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  1. My Husband just crossed the border at Nogales. It was early Tuesday morning, and he said that exiting the car at aduana, it took 45 minutes to get to the front of the line. He says he’s never seen so many US vehicles exiting; trailers pulling cars, boats, cars and boats on the same trailer , US plate after US plate. He went to the global exit lane and said it took an hour just to get to that lane. Seems to be a mass exit. Are people afraid to keep their cars in Mexico because of a border closing?
  2. I am trying to get my permanente in Houston and have not been able to get an appointment to submit the application and documents. You can only get an appointment by email and they have not answered my two requests for one. I went in person today and got nowhere. I did not plan to stay here more than through the end of this week and right now I am contemplating driving to either Austin or San Antonio to see if I can get in the day I arrive. Anyone have advice? Also- Spencer McMullen, what is this? Document proving your legal stay in the United States (I-797, I20, "advance parole", etc.)
  3. At 9:47 this morning, my phone rang and a tearful female voice said, "Mom, I need help!" I said "What?" and she said "Somebody beat me up!" at which point a man took the phone and started a very rapid Spanish description that basically said they had my daughter and they would only release her if I gave them three thousand dollars at a location they would describe..." I interrupted and said "let me talk to my daughter" and they gave the phone back to her. I said "Who is this?" and she tearfully said "Mom, it's me!" and the man took the phone back. He started speaking rapidly again and in Spanish I said "No entiendo. Habla mas despacio" Then in English he said "Look lady, I'm gonna make this easy for you, We got your daughter, this is a kidnapping." I said "I don't have a daughter in Mexico" and he said "Well then why the F--she call you?" and I said "I don't know why she called me, I don't know who she is." and he hung up. I called 088, the federal crime report number, and gave them all the details. The number was recorded on my phone. It was from a 744 prefix line, which is northern Mexico. The crime line said these are very common calls, and to report to them again if they call back. I have a case number. (They reassured me by saying that cartels don't threaten people, they just act.) The girl had no trace of accent and did sound disconcertingly like my daughter, but I called my daughter immediately and she answered. She is in class where she belongs. My home number is not published in the LCS directory. It bothers me that they got my number and hit the age and tone of my daughter's voice just right. It bothers me that they knew enough about this number to use the daughter angle. But everybody says that these calls are common. The crime call person said to answer if they call back, and then hang up, so that their phone will be charged for the call. They said if you do that a few times they give up.
  4. This is not their first pool. They are general contractors who have done at least three others, and they are all working. The "backing" paper is on the smooth "face" of the tile. It is a protective paper that keeps the shiny face from getting damaged in the box and while they are working after it is installed. The back of the tile is not papered and is textured to grip and is glued to the pool surface with a pega-piso made for pools. Yes, some tiles to come off when they are cleaning the pega-piso from the face. They get glued back on. If they come off after it is filled, there is another glue that works under water. The grout, also for pools, will fill the cracks between the little tiles and also bond to the pega-piso. The leaks were all behind tile, soft spots in the cement with holes in them. Water leaked back in through them when they were exposed. They got chipped out and filled with good concrete. All the old concrete was laboriously removed and the interior surface of the pool is stone that they have hand textured. THAT took forever. I dont know how it was originally made, because you can't even see any joints in the stone. It looks like it was carved out of bedrock. The whole inside surface has this waterproof pega-piso for pools on it --behind the new tile. Theoretically that is going to last forever. And as soon as we find a good grout color, that makes another waterproof, flexible layer with the tile. The grout is supposed to be algae resistent and flexible. All the materials have come from a pool supplier. I just can't believe how slow it is going. After my tirade yesterday they have put on three more guys and it looks like they might be ready to grout today, IF I get my color. I want DARK and it is hard to find. I may end up with that light blue Sue used.
  5. My 30+ year old pool was losing water to the point I needed to retile it completely. What started as a "3 week, 50,000 peso job" has turned in to a 6 week 100,000 peso job and they are still not done. It is a large pool, and the tile alone cost 50,000 pesos, and now the issue is that the dry pega-piso used to adhere all the new tile has to be scratched out from between all the little mosaic tiles because they didn't peel the paper off the sheets and wipe it out as they set them, and this is taking FOREVER. Meanwhile the pool has been empty now for over a month and I am worried that this will cause it to fall inward. The ground outside the pool was saturated with water from the leaks, and WAS draining back into the pool cavity, but that stopped while they were readying the surface for the new tile. The trim tile I chose and bought for the upper edge turned out to be two different versions in the boxes ( discovered AFTER applying half of them) and now I am short several dozen tiles to finish the border the way I want. Cant find any more, anywhere, and might have to remove the one I like and start over with another design. I am still trying to find a grout color I like with the cobalt blue mosaic tile but nothing premixed looks good. I would love to hear about anyone else's experience doing a job like this, including any recommendations for an expert who I might consult to see this project finished faster. Guac
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