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  1. Virbac is made in the Fort Worth, TX suburb of Westlake. They only export, and do not sell in the US.
  2. Still flying as of last night but with few passengers. My guess is that airlines will reduce flights and fly just enough to maintain their airport contracts for landing rights.
  3. When I did my naturalization in 2018, SRE provided a list of exit/entry to be reviewed and confirmed; there were many inconsistencies. I had to correct their list, provide the additions/corrections, and sign an affidavit. And yes, I had to total the number of days out of the country. The issues that can cause errors are threefold: INM did not properly pick up an FMM exit or FMM entry, or the passport wasn't captured upon scanning. In my case, no land FMMs were included, only (some of) those by air. Sometimes the FMM was there, but the passport was not... Sometimes nothing was shown on the outbound/inbound, but the other leg was recorded... We had to document the corrections via passport stamp.
  4. Heading north into Guadalajara ; went in early this morning and the backlog started at Lázaro Cárdenas and it took nearly 2 hrs to get to Plaza México; upon the return, the backup heading north was just north of the airport.
  5. Our issue was the (third time in several months) failure of the pump at the Villa Nova well that services us. Depending on where you live, you may get daily water from Simapa but we get water only twice a week, overnight, in west Rancho del Oro. It went out a week ago Thursday and was "repaired" two days ago, on schedule.
  6. Yes, and after four months of 0 cooperation from Telmex, the issue is (appears to be...it's only been 14 hours) resolved. We had fiber optic installed through Telmex at the beginning of November. We have speed...great speed and no issue with computers (wireless) making connection. The problem was TV streaming boxes buffering...consistent and persistent...so that we could only view maybe 45 seconds of tv then they would buffer for 60, on and on. We had a tech come and hard-wire/cable each tv, as some of those signals--while strong at the modem--were crappy to the tvs. That gave us speed, but still the buffering. We had Telmex out here (reluctant techs is being generous) several times and they blamed the box--all but a guy in Mexico who said that the packets of information looked like they were hanging somewhere before transmitting to us. We tried our box contact's box--and the boxes of friends that function perfectly well in their homes--did the same thing at our house, but when switching off my internet to Telcel 4G the issue did not appear, so not a box issue. The tech we hired to hard-wire (info below) spent hours on the line with Telmex (two days solid plus parts of 3 other days, including the cabling), and Telmex refused to send out another router, which seemed to be the only unverified possibility, since we get signal and speed from the new fiber optic cables. After four missed appointments (including two full day waits: 8-8 window) Mr. Charming came yesterday and I had my tech meet him. "it's not the modem, it's the box," I heard him say over and over. GUESS FRICKIN' WHAT????? It was a DEFECTIVE modem.After re-cabling, redoing passwords on all my gazillion devices, and rehooking up soundbars, I was in business and stayed up till 2 am catching up on my shows. We did drop a signal around 1 am but it went back up. If you've tried all the above, I'd try shrieking for a new modem. The info on my tech person: Oscar Castañeda 33 2162 6205. Young, teaches computer skills at the Prepa in Chapala, things logically and sequentially, punctual and (gasp! WhatsApps you when he is on the way) and is bilingual. If you call him, tell him JROD recommended him highly. PS Telmex local "techs" named Edgar and Juan José were worthless and cost me $$$$ and 3 months.
  7. They did not check on Thursday night (international) nor Saturday (domestic).
  8. They are open 24/7. If the agent is not at the upstairs window, s/he may be downstairs working the arrivals or in the office. Ask and a security officer will retrieve him/her, if not there and there's not a contact tel # on the window.
  9. I have a recipe and, coincidentally, was thinking of making them. Interested (in the recipe, not in eating mine)?
  10. The DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) rate has been around for many years worldwide but has just made its way Lakeside in the last year or so. Almost always, it is best to decline; to accept means you get a predetermined exchange rate plus up to a 10% charge for this privilege. In my experience, declining has every time been the more prudent option. Some people report that their ATM does not give the option to decline; however, it likely is still there and not identified. Push the button on the left (perhaps unlabeled) directly across the screen of the "accept" button (usually the bottom or next-to-bottom button at left.)
  11. Choices include keeping your US cell phone provider and phone number for as long as they do not cut you off for excessive roaming; a dual-SIM option on your phone (not all US providers offer--T-mobile does not yet) or you can research online which of the several phone number parking and forwarding options best suits your needs. Google voice coupled with Google Hangouts works decently well, but your US number, for fees, of course, first is transferred to another US number (maybe that of a family member or friend?) then that number routes a call to your Mexican cell number. For some, keeping two phones is an option, with your data and roaming turned off on your US number to stay under the US-provider radar.
  12. No stickers today.; everyone was being told to return in February, even those who were told to return today, and who did.
  13. Not in my recent experience coming into Gdl a week ago Monday...Each pet was still physically inspected after they asked for proof of rabies, de-worming, antiparasitic etc, they just do not require the previous AHPHS 7001 or vet-derived health "certificate"....you still have to have proof of those requirements. I called and spoke to Sagarpa myself before I headed out and this is what they told me and, shore 'nuff, the process at the airport in Guadalajara for me was unchanged other than not needing the certificate.
  14. I had to wait approx 2 weeks--I was given a paper with the date to return to pick up my card and a "file number". There's also a phone number to call a day or two before in case the card is ready. Of all the government office experiences, my INE was the easiest and most efficient. Appointment had to be made online, and they were booked 30 days out but this was a year ago.
  15. The protest was scheduled for tomorrow--Wednesday, Jan 15--starting at 2:30 pm but according to the papers it was called off by Gov Alfaro who rescinded the heavy-truck tax, for the time being.
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