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  1. Speed of the forum is FAST as can be expected. Speed of the forum can be affected by number of users and by the quality of your internet/isp etc. On a good connection like I have right now in Costa Rica its certainly adequate-to-good! My 2 cents
  2. An interesting point of view I suspect borders on fact. I don't consider myself shy and I use my rough Spanish without hesitation. I will take your advice to heart and try to remember NOT to incorporate many if not most of these expressions into my speech - however it will NOT dissuade me from trying to LEARN them as to understand what someone means when they use them. I am curious if your are Mexican More Liana.... not that it waters down your perspective and opinion on language, I am just curious. ~ Howie
  3. I am a yearly visitor to Lakeside, I like to learn and practice Spanish. I think learning the unique maybe sometimes slang words is essential to one's comprehension ability. Don't know if this thread will take but I thought I would give it a try... Add to the thread unique words in Spanish that are used mostly in Mexico and even better used most frequently Lakeside, Guad and Jalisco. Also CORRECT spelling errors when encountered in previous posts. Another use of this thread is to Post Links to Internet resources such as "Mexican" Spanish. Here are my contributions.... manday: -- What th
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