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  1. Paypal’s send to friend process with funds originating from a checking account is free and quick. Bank bill payer works well but normally takes about a week.
  2. Last year the DL offices in Guadalajara were closed for 2 weeks for the Easter holiday. We went to the office on Lazaro Cardenas next to the IMSS building the week after it reopened as we were on the way to the coast. Bad plan. Hundreds of people were there waiting in several unmarked lines. Lots of confusion and of course the wait was several hours.
  3. My camera system is connected to the Telmex modem with Ethernet cable. The system requires what is called a static IP address which was set up by the installer. If yours is the same, CG is right. The installer must come back to set up a new connection.
  4. The new CURP. https://www.gob.mx/curp/ Don't know if it needs to be color but since all copies of legal documents like passports are supposed to B&W, color may not be required. Also if you download a CFE bill you need both sides on a single page. Both sides of the INAPAM card for the discount. Requirements in Spanish: https://inforequisitos.com/licencia-de-conducir-jalisco/
  5. I live up the street from that box and over the last month Telmex has degraded from 7mb to 5 and now barely 3. They ought to feel threatened if that's the best they can do.
  6. I was on the schedule to be installed Wednesday. No one showed. No calls. Now to be fair, the appointment was scheduled by the girl in the office who might not have had all the pertinent information. I went today to ask what happened and as best as I can tell the cable was run on the street but the cable runners on the trucks did not install the necessary power box needed to make the house install. No luz and caja were the operative words. Her description implied that the installers came but found the problem before ringing the doorbell. Reading a little today about GPON Fiber Networks (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) one sees a brand new dictionary of terms describing all the parts of this system. Splitters, muxes, ONU, ONT and other terms making up the moving parts that carry data over that little strand of fiber. It looks like another couple of weeks before the people on the streets with the trucks install the devices that allow the installers to bring the cable into the house. It's only been a year. What's a couple of more weeks?
  7. The office number is 376-109-0000 but don't bother to call unless you can speak Spanish pretty well. It would appear ILOX owns the 376-109 exchange using the first of the 10,000 numbers.
  8. Comex sells epoxy that can be tinted to many colors. We had some stained concrete stairs that we painted with the epoxy mix (paint and hardener). It has held up very well for over a year with a lot of foot traffic. I'm not sure that's what you're looking for but you can check it out yourself.
  9. If you have smart phones you can try downloading the Mobile Passport App and set up information about your passport. If you qualify you can register your entry to IAH before leaving GDL and then go to the Mobile Passport line with the approval for entry on the screen. Since you're stopping in Denver before arriving in Calgary you will have to claim and re-check luggage.
  10. You can pay CFE bills using a credit card on their portal: CFE Portal You can also select to have the bill charged automatically to the credit card when the payment is approved. Mexican credit card and US Amex both work.
  11. A DIY option for roach control is (Ortho) Home Defense available at Costco and Super Lake. Victor's service does a much better job controlling all sorts of insects but for a cheaper option the Home Defense spray works pretty well.
  12. For that type of spraying I liked Victor Vargas Tapia 33-1331-4242. The liquid he used had no smell and also eliminated the critters. Carmen at Fumi-Tech also is an exterminator but their chemicals did leave a lingering odor. 333-369-3737
  13. Most of the modems present the similar settings. Some modems restrict that access. Normally the only things I change are the password, host name, DNS servers and port forwarding. I found this page that seems to reference the ILOX modem with instructions for port forwarding. After the last internal change Telecable made, port forwarding was disabled at the central office. It doesn't matter what you put in the modem or router. They close all ports. In the beginning it worked the same way and for $50 pesos per month they'd open ports for you. I hope ILOX allows port forwarding from the modem. I'll check it out after the install. https://sites.google.com/site/szandras23/home/wireless/gfdhtshsjh
  14. No, I hear I have 12 years before the end. I survived my number in the Vietnam draft. This should be easier.
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