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  1. Not in my recent experience coming into Gdl a week ago Monday...Each pet was still physically inspected after they asked for proof of rabies, de-worming, antiparasitic etc, they just do not require the previous AHPHS 7001 or vet-derived health "certificate"....you still have to have proof of those requirements. I called and spoke to Sagarpa myself before I headed out and this is what they told me and, shore 'nuff, the process at the airport in Guadalajara for me was unchanged other than not needing the certificate.
  2. I had to wait approx 2 weeks--I was given a paper with the date to return to pick up my card and a "file number". There's also a phone number to call a day or two before in case the card is ready. Of all the government office experiences, my INE was the easiest and most efficient. Appointment had to be made online, and they were booked 30 days out but this was a year ago.
  3. The protest was scheduled for tomorrow--Wednesday, Jan 15--starting at 2:30 pm but according to the papers it was called off by Gov Alfaro who rescinded the heavy-truck tax, for the time being.
  4. We've had foxes in West Ajijic, mountainside, as well.
  5. https://www.gob.mx/tramites/ficha/permiso-para-importacion-temporal-de-vehiculo-extranjero/SAT2427 Follow "Mexicano con residencia legal en el extranjero"
  6. Propane prices appear to be adjusted the first of each month, according to our suppliers (Zeta and Los Altossss.) LP tanks have manufacturer safety standards and owners are required by law to comply with them. There might be a sticker somewhere on your tank to confirm the lifespan. Makes me think I need to look for mine--thanks for the reminder.
  7. Dr. Ladrón; yes; another vet in Plaza Laguna where we went initially; and I think a correct, but ultimately sad, diagnosis two years ago for our dog by Dr. Ladrón. This was after waiting for our prior vet to send out blood work to labs, which took several days each time and they brought in from Guadalajara a portable machine to do the ultrasound, all while prescribing OTC human gastro meds. Luckily we sent all the labs and scans to our Dallas vet, then went to Dr. Ladrón. Both consulted, and agreed on treatment and diagnosis. While the outcome remained the same, I wish I had started sooner at Dr. Ladrón. Our cat and (remaining) dog now are regular patients at Clínica Ladrón de Guevara. Coincidentally, my Dallas vet today recommended that we do--either with Dr. Ladrón or with him---a one-year ultrasound to compare last year's results to current size of his heart, which he feels has increased from a Stage 3 (last year) to a Stage 4-5 now. The cost in Dallas for the ultrasound, cardiologist's review and analysis is $500US.
  8. jrod


    Dr. Teresa Morales in Jocotepec has been known as the "bug doctor" for at least 15 years. Still a highly regarded diagnostician, especially for parasites.
  9. According to the local Mexican paper, the Chapala office was supposed to have reopened fall but the new location, near the malecón, was deemed uninhabitable, so work is beginning on the building. Time will tell whether we ever see it, but not for the near future.
  10. Lots of factors are in play when using an ATM, whether in Mexico or another country. One needs to sit down and do the calculations to see what the best combination of options is. Here is a link to a good explanation of DCC rates (Dynamic Currency Conversion), which have been around for about 10 years in Europe but just hit our machines this year. It is always your right to decline the DCC rate which, in most cases, does not favor the person on the card. The button to decline is on the left bottom of the screen, directly across from the "accept" button but may not be labeled. (How's that for blatant lack of transparency?) https://www.investopedia.com/dynamic-currency-conversion-dcc-term-4769305 In a foreign transaction, many partners want to cash in on your transaction: ATM fees, credit card foreign transaction fees, your card's currency transaction rate, the (un)helpful DCC fees... Add to this that some ATMS are more prone to corruption, are more frequently out of cash to dispense, or are in locations inconvenient for you and you have some intangible variables to add to your choice of an ATM. 1. Most debit cards offer at or near the Visa/MC trading rate. Some charge a foreign transaction fee; others do not; others yet refund all fees at the end of a monthly billing cycle. Ask your institution(s) their rates and compare. 2. Your ATM also charges a fee, which varies by institution and sometimes even by machine location for the service. That fee varies: right now, HSBC is about $64;; Multiva near $98; CI Banco around $17. If your institution refunds this transaction fee, it's a non-issue; if it does not, then factor this in. Remember, this is per transaction--3 transactions of $300 costs 3x one transaction of $900; if your limit doesn't allow the $900, though (see below), you'll get hit with this fee. 3. You legally have the right to decline the DCC rate, but that option/button often is not a clear choice. Whether all machines clearly mark this option, I cannot say. When I've used one that doesn't clearly indicate a "Decline" button, I push where that button is located (but not indicated by the screen popup) and the DCC rate--not the transaction (that would be "Cancel")-- is denied and the transaction is processed at my card's rate. Remember that your home bank (the one issuing the card) sets your daily limit with you. If you haven't set one, you'll default to their standard withdrawal limits. That may or may not suit you, so clarify this with your institution before you leave home, where possible. Also, many institutions have a phone app that tells you immediately when a transaction is processed; mine include the details of the transaction as well as my withdrawal/cost in USD. I've already seen the DCC rate on the screen; now I have my card's rate in my hand. I compare the two and never has the DCC rate been advantageous--by 5% of the transaction. For example, on $500US, that's $25 USD difference. If an ATM does not have sufficient funds, or funds in denominations sufficient to complete your transaction, a user might go through all the motions, only to experience the ATM choke and return the card without charging it or dispensing funds. Often insufficient funds is the reason (the machine was not refilled), which is why days around holidays or weekends are more problematic. This weekend, being Pay weekend (the 15th of the month), Buen Fin (extra shoppers using cash) and a three-day holiday weekend (Día de la Revolución) we will see lots of ATMS unable to dispense requested cash. Among other reasons, transactions don't complete due to a malfunctioning machine, the card information is out of date, expired, damaged, or incorrectly input; the transaction connection to the home bank to withdraw the funds isn't working or stable; a previous client's error zapped the machine... Once you do your homework, you'll be able to determine which ATMs give you the most cash for your transaction.
  11. From Artículo 186 of the Ley de Movilidad (The underscores are mine, and highlight the alcoholímetro/breathalyser limits.) Artículo 186. A las personas que conduzcan vehículos de automotor bajo el influjo de alcohol o drogas, se les sancionará de la siguiente forma: I. Con multa equivalente de ciento cincuenta a doscientas veces el valor diario de la Unidad de Medida y Actualización, a la persona que conduzca un vehículo automotor y se le detecte una cantidad superior de 50 a 80 miligramos de alcohol por cien mililitros de sangre o 0.25 a 0.40 miligramos de alcohol por litro de aire espirado, o bajo el influjo de drogas; II. Con arresto administrativo inconmutable de doce a veinticuatro horas a la persona que conduzca un vehículo y se le detecte una cantidad de 81 a 130 miligramos de alcohol por 100 mililitros de sangre o de 0.41 a 0.65 miligramos de alcohol por litro de aire espirado. La calificación de la sanción estará sujeta a las reglas establecidas en el reglamento de la presente ley; III. A la persona que conduzca un vehículo y se le detecte una cantidad mayor a 130 miligramos de alcohol por 100 mililitros de sangre o más de 0.65 miligramos de alcohol por litro de aire espirado, se sancionará con arresto administrativo inconmutable de veinticuatro a treinta y seis horas;
  12. As heavily publicized on multiple FB pages, Saturday was a test run. Full schedule starts this Saturday, November 2 running from 12-6 both weekend days.
  13. Well, look what was posted last night on the Gobierno de Chapala website: the municipality has a vested interest in this business. Since this is the same entity that met with residents and citizens several weeks ago to provide details and info on how to contact them regarding violations of the new "antirruido" noise laws, which apply federally, state-wide, and locally...it seems sad that they are actively promoting a money-making entity that violates the laws they promised us to our faces that they would uphold. Note the info directed to Vuela Chapala and the "push" for people to participate. Gobierno de Chapala 20 hrs · 🚁😎🤩Llega a la Ribera de Chapala una atracción más para poder disfrutar de nuestro lago desde las alturas. "Vuela Chapala", te lleva a vivir la gran experiencia de volar en helicóptero y crear momentos inolvidables. Los vuelos inician este próximo sábado 2 de noviembre en el parque de La Cristianía. Para más información entra a la página Vuela Chapala. ¡Anímate! #GobiernoDeLaGente See Translation
  14. Mexico does not allow anything in the crates, as bedding and toys can harbor bugs etc. Bringing those in (even pads in a cabin-carried pet) triggers Sagarpa agents to trash those materials and sanitize/disinfect the crate. Years ago, many travelers had pets (particularly cats) die from contact with these chemicals. Their requirements are strict but are clearly posted on the Sagarpa website for bringing pets into Mexico.
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