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  1. 1 hour ago, michael2595 said:

    Its not a bit fishy and I would rather not mention this persons name for that DR is extremely well known and the report I got with the films said that I need to have this taken care of. I even saw the films and pointed out where it was needed. The films were taken in GDL. Thank you for your concern



    So, now you have several here who recommend the best at Lakeside, yet you still want others? I think you may have more problems that finding out if you really need a stent, unless you are qualified to read an x-ray.



  2. 3 hours ago, RickS said:

    IMO these anecdotal stories... 'who has it, who is getting tested, is testing even available, if I die will it be chalked up to 'just the flu' etc etc etc.... is JUST as valid here in my neck of the woods in the US as in Mexico. I have to show up at the Emergency Room to even have some chance of being tested. Tests ARE being done on first responders/hospital staff but.....


    Where my family members live, that is not what is allowed there. You must first call ahead to your doctor to get referred and directions, if your doctor thinks you need to be tested. You cannot just show up at the Emergency Room, as they will not allow you to enter for the CV, but they will inform you where to go to be checked for symptoms first, before the test is to be administered. The thing with the test is that it will not tell you that tomorrow you may not get the CV. So, unless you have strong symptoms, it is a waste of time and test. They will tell you to stay home to see if you get worse. I believe too many think that if they can get tested and they do not have it, then they are "home free". Not true. People need to wake up.



  3. If a person has the CV, but does not become severe and does not meet, for whatever reason, the guidelines to be tested, will we ever know how serious this CV is here in Mexico? And, if a person dies at home here from the CV, but was not tested, do they then test them for CV, or just list them as dying from the flu because of similar symptoms ( as many here have died already this season from flu like symptoms) ? And do the numbers reported by Mexico make us feel warm and fuzzy?

  4. 1 hour ago, AlanMexicali said:

    They never tried to contain the seasonal flu where I worked. They all came to work. Coughed and wiped their runny noses. Took pain medicine when the fever gave them a strong headache and flu remedies and usualiy infected a dozen of us employees and then we in turn all came to work ,,, etc..

    Are you insinuating that if we treat this Covid-19 outbreak like seasonal flu and don't take any precautions only about 14,000+, the CDC current statistic, will die and not maybe up to a million or more?

    Can't be treated the same as the flu because (1) there is not a vaccine, (2) doctors do not know what treatments yet will work to help, like they do with the flu, and (3) it spreads a lot more rapidly than the flu.  Seems to have the fact that more vulnerable(those with other health conditions) people are at high risk in common with the flu, but that may be a characteristic of all respiratory viruses. I hope you don't believe what you suggest here. Surely you are more intelligent than that, Alan? I will also say that if countries are able to keep the deaths totals less than with the flu, their leadership will have done an outstanding job handling this situation.

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  5. 1 hour ago, dichosalocura said:

    And to think, that many deaths after a large percentage of Americans went and got their recommended vaccinations.

    A lot, isn't it, and the season is not over yet. Biggest problems are nonvaxxers and older people with other advanced conditions. Just think how many lives were spared because they did have the vaccination.

  6. More Reality : 2019-2020 U.S. Flu Season: Preliminary Burden Estimates

    Other Languages

    CDC estimates* that, from October 1, 2019, through March 28, 2020, there have been:

    39,000,000 – 55,000,000
    flu illnesses

    person coughing icon

    18,000,000 – 26,000,000
    flu medical visits

    doctor patient icon

    400,000 – 730,000
    flu hospitalizations

    hospital room icon

    24,000 – 63,000
    flu deaths

    flu virus icon
  7. 3 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    As of today,  Texas has 5,330 cases and 90 have died and 5,133 cases are still active. You might want to check your math. 90 deaths is 2% of known cases.

    What an animal you are !!!  Lets not go from apples to oranges. Lets stay with apples. 90 deaths is .0003% of the Texas population. You just wantta make it sound like more die than do. That get you off?

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Go Solar said:

    90 deaths in TX is 90 real people.   And it will get worse, that is a fact.    Let's not minimize it by saying it is .0003%.    

    You know, if you were really concerned about deaths, why haven't you continuously spoken up about the hundreds of thousands killed here in Mexico where you live? You care nothing about lives in Texas. You are just "show" and that is sad.


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  9. 1 minute ago, Ferret said:


    How are you preparing for something that's not happening according to you?

    What's not happening? If you mean the world is about to come to an end, then I'm not preparing for that. I am preparing for things that I can control. Is this virus bad? Sure it is, especially for me, if I get it. But, to be honest, if I didn't have my flu shot and they didn't know how to treat the flu like they do now, the flu would probably be worse than this virus. Certainly for me. Will we get through this? Well, I guess so. We got through the flu, cause when millions die each year from it, no one notices much any more. So, whatta ya think?


  10. 22 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    I can't "Like" your post bmh considering the circumstances. I was hoping for better news about your brother.

    And Louisiana is right next door to Texas.

    Some places do better than others. Why? Preparedness,? People following guidelines? Less fake news? Tougher people? 

    Looks like as of today, Louisiana has .19 % infected or well from the virus since January. And, .007% deaths.



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  11. An interesting statistic I found, for those who 'have not completely lost their minds by now: as of today (4-3-2020),  .01 % of the people in Texas have the virus, or are recovered. Another statistic worth noting: as of today, .0003 % of Texans have died. These are totals since January, when the Trump Adm stopped flights from China.The MSM will NOT show you those stats, because some of you might realize they have been trying to destroy the US with their scare tactics. Does this mean this virus is not serious. No, but it needs to be put into perspective with reality.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    And can you answer the questions or do you just want to bash?

    Check it out yourself, you claim to understand it. :D

    2 minutes ago, gringal said:

    This, from SenorGoogle: 

    "President Trump supposedly wanted to have his signature appear on the coronavirus relief checks being mailed to people across the United States.

    "Mr. Trump has told people he wants his signature to appear on the direct payment checks that will go out to many Americans in the coming weeks," the Wall Street Journal reported, citing an administration official."

    Source: the Washington Examiner, according to Google.

    Who did he tell? Any idea? The wind? :D


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  13. 3 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    I'm not jealous of the U.S., never have been and never will be. There are many, many countries that I would rather live in than the U.S.

    I prefer a country that takes care of all of its people.

    I understand that a Governor has the say over his people but, do you think that guidance (read suggestion based on knowledge) from the top is out of place in this situation?

    Flip side... when a country goes to war, can the Governor of a particular state refuse to send troops?

    Thanks for proving that those jealous of the US do not understand a Republic and its division of powers. Perfect example of both

    . :D



  14. 1 hour ago, geeser said:

    That quote is probably more correct than not. The situation with a republic is that each governor has the say over his people. Any attempt by the Federal government to enact such a rule would instantly see several states sue for relief. That is why FEMA is a helper and NEVER the first responder. The State is always the first responder according to our constitution. The people who formed this country did not want a strong central government they wanted the ruling government to be closer to and responsible to the citizens. President Trump may feel compelled to ask for a national quarantine  wo watch for the reaction. 

    Lots of people here do not desire to understand our Republic, they just want to bash because they are jealous of America. That is just the way it is and they don't even deny it any more.

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