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  1. You might need to be more specific in order to get a suitable answer. Are you referring to physical dollars? Check? Debit card? Generally you’ll get the best exchange rate at an ATM using a debit card but I’m sure there will be some that disagree.
  2. The machines at the Farmacia Guadalajara can print photos directly from your phone if you first download and install the Kodak Moments app. One of the kiosk's options is to select photos from phone.
  3. Update. File this under for what it's worth. I went today for the exam. Dra Coty, who listened, put hot and cold water on the tooth that Dr Haro said needed to come out, and then beat it with a metal instrument. She took x-rays and showed me the same image as Dr Haro. They both agreed there was a small infection. Dr Haro said the tooth was damaged and needed to be pulled. Dr Coty said that the infection might have been there for a long time and unless it got bigger it posed no problems. Dra Coty then said that if there was a problem it was the next tooth that had a mixture of a 60 ye
  4. A couple of years ago I brought back a desktop computer by car. I stopped in the items to declare lane in Nuevo Laredo and presented the receipt to customs. I ended up paying no duty because he said the cost was less than the total allowance for both of us in the car. I didn't stick around to question the amount of the allowance having got the green light to go. It's also possible the customs agent didn't want to fool with it on that day. I don't have the original receipt I used but I think it was over $600.
  5. If you have the wallet app it displays your credit and debit cards under a fisica tab. To the right of fisica is digital. If I remember right when you press that word, the app will generate a new credit card number and show it next to the real one. When making a purchase you open Wallet, click the digital image and then after entering the digital card number press see CVV. You'll get a 3 digit number with a 5 minute countdown clock starting. You have those 5 minutes to complete the transaction before the combo is invalid. I have the BBVA digital card number saved on Amazon Mexico for all
  6. Maybe the first question should be is anyone else making online purchases with a BBVA credit card without the Wallet app? Once the main BBVA app is installed, Wallet is pretty easy addition. I wouldn't use my real credit or debit card number online for purchases due to the possibility of getting the number compromised. Wallet lets you create digital versions of both types of physical cards. KMetzger, do you have the main app installed on your iPhone? Is your cell number registered with BBVA for alerts?
  7. If you look at the AeroMexico site it does indeed show the T1 to T2 gates in MEX however if you look at the departures/arrivals page of the MEX airport it shows both flights arriving and departing in terminal 2.
  8. A direct Mexican bank to bank transfer (SPEI) can be made in pesos with no fee. Just need an account name and CLABE.
  9. Without knowing your route and the number of hours you want to drive in one day there is no good answer to your question. Some of our most memorable Mexico road trip adventures were those stops in non-destination towns, forced to end the day due to weather or other conditions. We ended up in Salina Cruz on the way back from Antigua Guatemala which was almost forgettable. The next day we had to stop in Chilpancingo in a driving rain where we were the only occupants of the motel that payed and stayed for the entire night. We also ended up in Baška Voda Croatia because it was close to h
  10. Thanks Rick. That's correct. The only posts have been recommendations to use Dr Haro's specialist or Barragan but even these may not come from actual experiences, rather opinions based on some unknown criteria. I don't know who Haro's specialist is or if changes from time to time so there's no good way to vet that person other than trusting Dr Haro. I do have one emphatic recommendation for Dr Salas for an implant done 2 years ago. Cost was of no concern for him either. I didn't have high expectations getting any sort of meaningful input so I'm not disappointed. It doesn't hurt to try ho
  11. Has anyone used Dra. Salas for an implant recently? I have a diagnosis from Dr Haro which requires waiting for a specialist from Guadalajara to come and perform the procedure. Time and cost are not really considerations however, only results. I have a friend from California that had implants done 2 years ago and spoke highly of her. There posts about not so great outcomes with Dra. Candy that so for the moment she's not in consideration.
  12. You can try calling Sergio Davalos 33-1411-0966 and get an opinion from him. He has been treating my yard for quite a while for a variety of issues with citrus trees, grass and other plants like hibiscus. Powdery mildew, different types of fungus and lots of bugs. He's not an exterminator, but treats plants in distress.
  13. The short answer is - it depends. The trip could be about 5 hours but it depends on if you are finishing nearer to Nuevo Vallarta or the other side of town near Costco. I drive to Guayabitos frequently and we've generally made it there in under 4 hours. It's about another hour 10 to the airport depending on traffic and construction. There are 2 tolls on the macrolibramiento. If you begin driving to Joco there's only 1 which is $187. There's one beyond Tequila at $195. The Jala-Compostela bypass has been closed all summer due to taludes which means the mountain fell down again. U
  14. You should probably log onto the BBVA portal select your checking account and then click show account details. It is in that section where you can find the name of the your checking product. Mine showed MAESTRA PARTICULARES apparently no longer offered. A search showed that the minimum for this type of account is $8,000 with a $410 fee assessed for dropping below the minimum.
  15. That's the way it's supposed to work and in the past BBVA has mailed replacement cards to the house and required a signature. Who's to say the same policy is in effect today when nothing works the way it used to?
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