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  1. I've not received my corrections and I uploaded the docs on the first day. There's apparently a queue of 92 million docs. Your original, handwritten confirmations from each vaccine are your best source for travel and for documentation.
  2. I believe (but don't have time to research sources at the moment) that consulates and embassies will confirm that all federal, state and local laws and regulations apply to anyone who enters the territory, and that protections of your country of citizenship don't apply out of that jurisdiction.
  3. The Mexican constitution gives the right to free passage; after living under dictatorship and rule by imposed force, elected powers-that-be are loathe to infringe on this. Last year, at the start of the pandemic, López-Gatell and the federal government were blasted for infringing on Mexicans' hard-earned rights, despite the fact that the constitution also allows for the government to adapt our rights in cases of national emergency. Even with Covid, the response to the closures and restrictions was/still is overwhelmingly negative. The result? Damned if you do; damned if you don't. Either way, worldwide, IMO, the concept of "personal responsibility" to get us through this and other global social crises (climate change fires and rains, etc) isn't sufficiently respected to move us forward quickly enough. So, we all need to do what we can do: follow the mandates we have: vaccinate, distance, mask. And HELP your fellow Mexicans do the same: drive (or pay for a cab) for them to get their shots, help print their documents (I'll do it for them, for free), show them that their lives matter.
  4. Dr. León on the carretera gives my friend her B-12 shots.
  5. https://www.lavozdelaribera.mx/accidente-vial-en-ajijic-deja-dos-personas-fallecidas/ Driver of the white Nissan fled the scene; both on the moto were killed.
  6. My reccos (We switched from T-Mobile because of consistently dropped calls to one important number): Buy a decent, sufficient memory new phone in the US; and transfer your current number and contacts to it. If that's a challenge, many stores (Best Buy, for one) will do all that for you. Pay outright for the phone and ask them to make sure it is unlocked. In the meantime, research Google Voice and how to set it up; download the app on your new phone (and desktop/laptop if you want to answer calls there, as well. That is extremely convenient if you are verifying banking info.) Right before you leave for here, for a $20 US one-time fee, you "park"your number on Google; callers to that number will still ring on your new phone, but you will not have any of the cell-phone providers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint) as your carrier.--you'll have to get yourself a Telmex or Mexico AT&T plan for the phone so you can use it; they'll swap out your US SIM card for you and replace it with theirs. (Safely store your old one.) You'll then have your new phone with your Mexico cell number as your primary and all the calls to your US number still will ring via the google app. There's a few hiccups, but not many and the price can't be beat.
  7. Start the application online; you can pay with one of a few CCs or take the receipt to one of the listed banks or locations. At least for cash, it says you need to pay at least 4 days before completing the appointment process for the transaction to be validated. It appears that all your input data gets deleted until you pay, tho.
  8. Perhaps see if my previous post giving instructions to correct the data work for you. Note that it will only accept one pdf so do your best to combine your docs from each shot into one document.
  9. The site to request your official Covid vaccine confirmation is https://cvcovid.salud.gob.mx/ This is not the registration site, despite the similarity in URLs. Once you input your CURP and check the robot thing, you likely will get one of two messages (based on my experiences.) First, the system may ask you to wait briefly and try again. Or, "we are working on your application," which is the message JGueriin received. There is no need to keep trying again and again all day (as I did) after receiving the latter message--you will get your documentation when it is available and it will be sent to the email with which you did your federal vaccine registration. Note that the email says you have 90 minutes to click the (top) link to download your form. (The second link is to report any errors.) CHECK YOUR DOCUMENTS CAREFULLY!.... pretty much every detail on my documentation specific to the shots themselves is incorrect. My name, CURP and vaccine type are accurate but the lot and date of application are wrong for the first dose. My second dose shows as "Unregistered." So, to the second link I go to ask them to correct errors on both doses. To accomplish this, one must upload a pdf of the original document that shows the correct info, after clicking a box, or two, or more, to summarize which of their inputting errors you are asking them to fix. So, I have errors on First Dose, and no info for Second Dose. But...the system will only allow correction to one or the other. I attached the documentation to correct my first dose, but now the system will not allow me to either update or re-enter to correct my second dose by adding the pdf to it. I'm going to wait a bit and see if they correct my first dose then try to reenter the system to correct/update my second dose. Grrrr....
  10. Do you know anyone who was vaccinated? I registered people by phone; nobody has received a call or a shot. I've been calling 20 times a day for the past several days for an update, and the number is constantly busy.
  11. Tapicería San José on the carretera in west Ajijic does a lot of vehicle seats. 376-766-3487
  12. Governor Alfaro held a Covid-19 press update today, 14 Jun 2021. Some restrictions previously in effect are being relaxed, and these may affect you as you head out and about, hence my update. For specifics regarding changes to occupancy and hours of operation for social gatherings, venues, and restaurant/bar occupancy, scroll to the bottom, where this appears in bold red. With input from Fernando Petersen (Scty of Health), Bárbara Casillas (Social Development), and Alejandro Guzmán Larralde (Economic Growth and Development) and the members of the Jalisco State Board of Health, which will continue to meet as long as needed, the following walk-through announced today by the Governor summarizes changes in our state’s handling of Covid protocols. These protocols will change given changes in Covid across the state of Jalisco. We have improved and made advances against Covid; however, we are not out of the woods; we cannot relax prevention methods but, accordingly, we are updating the following regarding public activities, schooling and back-to-work protocols to make forward steps in the Economic Reactivation of our state. The changes updated today with be vigorously monitored by local municipalities, which are charged with their enforcement. We are a bit worried how in some countries and cities both north and south of our borders are showing new waves or outbreaks of Covid; we insist that the we have more road to cover and we need to be aware of what is happening in other parts of the country of Mexico as well. In August and October we will have updates to see whether we can continue as presented today, or whether changes have to be made. In the 4 categories in which the semáforo system is based, comparing Jan 2021 to June 2021: Active daily cases decreased from 1897 in January down to 83 recorded in June Confirmed active cases 8730 down to 838 Rate of positivity 35.59% down to 2.9% Hospitalization 58.4% down to 8.3% 2,530,455 total doses received in 24 deliveries since 24 January 2021. 1,943,559 vaccinations have been applied applied. Of them: 46% are Pfizer; 15% CanSino; 26% AstraZeneca and 13% Sinovac 80% of people 65+ have received full doses across the state Age 50-59 received first dose in 125 municipalities Special pops (health (80%), education (93%), preggers, paramedics and public safety are being vaccinated) The semáforo system shows our current federal levels thru 22 June 21: 0 red states, 4 orange, 9 yellow, 19 green (including Jalisco; we’ve been green for 6 weeks) Hospital reconversion has started to return to previous hospital use and beds to pre-Covid usage NEW MEASURES ANNOUNCED TODAY: 4 Themes * Resilience and health education * Treatment and medical attention * Economic and social responsibility * Follow-up and reinforcement of the National Vaccination Initiative Vulnerable groups (60+, preggers, preexisting conditions): can return to their normal work activities after 14 days post-second vaccine; IF YOU REFUSED AN AVAILABLE VACCINE, you must also return to work, since it was your choice not to vaccinate. The following changes across the state of Jalisco go into effect as soon as they are published officially in the state daily diary later today, as required by law. EACH OF THESE IS SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY LOCAL MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES and for each venue as subject to their licensing. CULTURE ACTIVITIES: Occupancy can increase from 50% to 75% in Jalisco. This includes for movies, theaters, and centers; Museums, galleries, cultural centers, remunerative and cultural activities; Workshops and artistic academies; religious worship (note that processions and that type of religious extracurricular activity must be approved on an individual basis by the state health organization.) GROUP RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Urban forests, parks and public spaces, including those that were previously closed can increase from 50% to 75% occupancy; large general events go from 300 to 600 person capacity; tourist or passenger trains are to 65% capacity. SPORTS: Soccer fields up from 50% to 60%; water parks, gyms, sports clubs, physical activity academies and sports centers increase from 50% to 75% EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES: In-person schooling was suspended thru the end of the 20-21 academic year; now to follow academic and evaluation recommendations with support activities open; daycares can now enroll children of any age (previously age 4+) ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES: Economic events and expos held indoors: from 200 to up to 300 people maximum with density of one person per 4m2; open-area from 300 to a maximum 600 people, one person per 2.5m2 so long as we continue to follow sanitary distance and other restrictions. EXPO CENTERS increase to a maximum daily occupancy of up to 3000 (simultaneous) visitors with a daily maximum of 6,000 persons so long as the venue is greater than 10,000 sq m in size. The health mesa will determine additional restrictions as needed. BARS, RESTAURANTS, EVENT CENTERS: Bars add an additional hour; they can stay open till from 11 pm to 4 am; restaurants can now stay open until 1 am (up from midnight) and event centers can increase from a 5-hour event to a 6-hour event. COMMERCIAL OCCUPANCY: Commercial services and establishments, restaurants, self-service, department stores and commercial establishments can increase occupancy from 50% to 75% and up to max occupancy of 500 people (70% up to 1000 people in area greater than 4000 sq m); hotels and motels increase to 80%; bars and dive bars increase to 40% from 35%; casinos go up from 40% to 60% of total occupancy. Per-table occupancy in restaurants increases to 8; in bars to a max of 10 people per table. In-store dressing/changing rooms can reopen; seating in movies, stadiums, theaters, arenas increases to a 3 seats occupied/2 vacant configuration, from 1-1. The sanitary filters will be modified (no detail/explanation…wait for update tomorrow.) Some business Covid-registrations (for example, for Covid-compliant businesses) are terminated. Bars, dive-bars and casinos: it is reported that several of these across the state are not complying with the current guidelines and the state Board of Health is considering restricting/closing them for non-compliance. These updated protocols and prevention methods will be available to view online as of tomorrow, 15 June 2021 at reactivacioneconomica.jalisco.gob.mx
  13. Updated 20 Jun: On the carretera in Ajijic, directly across the street (mountainside) from the bus station there is a bright posterboard sign advertising the apartment there for rent, along with a phone number to call. Just this week, I drove on Ocampo heading east towards 5 de Mayo and saw two hand-written posters en español. One advertised a one bed, one bath apartment; the other (I think) was posted at the Papelería on Hidalgo and Juárez, or thereabouts, advertising a room for rent. Might be worth a walk-by, as I don't think the ads were directed to expats.
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