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  1. Interesting article from 1984 about the growth of the grocery store paper to plastic bag conversion that began in 1979. This was the period where the "paper or plastic" question was prevalent. Of course it was about short term cost savings the stores could realize. https://www.nytimes.com/1984/11/17/style/battle-of-the-grocery-bags-plastic-versus-paper.html The paper bag had a base and 4 walls allowing the baggers to flick cans using one hand and catch them in the bottom of the bag with the other. On top went lighter items followed by items that would crush. Can't really do that with plastic even if the bagger has good intentions. I suspect that bagging training isn't as rigorous as it was in the mid-60's when I had that job making close to nothing and giving back 10% of my meager monthly pay to union dues.
  2. Tennis is supposed to open Monday in Chapala. I received the "protocol" from Carlos who runs the courts for the city. It looks like it's going to be a hassle if the rules are followed. PROTOCOLO DE SANITIZACIÓN Para el ingreso a las canchas de tennis 1.pisar el tapete con agua clorada 2.poner gel en las manos 3.solo con reservacion.. Tel 7657145 con lalo celular 3310730716 Procolo dentro de cancha 1.tomar su sana distacia durante los cambios de cancha.( Cambio de cancha por diferentes lados) 2.cada jugador tendrá que llevar sus pelotas con su nombre..y solo puede tocar las pelotas de su propiedad 3.no saludarse ala termino del partido Estos son los protocolo para jugar tennis y en el parque de la cristiania Quedó A sus órdenes Atte prof Juan Carlos castro. Contacto 3314867173 charly_19castro@yahoo.es Run it through Google Translate if you want to know more but you must make reservations with Lalo (no English), keep distance, write your name on balls with the owner the only person to touch them, change courts use opposite sides and no gathering to talk at the end of the match. Gel and chlorine water before getting on the court. Sounds like fun. Not.
  3. We bought a rattan couch and 2 chairs from that chain in a store near PV a few years ago. I don't know if it was synthetic. It was pretty expensive but is quality built, comfortable and has held up nicely in our house in Guayabitos in the salt air.
  4. I should know tomorrow if the tennis courts at Parque Cristiana will open July 1. As of yesterday that was the plan of the government but that's always subject to change or in this case delay.
  5. Still better than the US where 1 year CDs are paying a hair above 1%. A 1 year T-bill is .15%. Multiva does have a 90 day investment that's paying over 5% but when that's up, what's next? One year CETES (different than CEDES) is paying 4.90% according to cetesdirecto.com. However if you start the process of setting up a new account there, you'll probably cancel based on all the information they want from you. Very intrusive.
  6. Interest rates continue to drop rapidly. A 210 day fixed investment made last November at Multiva paid out today at 7.25%. I rolled the proceeds into a 360 day CEDE at 4.74%. Twenty eight day instruments were still under 5% so the gamble is that rates will continue to fall for the foreseeable future. Of course now that the money is locked in for the next year interest rates will probably start to rise.
  7. I believe the Expert Cleaners just east of La Casa de Waffle in Ajijic has one too.
  8. Maybe the rain will continue...
  9. I didn't want to hijack the other post about A/C so I'll post my own topic. I would caution anyone looking at mini-splits to think twice about LG models. While they perform well, should there be a problem understand that there are no replacement parts in Mexico. Fans, boards and coils all come from China. I don't have any A/C in Ajijic but have 5 units at a house on the Pacific coast. I had to toss 2 LG units when the coils sprung leaks and the estimated time for a replacement part was 6 weeks. Life expectancy should be much better in Ajijic than on the coast where one deals with heat, humidity and salt air but when buying something new, availability of replacement parts should be a consideration. Same goes for Frigidaire appliances. No parts available in Mexico. GE/Mabe, yes. Samsung, only from a certified repair store of which there are none here. Jualberto gave me that bad news when I called him about a Samsung refrigerator problem.
  10. I did WhatsApp to the number Travis posted and got a response within a couple of minutes. He wrote that he'll be here early Monday with his truck. Thanks for the post. The old doors were starting to accumulate with 2 more sets to go. FYI, Rafa aka Toncho, the iron worker on 5 de Febrero in Ajijic, is making the new iron doors. Slow but steady. So far he and his crew have done a great job.
  11. I'm installing new iron screen doors and so far have 6 of the old ones along with the rails I'd like to dispose of. The truck used to come down the street and may still on occasion but I never see him. Does anyone know a way to get a message to the driver that I've got iron? I hate to just put it out on the street not knowing how long it might lay there.
  12. I'm not so sure you can just walk into a bank branch and cash a check. If you have an account you can deposit a check where the funds will be held for many days until it clears. The bank has no way to verify the availability of funds to cover the check. Intercam may have different rules. Perhaps CI Banco does too but I remember having to set up a BBVA account in order to cash a check issued by an insurance company in Mexico.
  13. One would need to perform a similar test when streaming. Stream for a while without a VPN and if there are buffering problems connect the VPN and see if the problem persists or clears up.
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