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  1. Had our emissions testing done today; appointment for 10:40 and we arrived around 9:30 (expected traffic/accidents did not materialize) and they took us, as there were only 3 cars being tested and one waiting in line ahead of ours. We were out by 10:10 with our sticker and documentation. Station 003 on Mariano Otero is a clean, professional facility where everything is transparent and explained on the tv screen while you wait. Even the toilets were impressively clean and stocked. The only issue to be aware of is that the occupant(s) must exit the vehicle as one of the workers drives the car through the testing stations, and they only allow one person per vehicle to wait in the customer waiting area; any other occupants are directed to wait outside where there is a bench and some standing-room seating. Requirements for testing are these documents: printout of appointment confirmation (scheduled by month based on last digit of license plate), original receipt for payment made, printout of their receipt/processing of payment (it comes to you in a confirmation email) and your original plastic tarjeta de circulación. As experiences go with Jalisco bureaucracy, this was impressive and easy.
  2. Around 11:30 am when I went, the paper sign on the remaining (non-operational ATM) indicates that they are upgrading their equipment; pardon the inconvenience.
  3. It sounds like the system is confirming that your on-line bill pay is set up. Maybe someone who does this regularly can advise the process.
  4. One ATM (the far right) was functional yesterday around 3:30 pm and the other was being serviced. Maybe it couldn't be fixed onsite?
  5. It really is getting miserable for those of us who live in barking distance. Now that the new delegado is installed, it might be time to work with him to relocate the shelter, as Moy had agreed to do (and reneged on) previously.
  6. Have you tried 866-FLY VIVA then asked for an English-speaking baggage rep? This seems to be their USA number and they may be able to route your call.
  7. Here’s my Tuesday morning (7 sept) experience at the Walmart parking lot Covid-19 testing location. We had the first appt of the day at 9:10. The lone attendant arrived at 10:45, unzipped the tent and took off (maybe to get change for his petty cash box??); our test was administered just after 11:00 am. If you didn't make one via the QR code or their website https://intl-cvx-scheduler.wal-mart.com.mx/confirmation you actually do not need an appt; however, you will be attended after those with appts are seen. You pay at the tent, to the Spanish-only attendant. He did make change and provided a Walmart register receipt, which I kept (see below). There is a form to complete as you wait, despite all the info provided on the registration website. It is in Spanish but is clear, since the attendant counsels you to leave most info blank. If your test is to comply with travel regulations, you must write in your passport number (but no country of issue)--so have that number ready. Otherwise, you can leave that item blank. They don’t need to see any ID or your passport to confirm any of the data you provide to them. Other info to provide is your name (as it appears in passport, if that’s your reason for testing), gender, and age. Leave the rest of side 1 blank; on side 2, write full name in top blank and, mid-page, write your name again, sign and date on the three lines. Despite the ease of the above, several people (expats and locals, alike) were confused. While we waited, spouse spent about 1/2 hr helping people in line complete their forms. (One lone attendant is insufficient to move the line smoothly, especially with a 2-hour queue--several people by this time had left.) You are told to come back for results in más o menos 30 minutes, depending on the number of samples ahead of your results this one attendant has to administer/process. They are not set up for emailing results: he says they CAN do it, but that’s not their priority. If you want results emailed, clearly print email address next to the empty box for your reservation number (which he also did not need) on side 1 of the form. Otherwise, return for a paper copy of your results. The results merely is everything recopied from your form to this duplicate paper, this one signed by the attendant. There's no QR code, no official stamp, nothing to note I didn't generate my test results myself, so I am going to hang onto my Walmart receipt for $199 that says "Prueba" and keep it with my test for airline confirmation. NOTE: In the fine print of the Q/A section from the lab, it says to notify the attendant if these results are used for flight and to request email of the results. So, back we went around 5 pm, waited to be sure we got the results so we could check them, and printed them out. Much more official looking than a hand-written report. There is no way to reach them by phone to cancel/change a reservation (they indicate to call either of the 800 numbers) or find out where the attendant is; apparently he was over an hour late yesterday, also. (He rides the bus.) I tried both the 800 numbers buried in the online small print: one is Sams Club home delivery; the other Superama. Those numbers don’t know anything about how to reach the testing subcontractor who posted their contact number for them.
  8. Volaris, Delta and United state 3 days but other airlines may differ, including American Airlines, which says on their website that passengers must complete testing within 72 hours of departure.
  9. I was there and a sign says they are at $75 mx/day for LT parking. No idea how long that offer will last.
  10. The Ajijic Hospital is only doing antigen tests. And their reports have no bar code/QR code on it which makes uploading your pre-flight info to an airlines' site impossible, delaying check-in. Soriana does PCR but they have been closed more than open in the last month.
  11. Thank you for the clarification; I edited above. And you are most welcome.
  12. As noted above, the ONLY way to get a Covid-19 vaccination here Lakeside is to be alert to social media postings for upcoming vaccines, which is on the municipal government FB page, TV and radio announcements, the Jalisco state government webpage https://coronavirus.jalisco.gob.mx/ruta-de-la-vacunacion/, on the Secretaría de Salud de Jalisco website., or to know someone who is working an upcoming clinic. ( For example, starting tomorrow thru Friday in our Health Region IV, vaccination is open to adults age 40 and above who are getting their second dose of AstraZeneca. The posting went out yesterday afternoon.) Notice usually is posted 48 hours before the start of the clinic. I don't see any first-dose clinics from 30 Aug-Sept 3; next week may be different. One does not have a choice for the brand of vaccine applied—for that you'd have to fly to the US and get your shot there, choosing from those available at the vaccine location. To search what's currently available or to make an appointment, enter your chosen zip code and follow https://www.vaccines.gov/search/?fbclid=IwAR3HEcixXQFRRP7eba7CxqrJFzjDlarhYZ0nuXy1ZZxuHcyQENtCcca3obw If you let me know your age group and which Lakeside municipality you are in (choose Jocotepec or Chapala) I'll keep an eye out for you for the next clinic for which you are eligible. I assume from your post you have not yet had a first shot here. Locally, Lakeside, they do not schedule individual vaccination appointments: you will have to go to a makeup clinic for first-shot doses or tag onto the next first-dose clinic and wait your turn on line, so be prepared for a queue. I suggest you gather now to have at the ready to take with you to the vaccine site these documents: your original Immigration card (Temporal/Permanente) and a clear photocopy of front and back; a utility bill within the last 60 days; your CURP (the 8 1/2 x 11" version, not the old small trifold card) and a clear copy; a printout of your vaccine registration from the mivacuna.salud.gob.mx site where you registered; a copy of the Expediente de vacunación (blank vaccination record) with the QR code on it, found at the same mivacuna site. If you need assistance, PM me and I'll help in any way I can.
  13. It was open early Saturday am and was closed by 9:50 am. They apparently cannot get sufficient testing supplies from CDMX corporate...go figure!
  14. Soriana: a person from the city or province of Soria, Spain. A male is a soriano and a female is a soriana. The tienda, named in honor of the family's origins, was called La Soriana, now known as Soriana (and its various subsidiaries.) The Martín Borque familia, from Soria, Spain in the early 1900s opened a family business in Torreón, Coahuila selling fabrics "behind the counter". Called "La Soriana," it grew into the multibillion dollar conglomerate it is today...headquartered in Monterrey, publicly traded, over 800 stores across México, more than 90,000 employees. http://www.mercadosoriana.com/site/default.aspx?p=2946
  15. From Google: Address: Parroquia 2, Centro, 45920 Ajijic, Jal. Departments: Atm/Cajero BBVA Suc Ajijic1576 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 4PM · More hours Phone: 55 5226 2663 Appointments: bbva.mx
  16. Love it, and we are happy to be back, watching our rainfall accumulations. Thank you!
  17. My summary of Alfaro’s press conference today, as he had promised last week to review the state’s position on Covid:. • Slight decrease in number of cases of Covid-19 in Jalisco over last week, however, there is a slight increase in hospitalizations, positivity rate is at 24.3, and deaths are down slightly. Lethality of this wave is an issue. (Alfaro calls our current situation an extension of wave 2; everyone else on the planet confirms we are in the third wave.) The great increase in contagion in children under age 14 has happened during summer vacation; Alfaro, therefore, concludes that children can go back to school safely. • The measures that were implemented (at the end of July) are working to reduce cases. PV has reduced its Covid numbers substantially; Guadalajara also down (includes the 6 metropolitan zones). Cihuatlán has reduced significantly; Alfaro and blames the whiners and politicians for over-stating the emergency. • Alfaro predicts that this Friday (the end of the two-week federal Semáforo calendar) we will return to orange, albeit by one single point on the scale. •Vaccinations are ongoing (shows chart) but number of shots in arms not high enough; it is our responsibility to get the shots to get out of this circumstance. (FYI, my note: the federal charts show Jalisco at one of the 5 lowest vaccination rates in the country.)
  18. Go online to mivacuna.salud.gob.mx and enter your CURP number and check the 'I'm not a robot" box. Print the next page--the one with the box that says you are successfully registered. Then click the green box that refers to Expediente de vacunación. It will print the vaccine registration confirmation page with the QR codes that are needed. Then, fingers crossed, go to cvcovid.salud.gob.mx, and hope you are in luck. Where it says "Introducir CURP" enter your CURP and, again, check the "I'm not a robot" box. You'll get one of several messages, including "wait," "processing," "come back later," or downloaded (descargar). When you get to the download option, it will download the (hopefully correct--mine is not) first vaccine confirmation. You only have 90 minutes from the download notice to download to your laptop....pay attention to where your downloads are set up. Also, the form will only download to the original registration cell phone or email, whichever you provided when you initially registered on the federal site. If you have trouble, PM me your CURP and I'll see how far I can get for you. If this doesn't work, I have heard (but not done this personally) of friends who went to the old municipal building in Chapala (the yellow one on the corner) and were successful in getting their first shot record. Hopefully you have photocopies of your Permanente and ID; however, you may have an issue without these documents to present. If that happens, I'd suggest you go to the (current, red brick) municipal building and, on the second floor directly across from the stairs, you can apply for a constancia de residencia (or something closely named) with a birth certificate and bill; you might need a little finagling and clarification... The cost is around $70 and takes an hour or so to prepare and have signed.
  19. Mexican press reports today that we are supposed to get Moderna here shortly, from the US, to make up for the delayed doses of AZ and J&J that were held up by a contamination scare in Baltimore and missing documentation for importation into this country. https://www.mural.com.mx/aplicacioneslibre/preacceso/articulo/default.aspx?__rval=1&urlredirect=/afirman-que-eu-enviara-a-mexico-vacunas-de-moderna-y-az/ar2236825 "La Administración Biden está trabajando con México y Moderna para alcanzar un medio legal y regulatorio para la donación que se espera que finalice en los próximos días, según una de las personas, que habló bajo condición de anonimato."
  20. You are most welcome, and I appreciate the support. It's been a job, for sure, but Covid-19 has put my research and editorial background to good use, and I've learned a lot in the process.
  21. Source: Asociación Mexicana de Infectología y Microbiología Clínica, a Mexican research group. Comparison on efficacy and effectiveness as of July 2021.
  22. No vaccine is available for purchase in Mexico at this time. Distribution is under the control of the Feds. J&J doses from NOB are being applied, but so far as I can research, only to the border areas where the migrant issue needs immediate attention.
  23. Both Chapala and Jocotepec will have vaccinations from Tuesday through Friday (or until vaccines run out), August 10-13 from 8 am-4 pm, for adults aged 50-59. This is SECOND SHOTS for AstraZeneca only. Take all docs including the Expediente de vacunación (federal vaccine record), which you can download from mivacuna.salud.gob.mx by inputting your CURP.
  24. My summary of Alfaro’s press conference this morning regarding Covid-19 in Jalisco: • Twelve days before we went Red, according to the federal system, we made and implemented decisions (such as the closing of bars and antros) that will be re-evaluated in a few days, in order to evaluate their effectiveness over a two-week period. • In this announcement, therefore, we will not announce new measures/restrictions. However, we must comply with the restrictions we put in effect nearly two weeks ago. • We have (slightly) more people infected with Covid now in Jalisco than we did in January, 2021—our peak. However, we have many fewer people hospitalized. We have 24% positivity (compared to the 40’s%); we have fewer deaths. • Our current circumstances are different than in January. We need to review our strategy in the coming days and remind people of their co-responsibility and participating. • Businesses must help by providing testing of their employees. • Airports and ports will have reinforced protocols—one must either be vaccinated or have a negative Covid test to disembark from a cruise ship. Airports will reinforce health measures in place. • Classes will return according to our adequate schedule for return to in-person learning, according to their established calendars, at the end of this month. Parents of children in basic (aka elementary) public schools have the option for their children to return in-person or virtual classes. Barbara Casillas (Social Dept) • People with comorbidities or are immunocompromised should remain home as much as possible. • Businesses: must test workers against Covid, ventilate, obligatory for workers use facemarks properly and cover face/mouth/nose, sanitary filters, physical barriers where possible; distance, work from home as possible, isolate people who are testing, tested positive, or are recovering; vaccinate per allowed schedule; any workers with symptoms should stay home as possible • Young people with symptoms should go to the doctor (This group tends not to seek medical attention.) SUMMARY We are at a high risk of contagion. We reiterate—no changes right now, we will update either at the end of this week or early next week to see what will be revised.
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