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  1. Please explain the brush with "banditos" and when and where it happened. Thank you.
  2. Pedro, I use a Banorte bank in Leon, Gto. and I usually get on a Saturday afternoon. I pay a fee of 46 pesos (not refunded by 360, which gives me a better exchange rate than my Schwab, and I come out better) but that is only about $2.50 usd. I first check my balance, then I can get  18,000 pesos at a time), no problem (never tried for more). Never used another bank atm, as this one is very close and I don't have to drive far.

  3. We bought 6 last November for 400-450 pesos each in Patzcuaro, from Adame Family. Use as gifts NOB and for beds here.. These were "matrimonial", and we turn them sideways and they fit nicely on our King beds. We like to visit Patzcuaro for 2-3 days every 2-3 months, as we like it there.
  4. For quality , price, and selection, Patzcuaro can't be beat. Adame Family is the best choice.
  5. A few years ago, we drove my wife's Mexican plated car into Texas. They asked at the Laredo crossing whose car it was and I said it was hers. They asked where we lived (Texas) and said that a Green Card holder could not legally have a Mexican plated car in the US. I said that we were going to get my car from the repair shop in Mexico and would be bringing it back in 4 months. They let us pass.
  6. suegarn, why is it any of your concern what modeeper does? Are you everyone's conscience ? Here is what he asked for: " any non-wiseguy advice? " His values do not have to be your values.
  7. Mo, when you want to leave, just leave. Remember, they are usually not going to stop you and ask for your papers, etc. when you are headed out, unless you do something dumb. Only on the US side. If you have nowhere to land, why would you head out?
  8. Mo, if I were in your place, I would stay where you are and really make an effort to stay out of trouble, and be ready to pay a mordida, if you get stopped in your car. Since you will not lose your deposit, all you need worry about is your car being impounded and you being deported. Neither very likely to happen unless you do something really dumb. So, go for it. Good luck.
  9. In all my years in Mexico, all my eye exams have been free, there was only a charge for glasses, if needed. Mike needs to work on his English, a little.
  10. MC, do you have your water tested by someone "independent" of those who installed it?
  11. It would really be beneficial (Sonia and Spencer) for you to tell us WHAT the rules say about getting a tourist visa after you have had one for 180 days that has expired. I believe that rule would solve any concern here.
  12. I still have a feeling that returning the next day(or the next shift) will get you another 6 months.
  13. 250p in home is "standard"? Not by my standards. Speak only for your experiences, not mine, ok?
  14. Agree with Alan. Go straight through town, much better and faster.
  15. My wife's brother (Mexican from Leon) had a bad problem about a year ago. Lower back and down one leg. Took 3 injections(one a day) of Dexabion, in the hip muscle. Said that in 10 minutes he felt better and in 5 days he was perfect. Has not returned. Available for about 250 pesos local pharmacy. If I have thje problem, I plan on giving it a try. Comes as a 3 pak, and has 2 chambers, so need to mix the 2 chambers before adm. Good luck.
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