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  1. jrod

    Driving from Columbia Crossing to Ajijic

    Friends went through the Colombia Solidarity crossing in NL on Tuesday and had no troubles at all making the trip Lakeside in one day. They also found no shortage of gasoline, which some people had posted asan issue earlier in the week.
  2. jrod

    HSBC/CIbanco ATM's FYI

    Although over the years, posters have pointed out here that there's a screen asking to accept an exchange rate, I've never seen it and have used cards from multiple banking institutions to get cash from both HSBC ATMs. Must be the financial institution one is drawing funds from, then, that prompts this screen?
  3. jrod

    HSBC/CIbanco ATM's FYI

    The left ATM at HSBC has always offered the option for USD or local currency; the right-hand one does not. I've never tried to dispense USD, though, nor see the exchange rate posted.
  4. Years ago I went to the brick municipal building in Chapala across from the San Francisco church; second floor west side office, to do the same. I filled out out a form with the property address (in this case, an individual residence) and my contact information, and it got transmitted to the correct office, who then made contact about whether or not permits were filed. It may be the same. I think it took about a week or so for the info.
  5. jrod

    Telcel code

    Text BAJA to 2222.
  6. jrod

    60's in Paradise burger

    Río Bravo 7 is the address.
  7. jrod

    Wi-Fi Name?

    Just ask telmex: https://telmex.com/web/hogar/personaliza-tu-modem
  8. 001-880 but the call will not be toll-free.
  9. For my renewal, I didn't take proof of blood type since mine also appears on the previous licenses.
  10. Original and copy of each of the following plus your INAPAM if you are asking for the 50% discount. Went to Plaza Las Torres two weeks ago and there was almost no line. Passport (as oficial photo ID), CURP, official INM doc (front and back on same sheet), expiring license, blood type, Telmex or CFE (all pages, no online printout), From the website: https://tramites.jalisco.gob.mx/tramite/9017 Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP) Tipo de documento: Comprobante Presentación: Original y copia Descripción del documento: Documento CURP impreso de manera individual, o presentar Acta de Nacimiento que contenga clave CURP. Licencia Tipo de documento: Licencia Presentación: Original Descripción del documento: Licencia de conducir vencida de chofer del Estado de Jalisco, o en caso de robo o extravío de la misma presentar Certificación de Licencia emitido por el Registro Estatal de la Secretaría de Movilidad (SEMOV), para información sobre el trámite de certificación ingresa al siguiente URL https://tramites.jalisco.gob.mx/tramite/8193. Comprobante de domicilio Tipo de documento: Comprobante Presentación: Original y copia Descripción del documento: Comprobante de domicilio del Estado de Jalisco no mayor a 90 días de vigencia, a nombre del solicitante o familiar directo (coincida uno de sus apellidos), o en su defecto, el domicilio coincida con el que se tiene registrado en el IFE o INE. Si el comprobante está a nombre del cónyuge o suegros presentar acta de matrimonio o acta de nacimiento de hijo. En caso de no contar con ninguno de lo señalado, podrá presentar carta de residencia del Ayuntamiento en donde viva, a su nombre, con fotografía; firmada por el Secretario General del Ayuntamiento. Tipo de sangre Tipo de documento: Grupo sanguíneo Presentación: Original Descripción del documento: Conocer su tipo de sangre o en caso de no saberlo puede realizarse una prueba en el Laboratorio ubicado en las instalaciones de esta Secretaría, en el patio de Licencias. Documento migratorio vigente Tipo de documento: Comprobante Presentación: Original y copia Descripción del documento: En caso de ser extranjero presentar pasaporte vigente y Forma Migratoria FM2, FM3 vigente o Carta de Legal Residencia. En caso de ser extranjero que obtuvo la nacionalidad mexicana presentar Carta de Naturalización, Matrícula Consular, identificación mexicana IFE, INE o pasaporte mexicano, vigente. Identificación oficial con fotografía Tipo de documento: Comprobante Presentación: Original y copia Descripción del documento: Identificación oficial con fotografía vigente: INE, IFE, cédula profesional, pasaporte, cartilla militar liberada. En caso de ser extranjero (no nacionalizado) pasaporte y FM2 o FM3. En caso de ser extranjero (nacionalizado) IFE o INE , pasaporte mexicano, matrícula consular o carta de naturalización.
  11. jrod

    Apostille Documents

    The apostille for any US document must be done by the secretary of state where the document was issued. It can't be "done" in Mexico: you still have to provide the originals, send with return, traceable mail envelope enclosed, and the application and fee. I've never heard of any consulate requiring apostilles of bank statements; they ask for "originals" (as in not computer-generated, and computer-doctored copies.) At some point you may need an apostilled birth certificate and marriage license, but that was not our case for anything so far.
  12. jrod

    NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

    I took the test in July and, being over 60, only had to take the language exam.
  13. jrod

    Where to pay Temporal fee? Which bank?

    The photo place on OCampo does really nice work while you wait. He'll do the "infantil" and other size-specific photos while you wait. There is a large sign on the street, directly in front of their door.
  14. You can google "Quality Care Clinic Ajijic" for contact information.
  15. Maincoons, the issue with the non=payment of dump fees and suspension of service to the municipio was posted in local papers and online sources at least 2 weeks ago. Yesterday early afternoon, Chapala posted the above notice re: suspension of service on their official Facebook page. A lot of expats didn't use Facebook "back home" and don't join the many local FB groups nor do they communicate via Whatsapp, but both are preferred tools here to interface between government, local businesses and businesspeople. It does very much allow one to stay with the info flow. (Not that the original post means anything...our trash did get picked up last night after this post and the worker says they are working again today to try to resolve the backlog.)