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  1. This is our ‪#‎GalasdeMariachi‬ Programming in ‪#‎TeatroDegollado‬ . The best mariachis in the world to join with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco.Tickets here Chamber of Commerce Delegation Lake Chapala , av. Madero 230 second floor , 20 meters from banamex . We accept credit cards , home delivery , no extra charge . More info at: 376 766 2784 or 7663528 cell: 331 5649620 email: chapala@camaradecomerciogdl.mx
  2. Live and feel our declared intangible heritage by UNESCO, mariachi music . Attend !! , have fun Mexican style , this event will be brand new and avant-garde not miss it , help us to help , part of what will be collected donated to the Red Cross. We have home delivery at no extra cost call us at 766 2784 or cellphone 331 564 9620 Juan Manuel
  3. May 2nd Chulavista Country club. !Let¨s Play and do Business¡ 7th Hole Prize to the first Hole in One 2014 Car. First Place team: Prize and Trophy Second and Third place team: Trophy first 4 Oýes prizes: Trip to Tequila Express TourAccommodation in Lake SideTequila BottlesDinner at el Riscoand More.Cost: 1500 Pesos Incluiding Lunch P/P and Welcome coctail. For more info mail me at: chapala@camaradecomerciogdl.mx. Juan Manuel Rosales, or 376 766 2784, 766 3528 we take a Credit Card.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCeCvCZGBBM
  5. The International Mariachi is opened in 1994 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, with the aim of promoting the tradition of mariachi and Mexican culture internationally. Since its inception, the event has enjoyed the presence of important personalities within artistic, cultural, national and international policy. In an effort to convene and publicize the best mariachis in the world, has had the participation of groups such as Mariachi Vargas, Mariachi de America and Naty Cano Campers also mariachi Venezuela, Cuba, Belgium, Chile, France, Argentina, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Australia, Aruba, Costa Rica, Slovak Republic, Canada and the United States. Objectives: To act as promoter rescue our traditions and culture as well as promote the activation of economic benefit to trade organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Guadalajara. Mission: To promote the rescue and dissemination of Mariachi music through quality performances, presented in the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara and in various locations in the State of Jalisco. Vision: To maintain the quality and excellence of the events offered by the International Mariachi, innovating and expanding every year our event spreading to new audiences, so that our program can reach a wider audience.
  6. I share this video so you can see what the Chamber of Commerce can do for you so give me a few minutes. enjoy it
  7. I remind you that for the question of the vehicles we are already working on that. This problem is not migration if the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, so already receive prompt response to this problem, and told him that now modify the law where you can have a permit to travel in mexico without having to carry your vehicle to anywhere if you like I can give a mobile to your email. which can give you all the advice you need at low cost and above all reliable.
  8. Hernan Greetings I mention that there is not a conference right through the chamber of commerce in our emails will be receiving their questions to the delegate of migration and will be answered by this same route with the assurance that it will delegate the answer. the Chamber of Commerce has 125 years and is a company that would risk not give any false promise or take money and abuse the situation. so if you like you can visit us tomorrow the day after 12 hrs but before you have to send the question that will do to migration and also send it to give you all the info you need clear and real. to chapala@camaradecomerciogdl.mx
  9. the anwser sey. Greetings Spencer, who may look at you commented that the person who comes the morning day is not any notary or lawyer or anything like it. look briefly as you can I talk you have read in previous responses, the Chamber serves as business representative members to the H. institution, which as one of its many tasks is to represent. for this reason and request of our members located here in lakeside, Mrs Yolanda Martinez Llamas took on the task of scheduling an appointment with the Head of Migration at the state level which we were granted and all anomalies present this law brought to our ragion, and especially by presenting statistics and colatelares damages that this may bring short term being watched mainly affected businesses and people that depend entirely on the foreign community. that is why we Holder INM Migration assign to delegate here in Chapala for us right through to ask questions and so take them directly to the person already mentioned, and in turn this person pledged to attend our offices 1 time fortnight for 2 hrs to meet special cases and solving them right here or by mail. So as you can see we do not want to compete with anyone, nor enter into any kind of polemics, just want to protect what we want and we sincerely believe that for those who depend on this market is important. So no more hope and give us the opportunity to serve, and believe me if we can help you we will gladly stay at your orders his servant Juan Manuel Rosales Hernandez. Head of Delegation in the Lake Chapala. Good afternoon.
  10. Saludos Spencer, que tal mira te comento que la persona que viene el dia de mañana no es ningun notario o abogado o cosa que se le parezca. mira te platico brevemente como podras haber leido en repuestas pasadas, la Camara sirve como representante de los negocios afiliados a esta H. institucion, la cual entre una de sus tantas tareas es representar. por tal motivo y a peticion de nuestros socios ubicados aqui en la Ribera nuestra delegada la Sra Yolanda Martinez Llamas se dio a la tarea de agendar una cita con el Titular de Migracion a nivel estatal la cual se nos concedio y le presentamos todas las anomalias que esta ley a traido a nuestra ragion, y sobre todo presentandole las estadisticas y los daños colatelares que esto pudiera traer a un corto plazo viendose afectados principalmente los negocios y gente que depende totalmente de la comunidad extranjera. es por eso que el Titular de INM nos asigno al Delegado de Migracion aqui en Chapala para que atravez de nosotros se hicieran preguntas y asi llevarlas directamente a la persona ya mencionada, y a su vez esta persona se comprometio a asistir a nuestras oficinas 1 vez a la quincena durante 2 hrs para atender los casos especiales y darles solucion aqui mismo o por correo. Asi que como podras ver no queremos ni competir con nadie, ni entrar en ningun tipo de polemicas, simplemente queremos proteger lo que nos interesa y que sinceramente creo que para los que dependemos de este mercado es importante. Asi que sin mas espero y nos de la oportunidad de servirte, y si podemos ayudarte creame que con gusto lo haremos quedo a sus ordenes su servidor Juan Manuel Rosales Hernandez. Titular de Delegacion en la Ribera de Chapala. Buenas tardes.
  11. greetings, the kind of extortion that has been is that some lawyers ask for money promising to be fixed in mexico his legal situation, saying that they belong to the Institute of migration.and in fact it is only with reference to immigration law.about the vehicles in the coming weeks will seek a meeting with Secretary of tax administration (SAT)
  12. greetings I commented that fact our corporate vision is to represent, serve to unite and form. the chamber of commerce is so great that one of the specialties is representing and in this case we are representing the riverside shops before the migration institute. this to avoid massive flight of foreign and so our business can go broke. have a nice day
  13. the agreement which was reached was that the chamber of commerce here in Chapala will be the only place where all questions and comments to be taken with respect to the new migration law are answered and in any case are directed to manager of migration in guadalajara. this is to prevent extortion by people who take advantage of the situation and cheat the foreign community. that's why if you have any questions please send an email and your question will be answered as soon as possible, at no cost this service is part of the work the Chamber of Commerce does for our affiliate partners and the community in general.
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