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  1. 2 hours ago, giltner68 said:

    I must be getting old?

    Still almost under Bridge #2. at least it was 2 weeks ago. Cross Bridge #2( coming from USA), continue on for about 1 mile, turn left at first signal light that has a left turn lane, and double back on the "feeder" road. Continue under Bridge #2 until you see the buildings on your left, about 1 mile.

  2. 4 hours ago, Kiko said:

    The police in Texas should maybe spend more time protecting their schools and churches than harassing American senior citizens on traffic stops.  The officer knew I was an American citizen with my TDL. I obeyed all laws.  Complete nonsense to demand a Mexican visa of an American citizen on US soil. In the last year stopped once in Webb county and twice in Hays county.  YMMV

    Maybe you should just stay out of Texas if you have problems with how they enforce their laws. That would seem to solve your problem. Otherwise, suck it up ! :D



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  3. 4 hours ago, modeeper said:

    So glad you pointed that out.  I'll return the favor, honest I will. 

    Saying the future is finally bright isn't a plug?  

    All the people who work in the business sectors and the financial sectors, along with the financial indicators report that the USA is better off now than it has been in MANY years.  And, the future outlook is very bright. Put your personal bias aside and listen to the people who are involved and trained to know. People are tired of fear mongers with Political agendas.


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  4. 12 minutes ago, giltner68 said:

    As it turns out they're new currency, but I didn't even take them with me, so maybe next time. The two main purposes of the trip were to get a new debit card which I did eventually manage and then to get some inhalers for my asthma. I took the new card directly from the bank to a farmacia on the other side of the block and it was rejected 3 times and of course locked? - so, I paid in USD, just another typical day in MX.

    Banamex locks my account every 3 months if I don't use it (for my safety they tell me ). :D

    Takes about an hour or more at one of their branches to fill out papers and then by the next afternoon, I can usually use my card again. :(


  5. On ‎2‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 10:45 PM, modeeper said:

    Beach is best all things considered.  There's more to do there, more options.  Plus coastal cities seem to be more liberal.  Unless you like to live in the good ol' dayz.

    There's one feature of the Baja that didn't agree with me .. too much Sun.  I mean you get tired of cloudless days, 100-degree dry heat for months.  

    People live out of doors in warmer places.  That has advantages, depending how social you are.

    For me GDL is paradise.  Best climate I've ever lived in, or maybe San Diego CA.  

    San Diego is close to my favorite, La Jolla ! :D

  6. 3 hours ago, bmh said:

    Hud , it never happened to meNOB in 30 years and has not happened in Mexico in 17 years and yes I agree with Travis , it can happen anywhere, some people are luckuer than others,

    When I moved to the US from France, I hated the open yards with no walls and no fence, all my family members had houses with tall walls and I loved it, actually I still love the walls and do not care for open properties.. it just depends what you are used to but give the walls and bars any day.

    But, bmh, the President of Mexico tells the World that Mexicans do not build Walls ! :D

    BTW, NOB I have never had a fence around my properties, let alone any type of wall. Just neighbors who look out for each other, and never any who were like the 3 monkeys. Still do not agree that it can happen anywhere, as there is no proof that it does happen in some places. Gotta happen before you can say that.


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  7. 2 hours ago, Travis said:

    Burglary is a fact of life everywhere. It happened to me in the US, but so far hasn't in Mexico (10 years). I don't keep dick worth anything in the house. It's an easy form of security.

    Some places it happens a lot more than in other places. But, some places it never happens, and to some people it never happens. It is NOT a fact of life everywhere. No justification for that statement. Does not justify just "blowing off" peoples concerns. It never happened to me NOB (70+ years). You just picked a bad place to live, I didn't. It happened to me in Chapala.

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  8. On ‎7‎/‎28‎/‎2017 at 7:06 PM, Sheldon said:

    Mexicans live like that...is the only way for them. police does not care about complaints.

    Any Mexicans that you know that do not live like that are too poor to afford those precautions. This is "their" country; it amazes me that newcomers would think they know more about need for safety precautions here than the Mexicans who have equal or greater wealth that you do. One would think that  if one feels much safer here than NOB, they would certainly have knowledge of vast security experience from that terrible place NOB and no need to ask as they had to have it all there.

    Just ask a Mexican that now lives NOB  where he feels more safe.  They know the difference. They are very observant on this issue.  :D

    Just sayin'.

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  9. On ‎7‎/‎27‎/‎2017 at 4:36 PM, pappysmarket said:


    The risks of all different kinds of bad things happening NOB are even much greater, IMHO, so protecting our home here the best I can is a task I gladly accept.

    Actually, in my experiences, it is quite the opposite of that. We have never lived in any areas that we have felt the need to invest in anything except a strandard front and back door lock, which we seldom use, to this day. But, here is a Much different story. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, Kiko said:

    Most often it is the Mexicans who are the victims, not an expat.  Outside of a random mugging or a burglary I just do not recall many expats who have been targeted for a murder or a kidnapping.  So why do the local expat web boards always light up with crime news when the expats are seldom targeted for violent crimes? 

    Criminals here have little interest in expats because in their mind the expats are on a pension of maybe $1500/month.  Compare that to what the ransom is for a wealthy Mexican family member that usually starts at 5,000,000+ MXN.  Also, some of the local criminals feel that the family of an expat would not pay the ransom anyway because expats from some countries are not known to value family the same as the Mexicans in their culture.  A Mexican family will sell everything they own in a heartbeat to obtain the release of a family member.  Expats on the other hand may just stall enough to crunch the numbers and then decide that if they do not pay the ransom then the pie just got bigger for them.  As an American expat you may well be safer in Mexico than in the US.  

    You are dreaming.


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  11. 2 hours ago, bmh said:

    The crime rate in Mexico is out of control like it or not. Just because it does not happen to you , does not mean it does not happen. Travelling does not ll you a whole lot about safety if you travel in the right places. I travel a lot too and I have never had any problem so what does that prove? I have plenty of friends who have been shot at and assaulted, and who had family members kidnapped and killed. No I do not think Mexico is safe and yes I believe the crime here is 4 times as bad as in the US which is 3 or 4 times as bad in France but so what I live here not there.

      I once went to the worst part of Mobile Alabama , where I got lost at night.. could not get out of the place.. stopped to ask for direction to a man who was walking  and he told me he could get to the place but he had to go there as it was complicated, he hopped in the car with me and took me there.  It was a revival, the women there invited us and he then took me to a bar for a few drinks before putting me on my way. The place was on Saint Stevens Road.. an infamous place for its crime, the worst in the black section of town , that was in July 70. Everyone was super nice to me.. does that mean that the area is safe , I do not think so..

    Well said, bmh. You know what you are talking about because you spend most of your time involved with Mexicans, whereas those who "claim" Mexico is the safest place they have ever lived close their eyes and do their non Mexican thingy here.  Anyone who wants to compare Chapala to Chicago in any way is lacking understanding. Sadly, they will never understand this type of comparison. :(


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  12. 2 hours ago, AngusMactavish said:

    Would you rather live in Chicago, the US's second city? This mornings news said:

    That shooting was one of at least 10 that occurred in the Windy City on New Year’s Day, The Chicago Tribune reported. The other incidents, which were nonfatal, include two double shootings.

    Surely you are intelligent enough to understand the difference between Chicago and Mexican cities is based on the culture and race of those involved in those shootings. Therefore this type of comparison has NO validity. Apples to Oranges.  Try to compare apples to the same type of apples, ok? Fake News Implication here again.

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  13. 17 hours ago, kimanjome said:

    Can anyone help me? Maybe it's my new eyeglasses, but I can't find any recent explicit  driving directions from Laredo or Pharr (or any other nearby crossing) to Lakeside. I will have to make that midway stop in Matehuela since I am traveling with pets.  I would prefer cuota routes. In the past I saw some really detailed instructions, mentioning which turn to take after clearing immigration, which building to go to for the TIP, etc. Can someone give me the link? 

    Also, I have my Temporal inside my passport, and I will be crossing the border for the first time in my US plated car. I know I have to pay the TIP deposit.  I am going to purchase Mexican auto insurance before I enter MX, as my US insurer won't cover me. Do I need to bring my car title? One person told me yes, another told me no.

    Thanks so much. I leave in 36 hours and I am not anywhere near as prepared as I should be.


    Just send a message to Mainecoons  here with your email address and he will send you a copy of his personal driving route through Pharr. No hassle. Easy.

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