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  1. It sounds like Trinidadian hot sauce I grew up on as a child. It could take the skin off the roof of your mouth, but still had fabulous flavors.
  2. No issue yesterday, no lines. There is a posting on the door saying that the interior office is closed until further notice.
  3. I watched and took notes: Alfaro started and ended his 38+-minute press conference saying that these new restrictions are in addition to the sanitary protocols that have not been modified. He listed face masks, social distancing, hand-washing, staying away from crowded or public places, and contacting a health professional should you experience symptoms.
  4. Café Grano Café used to stock electric grinders; it has been a while since I looked for them, specifically, there.
  5. Actually, the delivery time was expected to be--and was--a good bit longer than 20 minutes, but I doubt I could pick food up and bring it home in any less time than it took them. I rewarmed gently, popped the naan (generous portion, but never enough for us) in the toaster oven in the foil for a minute or two and we were very happy with our meals. Clearly, not like table service in a restaurant, but we are thrilled for the option to satisfy our regular cravings. As difficult as the pandemic has been on numerous restaurants, some small businesses that never would have had a chance, like Magnolia
  6. Magnolia is really good. And they deliver. Hits the mark on those cravings for Indian.
  7. jrod


    I've been a few times, and have tried a number of items. They make a pastry that they call cardamom...but it is a very faint hint. It is similar to their cinnamon rolls (which have no icing, just sugar on top) and both are sufficient to serve two people--generously. It's great with coffee. Their bagels are very good also! Really nice young people!
  8. I'll ask him when I'm in. I'm positive he had last weekend (maybe without nuts). I remember looking at the bars, but since I'm allergic to something in Hershey's, I put it back. If I see it anywhere, I'll let you know. I did find it on mercado libre: the giant-size bar, dark chocolate with almonds. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-813863103-hersheys-special-dark-almonds-giant-_JM#position=26&type=item&tracking_id=70ed0f3f-b07e-4bbf-adec-875860898357
  9. Yes, I saw that yesterday. He did have, though, by the register. Chuy will also order items for you and he delivers, as well.
  10. There's objections in the lower chambers that delays the vote till the spring. The postponement was announced about a week ago.
  11. MiniSuper La Huerta had some Hershey's dark chocolate bars at the counter yesterday; I didn't check to see if they had almonds, tho. You could call: 376-766-4590.
  12. Que descanse en paz. Nuestro más sentido pésame a la familia.
  13. I took an olive green Chico's (women's brand) top, cotton and cotton lace because I snagged (not broke) part of the lace on the back shoulder when I backed into a nail during a volunteer event at LCS. I took it to Rossy and she said she didn't think she could match the thread. I returned from US, with thread in hand. Instead of fixing the part that needed to be mended, she used bright purple thread to restitch part of the front bottom...that didn't need repair. I then took a few beige towels to her that had started to fray along one seam. She restitched...in a different color...leaving t
  14. Used her two times. We will not go back. Garments had to be discarded.
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