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  1. It seems that US Border agents are getting crazier and more power-hungry. We crossed last night at Columbia (one US passport, one Canadian with a green card for US, residente permanente in US with a Mexican-plated, properly nationalized vehicle from the US, with all papers.) The border agent says that we cannot bring a Mexico-plated vehicle into the US unless we are Mexican nationals since we do not pay US road tax on the vehicle. Discussing the issue with him was fruitless and he said he marked our computer info as "Non-conforming vehicle." I'll work on contacting US CPB but, in the meantime, has anyone encountered such a thing and anyone have any suggestions?

  2. On 10/7/2016 at 4:49 PM, RickS said:

    "... asked me if I had a Mexican DL ..."

    That one may be worth exploring an answer. I have a contact with the Border Control folks in Laredo and will ask them this question. I'll report back when/if I get a response.

    Here is the info you are looking for, straight from the TxDPS website. The CBP agent is incorrect.




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    Driving Privilege Reciprocity

    Driving privilege reciprocity allows a person to use a valid, unexpired foreign license to operate a motor vehicle in Texas for up to one year or until a person becomes a Texas resident, whichever date is sooner. Once a person becomes a new Texas resident, they must apply for a Texas license within 90 days to continue to drive legally. For more information, please review the Moving to Texas page.

  3. 4 hours ago, bournemouth said:

    Another point is can one get full coverage for a Mexican plated vehicle being driven in the US.  I would not be comfortable with a brand new vehicle and only liability coverage, if even that can be obtained in the OP's situation.

    We add and remove our Mexican-plated vehicle to our policy with our stateside agent and insurer, but also maintain a US address and other covered vehicles year-round, but this might be the same situation with the OP.

  4. I have no personal experience with this topic Lakeside, but I have had eyebrows and eyeliner done (and a touchup) in Dallas by a plastic surgeon and 10 years later I am still  very happy with the results. After all those years, I still have a visible eyeliner but none is left on my eyebrows. My two cents worth is from my experience and research: (1) Be sure you check out your practitioner: see before and after photos. Price does not determine quality but sometimes you get what you pay for. Changing your facial appearance isn't where I'd cut costs: it's difficult to fix. (2) Check out the color palette and choose carefully. Color fades over time: this goes for permanent makeup. Nothing is forever but this stuff does last and it tones down...the initial application color is deeper and brighter than it settles, IMO. (3) Mexican styles (especially eyebrows in this part of the country) are highly exaggerated: if that's not your look, be very clear in your expectations and take pictures with you of the look (fine, medium, heavy) you hope to achieve. (4) I am red-haired: many redheads have issues with all this stuff. I lost a patch of eyebrow during the procedure because it is really a drill that puts your color in the skin: 10 years later it still hasn't grown in and I have to cover it with makeup so as not to show a hole. Not uncommon with fair-skinned, redheaded people. (5) I did not have novocaine injections: instead, a numbing cream was used that was sufficient (and I have a low threshold for pain). If novocaine is an issue for you, perhaps the cream is available here. (6) I used to get cold sores all the time: I was told by my practitioner that I was not a good candidate for any lip liner because the application can trigger a cold sore and screw up your lips. Worth knowing. (7) Like any tattoo, you crust, peel, look awful at first. You cannot wear any makeup on the tattooed spots until you are healed and most certainly cannot rub or pick at the crusting since that can leave scarring and remove the pigment that is there. Leave sufficient weeks at home and out of the sun to properly heal.

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  5. Alberto at Handy Artistic speaks perfect English as does his wife and kids if they're around. Moved here from Seattle where he worked with his father. Does beautiful work and has lots of work-arounds for less than perfect Mexican furniture. Samples of the latest fabrics in all price ranges. We recently purchased some rattan like chairs without cushions (we didn't like) for our terrace. After finding the Sunbrella fabric we liked and was in stock in Guadalajara Alberto estimated 2-3 weeks - they were finished the next week.

    Heading east on the carretera in Riberas past the animal shelter and in the next block after Toscano Pizza, on the lake side next to a Sayer paint store. 331-437-9593 M-F

    Wish I had the same positive experience, and Alberto came highly recommended: I went in for a quote, looked at fabric books and Alberto called Guadalajara to confirm fabric availability, then I set up appointment for him to come out in two days (his choice of day and time) to measure the large chairs to be reupholstered. He missed the appointment, citing forgetting it; when he did come (several hours later, after my call) his wife had taken the fabric books he was supposed to bring so we could check fabrics against others in the house, and to this date we've never heard from him again for quotes on different fabrics, which he promised that same day. And the quote (same fabric) from Oscar was slightly less. Decided not to chase Alberto to give him the business.

  6. Despite that some posters above have encountered no problems, previous posters have had problems driving in TX with expired registration/plates, and immediately upon crossing the border into TX. Here is the official position of Texas Dps, from their website. Travelers facing this situation might want to call a Texas DMV office closest to their point of entry and speak to someone official. (The below quote refers to TX tags and registration, but a quick google of other states, seems to present the same position);

    "...Although you can renew your license plates and vehicle registration up to 90 days before the listed expiration date, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) understands that sometimes life's other responsibilities get in the way of completing this task.After your license plates and vehicle registration have expired, you can still legally drive your vehicle for up to five business days with no penalty. If you fail to complete the renewal process within those five days, however, you could get a traffic ticket of up to $200 if a law enforcement officer stops you for driving with an expired registration.

    How to Renew an Expired Vehicle Registration

    Unfortunately, once your vehicle registration and license plates have expired, you're going to need to visit the county tax office or an approved TX DMV substation in order to complete the renewal process. Don't forget to bring your registration renewal notice, your registration receipt from the previous year, your license plate number, or your VIN.There is a 20% late fee for expired license plates and vehicle registration. However, you will only be assessed this penalty if you have been given a ticket for driving the vehicle without the proper license plates and registration."

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