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  1. Maybe the first question should be is anyone else making online purchases with a BBVA credit card without the Wallet app? Once the main BBVA app is installed, Wallet is pretty easy addition. I wouldn't use my real credit or debit card number online for purchases due to the possibility of getting the number compromised. Wallet lets you create digital versions of both types of physical cards. KMetzger, do you have the main app installed on your iPhone? Is your cell number registered with BBVA for alerts?
  2. If you look at the AeroMexico site it does indeed show the T1 to T2 gates in MEX however if you look at the departures/arrivals page of the MEX airport it shows both flights arriving and departing in terminal 2.
  3. A direct Mexican bank to bank transfer (SPEI) can be made in pesos with no fee. Just need an account name and CLABE.
  4. Without knowing your route and the number of hours you want to drive in one day there is no good answer to your question. Some of our most memorable Mexico road trip adventures were those stops in non-destination towns, forced to end the day due to weather or other conditions. We ended up in Salina Cruz on the way back from Antigua Guatemala which was almost forgettable. The next day we had to stop in Chilpancingo in a driving rain where we were the only occupants of the motel that payed and stayed for the entire night. We also ended up in Baška Voda Croatia because it was close to happy hour and a storm was approaching. The city was so nice we ended up spending 2 days there. Sometimes it's better not to plan and just stop somewhere that either looks interesting or is the last chance before dark.
  5. Thanks Rick. That's correct. The only posts have been recommendations to use Dr Haro's specialist or Barragan but even these may not come from actual experiences, rather opinions based on some unknown criteria. I don't know who Haro's specialist is or if changes from time to time so there's no good way to vet that person other than trusting Dr Haro. I do have one emphatic recommendation for Dr Salas for an implant done 2 years ago. Cost was of no concern for him either. I didn't have high expectations getting any sort of meaningful input so I'm not disappointed. It doesn't hurt to try however.
  6. Has anyone used Dra. Salas for an implant recently? I have a diagnosis from Dr Haro which requires waiting for a specialist from Guadalajara to come and perform the procedure. Time and cost are not really considerations however, only results. I have a friend from California that had implants done 2 years ago and spoke highly of her. There posts about not so great outcomes with Dra. Candy that so for the moment she's not in consideration.
  7. You can try calling Sergio Davalos 33-1411-0966 and get an opinion from him. He has been treating my yard for quite a while for a variety of issues with citrus trees, grass and other plants like hibiscus. Powdery mildew, different types of fungus and lots of bugs. He's not an exterminator, but treats plants in distress.
  8. The short answer is - it depends. The trip could be about 5 hours but it depends on if you are finishing nearer to Nuevo Vallarta or the other side of town near Costco. I drive to Guayabitos frequently and we've generally made it there in under 4 hours. It's about another hour 10 to the airport depending on traffic and construction. There are 2 tolls on the macrolibramiento. If you begin driving to Joco there's only 1 which is $187. There's one beyond Tequila at $195. The Jala-Compostela bypass has been closed all summer due to taludes which means the mountain fell down again. Until reopened you have to drive to Chapalilla and take the old toll road which no longer has a toll. The other booth in Compostela has been occupied by protesters and thugs for months demanding money to pass so that cost is variable. Hwy 200 was shut down several times during the summer due to excessive rain which sometimes forced people to drive to Tepic down the coast road to San Blas before exiting at Las Varas. That shouldn't be a problem now but at that time it added 4 hours to the trip. There's also the route through Mascota. Someone else would have to comment about it but there are many old posts available.
  9. You should probably log onto the BBVA portal select your checking account and then click show account details. It is in that section where you can find the name of the your checking product. Mine showed MAESTRA PARTICULARES apparently no longer offered. A search showed that the minimum for this type of account is $8,000 with a $410 fee assessed for dropping below the minimum.
  10. That's the way it's supposed to work and in the past BBVA has mailed replacement cards to the house and required a signature. Who's to say the same policy is in effect today when nothing works the way it used to?
  11. Call the preferred customer unit and ask. 800-112-2999 or 55-5002-3539.
  12. Rules and unintended consequences. My house water pump went out late yesterday. All of the plumbing stores are closed this weekend by government mandate so no way to get the little part to make the repair until Monday. Fortunately we have a pool to deal with toilets but we'll have to mooch a shower from a neighbor. And to add insult to injury our neighborhood hasn't received any water for 2 weeks. The pipas have been working overtime the last few days filling empty aljibes. Even today meaning SIMAPA isn't part of the weekend shutdown. Edit: Scratch that. I went outside and find the latest pipa truck is from a private service. I asked him if he was busy and what was the problem. He said yes he was very busy and that a pump in a well burned up a couple of weeks ago. I then asked if he knew why it was taking so long to repair or replace the pump. He just shrugged and said Viva México.
  13. Never seen or experienced the lack of cars queued to enter the U.S.
  14. I bought one through a little pool supply store in Guayabitos that has a major facility in Puerto Vallarta. You could check with Juan Pablo or Jurgen at Home Services at the pool store just east of Superlake. They could get prices for one coming from Guadalajara sized to your needs.
  15. If you have solar electricity you can also consider installing an electric heat pump to warm the pool water. It takes a lot less space than pool panels and is always ready to warm up the water, even on days that aren't too sunny. I installed a 120,000 BTU heat pump for a 20,000 gallon pool at the beach. It consumes about 8 kWh per hour. If you want the pool at 90 degrees during the winter months it's possible and once heated and covered, reheating the next day doesn't take long. I do have excess solar electricity capacity so the heat pump is a way to keep CFE from taking credits away.
  16. You confirmed my point. There is no one size fits all solution to this issue. Everyone figures out their own best option. None of them are wrong.
  17. First of all there is no single best way to transfer money internationally. Over the years I've found the best way for me but as you can see, many others have their own best way based on their circumstances. I have a brokerage account at TD Ameritrade which was recently acquired by Charles Schwab. TDA provides outbound international wires at no charge. I have only wired money to BBVA and Multiva. The exchange rate on a wire can fluctuate a bit based on the amount transferred but I found that Multiva exchanged about 10 basis points under the international rate and BBVA about 80. BBVA also charged about $800 pesos to receive a wire while Multiva charges $10US in pesos based on the rate used in the transfer. Of course when transferring a large amount you're stuck with one exchange rate that can then move in either direction until you need more money. Sometimes you get lucky and hit when it's favorable, other times not so much. I use BBVA as my primary bank so once the money arrives at Multiva, normally the afternoon after a morning electronic wire request, I move money needed to pay bills, etc. to BBVA by cell phone and then transfer most of the remaining funds to a Multiva daily interest bearing account, leaving some in a checking account for withdrawals. This has proven to be the best way for me but if you don't have a brokerage account and/or local bank accounts it won't work for you.
  18. Another reason to maintain an account at a local bank and withdraw funds from their ATMs or in person at the branch. A lot less hassle and minimal concern about fees.
  19. Crutches for a short period of time more as a precaution than anything else. No rehab. As with any surgery like this, there is a little pain now and again for a long period of time. More annoying than serious.
  20. My wife had arthroscopic MCL surgery including repairs to some torn meniscus in late 2018. Dr Eduardo Gonzalez was the doctor and the procedure was performed at Country 2000 in Guadalajara. The total cost at that time was $83,000 pesos which included office visits, MRI, x-ray, blood and EKG tests and a few medications. Our AXA insurance covered most of the cost after the deductible and copay.
  21. It appears all branch signage has been changed from Bancomer to BBVA. The web portal used to be bancomer.com but has been changed to bbva.mx. Using the old URL causes a redirect to the new one. The bank was always known as BBVA Bancomer. There must have been a corporate reason to drop the Bancomer part.
  22. Yep, it's pretty much black on black with little tactile feeling for few the buttons on it. The design makes it slim for sure but tough to use, especially the center area.
  23. Liverpool has a good selection of TVs of all sizes and prices on their website. They post photos of the front, back and side and include technical specifications like number of HDMI and USB ports and if it supports RCA jack inputs. The price posted is the final price and they will deliver although it can take a couple of weeks. They only send a truck to this area once a week. Personally I don't like the new Samsung remotes. They are quite small with minimal buttons and rely on menu choices displayed on the TV. In the dark it is almost impossible to figure out which button to depress.
  24. You might want to call customer support for clarification based on your situation. 800-112-2999 or 55-5002-3539. If you've logged in previously they might be able to help over the phone.
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