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  1. jrod

    Shoe repair

    I've used two: one is on the carretera, mountainside, a block or so west of Colon. To get to the other, go up Juárez mountainside and make the first right (paralleling the carretera) and he's mid-block on the right. Both fixed what needed fixin'.
  2. jrod

    CURP number

    No, and here is the link to print. By the way, the CURP document has been upgraded to include a four-color logo on the printout. I had to update my original printout from Year 1 to the new one last week for SRE in Guadalajara. https://www.gob.mx/curp/
  3. jrod

    Tater Tots

    Several of us attended last year and found this event primarily focused towards restaurants that are interested in purchasing high-end coffee machines. Minimal samples (almost none free) were available--including coffee machine salespeople--and the few products that were on display and available for purchase were a fabulous cheese company from France (that only sells in CDMX and won't deliver Lakeside by any means, but we bought some to take home), a few bread/rolls purveyors, a few beer and wine companies and equally as few jarred salsas/jellies, and a chocolatier. It's definitely not promoted for the home consumer: those coffee machines start around $70,000. About 1/3 of the expo had exhibitor booths. It was an interesting few hours but by early afternoon we were off, calling around for a lunch reservation.
  4. jrod

    My vehicle photo ticketed WRONG

    Somewhere on this site I posted my experience fighting an incorrect ticket. I had to go into the main station in Guadalajara and, sure enough, the photo was of a different car and plate and the person who transcribes the phototicket to their system keyed the info incorrectly. The ticket came off but my out-of-pocket expenses to clear the ticket cost more than the fine.
  5. jrod

    2019 Vehicle Emissions sticker

    Odd...it's the number on the business cards he gave me and wrote his name on. Darn!
  6. jrod

    2019 Vehicle Emissions sticker

    Sandra, I posted the phone number for you when you inquired previously. Address: Zaragoza # 375, Chapala between Flavio Romero and Degollado Tel 765.21.41 He doesn't usually arrive until a bit after 11 am. Good luck!
  7. jrod

    SHAW ABC HD East

    Had the same issue with that one channel last night.
  8. jrod

    airport cabs

    At 6 pm yesterday, cabs were plentiful and the airport was busy as usual for a Friday evening. And the line for gas at the first station south of the airport was maybe 1/2 hour long...the shortest I saw all the way to lakeside. Ixtlahuacán's looked short, but it snaked as far as I could see around the corner into town on the back road.
  9. The phone number is 765.21.41 to get up-to-date info
  10. jrod

    photo radar infraction

    Yes, you could pay but, in my experience from this time last year (posted above), the ticket attributed to me turned out to not even be our car: the person who transcribed the plate number from the photo made an error, and the fotoinfracción was attributed to me, altho no ticket was ever received. I went into the main station in Guadalajara and, after several hours of long line here and another long line there while they pulled up the ticket, after multiple signings and STAMP, STAMP, STAMP it was removed. (I did ask the supervisor for a copy of the papers for my files, something he did not volunteer to do.) If you have the day to spare and want to see how the system operates, it's an interesting insight into the how's and why's.
  11. Thank you; this is one I've looked at and I hear the Phillips brand is one of the better ones. My research seems to show that it is the Protección Civil/Bomberos that do CPR; out of Guadalajara, BUT their website is being redone and one cannot get info right now. Would have hoped there would still be a resource Lakeside for CPR; I'm not giving up.
  12. jrod


    Pemex does indeed have an app to locate stations. Download it to your phone and it will locate the closest green, red or diesel. Haven't personally checked its accuracy, tho.
  13. Many years ago we set up a group CPR class in our neighborhood and I've lost the contact/cost information. Can anyone provide a resource I can contact to schedule a CPR class for my neighbors and their workers in Ajijic? And, does anyone have recommendations for a defibrillator...model/approx cost? Trying to be proactive for the New Year. Thanks for any contact information you can pass my way.
  14. jrod

    El Jardin D'Shanti

    A group of us went yesterday for lunch; all but the Ensalada César were unacceptable: uncooked (not al dente) pasta with cold chunks of cheese in the Alfredo; chicken parm was chunks of chicken--some clearly leftover and others RAW--in a pink sauce with ice-cold spaghetti,. Giovanni was there and apologized and said it was all his fault and told us he'd do better next time. A lovely place, beautifully decorated, but the Curse of G is in full force.
  15. jrod

    Who pays for trash collection?

    Our neighborhood pays separately for trash collection and we pay by the crushed truck load. The price has increased four-fold over this time last year.