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  1. There were 4 suspected cases in Jocotepec this past week. Three from the US and one Mexican. The presidente of the town posted a report on Thursday saying all 4 were tested and the results were negative.
  2. The automatic extension for expats is 2 months, filing and payment.
  3. Expats can take advantage of an automatic 2 month extension for paying and filing taxes.
  4. Some banks and even Paypal also reject MagicJack numbers probably determined by the area code & prefix. The only way to get a text message on MagicJack is to install the optional app on a cell phone. Texts won't work with the dongle. Can't speak to how Google Voice works.
  5. Telephone is down in Las Salvias. Landline and their replacement VOIP.
  6. There is a device with a cable that connects onto the meter of the propane tank on the roof. That's very easy to install. Then you have to bring the wire with the LED readout device from the roof and attach it to a nearby wall. My tank is above the garage so it was easy to drop the cable down. There is a fair amount of cable supplied but the distance is limited. Once attached to the wall and a battery is installed, pressing a button on the ground level device displays the percentage of gas left in the tank. Much easier than climbing onto the roof.
  7. I went to Car City last week for an oil change and found the entire entry blocked by the cement bike path dividers. You have to go past the entrance to the next street and drive on the bike path to enter. Leaving you also have to drive directly on the bike path to gain access to the carretera. I asked the jefe why they didn't stop the state workers from building the barrier and blocking their entrance. Just got an I don't know shrug.
  8. I always buy the oil and filter at Auto Zone or Orma for my Ford Explorer. The shops generally don't carry 5w30 and I want to avoid getting near the bulk oil. Car City charges $150 for labor. Oil is expensive. I just bought 6 liters of 0w20 synthetic for the new Pilot and it cost over $1,200 pesos.
  9. Good choice opting out of ILOX telephone. Most people I know who cut ties with Telmex have returned after fighting constant telephone connectivity problems with ILOX.
  10. I sent you a PM with information about taking some lessons before jumping into games. There is a shortage of players due to those switching to pickleball, injuries or moves back north so we're always looking for new blood. The snowbirds are only down for a couple more months so we'll lose those players for the summer.
  11. Update: No one from CFE ever came out with a replacement meter or thicker cable to replace the thinner grade. On a subsequent call for a lost phase in the house CFE said it was my problem but they did install the new #8 cable from the meter to the pole. Since then I ran new cable from the main breaker to the laundry room and installed a new box with breakers to replace the mound of spaghetti wires protruding from the wall. With everything new and re-checked the bi-directional meter is recording usage where there is none. Overnight the meter consistently registers 9 kWh incoming when nothing is running except for 1 refrigerator that uses 1 kWh (from a Kill-a-Watt reading). I can't account where the extra 8 kWh is going after several days of testing and re-checking all the internal wiring. Everything now would point to the meter not recording the incoming electricity properly. Has anyone been successful making a report asking for CFE to come and check the meter for accuracy? If so was the report made at the office or by calling 071? Any ideas other than taking a hammer to the meter and requesting a new one?
  12. The wizards of smart have an opinion too. The Bank of Mexico has been cutting rates with more cuts predicted for 2020. Most if not all maturities of Cetes have fallen below 7%. Today's USDMXN close was 18.58 near the support level. It did pop a little a couple of days ago after bottoming at 18.54. Technical levels Resistance 18.8240 Support 18.5040 https://finance.yahoo.com/news/usd-mxn-tricky-fundamentals-090432876.html
  13. Telmex VOIP phone service is down in Las Salvias. No Internet light on the modem. It could be related to the problem others have reported but there was a transformer kaboom a couple of hours ago on Tempisque. Power is down up that street and along the careterra. Strom Moving at 5 de Febrero was out a little while ago.
  14. Alvaro works primarily with naturalization and is very good at it. The ad mentions immigration. In any case you can email him to see if he can provide what you're looking for.
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