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  1. I have posted several times about continuing problems with ILOX VOIP telephone service. Incoming calls getting that unable to reach this number message and outgoing calls never completely connecting. While the techs have been excellent trying to work with the problems, they won’t actually admit to any. They always say everything is OK implying the problems I and others are experiencing are not happening. Intermittent problems are extremely difficult to diagnose but if they won’t look for the root cause they probably won’t get fixed. I’m going to give them another month and if these annoyances continue, I’ll ask to port the phone number back to Telmex. They have a package that is telephone with no Internet If everyone who experiences a phone problem makes a report to noc@mail.ilox.com, perhaps large numbers of complaints will encourage them to take this more seriously.
  2. If it is the power supply and the only way to turn the TV on is the remote, you’ll hear a click when you press power when it attempts to start. The TV I had with a bad power supply had a red light indicating it was on, The red light came on with the click and then turned off with another click. If you don’t hear or see anything when attempting to power up using the remote you might check the batteries. If that doesn’t work then a trip to the repair shop is the next step.
  3. If you press the ON button (try both the remote and the physical TV) and the startup screen does not appear it is most likely the power supply. Sometimes you'd hear a click indicating power up and then another click indicating shutdown. If you get the startup but no content that's an entirely different issue and you'd need to be more specific. If it is the power supply, the TV repair shop in San Juan Cosala should be able to install a new one.
  4. There looks to be several flights coming into GDL that have been delayed. https://airport-departures-arrivals.com/mexico-airport/guadalajara-international-airport-live-arrivals/
  5. Gualberto and Carlos attempt repairs on just about every kind of appliance. The number posted is correct and have a little storefront in Riberas. They have misdiagnosed problems on occasion so question their suggestion if it doesn't sound right. Tio Sam Ajijic is pretty useless for any support after the sale. They are more order takers than real sales people. I've had to find my own repair people/parts for a couple of items purchased there.
  6. No recommendation but Tula Tamaulipas is about the only town of any size that should be 5-6 hours from Pharr. There is a little hotel listed in Trip Advisor that looks like a possibility although it appears pretty basic. Ciudad Victoria has many more secure overnight choices. I've stayed at Gran Hotel Las Fuentes which is on Hwy 85 accessible from the south side of town just after Hwy 9 connects with Hwy 126. The rooms are nice, the breakfast was outstanding and the parking is secure.
  7. The DSL filter is for a phone connected to a Telmex line. Does your dial tone come from Telmex or Telecable? Telecable is cable, not DSL so one would not be needed if they provide dial tone. If you do need one I have a box full of them here. I'll send you a PM with info if you'd like to stop by and pick up as many as you need.
  8. How about a Bluetooth sound bar that can accept digital audio out from the TV? You can get some Bluetooth earbuds or connect a smart phone to the sound bar and use wired headphones through the microphone jack. Some of the new TVs actually support Bluetooth which should allow you to connect any Bluetooth device directly eliminating the need for extra equipment.
  9. Can't argue that point. If they can admit to the problem it can probably be identified and solved. I'll give them until year end before giving up completely with the phone service. No complaints at all with the Internet.
  10. Here's a new one as the saga continues... Now every so often after making a call and connecting, about 10 seconds into the call we hear a message from ILOX saying the number is not available and the call is terminated. I have to admit that ILOX is trying to solve the problem. Every day or so I get a call from a 353 area code and when I answer I just hear someone say phone check. Someone is calling to make sure I can receive calls. My neighbor immediately adjacent to my house who shares the same ILOX box on the street as me is having the same problem with making a connection. She called our house yesterday about 5 times. When we picked up we spoke but heard nothing. Neither did she. Two customers having the same problem sharing the same equipment on the pole would make me think perhaps it's is a local problem. Hopefully ILOX will check it out soon. I really hate to go back to Telmex for phone service.
  11. The office won't help with Internet problems directly. You first have to call Telmex in Mexico City on the 800 number, ask for an English operator if needed and make a report. They will give you a report number and send the request to local Telmex service. If you don't get resolution after a few days you have a report number you can use to call again for a status update.
  12. If you use a debit card at an ATM the exchange rate is assigned by the network that passes the transaction from Mexico to the regional network the authorizing bank uses. In most cases this is Plus or Cirrus. When the authorizing bank receives your request for cash, the amount requested has already been converted to local currency. If you use your debit card as a credit card for purchases, the exchange rate is determined by the Visa or Master Card system. The authorizing bank also receives the request for money in local currency but in this case there could be a single or even double currency exchange fee tacked on. The latter is kind of weird and occurs in foreign tourist areas where items are priced in US dollars. There is a conversion (and fee) assigned to convert the USD to MXN pesos for example, and then the second fee to convert it back to USD. Currency exchange fees must be disclosed on your monthly statement. Surcharges or fees assigned by the owner of the physical ATM you use are just added to the amount you requested and are not disclosed on your statement. The only place you'll see a surcharge is on your ATM receipt. I wrote ATM authorization programs for more than 20 years where each year introduced more and more complexities as well as clever ways banks made these transactions more expensive for consumers.
  13. Describe dead. No dial tone? Outgoing calls not connecting? People can't call you? Email your symptoms to noc@mail.ilox.mx I have had ongoing sporadic phone issues but within a few minutes of sending emails I'm getting emails and calls from ILOX trying to solve it. It's annoying to experience technical problems but it's encouraging to get this sort of response.
  14. The "store" was locked up and seemingly abandoned last Wednesday when I went in looking for a UV light. No inventory or products on display. Someone would need to ask Jackie what's up.
  15. Hormigal and Permetrina work well for outdoor problems. Hormigal is pretty nasty. Patron and Trompa are designed to work on leaf cutter ants. Indoor small ants are a bigger problem. The lady at the Garden Center in Riberas between 7-11 and Electro Venta can probably help.
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