message for all in Jalisco who weren’t physically able to go to a vaccine site. If you’ve been home bound and unable to get your Covid vaccine in Jalisco, here’s the number to call the (federal) Bienestar folks and register: Secretaría del Bienestar teléfono: (33) 3616 6670 calle Lerdo de Tejada 2466, Col. Obrera Centro
  14. Dr. Jorge Arturo Barba Martín. His office is in the medical center at Puerta de Hierro Sur but our first appointment was scheduled at Chapala Med. Traumatología y Ortopedía orthosportgdl@hotmail.com jorgeabarba@yahoo.com cel 33 1410 0920
  15. The last municipal traffic laws for the Municipality of Chapala that I have were updated by Moy in 2019. The copy and paste, below, refers to the wo quetions asked in this thread: what documents are drivers required to present and which towable offenses? You need to have: up-to-date plates, original (or receipt) for current tarjeta de circulación, sticker (now a card) for the plates, insurance coverage in amount by law. Foreign-plated cars can circulate so long a they comply with immigration/importation laws and comply with laws (including current plates and requirements) from their home entity. Within the municipality, a vehicle can be towed for: no current license plates, plates covering other plates, failing to have/display transit requirements in Article 23, wrongly parked or abandoned, public vehicle circulating for private use.
  16. Also, check your Jalisco auto insurance: usually the coverage is collision only, only up to $100K USD. That does not meet the minimum TX limits. You can go to segurogringo.com and up your collision coverage to meet the minimum; very inexpensive and you do it all online. (Of course, you may have a TX agent who will cover your vehicle for the period you are there.)
  17. I messaged Isaac Trejo about this and did not hear back. Alfaro says it is under the umbrella of the Bienestar people, who will be contacting people at some point later in time to do home visits and he didn't get back to me either, nor did the head of IMSS (who did respond to me once, early on.) I'm sure someone, somewhere has the plan but throughout this Covid vaccination process, information and details have been keep close to the vest, rather than share publicly and update regularly as things change, which would have, in my opinion, reduced anxiety and the zillions of individual queries about when, where, who, how, etc. I'll continue to check sources and query people...maybe I'll again get lucky and will post here.
  18. Here's the Walmart Mexico return policy I googled online: 90 days with store receipt or online order number; return made to original form of payment unless indicated otherwise in "exceptions". Devoluciones Walmart en tienda física México Dispone de un plazo de 90 días después de la compra para cambiar o devolver un artículo; proporcione su recibo de la tienda o el número de pedido en Walmart.com y reembolsaremos su compra al modo de pago original, a menos que se indique lo contrario en nuestras excepciones.May 1, 2018
  19. Trejo specifically says to bring your confirmation of first vaccine; I got mine in February yet the expediente link doesn’t register either of my vaccines yet. Bring proof of your shot.
  20. Interim Presidente Municipal just confirmed that the vaccines are on, starting Thursday May 13 and running through next Monday. The Sinovac lots are confirmed. Starting on Thursday: • alpha order by first letter of last name • only second doses of Sinovac • only people who got their first dose in Ajijic or Chapala • we have exact number of doses as first-shot people; no “new” people from other municipios • Parque de la Cristianía in Chapala is the sole location 8 am until daily doses are done—we have 400-600 per day Here’s the alpha schedule. Thursday only (first last name/apellido) A-E Fri only F-L Saturday only M-Q Sunday OFF No vaccinations are planned for Sunday Monday only R-Z You can only go on the day of your last name (apellido paterno); you will be turned away if not on your “name” day. Bring the confirmation of first doses; if you didn’t get it, there will be a location that can look it up for you with your CURP and federal registration. Three documents needed: your CURP, your first-dose confirmation, and your INE/Temporal/Permanente https://www.facebook.com/GobiernoDeChapala/videos/925030804964657
  21. Tomorrow (Tuesday) start for Tlajomulco and El Salto is now confirmed @ 5:30 pm on the governor's official page. Hours are 8-4 or until daily allotment lasts; proof of first vaccine and INE (or Permanente/Temporal) required. (Note: other municipalities also are asking for CURP.)
  22. 4:25 pm TUESDAY, MAY 11. Isaac Trejo’s LIVE update: We are ready but the documents have not arrived. We are in contact with COFEPRIS (the federal health agency) but… crickets. As of now, no certification has been received, although the vaccine has arrived. Therefore, a start date of tomorrow IS NOT confirmed. He asks for our patience and when he knows, we will know. More to come, when more is known. He asks to stay calm and he will post updates as they happen. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=1130900664078379&ref=notif&notif_id=1620667454802699&notif_t=live_video_explicit 5:09 pm. UPDATE: TENTATIVELY THE NEW START DATE IS STILL WEDNESDAY--NOT TUESDAY--BUT THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION YET. The municipality says the required documentation has not arrived so they cannot start tomorrow as they expected. Trejo apologizes, and says hopefully Wednesday will be the start date, but he will keep us posted. Still (5 pm) no confirmation on a new first day. __________________________________ 12:46 pm And here are the details for Chapala's second Sinovac shots, from Interim President Isaac Trejo’s conference now: • confirmed Parque de la Cristianía as the sole location—Not malecón de Ajijic this time • second dose only, and only those who got their first shot in the municipality of Chapala (not elsewhere for first shot) • alpha order by paternal last name on these days: (NEW days to come) Tuesday: ABCDE Wednesday: FGHIJKL Thursday: MNOPQ Friday: R thru Z • You need 3 items of documentation: copy of CURP, copy of INE/INM permanente/temporal, first shot record/confirmation. (If you didn’t get the record, there will be a location where you can use your CURP, get on line, and get the printout, but that will delay things for you. • No need to get up at the crack of dawn and line up. • Take something to drink, etc... ___________________________________________________________ The Jalisco secretary of health announced 1/2 hour ago that the Chapala second dose of Sinovac for the 60+ crowd starts tomorrow. Still nothing posted on the official Chapala media sites beyond what Interim Presidente Municipal posted on Friday: alpha order, Parque de la Cristianía the sole location for the municipality. I'll update with other details as I see them. And for those 60+ who are awaiting second vaccines in nearby municipalities: • SINOVAC also in Guadalajara, Ocotlán and Ciudad Guzmán • PFIZER in Tlajomulco, El Salto
  23. Actually, I didn't say that. Forward to 1.33 in the audio; Trejo DOES say perhaps as early as Saturday or Sunday. "...puede ser el sábado, o domingo...."
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