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  1. Try to engage your brain before you respond sometimes, ok?
  2. Give us a break, you know squat about Texas except how to spell its name (probably looked that up). This is all Fake News. Get a life and mind your own business sometime. Geez. Louise !
  3. Well, I can tell you that EVERYTHING he has done in the first month has been exactly what he was elected to do. You may not like how he does it, but we expect him to continue with OUR agenda and we see no slowing down. So, if you want to be pissed because of what he is doing, you need to get it straight, he is doing what WE elected him to do, no more, and no less. We Deplorables accept the responsibility for his actions, and we love it ! 306 to 232 !!!! lol !!!
  4. Pretty smart, I would say. We are not trying to win a popularity contest, Ferret, just trying to make our country safe, secure, and prosperous once again. It will happen, because that is what the American Electorate wants. We don't care what you think. Get over it.
  5. Hate, that is found in people marching, destroying property of others, sayin' things like "he is not MY President", refusing to move on, etc., etc., etc. Don't see anyone who elected the new US President doing any of those things, just the cry baby losers. Get used to it, things are a changing ! The US Electorate has SPOKEN, Loud and Clear ! Expect the US Policy toward Foreigners to be very similar to that of Mexico.
  6. Speaks for me, and I am Native Texan. You are in name only, if that is the truth, but is probably more Fake News. Get used to it bud, 'cause things are a gonna CHANGE. THIS TIME, REAL CHANGE, for a Real America. WE elected the new President, and he is doing exactly what we elected him to do. Get used to the fact that you are in the electoral MINORITY. Suck it up and quit bawling !
  7. Then don't go. Simple solution. Remember, this is Mexico and they couldn't care less if you go or not, buy or not, complain, or not, etc.
  8. So, I come to Mexico on a Tourist Permit, with TIP, for 6 months, and then we decide we want to go to Cuba for 10 days to visit. And, when we get back, we want to go another 10 days later on to Guatemala on a tour bus. For both trips, I must first take the car NOB, return to Mexico, go get the car when we return from the trip,, take it out again for the second trip, then go get it again? Really?
  9. There are apartments (monthly) near the American Legion in Chapala (Pensando En Ti) nice and reasonable. Also, there are apartments at the COW, on the main street. Lots to select from in Chapala, and closer to $300-$400 a month. Also, ask at the American Legion, they have a bulletin Board and people are eager to help. No need for reservations.
  10. YOU are in error. Reread her post, as she was only talking about those assholes here, and not all of us. She is not seeking help from those assholes, just the rest of us that don't fit the description. I expect, as it usually happens here, that some she referred to will try and take this off track from those of us who want to assist her.
  11. Hey, give us a break on your "Trump prejudice" ! He plans to treat foreigners EXACTLY how Mexico treats them (They Must follow the law of the land they are in). So, get your facts straight, bud ! Otherwise, you are just pissin' into the wind !
  12. What makes me think this is NOT a new poster on this Board, just a new name?
  13. So have we and we found the remains of that once walled city interesting to say the least(but, of course, Mexicans do not believe in walls). My thoughts were as far as colonial beauty go, if you are going to drive 3 hours (that is a good estimate of time for us on our trips that way) why not just drive one hour more and see The Most Beautiful Colonial City in all of Mexico (Guanajuato)? What rings one person's bell does not always ring others. I would guess, were it me, and I only had a week with my grands, I would stay much nearer the casa, as for us, locally there is a LOT to offer in a short time. Downtown Guadalajara is Fabulous ! Boat trip in the Lake to the Island, up in the mountains, Boardwalk in Chapala, Ajijic, Joco. Lots here to choose from.
  14. Lagos is the most beautiful? Have you been there?
  15. A day at the Spa in SJC (Wednesday).Pack a lunch. A trip to downtown Guadalajara for sightseeing and looking around. A trip to Tonala on a Thursday for the Tianguis (have a meeting place and caution about wandering much off the beaten path). Actually, a cell phone they could use when on their own would be worthwhile. A trip to Talaquepaque with lunch at a good restaurant. Local sights are good (a driving tour) with them telling you if they want to stop at any place.
  16. It just sounds like some problem with the water, which could be several things. Maybe regularly changing a part of it would be helpful in the future.
  17. I have a feeling that some more change (lobby rules) may well be in the works. Just another part of the swamp that needs draining.
  18. Well said, gringal. Lack of decent education is how those governments control the poor. They must be helped where they are so that everyone can see that a better life is possible in their cultural and their country. That is the ONLY way to make a difference. You just cannot turn the money over to their government for this, as it will just go into pockets, as always.
  19. My mechanics (NOB) always advised me to do what the Owner's Manual said, as that was what the car performed best on, and had the least trouble.
  20. To me, the easiest way around any problem is to show a US passport(or Canadian) upon entry to the US, and if you have a Mexican plated car, then you need a Mexican driver's license. That DL shows you are a resident and living in Mexico, not currently living in the US. Everyone is happy. When you show a US driver's license, that shows that you are currently living in the US( because it is current and your address has to be correct), and therein lies the problem with the Mexican plated car. When you are not in your car NOB, you can use your other DL for ID, etc. Seems simple to me. Do what you like.
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