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  1. From Artículo 186 of the Ley de Movilidad (The underscores are mine, and highlight the alcoholímetro/breathalyser limits.) Artículo 186. A las personas que conduzcan vehículos de automotor bajo el influjo de alcohol o drogas, se les sancionará de la siguiente forma: I. Con multa equivalente de ciento cincuenta a doscientas veces el valor diario de la Unidad de Medida y Actualización, a la persona que conduzca un vehículo automotor y se le detecte una cantidad superior de 50 a 80 miligramos de alcohol por cien mililitros de sangre o 0.25 a 0.40 miligramos de alcohol por litro de aire espirado, o bajo el influjo de drogas; II. Con arresto administrativo inconmutable de doce a veinticuatro horas a la persona que conduzca un vehículo y se le detecte una cantidad de 81 a 130 miligramos de alcohol por 100 mililitros de sangre o de 0.41 a 0.65 miligramos de alcohol por litro de aire espirado. La calificación de la sanción estará sujeta a las reglas establecidas en el reglamento de la presente ley; III. A la persona que conduzca un vehículo y se le detecte una cantidad mayor a 130 miligramos de alcohol por 100 mililitros de sangre o más de 0.65 miligramos de alcohol por litro de aire espirado, se sancionará con arresto administrativo inconmutable de veinticuatro a treinta y seis horas;
  2. As heavily publicized on multiple FB pages, Saturday was a test run. Full schedule starts this Saturday, November 2 running from 12-6 both weekend days.
  3. Well, look what was posted last night on the Gobierno de Chapala website: the municipality has a vested interest in this business. Since this is the same entity that met with residents and citizens several weeks ago to provide details and info on how to contact them regarding violations of the new "antirruido" noise laws, which apply federally, state-wide, and locally...it seems sad that they are actively promoting a money-making entity that violates the laws they promised us to our faces that they would uphold. Note the info directed to Vuela Chapala and the "push" for people to participate. Gobierno de Chapala 20 hrs · 🚁😎🤩Llega a la Ribera de Chapala una atracción más para poder disfrutar de nuestro lago desde las alturas. "Vuela Chapala", te lleva a vivir la gran experiencia de volar en helicóptero y crear momentos inolvidables. Los vuelos inician este próximo sábado 2 de noviembre en el parque de La Cristianía. Para más información entra a la página Vuela Chapala. ¡Anímate! #GobiernoDeLaGente See Translation
  4. Mexico does not allow anything in the crates, as bedding and toys can harbor bugs etc. Bringing those in (even pads in a cabin-carried pet) triggers Sagarpa agents to trash those materials and sanitize/disinfect the crate. Years ago, many travelers had pets (particularly cats) die from contact with these chemicals. Their requirements are strict but are clearly posted on the Sagarpa website for bringing pets into Mexico.
  5. Multiva's ATM charged in the high 90s yesterday per transaction. (I don't remember exact peso amount.)
  6. Each community will vary in cost, and price depends on many variables: how many homes to share in the Assessment, whether you currently have your phone lines on overhead cables or buried underground in conduits, how old your infrastructure is and what hardware additionally may have to be replaced, how far Telmex will have to string the fiber optic cable, and whether or not they will leave the existing copper cable or put the new fiber in the conduit alongside it. It took us about 3 months from signing (and prepaying in full) the agreement until hookup began. Speeds jumped but, like now, depend on the monthly package your home selects.
  7. Go to the Facebook page of Sergio Pichus (Chapala, Jalisco) where he posts details and a video of the helicopter tour venture. It is set to "Public" and you can leave your feedback. Moy Anaya, our municipal president, has a FB page under Moisés Alejandro Anaya, if you want to leave a note there. The ongoing noise issue here at the seems to have taken another hit. The decibel level of the helicopter was at 110 over Ajijic yesterday afternoon, a clear violation of the established, complained-about, but unenforced law that went into effect in August 2019. People whose lives are disrupted by noise from bars and Evento centers have another offender to contend with.
  8. What this thread confuses is a bank fee for the transaction with the dynamic currency conversion (DCC), which can be up to 12%, and is becoming much more prevalent here than even three or four months ago. The bank in which the ATM is housed isn't getting this additional fee, nor is your bank, and in most cases you lose significantly as well. It is up to the cardholder to know whether the current economic environment favors letting your card-issuing bank set your currency conversion rate, or you want that done by a third party. If you want to accept your bank's set rate (usually, but not always, more favorable than the DCC) press the Decline Conversion button at the bottom left of the screen. How to figure this out? Check the conversion rate of your card before you go to the ATM, do the math on your withdrawal, and compare that to the conversion offered on the ATM screen. Accept or decline as is favorable to you.
  9. UPDATE: A friend currently on the Carretera to Guadalajara who runs a twitter traffic feed messaged me that the backlog from the protests at the Periférico are now expected from 10-noon today. Currently clear. The people who recycle scrap metal, plastics and glass for a living (supposedly some 6 million Mexicans subsist on their income from this endeavor) are protesting privatization of local recycling efforts. The access point to Guadalajara from the Guadalajara-Chapala highway at the Periférico (among others) indeed is now blocked by protestors, and that should back up traffic considerably, although as of 8:48 am the road is reported to be clear (as clear as it usually is with rush-hour traffic) northbound to Guadalajara. Southbound, there are two accidents clogging the highway by the airport. If clogged heading north, an alternative route is the eastbound road that parallels the highway, then you can cut back west to get to the airport.
  10. American Airlines website has information and offers an international toll-free number. https://www.aacargo.com/learn/humanremains.html
  11. For citizenship, the authorities absolutely do not take the applicant's word for time in and out of Mexico. One must submit a photocopy of each page of passport (or passports, if one had a renewal during the last two years) showing all Entry and Exit stamps for the last two years. Then INM returns with a printout of their records. Then the applicant matches (they won't) the three docs: passport stamps, actual proven trips, and INM FMM records, swears to the corrections, and that document gets submitted. In my case, sometimes there was an INM record and no passport stamp (or vice versa) for either direction. The noted time out cannot add up to 180 days in the last two years: their form has a spot for each trip (exit, reentry, days out) and your total shows at the bottom.
  12. Depending on one's package choice and configuration, any given show will be on a different station. Mine show up on NBC; repeats run for hours per day on both "W" network stations on the first HD satellite (channels 567 and 568 ) but I cannot get them on the new HD satellite on channel 079. The easiest option to locate channels on your specific channel lineup is to use the Guide function on your remote during the time of day you usually watched the show; the channel, not the time, is what changed.
  13. Yes, although your open apps in the US will consume your data incredibly rapidly. To conserve, keep your roaming and celular data turned off until you need it and/or use wifi where possible. And, should you need to add $ to your Telcel plan, any CVS or Walgreen's can add monies to your Mexican cell phone, altho few cashiers are aware of how to do this. On the register, there's a phone recharge option. You pick the country, service provider, your phone number and then can add $USD increments. Your recharge pops up as a text on your phone. Very straight-forward, in case you need to help the cashier through the process.
  14. Your best source of current information is the INM website. All the requirements for temporary (temporal) or permanent (permanente) resident status (there's been no "inmigrado" for years) are outlined there. Depending on your heritage, marital status to a Mexican national, finances and current residency status, the information and requirements differ and are too specific and variable to provide you with a definitive answer for your situation. Application (with some few exceptions) starts outside of Mexico at a Mexican consulate and, for most, can be started on your own.
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