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    Tomato paste

    Oftentimes, Puritan Poultry has tomato paste in the small cans.
  2. MariChuy at the fabric shop between the Farmacia Guadalajara and Actinver, one door down on Encarnación Rosas, does very nice work.
  3. More Liana, there is an online stimulus tracker tool (info at link below) where you can track your payment; any of the direct deposits went to the bank account into which previous IRS refunds were deposited; that said, not all stimulus payments were sent that way--even if your IRS overpayment was via DD. Some were by check and, most recently, mailed in the form of a debit card to the address on the last annual return. Hope this helps. https://www.cnet.com/personal-finance/if-you-havent-tracked-your-stimulus-check-with-this-online-tool-do-that-now-heres-how/
  4. The IB school on the Libramiento was raising fish when they first opened years ago; I don't know if they still do. It was a very impressive tank system that many of us toured and, at least at that time, on Fridays you could go and purchase the fish (for consumption) that had grown to a designated weight. They'd be a resource for you.
  5. Not our experience with our Frigidaire Gallery French-door fridge. I needed a new icemaker and also new rubber stripping around the freezer compartment (separate events) and both sets of parts were ordered and delivered by a Frigidaire repair specialist from Guadalajara. The fridge was purchased a few years ago at Tío Sam and they gave me the contact info for their rep/repair person, who only handles certain lines. (I did have to wait for the ice unit though, as they were out of stock. I checked the parts and it was slightly cheaper here than ordering in US and bringing down myself.)
  6. Perhaps a technicality, but Cabeza de Vaca is governor of Tamaulipas, where Laredo Bridge 2 connects Nuevo Laredo and Laredo. Colombia-Solidarity crosses into Texas through the state of Nuevo León. It may be a bit further out of your way, but if you are concerned about entering NL, the Colombia crossing avoids the city.
  7. Just reported on social media that 8 kidnapped locals have been located, safe. All this after today's demonstration in front of the Chapala Palacio Municipal.
  8. Chapala phone number to report animal cruelty is 376-765-8025.
  9. Here's the bridge opening info for the 3 Eagle Pass crossings. Current wait time is 7-30 minutes. https://bwt.cbp.gov/details/06240201/POV
  10. OK, first, I'm clarifying first that the No antecedentes penales form is totally different from the exit/entry documentation. To the latter, once you check your passport(s)--plural if you had to renew during the last two years--against the iNM records you will see that they likely don't match. For every exit, you should have a passport stamp (with an S) and a corresponding INM record from the FMM you submitted, with the same date. The same in reverse, for each reentry. Each passport stamp has an E (entrada) or S (salida). I received a list (from INM? SRE? My attorney got it...) that logged all my outs and ins. I had to match those to (1) passport Salidas and Entradas as well as (2) the INM records, which would be the FMM outs and ins. They must match. When (not if) they do not match (for example, if you did not complete the FMM, if INM didn't record the FMM, if the INM agent didn't stamp your passport legibly) I had to complete a chart and provide all the correct outs and ins over the last 24 months, then sign the affidavit swearing that the information I provided was correct. If you didn't travel much, this is easier than if you have several trips. By land is more difficult to reconcile as some borders appear not to turn in the FMM, but your passport is stamped. Hope this helps.
  11. Tonight, one case of Covid-19 has been confirmed in each of the municipalities of Chapala and Jocotepec on coronavirus.gob.mx.
  12. When I went in person, they handed out an application at the door; we sat, completed the form, turned it in, were called to the desk by name and they researched online and presented the document.
  13. Your paraphrasing is inaccurate--the article says "on that day" not "in a single day." The stats also appears not to be accurate: Mexico had 278 deaths,, USA 865, Brazil 485, France 483. It's also very important to understand where each country is in the curve of the epidemic, which heavily factors into the death toll as well as to draw false comparisons between countries based on a death toll on a given date--that's likely where the similarity ends--the date. The European countries that peaked well (up to five weeks) before us are now descending the curve; we in Jalisco have nearly a month to go before we hit the apex. General health and nutrition, population counts, population density, and even type of housing are all factors for contagion and spread of SARS-C0V-2. We are not through this by a long shot, but Mexico's imposition of Sana Distancia and ¡Quédate en casa! will significantly reduce the "what could have been." Here's perhaps a more reliable source than the one you posted: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?utm_campaign=homeAdvegas1?" \l "countries
  14. Presidente Municipal Moy Anaya held a videoconference clarifying FASE 0 and stressed three main points. (He will post this on social media later today.) 1. Filtros sanitarios—health checkpoints—will continue, intensified. His priority is the health of the people of the municipality of Chapala; he is not permitting tourists to enter and risk our health. 2. Regarding Fase 0 from Jalisco Governor Alfaro Many people were under the illusion/confusion that businesses could reopen on May 18. Only the protocols to allow your business to reopen begin today, and run through 31 May. NO BUSINESS REOPENINGS IN FASE 0. (My note: except restaurants, point 3, below.) The municipality will continue to support local businesses until they receive the protocols/permissions to accredit and reopen business. To do this, he will have available personnel from the economic promotion tourism board to work side-by-side with businesses so they can get required certifications. Moy understands there was confusion, but today only begin the protocols to be able to open in the future. The Chapala government is here to support local businesses. 3. Restaurants can reopen dine-in service today at 35% capacity TO LOCALS ONLY. Why only restaurants? Because the governor gave approval for them to open statewide and, since we’ve had 0 confirmed cases in our municipality, we find the protocols and preventative measures of sanitization, hand sanitizer, Sana Distancia requirements sufficient to hopefully will allow restaurateurs and staff to begin to get some income. Moy reiterates:: this is for LOCALS ONLY, as of today, following all health guidelines, 35% occupancy, and is not for tourists or outsiders, who will not be permitted to dine in-restaurant. It is for locals.to help locals gradually reactivate the economy to new normality. Warning to restaurants: If you open as of today, be aware of these measures and respect what we are authorizing. Any restaurant that does not follow these measures will IMMEDIATELY BE CLOSED. We are in a local and worldwide health as well as an economic crisis, so we are taking measures to carefully reopen, yet maintain the health protocols.
  15. According to Governor Alfaro's talk yesterday, he said that all parks are still closed; however, he clarified that walkers and dog-walkers can venture to the streets individually for exercise.
  16. That was before 1 pm. Around 6 pm the state press conference said Jalisco would open all 125 municipalities--all or none--and gave timelines and restrictions. All explained at the federal health conference by López-Gatell at 7. I'm personally surprised by the solidarity. And we are still predicted to peak June 13...a long way off, in contagion time. Here's the link to the conference:
  17. Jalisco out of lockdown on Monday The state economic team held a press conference late today with the decision “Jalisco—all or none.” So, They are going to try to reopen all 125 municipalities of the state on Monday, May 18. There’s limits and conditions…seniors and high-risk groups are to continue to isolate, but their participation wasn’t specifically forbidden. It’s a language thing-- “should not”vs. “shall not.” And remember AMLO said the morning that nobody is being forced; he is counting on the good sense of the population to do the right thing. Apparently, our state officials are also hoping for our collective participation. Distancing requirements for patrons and workers, regular monitoring, and not all businesses can reopen on Monday, 18 May.
  18. When I took the test, the five questions on the reading were multiple choice. I did not have to sing the anthem nor recite the pledge. I just agreed to uphold the Constitution and confirmed understanding that when on Mexican soil, I was to follow Mexican law and consular assistance from my former country no longer was in effect here.
  19. It's the same brand "El Chorrito," same alcohol that has killed at least 30 and hospitalized more than 75 people over the last few weeks, mostly in the southern part of Jalisco. This moonshine is not new, nor is cutting it with other ingredients. The Chapala government has put out warnings, now that it's here in our municipality.
  20. AMLO's press conference this morning outlined the federal plan called "Return to New Normalcy,",to be executed in three phases and following a red, orange, yellow, green light system to slowly reintroduce health, transport, work, school, and social activity. Each state government will work within this structure to develop more in-depth guidelines for their municipalities. The health minister clarified there is no simultaneous reopening--the feds will update weekly, by geographic region, a phased-in process to reopen. If an area increases in number of infections, their steps will be backward, rather than forward. Reminiscent of the elementary-school game of "Mother, May I?"
  21. The federal health update tonight documented that Cancún peaked this weekend; however, Veracruz hasn't hit the apex of its curve yet and Jalisco is delayed--we now are not anticipated to peak until June 11--more than a month from now. Add 61 days from then till we get back to Fase 1...the west coast of Jalisco may miss the 2020 season. Monterrey, NL is on the same schedule as Jalisco, so that may be problematic for land travel trying to make its way to Jalisco.
  22. They're updating, for a fee of $3.49 US per month, to get rid of the ads. Basic Yahoo mail will lose features...it did for me this morning.
  23. The announcement is reiterating the symptoms of Covid-19 and the requirements in place: stay at home, use face mask, call for medical help if you are one of the at-risk groups.
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