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    Ditto that, Pappy ! Very similar in many ways. Check it out !
  2. Hud


    Fortunately, not over half of the citizens that were eligible to vote !
  3. Hud


    You are ABSOLUTELY correct, they did NOT intend to have a Democracy. THAT is why they created a REPUBLIC ! Too many people pretend to not know that the USA is a Republic, NOT a Democracy. Need to learn the difference.
  4. Hud


    EPN did that with 32% and you did not cry about it ! BTW, you live in Mexico full time, so why are you crying about NOB?
  5. Hud


    But, you forget, WE are hopeless and backward ! And, WE will get the same in 2020 ! Go cry me a river !
  6. Hud


    Yes, agree that has produced more "bad" than "good,, in the history of Mexico. Maybe, just maybe, this time will be different after the decades and decades of the most votes 'being the winner. Thank God that is not how it is done NOB in the US. Those founding fathers knew what they were doing. So, if AMLO is a winner, that makes one out of "how many losers" who had the "most" votes ?
  7. From a bench in Chapala Centro. 3 guys on the bench, I think his name was Larry, but not positive. Had a "pony tail"
  8. If that is a "joke" bubba, it was taken in Very Poor Taste. Go to Texas and offer that "joke".
  9. I was told to expect 25 to 1 by election day. Don't buy yet !
  10. Actuasilly ferret, she did not say what Angus thought she said. Your post of what she was talking about was not related to what they were talking about. You completely changed her words around. Shame. Suggest you read very carefully before you accuse someone of lying again. An apology is in order, don't you think?
  11. So what you are saying is that it is ok for Canada to screw the US in Nafta and other trade deals? Or should the US stand up to being screwed all these years?
  12. If the solar sector continues to grow and people pay less to CFE, how is CFE going to pay huge employee bonuses and huge retirement pay outs. Think they are like Pemex, no?
  13. And, even sadder, those of us who live in these 4 countries know for a fact that these numbers are VERY low and the actual numbers are Much higher because of the lack of proper reporting. How much higher is anyone's guess: 40%, 50% ,..80%,....? Think about that and it gets really scary for the citizens of those countries. Why wouldn't security be a #1 priority for their Presidential Elections?!
  14. The "new " news, Tiny, is how MUCH it has increased over the last few years, and continues to increase. The actual number of dead bodies in these 4 countries is unreal, and growing daily !
  15. If you will check, 2017 was the year that Mexico led the World, far ahead of the Middle East. Check it out.
  16. “The sheer dimensions of homicidal violence are breathtaking,” says the report by the Igarapé Institute, a Brazil-based think tank focused on security and development issues. Security and development report. Concerns Mexico and those who live here and in this region of the World. Try not to cover up the truth and reflect it away. THAT does not make it go away. No matter how you cut it, we live in a Country that has much bigger violence/security concerns for its citizens than possibly any other country in the World ! Ignoring it just allows it to get worse.
  17. I am going to suggest that you need to budget at least double that, probably more.
  18. I'm sure it does make her happy,or she would not have painted it like that; but, I do think many from NOB think that is what a "real" Mexican Kitchen looks like. As Tiny says, you can find this type of décor in restaurants and also a few hotels and B&B in Mexican Tourist areas, both in Mexico and NOB. Anyone ever been to a Rosa's Café NOB? If so, how many restaurants in Mexico have you seen that look like that? Rarely, verdad? As I said before, I really like it, but must keep the lady happy, right?
  19. I really like this kitchen, BUT, my wife , a Mexican Citizen, says she does not like the colors. When asked her what was wrong with the colors, she replied that in all her 53 years of living in Mexico and visiting family and friends in various cities and pueblos, both rich and poor, she has never see anything like that. She has seen something similar in houses of extranjeros here and thinks these people must think that this type of decoration is what is typically found in Mexican houses. She says that could not be farther from the truth. Just goes to show what we don't know about Mexico, but think we do.
  20. They gotcha by the Jewels and they know it !
  21. You don't have to live here long before you realize that.
  22. Actually, today it is not in the same place it was that long ago. Now it is easy to find and very convenient.
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