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  1. Saw that option but when entering a valid CURP the response is no RFC is on file but when entering the RFC it says the number is valid.
  2. It would stand to reason that the only way one could "look up" an RFC number is if you applied for one at a SAT office and it is in their database however there does not appear to be any option buried in that site to make that sort of lookup. The CURP number is in a database so it can be queried. Just about everyone has a CURP but not necessarily a real RFC which is only used when dealing with money/taxes at SAT. I only have a real RFC because I needed to get a refund from SAT for an immigration payment back when inmigrado changed to permanente. I made a payment for inmigrado status the day the change went into effect. The permanente fee was the same but to a different account number. It took 2 years to get the money back.
  3. There appears to be man things you can do on the sat.gob.mx site but looking up your RFC number doesn't seem to be one of them. You can click on obtain a RFC number but you receive a message that you must physically appear at a SAT office to get one. You can calculate a RFC number based on an algorithm but it will not exist in the SAT database until they give you one. The last 3 characters are described as a checksum based on the first 10. It's more like a tie-breaker because there is a good possibility of duplicates based on the name and birthdate algorithm.
  4. There doesn't appear to be a lookup for a RFC number like the one available for a CURP. If you got a real RFC from SAT you received a CIF card with the RFC information printed and available from SAT through the QR code. I store passwords and critical information like CURP, RFC, license, passport and so on in a program called PasswordSafe. I then put a copy of the safe on Dropbox so it can be viewed whenever and wherever needed on my cell phone. It has come in handy when needing a Factura for insurance purposes which requires the RFC number.
  5. My RFC number appears on the car tag payment receipt from earlier this year.
  6. Still out in Las Salvias too. The UPS is keeping the internet up but the one for the TV crapped out after 20 minutes. Time for another battery. CFE seems to have some major issues heading into the rainy season. Just received this from Telmex. Thanks a lot Hola, tu servicio TELMEX xxxxxxx esta en una zona afectada por un corte de electricidad. Estamos trabajando para restablecerlo. Gracias por tu comprension
  7. Their only phone number appears to be Mexico City. Sky removed the English option a long time ago and the chances of getting an English speaking operator is slim to none. The easiest method I've found to contact them is through their chat option online. Use Google Translate to express your issues and then reverse the language to translate the response. Customer service is not their strong suit.
  8. A VOIP service solves the problem of dialing a toll free number although the conversion posted above works but is not free. The + sign used on a cell phone is the indicator that the next 1-3 digits are a country code. The number 1 is the only single digit country code in the world covering the US, Canada and a good portion of the Caribbean. When dialing out on a non-cell, the prefix 011 is used in country code 1 countries while the rest of the world generally initiates an international call using 00. If a country code is 2 digits like Mexico 52 or France 33 (sometimes US caller IDs will identify a call from a Guadalajara cell 33 as coming from France), then there are no 3 digit countries beginning with those numbers. Conversely if a country code is 3 digits then there is no country identified by the first 2 of the 3. For example Bolivia is 591 meaning there is no country 59.
  9. In case anyone is looking for sod, the vivero down from Superlake has some nice cuts that are green and a reasonable amount of dirt around the roots. About $50/meter
  10. You'd be better off going to Home Services just west of town for those products and installation if needed. Jackie seems to have disappeared.
  11. I just heard that Rob passed away yesterday in Arizona. Perhaps some of you played tennis with him or his wife Patsi. He played linebacker for the LA Rams during the Roman Gabriel era, wrote science fiction books and brought the first gaming mouse to the public. The article linked below tells his story in his own words. There were so many people we've met living in Ajijic the last 20 years that lived an extraordinary life. Rob was just one of them. Rob Krakoff Interview (retireearlylifestyle.com)
  12. One other route to note on a trip to Tucson is the macrolibramiento around Tepic. It appears on Google Earth but the Garmin in the car tried sending us into town. 45
  13. Las Salvias too. Probably systemwide as all the modem lights look good.
  14. VOIP telephone out again in Las Salvias. It may be time to try ILOX phone again.
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