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  1. A different program, due to start nationwide in November, is suspended. The statewide Jalisco emissions inspection stations are still in business.
  2. The 1 July 22 date is the due date to obtain the Constancia de Situación Fiscal, which is applied for after the RFC is in hand, and which each adult ag 18+ who is temporal/permanente/Mexican citizen must have. (The law does not apply to tourists, in-transit visas etc.) This new Constancia acknowledges the valid registration with SAT of one's CURP, RFC, and address. If you are a tourist, there's no need to acquire. However, if you have a legal status in Mexico, it's time to comply. You may not own a car or home or have utilities now, but none of those are prerequisites for the document. Thinking ahead, should you require a factura for reimbursement of medical bills or other large expenses in Mexico, you'll need all three documents. Many Mexicans do not own, rent, have vehicles registered or have utility bills in their name, but they also must register, according to federal law.
  3. [EDITED 22 MAY 22] A friend whom I helped process her Constancia just told me that the sentence she had to record first came up in Spanish; then changed to English. I think people are getting very confused by what is required for the July 1 law. Mexico News Daily helped with the confusion, by mixing the process for obtaining an RFC with that for the new Constancia de Situación Fiscal. They are two separate documents and needed if you plan to receive a payment by factura or payroll (think Mexico medical insurance reimbursements, new CFE meters, new phones, etc.) "Finalmente, se les recuerda que la obligación de la emisión de facturas electrónicas o recibos de nómina en el sistema la Factura Electrónica 4.0, para lo cual los contribuyentes pueden requerir su Constancia de Situación Fiscal, iniciará a partir del 1 de julio de 2022." July 1 is not the date by which all adults 18+ (temporary or permanent foreign residents and all Mexican citizens) must have their RFC--we each already should have an RFC in order to receive a legal factura or payslip; if you don't have an RFC, you slipped through the system. The July 1 date is to get the newer Constancia de situación fiscal--think of it as a certificate of proof (from SAT) that one's CURP and RFC are correctly registered to the person named. If you for some reason do not yet have a valid RFC, you need to get that document first by applying online, making an appointment, then going to Guadalajara to finish the process. (Eons ago, many of us got our RFCs online, after getting our CURP at the Ajijic Delegación. No longer.) The new Constancia de Situación Fiscal process can be done online on a laptop, but if you are not computer-comfortable, have difficulty reading on screen, or fear speaking a fairly long (printed) line in Spanish into the microphone to be recorded on the application site, you may need help. You need your name, address, including Colonia and cross streets (like Mercado Libre asks for), landline and cell numbers, emails (plural), your CURP number, your RFC number, a .pdf or .jpeg of the front and back of your immigration document (temporal/permanente for expats, INE for Mexicans)--that's the bulk of it. Here's the process. At https://satid.sat.gob.mx/ you create a personal registration with a username and password (with multiple email verifications to said emails before you continue), then add home and cell numbers and, at minimum, one email address (they ask for backups.) If you are not computer-literate, you will need help to take your photo and, along with your legal immigration doc (front and back), upload it to the site. You then have to read a silly—but long—sentence for voice recognition purposes. I think THIS part may be a problem for many, whether native or non-native speakers. Plus the text is blurred--mine was blocked by white surprinting as well--so seeing the sentence to record it is a bit dicey. You'll go through some more hoops then get another email (actually, I think I received text messages) that your info has been successfully uploaded. You wait, get a confirmation in a few days, then print the document for your safekeeping. I hope this helps you understand what is required, and how to apply for the new Constancia by the 1 July 22 deadline.
  4. Our experience(s) in Jocotepec: If you have an appointment, you will check in and be taken (más o menos) at your appointment time. There is a separate line for people without appointments; they are attended to as space becomes available.
  5. Por nada, Natasha. Customary documents and copies, of course.
  6. I just phoned them to confirm and the Centro de Salud in Seis Esquinas is giving AZ today, thru Fri, from 9-2. Run, Forrest, run!
  7. In addition, you also have to wait for (and present) the emailed payment confirmation to your appointment. I had to help a couple from Ajijic who paid and had their bank receipt, but not the email confirmation of the transaction. They were sent away to await the payment email before returning. (They were given a card with a phone number to reschedule in Ocotlán.)
  8. Went to Manzanillo; three tolls.
  9. Here's instructions on how to get your CIF online: https://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/mis-finanzas/2022/02/07/como-sacar-la-cedula-de-identificacion-fiscal-desde-casa/
  10. I am aware of this...questioning the source of Tom Gates' post, above, stating that the testing stops March 16--next Weds. I can find no verification for his comment.
  11. Mostlylost, Thanks for the source but I see nothing that says regs change on March 16 regarding requirements for a negative Covid test one day prior to departure, as TomGates indicated, above. That's what I'm looking for: some confirmation of an upcoming regulatory change to the current testing requirement.
  12. Could you please point me to a source for this? The last CDC update I received regarding testing was at the end of January, and I'm on their notifications (10 of them.) Please let me know what I missed.
  13. They are terrific and...bonus... took my best photo EVER...seriously. A great photo, and I hate photos of myself. I highly recommend. Located across the street, between Manix Restaurant and the Total Body Spa.
  14. Interesting, and thank you to all who posted. I traveled yesterday and my three tolls totalled $335. As points of comparison, the app.sct.gob.mx site calculates my tolls to be $301; the tollsmart.com indicates $324. So, both trackers are slightly off...they may not have updated for the increases we were charged at some toll locations on Jan 1, 2022.
  15. It's like in the US where you go to a third-party shipping location and send mail or packages/returns by (your choice of) USPS, FedEX, DHL etc. Or DIF here: their primary responsibility is the welfare of children and adolescents but they also provide INAPAM cards for local seniors, if available. The SUPER-ISSSTE locations here are authorized to receive and distribute specific items, INAPAM being one of them. After years of trying to get spouse's INAPAM and no cards Lakeside or appts in any of the Guadalajara locations, this option, which sends your application to Mexico City, I believe, had no issue at all.
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