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  1. Actually, this is a problem for anyone that used these roads/highways and for damage that may befall their coche. And, it seems pretty obvious that the money needed to make a big improvement in this problem is being put somewhere else ( maybe in people's pockets, as Mexico is very famous for). You are correct; Mexico will solve it in their own way and own time, which is Never, since it appears that corruption is more prevalent in Mexico now than it has been. You need not attack the messenger, just because he speaks the truth. If you have an opinion on the topic, then express it on the topic, not on the person you dislike for being truthful. Just sayin'.
  2. Sure ! You want to take the only pleasure some people get in their lives away from them? Shame on you. We need to show a little more tolerance here for those who need us here, don't ya' think? They get their enjoyment, as ricks says, by jumping on the OP and we get ours from jumping on them just as bad, or worse. What's the difference? Being a PC Cop does not put us above them, does it?
  3. " I want to avoid buying US products tomorrow" sure sounds like a boycott of US to me, ricks Maybe you should let the OP stand up for himself, if he has a problem with the responses, no? Or, are you the pc police? Just sayin' !
  4. I'm wondering if I should be concerned now about drones flying over our property in the daytime, or wait until they post the videos of two old people having sex in and around our outdoor pool? Your opinions are appreciated. P.S. We do have high walls to not disturb our lovely neighbors.
  5. I think that Governor Sandoval needs to mind his own business before he has time to mind others business. Corruption in government in Jalisco should occupy 100 % of his time, if he is actually doing his job, and he would have no time to comment on other countries. Lets see what is actually accomplished to help Jalisco by him and how much the cost was to the Mexican People so he can be judged by his "bang for the buck". So far, very little.
  6. Exactly, Ricks. There are many places that people should avoid in Mexico. Good for people to remind us once in a while where these areas are, no? Of more benefit to new people here and those planning on a trip SOB, than hardened extranjeros like you, right? Just like people visiting Canada and the US, etc. Good to know where the hot spots are. BTW, I read that Juarez is really "hot" again, as well as several places in Michoacán. Of course, parts of Guadalajara can be "hot" at times, just depends what is going on with the New Generation. Those that are blessed with the flower of "common sense" rarely encounter problems. Sadly, that flower does not grow in some everyones garden .
  7. Well, it is obvious that no one here swims regularly in the Lake, or eats fish regularly from the Lake. No one had to tell me that. It is very obvious.
  8. http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2017/03/24/cruise-company-drops-popular-mexican-resort-town-from-itinerary-due-to-growing-violence.
  9. Several times over the years we have been stopped by police in cities saying we were speeding and needed to pay them on the spot or go with them to their station. Puts one in a bad situation when you feel you have been wrongly accused. So, be prepared to pay up to 2000 pesos for a "speeding" ticket. You do not ever want to go with them to their "station". If you were very experienced in Mexico, there might be other options, but since you are not, just pay and they will normally let you go on. If stopped, you might try the "I don't understand Spanish" ploy, but many speak some English now. May not have any problems, some do, some don't. But, remember, this Country is not like north of the border. BTW, if you are looking for anyone who has had a MAJOR problem in Mexico, they have left Mexico and will not be members of this Board. Only those who have not experienced a life threatening experience remain in Mexico, FYI.
  10. I think you will get 2 prices: one paid by extranjeros and one paid by Mexicans. To get a realistic one, you might ask the people who operate Salvador's Restaurant in Ajijic, or the owner of Yoli's Beauty Shop in the same area. Both speak excellent English.
  11. I just finished off a 1/2 gal. of Ultimate Neopolitan. YUMMY !!!
  12. Thank you. I'm sure that thrills people here just like it does those NOB.
  13. Too many extranjeros here live in fear of saying "no" to a Mexican for fear that they will do harm to them or their property. They laugh it off as they got "taken" but many repeat the same process every time they have dealings with Mexicans. Some "disguise" it as a "tip" or just " giving something to the poor because we have a lot more than they do," or pay a lot more to maids and gardeners thinking they will not steal from them and will take care of their property better. If they find that you can be taken easily, they lose all respect for you and will continue to bleed you dry. I wouldn't live that way, but whatever make a person "happy".
  14. Denise, common sense is often left at the Border (if it ever was there) when people move to Mexico. But, Common Sense will serve you well in Mexico. Both Alan and Jim tell it how it is in Mexico, but you have a lot of Common Sense and I'm sure are always aware of your surroundings. Therefore, I doubt you will have many problems. Just remember, this is a Foreign Country and things and people are MUCH different than NOB. THAT can be both good and Bad. Laws here have very little "teeth". Money talks. You can't live in fear, as some do, just live your life.
  15. Unless 1 or 2 don't want to negotiate, and the other(s) just tear it up.(or don't comply with their part, as has been the case since its beginning) But, you can "take it to the bank" that it will change.
  16. Well said, giltner68 and MC ! Well Said !!!
  17. That is a really worthless comment. Obviously, fits your style, pm.
  18. RV was respected, but now is a bitter person and is losing credibility with each post.
  19. Read what he said. Geez, Louise ! YES, he did !!! Wake up !!! Let your meds kick in before you post, and many here will be a lot happier. especially you. LOL
  20. And, I object to being insulted by you sometimes, but I don't cry about it. False assumptions, matter of opinion, but you seem to make those about many people here also. I agree, maybe the owner will restore the Board to the point before you started attacking posters here, and were just giving suggestions and advice that was beneficial to all, before you moved away and began hating your life where you are now and taking it out on many people here and anyone that seems to still feel that the US is a worthwhile country. It distresses me to see many posters becoming turned off by your new found ranting and raving. I'm sorry that your illness has progressed and you do not get to live out your life in your chosen form of happiness. I know you have indeed earned that opportunity, but life just is often not fair to well deserving people.. Cruel and insulting statements, public or private, are definitely not welcome here by you, nor anyone else. Again, often the truth hurts, and you should bear that in mind. I wish you well, RV.
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