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  1. I recently had a phone problem with the ILOX service. If you encounter the same thing, an email to noc fixed it quickly. When dialing out there was just silence on the line. No ring, no pickup. The other side heard the ring, answered and spoke but on my side nothing. The second possibility was silence, then a click when the other side answered. The call went on normally. No problems with inbound calls only outbound. I sent an email to noc describing the problem. I got an email response in just a few minutes saying they'd look into it. About 5 minutes later I received a call from ILOX asking me to test it again. I don't know what they did but the problem was resolved less than 15 minutes after sending the email.
  2. Ilox assigns every new customer a new phone number but you can port your existing Telmex number over very easily. I switched about 6 weeks ago and have had no problems. As soon as the port was complete I took the modem back to the office and totally cancelled service. Once your phone number has been ported it belongs to Ilox.
  3. It's time once again to check your Telmex bill for another unsolicited insurance product. The charge is SIN98/URGENCIAS MEDICAS in the amount of $19.90 + IVA. Keep an eye out for it. https://telmex.com/web/hogar/servicios-membresias-urgenciasmedicas
  4. The chances of a non-jailbreaked iPhone being hijacked are pretty slim. Ditto for email if you follow common sense rules about clicking links from unknown senders. It doesn't make sense to avoid the new technology because you're worried about being hacked although if you do have concerns you can always use cash.
  5. The term fraud alert is a US banking term used whenever a card is used that deviates from the "normal" pattern of activity as determined by a secret algorithm. The US system is still paper based with online authorization which relies heavily on the merchant to verify the identity of the cardholder. We only return to Texas once a year and even when notifying Citibank, inevitably the first purchase attempted is denied and a fraud alert generated. I have had Bancomer debit and credit cards for years. Both of course are chipped which then requires entry of the pin number as an electronic signature when used at a physical merchant. A stolen card is of no use without the pin. I've never received a call from Bancomer except for some promotion. The cards are disabled for use in online transactions like Amazon, Mercadolibre or any site where you buy things using a debit or credit card. I don't know if this is a requirement but you set up digital debit and credit cards. When using them for purchases you must log into the Wallet app with the password and then generate a CVV that only has a 5 minute life. Even if someone hacks the digital card the CVV will most likely never match. Utilities like CFE, Sky, Telcel, Telecable and others that generate automated monthly charges can still use the real credit or debit card number. Any card use (purchases, ATM withdrawals or even branch withdrawals) generates a cell phone notification. To me the Mexican banking system utilizing debit and credit cards is far more secure than that in the US. It can be difficult to set up and time consuming to generate CVVs for online purchases but in the end the ability of someone stealing a Mexican card and actually using it is pretty unlikely.
  6. Try #21# to terminate call forwarding. I thought I heard the response before I pressed # but maybe not. The original instructions did not terminate with #.
  7. For anyone interested, ILOX call forwarding is activated similar to the Telmex "Follow Me" or Sígueme. To activate dial *21 followed by the 10 digit number of the phone to receive the calls followed by #. No 045 is required for forwarding to cell phones as is the case for now with Telmex. You will receive a message indicating success. To deactivate dial #21# When using this service with Telmex, the caller ID on the forwarded phone displayed the home phone number. With ILOX, the phone number originating the call is passed to you. Much better. I use this all the time when traveling throughout Mexico although it would work when in the US or Canada. It took a couple of emails to noc to get the correct information, the first response being incorrect. Both emails were answered within 30 minutes, even one sent Sunday afternoon.
  8. Yes, I was just at his office on the lateral in Villa Nova about an hour ago. Power went out while I was there so if you call you and don' get an answer the power is still out.
  9. During the transition it is good to have one phone plugged into the Telmex jack and the other into the ILOX modem phone port. From a cell phone you can call your Telmex number and see which phone rings. When the port is complete a technician will call your Telmex number which will now ring on the ILOX modem. At that time you can disconnect the phone connected to the Telmex jack and leave the phone of choice plugged into ILOX. I don't know what you mean by "the other line". Once the port is complete you no longer have any 109-xxxx number.
  10. Does your new number look like 109-xxxx? If so that’s the Ilox number assigned to you. Every customer gets one whether or not you want to use it. If you want to port your Telmex number to Ilox, dial 051on your Telmex line. You will hear a message in Spanish that will end with speaking a 4 digit PIN number. That is the number needed to give Ilox permission to port and take ownership of the Telmex number. Now write an email to noc@mail.ilox.mx, tell them you want to port your Telmex number, give them the contract number, service address, youe name, phone number and pin. Plug a phone into the phone 1 port of the modem. They will ring that number when the port is complete. At that time your Telmex line will be dead - no dial tone.
  11. Some title companies will not accept documents notarized in Mexico. Our realtor warned us of that possibility and strongly suggested getting documents notarized at the consulate. The original contracts can be signed electronically but when it comes to closing and funding, a properly notarized signature or a POA is required.
  12. We sold a house last year while living in Mexico. We signed all the sales docs online as described here. We asked the title company to prepare power of attorney documents for both of us which we took to the consulate and had them notarized. You can make an appointment online. If you get a POA, each person on the deed must assign the right to sign which of course doubles the cost of the service.
  13. The street light in front of my house is out. It's one of the new square fixtures. Does anyone know where to report the outage? Ajijic, Las Salvias.
  14. Yes. This was a POA for a house closing in Dallas. The title company accepted the notary's signature.
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