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  1. You can google "Quality Care Clinic Ajijic" for contact information.
  2. Maincoons, the issue with the non=payment of dump fees and suspension of service to the municipio was posted in local papers and online sources at least 2 weeks ago. Yesterday early afternoon, Chapala posted the above notice re: suspension of service on their official Facebook page. A lot of expats didn't use Facebook "back home" and don't join the many local FB groups nor do they communicate via Whatsapp, but both are preferred tools here to interface between government, local businesses and businesspeople. It does very much allow one to stay with the info flow. (Not that the original post means anything...our trash did get picked up last night after this post and the worker says they are working again today to try to resolve the backlog.)
  3. jrod

    Telmex in West Ajijic

    We--and neighbors--are out in west Ajijic for calls to and from a landline. Calls from a cell phone to a landline go through; the same call from a landline to a landline says the number does not exist. I reported to Telmex and tried to do the same for the neighbors experiencing the same issue, but the rep said "every man for himself" when it comes to reporting. The number is 01-800-123-3333. Press 2 (phone line reporting), press 2 again (NOT calling from the number experiencing a service interruption), key in your 10-digit landline at the prompt and a rep will come on to take your service report and provide you with a report number at the end of the call. Note that you will, at some point, get a robo message from Telmex asking if your service repair is complete. We are back up.
  4. jrod

    Taco Bell voted best restaurant in the country

    Southerners in the states line up for Popeyes!!!!
  5. jrod

    Dr. George

    drgeorge.com.mx is the website for this Mexican chain with a salon in Ajijic. Their services are listed there.
  6. Just past Parque de la Cristianía, look for the street sign on northwest wall: Address in Chapala
  7. jrod

    Mexican Driver's License

    Yes, the one Brian mentioned and I noted above IS the main one. It's there you can make an appointment via their online calendar. Note, ironically, it's difficult to find a parking spot nearby.
  8. jrod

    Mexican Driver's License

    I indeed had to take the driving and written tests when I got my first Mexico license, despite having a valid current USA license in effect. Aaah, this is Mexico.
  9. jrod

    Mexican Driver's License

    There are several driver license locations. If you don't want to wait on the lines, the one named above takes appointments, which you can make at: citas.jalisco.gob.mx/Movilidad
  10. There is an office in Villa Nova where the woman likely could be identified, should Ecologia and the gentleman want to pursue this further. I think they are open on Tuesdays and Saturdays. With the number of cats and dogs she has, she also is in violation of Villa Nova regulations.
  11. jrod

    Garbage pick up

    I read in one of the local papers that the outgoing municipal government is more than three-months past due in paying the dump fee. Supposedly, it was paid on Monday and service, although backlogged, should start again...with the new government coming onboard, it's likely few bills will be paid until they take over.
  12. jrod

    Slider buns

    You can indeed pre-order; I have friends who do so in advance when they need for larger gatherings.
  13. jrod

    Slider buns

    Walmart, in the bakery but I don't think they have them every day.
  14. Can anyone tell me the 2018 cost of a Jalisco driver license RENEWAL with the Inapam discount? I believe the full fee is $575 without the 50% but want to confirm so I can prepay at the Banamex. Would it be $287.50 or do I round up? Cannot find the info anywhere on the jalisco.gob.mx/Movilidad website regarding the INAPAM discount for 2018. Thank you!