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  1. This attitude is exactly why Mexico will never be a Free Country !
  2. Did you speak Spanish when you applied for Temporary? For Permanente? For Citizenship?
  3. A few people who post here love to "scare" newcomers about what is needed in Mexico and how things work here. We have been coming since 1999, on a "tourist visa," as many call it. We have never had any problem, as Angus also points out. We come basically from first of June to late September, then again from late December to late February. We find Texas weather better for us the other months. When we get the "tourist visa", the agents giving us these "visas" do not use a computer, but do ask us how many days we want. We always say 180 and that is what they give. We always drive (passing through Laredo), as we know the roads and stops in these 20 years. WE get our car permit each time as well, as we return it each time we return to Texas(it being good for 180 days also). Don't worry, the "tourist visa" is your best bet for a few years until you make firm plans.
  4. I don't think Canada has anything to worry about, as I'm sure the Europeans, or Mexicans, or Chinese, or Saudis will pick up all those products that the Canadians currently sell to the Americans if the deal goes bad. The cars will be the first thing exported abroad. I can't see Trump backing down, so if Canada is not willing to even the playing field, the US will just do without or buy elsewhere, maybe from new Mexican businesses, as AMLO seems eager to put the Mexican people to work. That would workout to a big plus for Mexican investors.
  5. Agree with the respect (especially allies) unless you are screwing your friend and do not agree to "cut it out" as one Famous(?) American president recently said to his Russian counterpart !
  6. Not sure about that "how much you are willing to pay". Have seen a person state up to $1500 per month and all of a sudden, the place that was normally renting for $1150 suddenly is available for $1450 !
  7. www.foxnews.com/world/2018/08/16/canada-struggling-with-illegal-border-crisis-its-own-ahead-crucial-elections.html Wonder when it will impact Mexico?
  8. No. But they can use that "threat" to get a bribe from you if you are not up-to-date on basic driving laws. I suspect he got a nice "mordida" from you. :(
  9. And, how some of us know all the solutions and problems of a neighboring country.
  10. Well.mr. canadian, I happen to agree with his observation of you, I do not hear what you are saying about the illegals as what the American Citizens are saying. In fact, what I hear is that the people are fed up with the trash from South of the Border coming to Our Country without an invitation. So, we elected a President who promised to keep his promises, (and lots has already been accomplished) and he is taking care of the Supreme Court(as promised), so we think it is just a matter of time before Big changes take place. He is already telling the World to treat us fairly, or kiss our ### (Canada included). One thing my grandpappy taught me was that you do Not mess in the affairs of your neighbors, and to keep your comments about them to yourself. Sadly, you did not have a grandpappy like mine. You have never seem me comment on your country and how it should be or is.
  11. Geez, that dog won't hunt anymore ! You gotta do a LOT better than that. But, keep on and keep on. You are not speaking to Democrats here, who will believe anything ! :D
  12. THAT is EXACTLY why they are referred to as ILLEGALS ! THEY are ILLEGALY in the Country because they broke the LAW ! Rarely do "wishes" come true !
  13. Mexico "gives" No One Residence. You either meet the Mexican Requirements or "Hasta la Vista, Baby " ! :D
  14. Agree, but Brazil was actually Not one of the Big Boys at this Tournament.
  15. WOW ! That sounds very similar to what a lot of people NOB are saying and have been saying for years !
  16. We bought ours in Tonala, they usually have a good selection of sizes on Thursdays.
  17. Are you talking about Lakeside, or another area of Mexico? Often what you say doesn';t seem to apply here?
  18. That is one thing that SMA is definitely not. If you have the funds and are into that type of scene, no place in Mexico can beat it as a retirement place close to the US, IMHO. It is all that Ferret says and more. You need to experience it for a while, if you think you will like that scene. For me, I loved it, but loved being near Lake Chapala more, so I gave up all that SMA offered me that Lakeside does not to be near the water. Lake Chapala is MUCH more Laid-Back than SMA, and offers much less, IMHO. Each to his own. Go Good people in both areas, and also "turds".
  19. Mexicans expect the President to solve all of their problems when they elect him. They do NOT want to sacrifice to get to where they want to be. That is why they will always come up short. They are not prepared to give their lives so their children and grandchildren will have a better life.
  20. Hud


    Racist: Anyone who wins a debate with a Liberal !
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