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  1. CVS has all 3 varieties readily available throughout the city as well as close to the airport. The J&J vaccine is available at many locations for those wanting the single shot. Schedule on their web site.
  2. Check out Mercadolibre searching for the tire size. I found several choices for a spare tire and rim after mine was stolen. Many sellers offer sets of 4 or in my case just 1.
  3. Patience young grasshopper. The first is available on other sites and the other is not on until tonight.
  4. The moderator was complaining a lot today about all the time it was taking to administer the group. Apparently that led to the decision to shut it down, at least for the moment. The confusion over the vaccine rollout probably had a lot to do with it.
  5. Wouldn't it be better to call Multiva and ask them directly?
  6. That site can be very misleading. The inventory is not updated consistently so a location showing availability of the J&J shot may have been accurate at one point but by the time the page is updated the inventory is gone. The second problem is that many of the sites listed offer vaccinations only to patients, not the general public. Very few have websites where you can make an appointment online. Baylor, Scott & White medical facilities and CVS have had openings for shots in several locations but the windows open and close quickly. Both seem limited to Pfizer at this time however
  7. The banks may be holding the deposits but when Treasury transmits EFT payment each record contains a release date. If the date is in the future the deposits are warehoused until that date. The banks could post the deposits early but they don't get reimbursed until the settlement date.
  8. I successfully sold a car on the Facebook Beg, Barter, Buy and Sell - Chapala. Signed over the factura after receiving payment.
  9. No outbound international wire fees from Ameritrade and $10US inbound fee from Multiva. Exchange has been as close to 10 basis points under that seen on xe.com.
  10. There arr hundreds of posts on this board on this subject. Try searching to locate them. I normally transfer 20K or more when I need pesos and use international wires. Fast and clean. Fees are based on your sending and receiving banks. The rates are generally close to those found on xe.com although it’s difficult to tell at times due to hour to hour fluctuations.
  11. I was checking to see the wait times to enter the US and saw something I've never seen in all the years looking at the webcam. The US to Mexico side is slammed. Wonder what's up?
  12. I should clarify my comment about streaming. I used an Apple TV box using the GSE IPTV app through a feed supplied by a torrent site. When one says streaming there's lots of variables.
  13. Try using other speed test sites like fast.com and nperf.com. I just did one and nperf was all over the place while fast.com and speedtest.net were close to each other. The real measure of speed is when you need to download, upload or stream. Those are real world tests. I don't stream much but I did watch the Super Bowl on a Denver stream which never buffered. I have seen torrent download speeds approaching 35mb/second and over 4mb/second upload with ILOX. With that one can download an HD TV show in under a minute. I have the ILOX 300mb package and can concur it is now faster and mor
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