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  1. electric bill without solar 2000+ with solar 60
  2. Have you called CFE. Dont assume that they will automatically come.
  3. When looking for our 5th standard in 47 years of marriage, I contacted every poodle rescue I could find. They didn't want anything to do with people living in mexico. I guess they were afraid we'd eat the dogs. One even took me for a $50 registration fee and then refused to respond to my emails. They all want to be able to do onsite visits. The registration questionnaires are ridiculous.
  4. Al Berca people have a right to choose what dog and breed they want!. I have two shelter adoptees and... a standard poodle. He was purchased here. Willie I am not sure his breeder is still breeding. Janet's dogs were imported. If you email me privately I can give you what info I have about my poodle's breeder. I know she moved so it may have been her that you met.
  5. cheapest at the west most Similaries in Ajijic. They may have to order it and get in a couple of days.
  6. Ajijic is the village of murals and muralists. There is a competition upcoming. Get in touch with Efren Gonzalez. Your site could be one of the entries.
  7. that is why MEXICO passed a federal NOISE LAW with DB LEVEL and TIME LIMITS!!! do a search on here for noise
  8. Enrique did a beautiful job for us, Trattoria Ajijic, and Nueva Posada
  9. has not set their status

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