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  1. We are in the "other" 2/3 . I just try to worry about us, not others that I have no control over.
  2. We are Texas residents and would have no problem using MD Anderson, should the need arise. Hopefully, it will not.
  3. Lack of knowledge about medications and reactions with other drugs from doctors and pharmacies locally at Lakeside could have cost both my wife and I our lives. Only one doctor here has EVER asked what other drugs we were taking when they have given us prescriptions. Only one doctor has made any written record of our visits. Asking about drug reactions at the pharmacies gets the reply that you need to ask your doctor. My wife was told to take an antibiotic for 5 days before the dentist would work on her tooth. The dosage was for 3 times the Maximum daily dosage for that antibiotic. We have also had really good work from Dr. Haro and one of his assistants, but not all of them. Just need to be really careful in this Lakeside area. Hard to find the good from the "money grabbers". If you find a really good one, you are very fortunate and enjoy.
  4. WE use local doctors for the simple stuff, too, geeser. But, as I said, anything serious, we go to our doctors NOB because of exactly what happened to you and others. I went to a highly respected doctor here in Ajijic and he brought a spine specialist in from Guad. After z-rays, the specialist (in the office with the local respected doctor) read the results and said that I needed immediate surgery on my neck or I would become paralyzed at any moment. Cost about $3,500-$4,000 .The local doctor concurred. They could set it up for the next day in Guad. I declined. We IMMEDIATELY went back to the states (with the report) and got in within an hour with my family doctor. He looked at the x-rays and read the report. His secretary was fluent in Spanish and translated for him. She said there was very minor evidence of age related degeneration between 2 vertebrae in two different locations and nothing else remarkable. WOW !!! I approached the local Ajijic doctor when we returned and said that I expected a lot better from him, as he had a good local extranjero following, and was praised for bringing specialists in from Guad.. He just shrugged his shoulders and made no comment. 3 years earlier, the same doctor brought his orthopedic elbow/hand surgeon down and I agreed to his strong suggestion of surgery. After, 4 weeks of therapy following the surgery in Guad, the left hand returned almost as good as it was the day I had the surgery. I am glad some people are happy with their selections. But, we have had more than enough. We are fortunate to live where we feel extremely confident in our choice for medical care. I did not say that we would use just any doctor or facility available there, but what we have selected is the best for us. I based my local Lakeside choice on recommendations from "old timers" and asking MANY people. We made our choices NOB by just going to a doctor/facility and if they were not what we wanted, we moved on. We don't waste our valuable time any more. I am very sorry about your spine experience.
  5. Certainly more expensive living out West. Our gas is below $2.10 and has been for many months. Not that long ago it was like $1.87. But, then the last trip I made to California, the price of a gallon of orange juice was exactly $1.00 more than I paid for it back home. I guess that is why the wages are so much better out West.
  6. And we are happy for you. I certainly couldn't speak for a whole State's health care. In my State there are some cities where I would not go to seek care, and in others, where I would go there if I had a choice of most in the World (depends on the condition - M.D. Anderson for Cancer). Such differences even within my own State. Glad yours is all the same. Easier decision. We respect your decision. Each person should be happy with their own choice without someone trying to put down their choice, no?
  7. The nice The nice thing about where we live NOB, you can find a few stations that will have the same price as Costco/Sam's, and normally the others are only 1-4 pennies higher. Sure there will be some that are $0.20 to $0.40 higher, but they don't do much business. Don't have to look very much to get the bottom price. Maybe in the Western USA Sam's/Costco is a Super deal.
  8. No, you cannot speak for the States. You cannot speak for Mexico, nor any other country in the World. You do not currently have health care in every area of the USA. Actually, I will wage a hefty sum that you know absolutely NOTHING about health care where our home area is NOB, yet you propose to speak for it? That is not very realistic, as the States is a VAST area and most areas are completely different from others in many things. Think about it.! Speaking from your personal experience and in this moment is the best you can do about the area you have the care in.
  9. I can only speak from my PERSONAL experiences and those of my wife. We have NEVER experienced any of that in our lifetime together NOB in our home area. I can't speak for anywhere in the world. What happens in France, for example, has no bearing on our health care decisions. Neither does Chicago, New York, California, etc.. YMMD.
  10. Things like this and worse is why we use NOB doctors, clinics, hospitals for our medical care. We have NEVER been led astray there in our home area. Not true in areas of Mexico. When (if) our health gets to that point where we need constant health supervision, we will no longer travel to Mexico. Until then, we enjoy the Mexico climate 6 months a year, as in those months, it is better than our home area NOB. YMMD, and we are extremely happy for you and respect your choice.
  11. How FUNNY !!! The OP uses San Antonio, TX doctors ! Yet, what a great reason to be happy we live at Lakeside. Hilarious !
  12. Wise move. Just stay in Mexico and then you won't have to worry about that downright hatred of MX from the USA. Que Bueno the same does not exist in Mexico toward extranjeros, no?
  13. Each person needs to be confident in their selection of medical advice and procedures. What works and makes one happy is many times not the same for others. No one should be "put down": or "chastised" for a choice or experience that works for them that is different from someone else. (why am I hearing that type of statement so much now-a-days?) There is no "one size fits all" in anything in life. Be happy for the other person if they are happy with their choice.
  14. And, we both can honestly say that had we followed the directions of local doctors/dentists here at Lakeside, my wife and I would more than likely both be dead. We are not the only ones that can make that statement about treatment here.
  15. Actually, geeser, everything is relative. We find that over the last 5-8 years our medical needs have been served extremely well by doctors, clinics, and hospitals where we go NOB. We do all of our medical stuff NOB, if it at all is more than just routine. That decision was based on our local Lakeside experiences ( leave it to say they were not pleasant). We have absolutely no difficulty getting in to see a provider NOB, often the same afternoon that we call, should something urgent come up. My cardiologist, if he can't get me that day, will send me to a quality cardiologist friend, the same day, and will check on me. So, for us, and where we go 6 months a year, there is no concern. I believe that those who return NOB (as a majority) have very similar experiences. We schedule yearly checkups, etc. just as anyone would do anywhere. So, people need to speak for themselves, that is the best anyone can do, no?
  16. Sure it is, but getting there by the alternative route is quite a bit different, as she/he said.
  17. When you come out of the red light/green light check point you curve to the right. Take the very first left turn and stay straight for about 2-3 blocks, when you run into the by-pass (Luis Donaldo .Colosio). Turn right and move to the left lane. At the signal light (down about 400 yards), make that U-turn on the left arrow and move to the lateral. Continue straight, cross under Bridge II, and turn left into the second (Largest) parking lot(there is a gate with a little storage shed and only one lane is usually open). Park somewhere in the middle, and INM is the door at the far left. Return the same way you entered the parking lotl, except at the signal light, go straight and follow signs to Monterrey.
  18. Actually, I did not. I was saying that there have been complaints from extranjeros on this Board for YEARS about the noise at Lakeside, to no avail. It is similar to being a fly in a Mexican kitchen. The flies are a nuisance, but the Mexicans do not consider them of any real consequence. I was speaking ONLY of Lakeside.
  19. Sounds to me like the OP has over stayed a Tourist Permit with a TIP. So, just guessing, both the OP and the truck are illegal in Mexico. Now, if this were NOB a year ago, I would say "no problem". However, Mexico is a country that is serious about illegals who disrespect her laws, and rightly so. Don't get caught.
  20. There is a fuel stop at the Pueblito, before Ojuelos turn-off, and just before the Autopista to Lagos, not far from the end of the By-Pass It has Nice restrooms, a SUBWAY, and a Nice store. We haven't been through Ojuelos in years. There is also another Pueblito just before you enter the By-Pass on the other end. Easy fuel access at either. Depending on how you drive, but we were only on the By-Pass for 30 minutes.
  21. Yep, Chapala is the "playground" for Guadalajara. Anything goes here. Rarely are Federal Laws enforced. And, extranjeros complaining are like flies in the kitchen: a nuisance, but nothing of a real concern in Mexico.
  22. We were gone on a trip and when we returned to Chapala, we discovered that we had a "new" water meter. Neighbors said a car climbed the curb in the night, hitting the meter and it had to be replaced. My water bill has a charge of 769.50 pesos to REPO the meter. Has that happened to anyone else. They tell me I am responsible even though the meter is outside the house in the sidewalk. Any direct info would be appreciated.
  23. We crossed into Mexico yesterday (5-26-2017) about 4:00 p.m. on Bridge II, heading toward Chapala. WE SAW NO EVIDENCE of any construction (current or recent) on either side of the bridge, going under the Bridge II to get the Tourist and Car Permits, nor on the road going out of Laredo toward Monterrey. That includes any sign of a road blockage that would interfere with a normal entry process in any way, from either side. The conditions were exactly the same as they have been for the dozens of times we have crossed in the last 19 years. It took about 25-30 minutes to get the Permits below the bridge (after we got the green light to skip inspection) and within another 25 minutes we were past the military 30 KM checkpoint and headed to Monterrey. Traffic from Laredo, on the Bridge, and out of N. L. was NORMAL, certainly not heavy on either side.The TRUCK traffic was NORMAL, there were NO LINES of TRUCKS backed up anywhere that we went. The first place we saw a line of slow moving trucks was near Matehuala, at a checkpoint on the North Bound side. So, if you are concerned about crossing at Bridge II, we saw NOTHING that would make us look anywhere else.
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