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  1. For what it's worth, USD/MXN just crossed 20:1 as trading begins in the new week.
  2. Everything's OK below you and a block west although our transformers are on Tempisque and 5 de Febrero. Have you made the "report" by calling 071? Once CFE gets a few calls from the same area they are more likely to send a truck over.
  3. To add to Go Solar's post, my 8 year average in Ajijic has my system producing a bit over 17kWh per day. My panels in Ajijic are thin film versus monocrystalline which is an entirely different subject. Over time they have not degraded much at all. The Guayabitos house has whatever eSun was selling a couple of years ago and is producing in the range Go Solar writes. There the orientation is not as good as Ajijic and the elevation is only about 10 degrees as opposed to 20 in Ajijic. My stats there aren't as good over there as I maxed the panels one year after the original install due to air conditioning and pool heater consumption. It gets really hot in the summer months so with all the installed solar we can crank up the A/C when needed and not worry about huge bills. The pool water is also cold during the winter so an electric heat pump warms it up nicely as it sucks in electricity from my credit balance.
  4. Are you sure you're using very little electricity? Habits and usage change over time especially with the knowledge you have solar. As an experiment, every morning take a reading from the inverter of the total electricity produced. On the second and subsequent days you'll know how much solar you produced by subtracting yesterday's total from today's. Some you used and the excess went back to CFE. Now go to the meter and record the 2 numbers, first the amount consumed from CFE and the amount sent back to CFE. Again subtract yesterday's readings from today's. Now you know how much you took from and gave back to CFE in a 24 hour period. Your total consumption is the amount you consumed from CFE and the difference between the total kWh produced by your system less the amount you sent back to CFE. Anything you didn't send back to CFE you used somewhere in the house during daylight hours. To get the best info you need to repeat this process for a month or more as the sunshine hours are a lot less this time of year than let's say February to April when the cloud cover is minimal. If you find you are consuming more than you think then find a Kill-a-Watt device and start measuring usage of electronics, especially refrigerators. Once you take the time to gather this information you'll be in a better position to find the answer. One other thing. Without including the wattage per panel the number of panels is somewhat useless. In Ajijic I have 24 panels, each producing 128 watts for a total size of 3.072 kWh. At my house in Guayabitos I have 20 panels but each produce 280 watts so daily capacity is 5.6kwh so I can potentially produce 80% more power there than here with 4 less panels.
  5. For those who have made the switch and are interested in logging into your account to look at statements, billing history and make a payment here's how. The main page is located at http://www.ilox.mx/ At the bottom of the page there are 6 boxes. The rightmost one on the top row is called "Más Servicios". Click that to box to get to the login page. There you enter the email address you gave ILOX when you signed up. The password instructions reference a FSAN that don't exist the back of the black 4 port modem. Maybe it does on the 2 port but if your modem does not have a FSAN you enter the SN (serial number) that starts with FHTT. The first 4 characters must be entered upper case while the rest are lower case. Auto payments by credit card must be set up at the office.
  6. There's lots of barbed wire near the pier used as fencing installed when the lake was very low in the early 2000's. At that time you could walk more than a quarter mile out from and still be on dry land.
  7. Not knowing or caring about the tech involved with ILOX and fiber, after 3 months the speed tests are consistently 280mb down and plenty up. Telecable would fluctuate between .5 and 10 on any given day and Telmex wasn't much better. They might be throttling download speeds since I don't seem to be able to get more than 11mb/second on a torrent download. I've seen close to 2mb/sec on uploads. That's plenty and 10x better than Telecable when everything was working. Which wasn't often. Having another house with Telmex makes it evident that in general all website pages load more quickly with ILOX. One gets used to higher speeds very quickly.
  8. It took about 5 minutes with a disinterested CFE employee to make the new report and get on the schedule for a replacement meter in about 10 days. No mention of fees associated with the swap so we'll have to wait and see what happens. I did bring the damaged meter with me so perhaps that sped up the process.
  9. That's what I was looking for. Thanks. I already have a report number due to the week long low/high voltage problem so hopefully they'll just add the meter and installing thicker cable onto it. When I installed my solar system 8 years ago, the solar company did go to CFE and get a bi-directional meter. Things change over time.
  10. After making reports to CFE about fluctuating voltage in part of the house, a couple of repairmen came out. When they pulled the meter we discovered that some of the contacts or what they call zapatas were loose and said that this was the cause of the problem. The electricians came and determined the entire 30 year old box needed to be replaced and pointed out an area around one of the points that was melted due to extreme heat. They said I should get a new meter. Right now the meter is out of the wall jumpered provisionally to provide power until the electricians can come back and install the new box. It's a pretty big job. Do I take the meter into Chapala and show them the damage in the office, wait for the repairmen to return (they are going to replace #10 wire with #8 between the post and house) or make a new report? Perhaps one of the solar guys know better since they deal with switching out uni to bi-directional meters after new installs.
  11. Actually, by the time Y2K arrived, all the years of planning, programming and testing made the transition a non-event although there were lots of people watching in bank data center computer rooms and countless more on call. The overlooked event that really caused problems happened 2 months later. The year 2000 was not a leap year so February 28 was supposed to transition to March 1. That missing day caused quite a few problems which took months to resolve. The good news is that it won't happen again until the year 2400. The current ATM problem seemed to be a communications failure in a company called PROSA which is a major switch for Latin America. A switch passes ATM and credit card transactions between financial institutions similar to companies like Allpoint, Star and NYCE. The companies Cirrus and PLUS transfer transactions between switches.
  12. Confirming the initial response, the resolution starts with your US bank. ATM transactions are designed to post on authorization meaning the request for funds goes from the ATM to your bank. If approved your bank debits your account and gives the ATM the green light to dispense cash. If the ATM is unable to perform that task it is supposed to send a reversal to your bank to put the money back. If the ATM never got the green light or the reversal didn't make it you are charged while getting no cash. The ATM is out of balance at this point and with the receipt number from the transaction your bank can reconcile with HSBC that this transaction caused the outage. Normally the US bank will credit the amount provisionally while the two parties reconcile but not always. After thirty years writing banking software for ATM processing I'm still amazed it works so well knowing the behind the scenes complexity. This problem isn't that complex and can usually be resolved easily.
  13. The tech also said everything looked OK although I've never had a problem receiving calls, only dialing out to a Telmex number. Since I posted this all of my calls have gone through just fine. When it does fail, it seems to stay that way for a couple of days and then magically clears up Have you tried a test calling a patient friend or someone you know is away over and over again alternating 7 and 10 digit dialing? I've found that after failing a redial helps. I've asked for a tech to come out to check the modem and hopefully while he's here it will fail. I was warned that there would be a charge for the service call in this situation but if that's what it takes to resolve the problem then it's worth it. Everything else with ILOX is fine with only the 2 outages in 3 months, one due to a transformer exploding.
  14. I'm looking to see if anyone else using ILOX and has ported their phone number has had this experience. This doesn't happen all the time but is consistent enough to be an annoyance. ILOX says the lag time between dialing a number to a Telmex subscriber and hearing a ring can be 2-10 seconds. It can be faster when dialing 10 digits as the system must wait after 7 to see if more is coming. When the call fails there is a long delay with no ring and then a click. I find out that the phone rang on the other end, they speak but get no response and hang up. I don't hear their voice and they can't hear mine. The click is probably the hangup. Often redialing the same number connects just fine. Other times not. ILOX says everything looks good on their end so I'm suspecting hardware and am now waiting for a technician. Of course when he comes there will be no failures. No problems dialing a cell phone or another ILOX subscriber, only Telmex. Thanks for sharing any similar experiences.
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