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  1. Bancomer ATMs are free of charge if you have a checking account with them. Downside is the daily card limit is $9,300 pesos but in a crunch cash is available in the branch. Multiva charges $10US for an incoming wire. Ameritrade outgoing wires are free. Multiva daily interest accounts more than cover the wire fee. Transfer money between the two by cell app. Credit cards reduce the need for physical cash. ATM surcharges seem to be creeping up. It's free money for the ATM owner.
  2. It's more than Tapatios. I've been to the PVR airport twice this month to pick up family. Each time there were 8 full planes arriving in the same hour. It took two hours plus for customs to process them. There are 24 international arrivals and 13 domestic between 1pm and 5pm daily. That's easily 4,000 or more people arriving each day via airplane and this is the low season. It wouldn't be surprising to see similar numbers for Cancun and Cabo.
  3. Totalplay is certainly making inroads not only here but their presence is very noticeable in Puerto Vallarta. Perhaps it is a coincidence but ILOX seems to be more stable in the recent past and has quietly relabeled their 300mb package to 350mb. While the highest speed seen in the beginning was 280mb, the speeds now are above the advertised level. It's probably not a coincidence but once again you gotta love competition.
  4. Similar unusual weather pattern on the Pacific. During a 3 week stay last month in Guayabitos the overnight rain would continue until noonish when either the sun came out and the steam rose or it stayed overcast the remainder of the day. Our fair skinned visitors didn't mind much leaving without sunburns and also avoiding many afternoons under sweltering sunny heat. Lots of rain too. The entire city was underwater after an early morning rain event. The normally tranquil canal behind our house turned into raging rapids for 8 hours.
  5. Yes and voice messages are sent by email. Often when on the road the cell doesn't ring but there is a notification of a missed call.
  6. Magic Jack has worked well over the years for a US phone number. At only $5/month it's more reasonable than a second SIM card from a US carrier. The service can be downloaded on one cell phone and with it you can receive most texts. Some financial institutions like Ameritrade allow foreign phone numbers. The only problem was Capital One. They wouldn't send a text to a VOIP number. I added my brother's cell to the account, made the request and he passed along the text message with the code I needed to get into the system.
  7. FYI, there are no more Covid tests being performed in the Soriana parking lot in Chapala. A sign says suspended until further notice. Chopo in Riberas also says they don't do tests anymore even though the place is filled with signs touting all choices. Our friends walked from Chopo to Go Lab and got the test for $900 pesos. There were also people at the Ajijic Clinic between 11 and 12 getting a test. Same price.
  8. It will be my 70th birthday but I'm not French and probably won't have a celebration. Sorry to be a troll.
  9. Banks automatically withhold ISR at the time interest is paid. You only receive the net amount. No special number or tax filing in required.
  10. Multiva offers some interest bearing accounts that pay 2 or 3%. After receiving a wire I transfer the excess to the account and liquidate funds when needed. As of today a 6 month CEDE (CD) pays 4.5% less the government’s 20% ISR taken at maturity. Buried on their website is a pdf that lists all of of their offerings and recent returns. They are listed under fondos de inversion.
  11. Mi Casita has a facility now in SAT at Gonzalez Gallo #70. One friend has been there a month or 2 and has been receiving excellent care. Another friend should be transferred there today from a hospital in Guadalajara for rehab after a leg operation.
  12. It does seem a bit odd. The last poll taken a week ago had Moy up by 7 points. Maybe Mexican polls are no better than those in the US.
  13. have AXA insurance on my cars and part of the yearly premium is a rider for liability insurance when traveling outside of Mexico.
  14. The visuals provided by this camera can be very misleading at times. There is a concrete barrier in the center of the bridge where border patrol often holds cars back. The US toll booth lanes can look empty with the truth being there are cars queued out of sight in Nuevo Laredo. The other site listing border wait times is probably inaccurate as well when the end of the line is not visible. On our last trip north we only needed to go to San Antonio so we stopped in Monterrey for the night. Less than 10 minutes past the turnoff toward Nuevo Laredo on Hwy 85 is the airport which has many hotels available. In the morning we checked the wait time site while in the car and ended up diverting to Columbia. Two cars in line there. Easy crossing but not really feasible if you're stopping in Laredo for the night.
  15. I was in the US for the better part of the last 2 months. In Texas, the restaurants were packed even in March. The stores however were pretty much mask compliant. Access to the vaccine was hit and miss. By May the restaurants are still full but now perhaps 20% of everyone I saw in grocery stores were maskless. There were many instances of signs in front of CVS and Walgreens advertising vaccine availability. Just come on in. All 3 vaccines were totally available. Indiana was quite different. We waited 30 minutes to get into a restaurant Sunday before last and when finally admitted found that perhaps 20% of the tables were occupied. Perhaps it was due to restrictions but another possibility was lack of staff to serve customers. Just about every CVS in Indianapolis had vaccine appointments available, even same day. Not so in March when my son and his entire family got Covid, unable to get the vaccine due to age restrictions. On the way home, we stopped for gas and hotel in Arkansas. This is of course anecdotal but no one was wearing a mask in either location. This was the first time in a long time that the person behind the desk in a hotel was maskless.
  16. CVS has all 3 varieties readily available throughout the city as well as close to the airport. The J&J vaccine is available at many locations for those wanting the single shot. Schedule on their web site.
  17. Check out Mercadolibre searching for the tire size. I found several choices for a spare tire and rim after mine was stolen. Many sellers offer sets of 4 or in my case just 1.
  18. Patience young grasshopper. The first is available on other sites and the other is not on until tonight.
  19. The moderator was complaining a lot today about all the time it was taking to administer the group. Apparently that led to the decision to shut it down, at least for the moment. The confusion over the vaccine rollout probably had a lot to do with it.
  20. Wouldn't it be better to call Multiva and ask them directly?
  21. That site can be very misleading. The inventory is not updated consistently so a location showing availability of the J&J shot may have been accurate at one point but by the time the page is updated the inventory is gone. The second problem is that many of the sites listed offer vaccinations only to patients, not the general public. Very few have websites where you can make an appointment online. Baylor, Scott & White medical facilities and CVS have had openings for shots in several locations but the windows open and close quickly. Both seem limited to Pfizer at this time however.
  22. The banks may be holding the deposits but when Treasury transmits EFT payment each record contains a release date. If the date is in the future the deposits are warehoused until that date. The banks could post the deposits early but they don't get reimbursed until the settlement date.
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