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  1. See if Dr Rogelio Peralta still comes down to Quality Care 766-1870. After a cruise I came back with bronchialitos or a lower lung infection that he diagnosed and helped me get through.
  2. https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/77755-need-contact-number-fo-teresa-koch-shaw-tv/&tab=comments#comment-568897 You asked the same question in 2018.
  3. When you ask questions about banking, it's probably best to qualify what you're looking for. Cashing checks? Wiring money in? Getting cash? Debit or credit cards? ATM access> Bancomer, Banamex, Santander, HSBO and CI Banco would be classified as regular banks, or the closest to a commercial bank in the US. Actinver and Multiva are investment houses and could be considered quasi-banks. Intercam is it's own entity and serves specific purposes, some overlap the other 2 classes. The other question is if you want access to a physical location. Chapala has all of the banks listed, Ajijic has Multiva, Actinver and Intercam. Living in Ajijic I chose Bancomer for checking, debit and credit cards and Multiva for investments and a low limit/backup debit card.
  4. Schedule 40 PVC and plastic valves work just fine for salt water pools. The maintenance is a lot easier normally only needing to adjust pH and maybe small amounts of chlorine and shock if there is a lot of rain. A 220 volt variable speed pump such as one made by Pentair consumes very little electricity although the up front cost is pretty steep. Speeds can range from 1,300 RPM to 3,400 RPM with the low end consuming about 180 watts per hour. If you have solar electricity and want warm water, an electric heat pump is a good choice. It doesn't matter whether it's sunny or cloudy you can get the temp to whatever you want pretty quickly. A 140,000 BTU unit does consume about 8kWh per hour but after the pool is warm and covered after usage it only takes an hour or so to reheat in the morning.
  5. Can't have too many pointers for someone trying to get a voter card. I can't remember if IFE/INE wanted the 8.5x14 naturalization document in the original size or shrunk to 8 1/2x11. I know it had to be B&W and both sides needed to be copied onto a single page mimicking the original. When you get the original copied, have them make both sizes so you're covered.
  6. Definitely the Carta de Naturalizacion plus B&W copy, proof of residence (CFE bill). They took the card photo after approval 6 years ago. For more info check out this link. https://www.ine.mx/credencial/credencial-proceso/
  7. I tried to use my old card from FM2 days to renew a driver's license. They laughed and said I needed the new, single page form. Fortunately for a fee someone in the same building could print one out.
  8. The Carta de Naturalización is often referred to as a birth certificate as it reflects the day one becomes a citizen but you're right that it is not a birth certificate in the true sense. A naturalized citizen is not permitted to present a US issued birth certificate for any purpose in Mexico.
  9. I believe the comments about color copies being illegal or at least not valid refer to physical pieces of ID like a Mexican Passport, driver's license, IFE/INE card and Carta de Naturalización, the Mexican birth certificate issued when naturalization is complete.
  10. The 2019 rate was $590 for cars and $168 for an ATV. In January the discount is 10%. I have 2009 and 2017 cars. Both were charged the same fee..
  11. John Shrall


    I have read this same comment about the "10% legal limit" for rent increases. Out of curiosity could you put that into some context? I've been a landlord for 30 years but never a renter. Let's assume hat a lease is an enforceable contract which in Mexico could be a flawed assumption. Potential tenant and landlord agree on a 1 year lease for $x pesos/month. At the end of that year the contract is over and the landlord can offer the tenant first right of refusal (if he wishes) at any amount he likes. If the tenant thinks it's too high they go elsewhere. I've done 2 year leases guaranteeing the rent amount which is good for the tenant and having the house occupied for that period is good for the landlord. No carrying costs when vacant and no hassle vetting potential new tenants. At the end of the contract period the landlord should be free to assign any rent amount with no guarantee they'll be any takers. I have heard comments made about 5 year or even 10 year leases which to me as a landlord seems insane but even if true, wouldn't those types of long term agreements have wording about rent changes? Landlords not making repairs is a totally different topic but shouldn't a tenant vet a potential landlord the same way the landlord checks out a potential tenant?
  12. Yep, and the latest twist after inbound calls were made functional this morning,, every incoming call was identified as a private number. Believe it or not, the new business model calls for a $30 peso/month fee if you want Caller ID. Someone will call up the telephone account on a computer and tick the box that says to pass the call header. For that one 10 second maintenance effort you get to pay every month. When I asked why the change to VOIP the best I got from the girl in the office is that it was related to the new cable that is being installed around town. I assume that means the new fiber cable which of course doesn't have any copper and so cannot carry the low voltage required to power land lines. If all new phones are forced to VOIP it isn't a stretch to assume at some point they'll force all existing land lines to do the same. Maybe they're looking for a small VOIP device like Magic Jack or Vonage instead of dedicating a full service modem/router to the task for those who have land lines but no Internet. Telmex must be using a special slow motion server for VOIP telephone. You can connect to the modem and get internet access but download speeds are 500k-800k down and 100k-180k up using fast.com and speedtest. Faster than dialup but not by much.
  13. Hmm. I was there yesterday afternoon and bought some turmeric tablets. Working on a modified year end schedule perhaps?
  14. Telmex came today with a New Year's surprise. The story was that all new phone lines are now VOIP. No more hard land lines with power from the central station. They opened up a new modem and connected the one phone next to the modem to the green line 1 jack. No service to any of the other jacks in the house and who knows if the old fax machine will work again. Hopefully the phone service is better than ILOX or next step is just to go cell only. Even if the connection is stable should the Internet go down, no telephone. Power outage? Only as long as the UPS holds out..
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