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  1. The banks may be holding the deposits but when Treasury transmits EFT payment each record contains a release date. If the date is in the future the deposits are warehoused until that date. The banks could post the deposits early but they don't get reimbursed until the settlement date.
  2. I successfully sold a car on the Facebook Beg, Barter, Buy and Sell - Chapala. Signed over the factura after receiving payment.
  3. No outbound international wire fees from Ameritrade and $10US inbound fee from Multiva. Exchange has been as close to 10 basis points under that seen on xe.com.
  4. There arr hundreds of posts on this board on this subject. Try searching to locate them. I normally transfer 20K or more when I need pesos and use international wires. Fast and clean. Fees are based on your sending and receiving banks. The rates are generally close to those found on xe.com although it’s difficult to tell at times due to hour to hour fluctuations.
  5. I was checking to see the wait times to enter the US and saw something I've never seen in all the years looking at the webcam. The US to Mexico side is slammed. Wonder what's up?
  6. I should clarify my comment about streaming. I used an Apple TV box using the GSE IPTV app through a feed supplied by a torrent site. When one says streaming there's lots of variables.
  7. Try using other speed test sites like fast.com and nperf.com. I just did one and nperf was all over the place while fast.com and speedtest.net were close to each other. The real measure of speed is when you need to download, upload or stream. Those are real world tests. I don't stream much but I did watch the Super Bowl on a Denver stream which never buffered. I have seen torrent download speeds approaching 35mb/second and over 4mb/second upload with ILOX. With that one can download an HD TV show in under a minute. I have the ILOX 300mb package and can concur it is now faster and more stable. I did give up the ILOX phone months ago for all the reasons that have been posted, even though ILOX said everything looks fine when all my calls were cut off. Embrace the good and work around the bad.
  8. Whatever BBVA was trying to do with facial rec doesn't work, as you have experienced. I got a new iPhone and migrated all apps from the old one. I too got into the facial rec failure loop until it finally stopped for no apparent reason. After that everything worked normally and there is now no indication that there is any facial rec in the app. Typical buggy rollout of a good idea. Most of the other US based banking apps support facial rec on the new iPhones. I suspect in the coming months BBVA will try it again and this time get it right.
  9. However, there is still no reason that BBVA won't remove your SSN because you no longer have one as a Mexican citizen. It's illegal for any nationalized citizen to have any documents containing US information. We had to pay for a driver's license renewal just to change one word on the card. Getting that corrected should be a priority. You may need a loud advocate to convince them.
  10. Didn't you remove your SSN at BBVA when you acquired citizenship? If you did there's nothing they can report. If you didn't bring all your docs and get them to remove it. That's one of the primary reasons for Mexican citizenship. If you've never reported and BBVA doesn't have your SSN then problem solved. The only reason I keep reporting is because I started before getting citizenship. Good luck however. The competence level of the staff at BBVA has dropped considerably. But if you have all your Mexican docs and time they can remove your SSN. Remember that with citizenship you are no longer US citizens while living in Mexico.
  11. Don't sweat it too much Fred. The IRS isn't looking for you or any of the expats living here. Fill out the form the best you can and submit. Year to year consistency is the best approach. I'm not so sure how closely these filings are watched assuming the Mexican banks have actually perfected the information transfer. Go to Individuals Filing the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) (treas.gov) and select the File Online The first page asks for your name and email. That's easy. Give your filing a name. Then fill out Part I with your personal info. Skip down to Part III and enter what you think the max value was in 2020 and the bank account info. Add the joint account info if there is any and then go to the end, sign electronically and submit. Save the filing as a pdf so you can repeat next year. Keep filing each year with the same info changing the amount if necessary. We're Mexican citizens now and even though banks are not reporting any info on us, I keep filing. The IRS looks for changes year to year as a red flag.
  12. Yes, no, great for you and yes everyone has a choice. You missed the biting sarcasm. Sorry.
  13. Perhaps for most but what of the small percentage of people who contracted Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS)? It's an autoimmune reaction that is rare and occurs for no known reason at this time. If you search GBS and the vaccine you'll see contradictory articles with most pointing to no occurrences during the vaccine trials. I got it 20 years ago and let me tell you it was no walk in the park. No matter what they say this vaccine is still experimental with only guesses about long term effects. This of course is a conundrum. Take the vaccine and risk GBS or take a pass and risk Covid? The answer will probably become clearer as time passes but for now I think I'll sit on the sidelines. Even Dr Fauci said no in December but it's likely he's changed his mind by now.
  14. Too bad this has nothing to do with Ajijic and will most likely get cancelled during the upcoming scrum. That quote comes from sourcewatch.org described as follows: SourceWatch is owned by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), which is a progressive nonprofit watchdog and advocacy organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. CMD has been documented to be funded by the Open Societies Foundation (Soros) and the Tides Foundation.
  15. With today's technology you can deposit a check to a US bank by taking a photo with a cell phone on the bank's app. Years ago when that tech was not available and I was presented a peso check, I was forced to set up a Mexican bank account in order to claim the funds.
  16. You can transfer money from Multiva to BBVA on your phone so you should be able to do the same for Banamex. The caveat is that transfers only work using the cell phone app. Can't do it from the portal or at least I haven't found it yet.
  17. https://goo.gl/maps/Wioyy7hhFp3Qrbih8 Lots of options.
  18. I paid early thinking there would be long lines in Chapala. Unfortunately when I presented the payment docs no one seemed to know what to do with them. People came in, paid and left while one guy was reading instructions off his phone. Part of the problem might have been my ATV which does not get a card, rather a paper tarjeta like before. After about 20 minutes I walked out with 2 plastic cards and 1 paper so yes, it seems like you are technically required to convert the receipts to cards. They did not use the credit card receipt rather used the document describing the car.
  19. They were giving out cards on Tuesday. The line was minimal to non-existent.
  20. Just west of the stoplight in SJC. Lake side.
  21. Is a 60 year old more vulnerable than someone who is 59 and 364 days?
  22. If you are looking for an unmonitored camera system Eric Miramontes has several options available. 33-1016-7480. I installed a 16 port DVR and so far 10 cameras. The DVR is connected to the Internet so you can monitor cameras real time from anywhere in the world. It comes with a hard drive so you can go back to a point in time and replay. He also installs one for an entry gate which works like the Ring system. I believe he installs cameras that alert you to motion but you'd need to ask specifically about that feature. There are also many high lumen lights on Amazon that work independent of a security system which can provide dusk to dawn illumination or pops on when there is motion.
  23. My first reaction is that I'd wait to see what's behind door number 3. China or Russia? Who do you trust more? Or less? However, I face a conundrum having contracted Guillian Barré Syndrome about 20 years ago. It's an autoimmune reaction to an event like an infection that causes the white blood cells to turn on the body and attack nerves. After finally being diagnosed the neurologist said I could never have a flu shot because it could cause another reaction. If you look up GBS and Covid vaccine on the internet you'll see conflicting reports. The FDA says no problem while the CDC says no. (At least today). I feel I have a better chance of surviving Covid than GBS at this point so for the moment I'll be waiting before making any decision about taking the vaccine.
  24. Real life example from today. I requested a $25,000US wire from Ameritrade. When Multiva received the wire request this morning they posted it at a 20:1 exchange rate. I received $500,000 pesos in my checking account. The fee was $200 pesos plus IVA so the real exchange rate I received was a little over 19.99. At the time the wire hit, the xe.com rate was about 20.15.
  25. Look for the current price on Amazon or Mercadolibre. I bought this one over a year ago. One caveat though. While I get 300mb wired I get 200mb down wireless on a laptop in the same room as the router.
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