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  1. Too bad this has nothing to do with Ajijic and will most likely get cancelled during the upcoming scrum. That quote comes from sourcewatch.org described as follows: SourceWatch is owned by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), which is a progressive nonprofit watchdog and advocacy organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. CMD has been documented to be funded by the Open Societies Foundation (Soros) and the Tides Foundation.
  2. With today's technology you can deposit a check to a US bank by taking a photo with a cell phone on the bank's app. Years ago when that tech was not available and I was presented a peso check, I was forced to set up a Mexican bank account in order to claim the funds.
  3. You can transfer money from Multiva to BBVA on your phone so you should be able to do the same for Banamex. The caveat is that transfers only work using the cell phone app. Can't do it from the portal or at least I haven't found it yet.
  4. https://goo.gl/maps/Wioyy7hhFp3Qrbih8 Lots of options.
  5. I paid early thinking there would be long lines in Chapala. Unfortunately when I presented the payment docs no one seemed to know what to do with them. People came in, paid and left while one guy was reading instructions off his phone. Part of the problem might have been my ATV which does not get a card, rather a paper tarjeta like before. After about 20 minutes I walked out with 2 plastic cards and 1 paper so yes, it seems like you are technically required to convert the receipts to cards. They did not use the credit card receipt rather used the document describing the car.
  6. They were giving out cards on Tuesday. The line was minimal to non-existent.
  7. Just west of the stoplight in SJC. Lake side.
  8. Is a 60 year old more vulnerable than someone who is 59 and 364 days?
  9. If you are looking for an unmonitored camera system Eric Miramontes has several options available. 33-1016-7480. I installed a 16 port DVR and so far 10 cameras. The DVR is connected to the Internet so you can monitor cameras real time from anywhere in the world. It comes with a hard drive so you can go back to a point in time and replay. He also installs one for an entry gate which works like the Ring system. I believe he installs cameras that alert you to motion but you'd need to ask specifically about that feature. There are also many high lumen lights on Amazon that work independ
  10. My first reaction is that I'd wait to see what's behind door number 3. China or Russia? Who do you trust more? Or less? However, I face a conundrum having contracted Guillian Barré Syndrome about 20 years ago. It's an autoimmune reaction to an event like an infection that causes the white blood cells to turn on the body and attack nerves. After finally being diagnosed the neurologist said I could never have a flu shot because it could cause another reaction. If you look up GBS and Covid vaccine on the internet you'll see conflicting reports. The FDA says no problem while the CDC says no.
  11. Real life example from today. I requested a $25,000US wire from Ameritrade. When Multiva received the wire request this morning they posted it at a 20:1 exchange rate. I received $500,000 pesos in my checking account. The fee was $200 pesos plus IVA so the real exchange rate I received was a little over 19.99. At the time the wire hit, the xe.com rate was about 20.15.
  12. Look for the current price on Amazon or Mercadolibre. I bought this one over a year ago. One caveat though. While I get 300mb wired I get 200mb down wireless on a laptop in the same room as the router.
  13. I use an Asus AC1300 dual band router that seems to work pretty well. A lot better than the wifi from the ILOX modem.
  14. The Sentri pass is not cost effective if you cross at Laredo Bridge 2. In order to use the Sentri lane you must pay a yearly fee to Mexico to access the road on their side of the river. Unless you cross a lot it's impossible to justify. Plus you have to make an appointment at one of the border crossings in order to get interviewed and obtain a card. Then, after 5 years or even if you change cars you have to repeat the process at the border office. With the card you can use the ready lane but based on experience everyone fans out before the gates. Maybe everyone in the ready lane has a ca
  15. Have you tried downloading it? You can't from the Apple Store. Maybe Android works or whatever the heck this Huawei link does. Why would anyone download an app directly from Huawei?
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