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  1. The forum never got off the ground because most prople would rather email or call. I sent you a PM asking for contact info so you can be added to a general list of tennis players in the area posted on the internet.
  2. Telcel's Max Sin Limite plan offers unlimited calls to Mexico, US and Canada for $199 pesos/month including 1gb of data. The comparable T-Mobile Simple Choice plan with 2gb of data costs $50US. Telcel's Amigo Sin Limite costs $100 pesos for 25 days including 300mb of data and $150 and up for 30 days and data starting at 350mb going up to 1.5mb for $500 pesos which of course would make no sense if you could get the same amount of data using a regular plan at half that amount. The Amigo plans also offer payment by the minute. All of these options are easily accessible on their web site. Instagram, WhatsApp, Facetime, Telegram and others are easy ways to communicate around the world using only data. Last Christmas I was walking toward the house when the cell phone rang. It was a Facetime video call from my son and his family who made a last minute trip to Paris. Very good video and audio quality too. Once you start using these new cell phones you'll be amazed at what they can do for very little money, at least when compared to US cell plans.
  3. Are they dialing 011-52-1+cell number from their US phones?
  4. I ordered some life jackets on Amazon Mexico Saturday evening. I received an email on Monday saying they were shipped. Estefeta delivered the box Tuesday afternoon even though the original email said the items would be delivered Friday. I chose free shipping because the total met the criteria. No extra fees at delivery but I did have to sign for the box. Better than Amazon Prime in the US, at least for this purchase. You do have to look at the final page that shows the total to be paid. If there is impuesto it will show up just before you make the final click to order.
  5. You can also go to the telcel web site, set up an account for your phone number and recharge using a credit card. If you have Bancomer bill pay you can buy air time for any cell phone number.
  6. 5.5mb down and .6 up Las Salvias 2 blocks up the mountain $389 package. Telecable still at 10mb down 2mb up.
  7. A Google Earth image from mid December 2015 puts the road into a little better perspective. On the bottom between Calexico nd Mazatán is the main cuota. The little squiggle going north through the mountains toward Compostela should connect at the area where the cloverleaf work has resumed. I always thought the cuota would be closer to Compostela but as is evident from this image, the cuota is making a more direct path to Hwy 200. Taking a straight line from Mazatán toward 200 you hit south of Las Varas. A more direct route will definitely cut the time and mileage down/
  8. On our return trip from the beach last week we finally saw earth moving trucks and surveyors actually working at the Compostela cloverleaf. This is the first human activity I've seen in 6 months. Perhaps that is a promising sign that this section will open before year end. I also noted that in our neighborhood in Rincon de Guayabitos a man just moved into a rental for a one year stay. He is working with the Costa Capomo development north of La Peñita. This joint development between Mexico and Portugal with rumors of Carlos Slim money has been on hold for years. There is supposed to be an exit off the cuota beteeen Compostela and Bucerias near Altavista. The other exit on the Tepic cuota at Jala is completely finished and ready to go. Large concrete barriers are keeping people from hopping on.
  9. I can't help much with local purchase and install info. We bought a house 12 years ago on the mountain that has continuous cross breezes. Never even close to needing A/C/ However we bought a house in Guayabitos a couple of years ago where A/C is mandatory for survival half of the year. As one might expect, the more the unit costs the better the long term benefits. It always works out that way. I installed LG Inverter V 1 ton mini splits in each of the 3 bedrooms. This was the high end 220V LG unit that was much more efficient as well as quieter than cheaper models. I also installed a 2 ton and 1 ton to cool the living area. We mounted the outside compressor in a variety of places. A couple on the roof and others on a metal platform hanging on the side of the house. The installers have to run a line between the outside and inside units so the longer the distance and more walls involved the price goes up. The biggest problem we faced was the drain, especially in our living area mounted on an inside wall. We had to chisel a channel for the drain sloped to the side of the house. The mini split will require a separate breaker or 2 if 220V. Does the house breaker box have enough windows as they are called in Mexico? Cable must be run to power the unit. Last June we had visitors at the beach. Two adults and 6 kids. We closed up the house at 4:30 and cranked up the 3 tons to cool the living area for cooking and eating. The units were quiet enough to be able to watch TV with no problems. At bedtime we killed those units and turned on those in the bedroom. Normally about 75-78 degrees plus ceiling fans were plenty. We were only there 2 weeks but the total 2 month bill was $1,500 pesos. With a single bedroom unit the costs would certainly be much less.
  10. From a land line the number is 01-800-123-2222. If the automated attendant is working, wait for the introductory pitch selling Telmex products and then it will you to press 1 if you are calling from the number with the problem or 2 if you're calling from a different number, for example a cell phone. If you do call from a cell it will ask you to enter the 10 digit Telmex land line number. It's a waste of time because they always ask for your number anyway. The next prompt will be to enter 1 for Internet problems or 2 for telephone line service. After entering 1 you will be transferred to a human. Say: ¿Es posible hablar en Inglés? they'll eventually connect you to an English speaking operator. Whatever you want they'll make a report which will take 3-5 days to complete meaning don't call back for at least a week.
  11. Here is a post from the Jaltemba Bay web site about a recent visit to Compostela. http://jaltemba-bay-mexico.com/index.php?/topic/7388-new-hyway-update/
  12. I just drove by the first section a couple of weeks ago. The interchange at Jala seems to be ready to roll with concrete barriers blocking any access. The Compostela end hasn't been touched in months. The weeds are growing tall along the packed sand road that forms the cloverleaf. Reports from last year projected a December 2015 completion of the first section Chapalilla-Jala. The latest talks about completion further south sometime in 2017.
  13. Sent you a PM too. I have the Pimsleur I - IV series on mp3 if you or anyone is interested. It's a useful addition to an iPod for those who want to learn while they walk.
  14. My AXA car insurance in Mexico includes a liability policy for travel to the US. I did have to ask the agent to make sure he provided the rider so I could print it and put it in the car. Unity covers the liability portion and it's the same form as you would receive when purchased for a US car traveling back to the States.
  15. The moderators have graciously agreed to pin this information in the Upcoming Events forum. The Lakeside Tennis Forum is open to everyone who wants to play tennis along the lake whether they be residents or visitors.
  16. To help tennis players along the lake find a game or maybe save time looking for subs I set up a forum at www.tennis.shrall.com The forum is open to residents and visitors alike. Just click the register link on the top right of the home page, enter your full name as user name, choose a password and enter your contact email. There are 2 forums set up, one for people looking for games and those with games looking for subs. There are general suggestions posted but there's nothing formal about the site. Check it out and start some posts. There are a lot of people gone or injured now so matches are being canceled due to lack of players. Maybe this can help.
  17. If we knew how much SIMAPA charged per liter we could easily divide back our lump sum bill to see how much water we're paying for. Mine was over $8,000 pesos last year and has almost tripled in 11 years. I expect another double digit percentage increase this year.
  18. For those with meters, what does SIMAPA charge per liter of water? The lump sum yearly bill has been growing very quickly and is based on some nebulous formula combining bathrooms, property size and pool. I'm not convinced the formula directly converts to water usage.
  19. In 2 or 3 years the new 4 lane cuota from Jala off the GDL-Tepic cuota to Bucerias will be open. Reports are that it's about 1/3 complete right now.There is heavy equipment on the highway right now near Jala building that exchange supposedly with planned exits near Compostela, Las Varas, La Peñita and perhaps one or 2 more before dumping out in Bucerias. In the mean time I also take the cuotas and alternate between Lazaro Cardenas and the Periferico Sur to get through Guadalajara onto the cuota exiting at Chapalilla to Compestela picking up 200 to PV. The windy sections are about 20-30km each with straight stretches in between that allow for passing. The biggest problem is the $%&/()s who pass on blind curves and cut in front of a car to avoid a head-on collision.
  20. Thanks for the info. Could those that have pumps post the brand and model along with horsepower rating?
  21. Has anyone used one of these pumps that deliver water from the aljibe to the house that does not use a separate pressure tank? The premise is that the pump has a small amount of water in its own little tank and when someone in the house turns on a faucet, the pump turns on delivering steady pressure until the faucet is closed. With a pressure tank the pump starts when the tank pressure drops below 20 and then stops when the tank pressure reaches 40. Using the booster pump the pump runs only when water is being used. In theory the pump run times should be the same when using the same amount of water.
  22. I did it yesterday and it works. https://siat.sat.gob.mx/PTSC/inscurp/ It's a whole lot easier than spending an entire day at the SAT office in Guadalajara. You need a RFC number in order to get any sort of refund from SAT.
  23. You said you weren't interested in my property on Lazaro Cardenas because it was over your budget and was furnished and you required a garden. You didn't specify a budget in your posting.

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