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  1. electric bill without solar 2000+ with solar 60
  2. Have you called CFE. Dont assume that they will automatically come.
  3. When looking for our 5th standard in 47 years of marriage, I contacted every poodle rescue I could find. They didn't want anything to do with people living in mexico. I guess they were afraid we'd eat the dogs. One even took me for a $50 registration fee and then refused to respond to my emails. They all want to be able to do onsite visits. The registration questionnaires are ridiculous.
  4. Al Berca people have a right to choose what dog and breed they want!. I have two shelter adoptees and... a standard poodle. He was purchased here. Willie I am not sure his breeder is still breeding. Janet's dogs were imported. If you email me privately I can give you what info I have about my poodle's breeder. I know she moved so it may have been her that you met.
  5. Did you see the officers credentials Did you ask for the ticket Did you note the date, time, and truck nmber and plate7 Did you file the complaint form available at LCS If you didn[t you are wasting your and our time.
  6. there have been many posts on mordida and how to handle it. Please look at the archives.
  7. Al got it right. Too bad others persist in not getting it. Harry is involved in more projects than most of you can imagine. He is pretty well aware of who is doing what in our village and Mexicans too often get the least credit.
  8. cheapest at the west most Similaries in Ajijic. They may have to order it and get in a couple of days.
  9. Ajijic is the village of murals and muralists. There is a competition upcoming. Get in touch with Efren Gonzalez. Your site could be one of the entries.
  10. that is why MEXICO passed a federal NOISE LAW with DB LEVEL and TIME LIMITS!!! do a search on here for noise
  11. Enrique did a beautiful job for us, Trattoria Ajijic, and Nueva Posada
  12. has not set their status

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