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  1. You might want to call customer support for clarification based on your situation. 800-112-2999 or 55-5002-3539. If you've logged in previously they might be able to help over the phone.
  2. You'll have to visit a branch to set up online access either with a physical token or a virtual one using their cell phone app. Also, if you don't already have one you'll need to apply for a debit card. The card number is used to access your account using their Internet portal. The phone app uses a 6 digit pin number.
  3. I emailed Karina and asked the question about fees for transfers. This is what she wrote: The fee for 100 pesos it is going to be for transfer money from your MULTIVA account into another bank this service is called SPEI but only if you come into the branch, if you do it on internet the fee is 5 pesos.
  4. Dropped calls, unable to connect outbound calls and inability for others to call you have been well documented. ILOX denies there is a problem so most have ported back to Telmex and have warned others not to use this "service".
  5. There are monthly plans from Telcel that are not Amigo starting at $200 pesos/month for 1gb of data. Sin limite calls in the US and Canada. Once in the US the phone connects to T-mobile. The bill is due on the same day each month and can be set up for autopay using a credit card. No worries about recharging. If you are away and need more data (Telcel will send you a text saying you are low and the app shows the percentage remaining), you can buy additional data in gigabyte chunks. The OP says he pays $200 for 28 days. so the monthly plan would be cheaper assuming the amigo data limit is the same as the Planes de Renta listed on the Telcel site. To me it seems a lot less stressful getting a recurring plan paid automatically each month instead of continually worrying about the next Amigo recharge.
  6. If anyone with one Shaw receiver is interesting in joining an account, please send a PM for details.
  7. There are many restrictions on the books regarding adding a structure to an existing property. There's height, boundaries of adjoining properties and the percent of the new footprint to the total lot size. To do it properly you need to apply and get approval for a building permit. You should also consider consulting with neighbors that might be affected by a new structure especially if a view will be compromised. I went through a long process last year with a neighbor that started building a casita right up to our adjoining walls and boasted to a another neighbor it was going up 5 stories. The end product turned out to be marginally invasive but only after involving a lawyer and the department of transparency in Chapala to finally produce public record drawings and the permit.
  8. Toncho (Rafael) Peas 33-1520-4781 made sliding iron screen doors for us that turned out great. His shop is on 5 de Febrero 2.5 blocks down from the carretera on the right hand side.
  9. See if they have the means to email you the ballot and return envelope. You'd receive the ballot when it's available leaving ample time to return it. If you wait to receive it in the mail you won't have time to return it before the deadline.
  10. To the original OP. As you can tell there are many options to manage money transfers if you live here. There is no one or right answer to the question. The method you start using will most likely change over time to suit your needs. The one element of finance that has changed in the 18 years I've lived here is acceptance of credit cards which can reduce the need for physical cash from either a local bank or ATM. You want a credit card with no currency exchange fees. Same for a debit card if you plan to access cash that way. Avoid debit cards that have a transaction fee too. Years ago you could get hit with both. Wiring money down can also be cost effective but you must start with an institution that doesn't have an outbound fee. Normally that's only brokerage accounts like Ameritrade or Schwab. Having lived here full time for many years, I believe an account in a local bank that has an office near where you live is essential. Yes, you have to fill out a lot of paperwork and present copies of many documents but after that, the technology has changed so much (for the better) that you almost never need to interact with branch personnel. With a phone I can send money to the account of the guy that cleans my pool and cash payment for a lady that cleans my house in Guayabitos. Start with making sure you have the means to get ATM cash at the lowest possible cost and then grow into the method that works the best for you.
  11. Multiva does give better exchange rates than BBVA and the incoming wire fee is the peso equivalent of US$10. Wires are sent to Banco Multiva S.A. in Mexico City. The proceeds are deposited in a Multiva checking account. From there it can be moved to investment accounts if desired.
  12. It is not uncommon to have a site or a page that does not play well with a specific browser. Often the programmers test using one browser and release code only to find out it malfunctions on another. HTML is supposed to span all platforms but that's not always the case. Choose another browser like Edge, make sure you can access the account then change the options to open that one page at startup. You can put Edge on the Desktop and label it Intercam and only use it when you want to see your account. Chances are the incompatibility will be fixed in the future but if you want to see your account you need to make a change.
  13. There is one other thing to consider if you are skipping the RMD in 2020 and have unrealized capital gains in a taxable stock market account. There is zero tax on capital gains up to a certain income level. That all depends if you are filing single or joint. If you do have unrealized long term capital gains this would be a good year to sell the stock, pay nothing or nearly nothing in taxes and then reinvest the proceeds. You can't sell a stock, take the gain and then repurchase it or one substantially similar unless you wait 30 days to avoid the wash rule.
  14. Dallas County Texas emails early/absentee ballots between September 21-24 for a November election. Renewal requests for absentee ballots occurs every January. No renewal, no ballot.
  15. Once you successfully paid using a credit card, there is a button on the screen that allows you to subscribe your payment. Once selected you are then on auto-pay and no longer have to worry about the system refusing your attempt. The end date of my last bill was August 12. CFE has not yet charged my card but will likely do so soon.
  16. No paper receipt as it is electronic when using the tag. The blank side attaches to the velcro with the side containing writing and the bar code is inside. If you ever have to take it off for a scan they use the bar code.
  17. Please contact me by PM or email if Jose installed this Shaw receiver in your house and you are making subscription payments to him. john.shrall@gmail.com
  18. Use Velcro and affix it to the windshield. The instructions show you where to place it. On a couple of occasions the sensor didn't pick up the device but it was easy to take it off and hand it to the toll booth person. This is the Portatíl device that comes off the windshield. The Calcomanía can only be scraped off. The tags don't work on the Jala-Compostela bypass at this time. Protesters have taken over the booths and demand money to pass. The government doesn't seem to be inclined to kick them out.
  19. OK, try this. I sent them an email asking the procedure and they directed me to www.pase.com.mx/tramites/. From there I selected change form of payment. I think that once you fill out all the information on the screen, the system generates a pre-filled document with instruction on how to complete it manually, scan it and email it back to cavi@pase.com.mx. The instructions specifically state non-Mexican credit cards will be rejected. Maybe someone with a tag and an acceptable credit card can try it and report back. There are pictures and while the text is in Spanish, a quick copy and paste to Google Translate works if you don't understand the instructions. https://www.pase.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/CFP_PASE.pdf
  20. If I was going to guess I'd start with going to https://apps.pase.com.mx/up/ and if you haven't registered. If you have registered in the past, sign on with your email and password. If you're doing this the first time you have to register and then add a tag using the IMDM number starting with TUS TAGS, then Agregar. Once the tag is added, select it and click the 3 vertical dots to the right of the Facturar button and click change credit card. Now if this tag is a prepago (as opposed to pospago tied to a CCD) you might see another option. In the past when it was IAVE you had to print out a form, fill in your credit card information, scan it and email it back to them. Perhaps they made it easier but probably not.
  21. I can't imagine the money truck is making deliveries on a fixed schedule. Maybe too many movies but isn't that how the bank robbers plan big thefts? The ATMs have internal sensors on the canisters which trigger alerts such as jams and bill counts falling below trigger levels. It's also easier to balance a machine when the number of remaining bills are as close to zero each time a swap is made. Someone has to take out all the bills not dispensed and count them in order to balance the total to the internal audit. What normally happens is that the guys in the truck show up just as you're pulling in to make a withdrawal.
  22. You did replace <at> by @? 33 1486 7173 Carlos speaks a little English so if you have trouble communicating send a message on Whatsapp.
  23. Try emailing Carlos Castro charly_19castro<at>yahoo.es. Tell him what size racquet you want. He often has racquets at the courts at RC and Chapala for sale.
  24. Another free means to make payments for those having a Bancomer account to someone who has no bank account is their Retire Sin Tarjeta program. On the phone app or through the portal on a PC you can create a withdrawal for a specific amount. You receive a 12 digit clabe and 4 digit pin which can be passed to the recipient. With that information the person can go to a BBVA ATM and press the retire sin tarjeta button on the main screen, enter the numbers and receive the amount you authorized. No card needed.
  25. You can always skip the paper and make a direct deposit from your Bancomer account to your landlord's account using the BBVA app on a phone or PC. Paypal Mexico also provides the means to transfer money between bank accounts with no charge.
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