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  1. Still almost under Bridge #2. at least it was 2 weeks ago. Cross Bridge #2( coming from USA), continue on for about 1 mile, turn left at first signal light that has a left turn lane, and double back on the "feeder" road. Continue under Bridge #2 until you see the buildings on your left, about 1 mile.
  2. Maybe you should just stay out of Texas if you have problems with how they enforce their laws. That would seem to solve your problem. Otherwise, suck it up !
  3. All the people who work in the business sectors and the financial sectors, along with the financial indicators report that the USA is better off now than it has been in MANY years. And, the future outlook is very bright. Put your personal bias aside and listen to the people who are involved and trained to know. People are tired of fear mongers with Political agendas.
  4. Banamex locks my account every 3 months if I don't use it (for my safety they tell me ). Takes about an hour or more at one of their branches to fill out papers and then by the next afternoon, I can usually use my card again.
  5. But, bmh, the President of Mexico tells the World that Mexicans do not build Walls ! BTW, NOB I have never had a fence around my properties, let alone any type of wall. Just neighbors who look out for each other, and never any who were like the 3 monkeys. Still do not agree that it can happen anywhere, as there is no proof that it does happen in some places. Gotta happen before you can say that.
  6. Some places it happens a lot more than in other places. But, some places it never happens, and to some people it never happens. It is NOT a fact of life everywhere. No justification for that statement. Does not justify just "blowing off" peoples concerns. It never happened to me NOB (70+ years). You just picked a bad place to live, I didn't. It happened to me in Chapala.
  7. Any Mexicans that you know that do not live like that are too poor to afford those precautions. This is "their" country; it amazes me that newcomers would think they know more about need for safety precautions here than the Mexicans who have equal or greater wealth that you do. One would think that if one feels much safer here than NOB, they would certainly have knowledge of vast security experience from that terrible place NOB and no need to ask as they had to have it all there. Just ask a Mexican that now lives NOB where he feels more safe. They know the difference. They are very observant on this issue. Just sayin'.
  8. Some come with common sense. Less nowadays. Kinda like 50% of the people NOB.
  9. Actually, in my experiences, it is quite the opposite of that. We have never lived in any areas that we have felt the need to invest in anything except a strandard front and back door lock, which we seldom use, to this day. But, here is a Much different story.
  10. They have been coming for many years. It is just that now they are in the majority of those coming. They think they are coming to "paradise" !
  11. Ever heard of sarcasm? Reread his statement and you will find an example that just jumps out at you like a rattler !
  12. Well said, bmh. You know what you are talking about because you spend most of your time involved with Mexicans, whereas those who "claim" Mexico is the safest place they have ever lived close their eyes and do their non Mexican thingy here. Anyone who wants to compare Chapala to Chicago in any way is lacking understanding. Sadly, they will never understand this type of comparison.
  13. Can a person renew their car tags for Jalisco (Chapala) in whatever city/pueblo of Jalisco they want? Or just in Chapala?
  14. Yep, common sense still lacking in snowflakes. Playing race card is so Last Year, Angus . Try to become more original.
  15. Surely you are intelligent enough to understand the difference between Chicago and Mexican cities is based on the culture and race of those involved in those shootings. Therefore this type of comparison has NO validity. Apples to Oranges. Try to compare apples to the same type of apples, ok? Fake News Implication here again.
  16. That has to be the "top" post of 2017(probably of All Time) here on Chapala.com. Happy New Year !!!!
  17. Leon, Gto. is 35 per hour. About 180 per day, and less if by the week.
  18. Just send a message to Mainecoons here with your email address and he will send you a copy of his personal driving route through Pharr. No hassle. Easy.
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