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  1. I use an Asus AC1300 dual band router that seems to work pretty well. A lot better than the wifi from the ILOX modem.
  2. The Sentri pass is not cost effective if you cross at Laredo Bridge 2. In order to use the Sentri lane you must pay a yearly fee to Mexico to access the road on their side of the river. Unless you cross a lot it's impossible to justify. Plus you have to make an appointment at one of the border crossings in order to get interviewed and obtain a card. Then, after 5 years or even if you change cars you have to repeat the process at the border office. With the card you can use the ready lane but based on experience everyone fans out before the gates. Maybe everyone in the ready lane has a card but I doubt it.
  3. Have you tried downloading it? You can't from the Apple Store. Maybe Android works or whatever the heck this Huawei link does. Why would anyone download an app directly from Huawei?
  4. This may not help and if not I apologize but have you noticed that the number of negative posts about ILOX have dropped off the radar? I have the 300mb package and speed tests run at all times of the day are very close to that number. Also, in the past there were complaints of ILOX throttling download speeds but that too seems to have been lifted. I've seen downloads fly by at close to 40mb/sec which translates to a HD TV show completing in less than one minute. With Telmex (non-fiber), the same task would take close to an hour. Just an observation.
  5. It also appears that their app CFE Contigo is experiencing a Catch-22 moment. For the last month or more when launched it says you must download the newest version. Flipping to the App Store you then get a message that this app is not available in your country. The portal and autopay still work so no real problem. I still receive emails that a bill is due and at the correct time of the even numbered months. The last emails came in December.
  6. The article says that the date the PCR test on arrival and forced internment if a positive result is returned is to be announced opening a window for a less costly return. This reminds me of March 18 2020 or thereabouts where all flights from Mexico to Canada ceased. There was a mass exodus at that time.
  7. It's even worse considering all of the Canadian visitors currently all over Mexico. Will there be a mad dash to return by Saturday evening or will they stay until this order is lifted? Canada to quarantine travelers, suspend flights south - ABC News (go.com) Starting next week all International flights from Mexico and the Caribbean must land at Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal or Calgary. Each person returning from non-essential travel will be tested. Arriving passengers must quarantine in a supervised hotel for 3 days awaiting test results at their expense. The cost is $2000 to be paid in advance. It covers testing and all the precautions hotels need to make to protect staff. If negative results in say 2 days, people may go home and quarantine there for remainder of 14 days. Anyone with a positive test must quarantine at a designated government facility.
  8. So they assess 60 basis points on the exchange rate. It's almost impossible to compare apples to apples on any money transfer solution. When I wire money down I've seen as little as a 10 basis point spread between what I got and xe.com or others that present those numbers. If the exchange rate was stable all day it would be easier but USD/MXN can fluctuate a lot in real time. Unless 2 or more people transferred the same amount of money on the same day using 2 or more methodologies there's no way to really know the best deal. I'm game for an experiment as I will soon need to wire more money down and the exchange rate is just under 20:1. Not great but it is what it is. If anyone wants to participate in a semi-controlled test send me a PM. ATM withdrawals would also be useful in an attempt to clarify as much as possible the cost of moving money.
  9. I'm not sure you mean .6 because that would be a $6,000 fee on a $10,000 deposit. If it was .6% or .006 it's still $60 on that same $10,000 deposit and $120 for a $20,000 deposit. Paying a fee that rises based on the amount of the deposit seems like a rip off as opposed to a fixed fee no matter the amount. Wire transactions are assessed a fixed fee independent of the amount. BBVA used to charge about $800 pesos and Multiva charges $10US for inbound wire transactions.
  10. You can also pay them online using the Placa and VIN number at gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/vehicular/ At this time I assume that at some point I'd take the receipt to the Chapala office and exchange it for the tarjeta mentioned in other posts. For now I'll keep the recibo in the car should it be needed. This site and the one at Predial use the same payment interface which allow choices on how to pay the amount due.
  11. Foreign exchange fees are reported as separate line items on a checking or credit card statement. That’s by law. Surcharges on the other hand are not required to be disclosed. The only place a surcharge appears is on your ATM receipt.
  12. After playing around with Transferwise it seems to be cost effective only for small amounts. A $1000US transfer costs about $11 but if you raise the amount to $10,000 the fee jumps to $100US and $150 for $20,000. I can wire $20K or $50K for the same $10 Multiva fee from Ameritrade. No fee on that end. And the more you transfer this way the better rate you get. Am I missing something?
  13. I suspect the only way to accomplish what you want is wire transfer however USAA probably has an outgoing wire fee and Bancomer charges several hundred pesos for the incoming side. Brokerage firms often waive international wire fees making the transfer less costly. Multiva only charges $10US for an incoming wire making it pretty cost effective when paired with a brokerage firm. I’ve wired in $25,000 with no problems.
  14. If you want clear turquoise water you have to go to the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean. Probably others but I've been to both of these places. Beach orientation on the Pacific plays a big role as to whether the beach is calm or wild with big waves surfers love. Sayulita, San Pancho and Chacala face due west and have some pretty good waves along with rip tides. Guayabitos for example is oriented northwest in a protected bay so the waves are generally minimal. The OP was asking about condos which often but not always have pools. If you buy a house you can add a pool as long as there is sufficient room on the property. Having access to both is a big plus. One possible reason for the expansion along the Pacific is access to large population centers. With the new cuota finished at some point, the drive from Guadalajara becomes minimal. From Mexico City it is probably over 20 hours to the Cancun beaches and half of that to the Pacific, easily a day trip versus 2 days.
  15. The coast of the Pacific Ocean labeled Riveria Nayarit spanning PV north to San Blas looks to be on the same trajectory as Cancun to Tulum. Huge new hotels have just opened near Punta de Mita, the Conrad Hilton being one big name. Going north the One and Only Mandarina with hotels, condos, golf courses ad nauseum has opened outside of El Monteon which is next to San Pancho and Sayulita, both of which are bursting at the seams with new development and of course lack of infrastructure. Costa Canuva north of La Penita boasts of 4,000 rooms split between condos, hotels and houses. Golf courses too. Hwy 200 has been closed nightly between Sayulita and Bucerias over the last few weeks as the government in conjunction with people like Carlos Slim have stripped the mountainside in order to construct massive bridges hoping to finally complete the new cuota originally promised for 2017. Just an observation...
  16. There is a Facebook group that might provide better answers to your question: Puerto Vallarta: Everything you need or want to know.
  17. My wife only eats dark chocolate with nuts. It's the perfect accompaniment with red wine she contends. The best that is available here is Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts. I've only seen it at Superlake on occasion and when a shipment comes in, it disappears in a couple of days. They have many other varieties but can't seem to keep the dark chocolate on the shelf. Pancho used to order it more frequently when he was at Superlake so it's possible to talk to him and ask if he can get any at his new location.
  18. It won’t be cheap but the glass shop on the mountain side of the carretera between Colon and Juarez in Ajijic can make one.
  19. Visit Chapala in April/May and then the coast in September/October to experience the hottest months of the year. After that you can make up your own minds. No one on this board can predict your individual tolerances for heat although if the south Florida humidity is tough you’ll probably feel the same about the coast of Mexico.
  20. In 2004 the USD/MXN exchange rate was pretty stable all year at 11:1.
  21. You might need to be more specific in order to get a suitable answer. Are you referring to physical dollars? Check? Debit card? Generally you’ll get the best exchange rate at an ATM using a debit card but I’m sure there will be some that disagree.
  22. The machines at the Farmacia Guadalajara can print photos directly from your phone if you first download and install the Kodak Moments app. One of the kiosk's options is to select photos from phone.
  23. Update. File this under for what it's worth. I went today for the exam. Dra Coty, who listened, put hot and cold water on the tooth that Dr Haro said needed to come out, and then beat it with a metal instrument. She took x-rays and showed me the same image as Dr Haro. They both agreed there was a small infection. Dr Haro said the tooth was damaged and needed to be pulled. Dr Coty said that the infection might have been there for a long time and unless it got bigger it posed no problems. Dra Coty then said that if there was a problem it was the next tooth that had a mixture of a 60 year old amalgam filling and newer materials which was probably repaired here some years back. It's hard to believe that a filling from 1960 wasn't good for life. The bottom line is she suggested waiting and on subsequent dental visits take another x-ray to see if the size of the infection changes. If not, leave it alone. If the other tooth that was not mentioned by Haro starts to cause pain, come back for another look. She emailed the x-rays this afternoon so I'd have a permanent base line. Sometimes a second opinion is good and even better is a doctor that isn't in a rush to cut.
  24. A couple of years ago I brought back a desktop computer by car. I stopped in the items to declare lane in Nuevo Laredo and presented the receipt to customs. I ended up paying no duty because he said the cost was less than the total allowance for both of us in the car. I didn't stick around to question the amount of the allowance having got the green light to go. It's also possible the customs agent didn't want to fool with it on that day. I don't have the original receipt I used but I think it was over $600.
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