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  1. Little holes all over or just in one spot, like the waist area? Seriously, several of us have discussed holes appearing in the bellybutton area--and we never experienced this NOB. Always in this spot only, We've looked unsuccessfully at sharp edges in countertops, washer, dryer, iron and ironing board. Changing detergents. We all have water purification systems. Looking online, many articles point to belts, jeans rubbing seems to be the primary culprit. (That doesn't explain sleepwear.) Countless articles point to cheaper fabrics being used in garments and rubbing against buttons at the waist. It's annoying as heck.
  2. The system automatically changed my account from IAVE, to I+D M茅xico and now PASE. It works for all those tolls that have changed over as well; some of the new tolls aren't yet on the system either (and new toll booths come and go and toll rates increase in some random order). Generally, the system seems to work better every time we use it.
  3. Every year. You can renew by phone with a credit card, but they send the physical registration renewal and updated stickers for your license plates to your US address on file, which they confirm when you renew. And you do need a SS#--that's how your registration is filed in their computer system.
  4. jrod


    Skip's is on Av. Patria in Guadalajara. They have a FB page.
  5. Although they vary each time due to increases and additions/closings of some toll booths, our tolls are about $1500 for a car. Motorcycles, motorhomes, buses, trucks are different. We also have a toll tag but, unlike the US, there's no discount on the tolls for using the tag.
  6. Not all unknown callers are scammers: currently, the phone companies are leaving recorded messages to notify their customers of the dialing changeover that takes over Mexico-wide on August 3. I guess we will be re-inputting our contacts in landlines and cells.
  7. Starting July 25 and over the next two months, the LD channels are migrating to HD. Some channels (eg. Slice) just abruptly left. Darn! This site won't accept an xlxs file format or I"d post all 14 pages of the spreadsheet.
  8. We considering switching from Telmex to Ilox. Not keeping both, but making the switch, which requires giving up our Telmex landline for the ILOX VOIP. Has anyone done so and successfully transferred their Telmex phone number to their ILOX phone? Or must one get a new phone number from Ilox? I've heard keeping the same number is possible, but would like to confirm with someone who has done this successfully since having to acquire a new number would be a factor in the decision.
  9. The city is installing colored pedestrian crossings that supposedly will stand out more than the lines that are painted and deteriorate quickly. With the eco event being held this weekend, the malec贸n traffic surely will be tied up. Gobierno de Chapala May 29 at 12:35 PM 路 馃毀馃殰馃毟El tramo de la Av. Madero esquina Ram贸n Corona a la altura del restaurante Cazadores, se encuentra cerrada a la circulaci贸n debido a que el personal de Obras P煤blicas est谩 trabajando en la creaci贸n de cruces peatonales con estampado en cemento. Utiliza v铆as alternas. Agradecemos tu comprensi贸n por las molestias que esto pueda ocasionar. #GobiernoDeLaGente
  10. The pump is still out of service. The municipality last week indicated that it may be mid-week at earliest to resume service. And they indeed will proceed by providing less flow than typical to service all their customers. Our neighborhood has been ordering pipas since mid-last week.
  11. The bar code will be different; if returning to Guadalajara by air, the agent will make you complete another form and you may get a lecture or have to pay a fine for its replacement. Other arrival cities may be different and land crossings are different again.
  12. Tejuino...you either love it or you don't. I personally think it's the best drink EVER, especially on days like today. Only problem is that with the ciclopista prohibiting any parking in front of Arra帽aga on the carretera, it's a PITA to park. Theirs are terrific, by the way.
  13. The date of this article is 2015; in 2019 we have a new administration, new laws going into effect. All the Mexican sources I am trying to follow show that there is a pilot program going on now, that multiple employers of a single domestic will share proportionately in the expenses incurred in registering that person for their Seguro Social benefits. Some sources say that the expense will be divided among the employer, the employee, and the government; others do not give this clarification. It will all shake out soon.
  14. Does anyone have any positive recommendations for someone to come out and service our Mirage minisplit ac/-heat? It's a few years old and I'm thinking it's time to get it checked although it seems to be functioning properly. TIA!
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