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  1. I took an olive green Chico's (women's brand) top, cotton and cotton lace because I snagged (not broke) part of the lace on the back shoulder when I backed into a nail during a volunteer event at LCS. I took it to Rossy and she said she didn't think she could match the thread. I returned from US, with thread in hand. Instead of fixing the part that needed to be mended, she used bright purple thread to restitch part of the front bottom...that didn't need repair. I then took a few beige towels to her that had started to fray along one seam. She restitched...in a different color...leaving t
  2. Used her two times. We will not go back. Garments had to be discarded.
  3. From the website: Driver license renewals can be requested 30 calendar days prior to the expiration and up to 90 days after the expiry date. Refrendo de licencia para conducir de chofer. - Catálogo ... tramites.jalisco.gob.mx “La revalidación de la licencia de conducir se podrá solicitar a partir de los treinta (30) días calendario anteriores a la fecha de revalidación consignada en la licencia de conducir y hasta los noventa (90) días calendario posteriores a dicha fecha.
  4. Our new vehicle also came with the REPUVE sticker.
  5. REPUVE: Registro Público Vehicular is the federal vehicle registration that contains all the data on each vehicle registered in the country. Do not remove it. Here are a website as well as a youtube video that explain the purpose. https://www.gob.mx/sesnsp/acciones-y-programas/registro-publico-vehicular-repuve-168639This https://www.gob.mx/sesnsp/acciones-y-programas/registro-publico-vehicular-repuve-168639This
  6. I very much understand. $50 doesn't get me zip. Yes, I can add more data but the cost is still quite high. Managing my usage as I do works for me, for no additional cost.
  7. I can still make and receive calls; the data is restricted unless I join a wifi network. Also, if that's of interest to you can still use Whatsapp and Facebook, as they are included in Telmex. When I'm out (or away from a secure wifi network I joined) I turn on the data periodically to check for email and texts, but I can always use the phone (but not Internet, other than the above) without issue. Hope this helps! PS My cost for the roaming is significantly more than $50mx for 30 days. If that were the case... I get a warning notice in a matter of days that roaming has eaten my 2 g
  8. When traveling, I turn my roaming off unless I need to use it when not connected to a wifi network. As stated above, you very quickly use up expensive roaming charges if you just leave it on. As for paying while in the US, you can go to any CVS and add monies. It's done at the register and is a simple process, although it is likely the cashier hasn't done it before. Follow the prompts with him/her for the service provider, your phone number, and amount to add and you'll get the customary Telmex response showing immediate credit to your account. Super-easy. (Apparently Walgreens and
  9. Jeez, since the OP is asking about flu shots locally, I was referring to the Mexican federal government. Our governor (Enrique Alfaro, of the state of Jalisco--to avoid confusion for you) held a press conference repeating this information. You can likely find it on his official Facebook page, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez.
  10. Last week the federal government announced that the first round of flu shots, out Oct 1, is for children 6 mo-5 years. Seniors, pregnant women, and people at risk are eligible October 15. Some healthcare providers here already are taking a wait list. In the US, two dosages (different manufacturers) are available: the standard shot and the more potent shot for adults 65 and older. Depending on the flu season and whee in the US the flu typically peaks factors into availability. Texas, for example, has been available since the first of September; our GP there recommends it early as it
  11. Theoretically, as long as the vehicle has not been modified and is still in compliance with US standards, the answer is yes and it is duty-free. Your vehcile will have to go through an inspection (I believe they are still only by appt at the border crossing of entry) and meet the requirements, but this CBP link may help you. https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/importing-car#:~:text=Re-Importing A Previously Exported,registered in the United States. Re-Importing A Previously Exported Vehicle A vehicle taken from the United States for non-commercial, private
  12. Miguel Zamora 333-808-8038 does this; did it with me and my two dogs.
  13. jrod

    Where to buy

    FresKo on López Mateos had them a while back, frozen. Only place I've seen them in México.
  14. The Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) or cardholder preferred currency (CPC) is a process whereby the amount of a Visa or MasterCard transaction is converted by a merchant or ATM to the currency of the payment card's country of issue at the point of sale. It is totally legal and, in some financial situations or currencies, it could be favorable. To us, here and now, it is not. It's been worldwide for years; in Mexico in several ATMS for the last two or more. In this financial market, it is best to decline the DCC rate. The button to do so is on the very bottom, on the opposite side of the ATM
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