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  1. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/shootout-in-cancun-narcos-take-their-war-into-hot-beach-resorts/ar-AAoxq9g?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp Things are changing in the Tourists areas of Mexico.
  2. No, betty7, that is NOT what I said. I said that when someone speaks the truth they often are called "racist", etc. You and menudo are NOT who I am referring to. If you need more info from me, just drop a message to me, ok?.
  3. Kinda reminds me of something I saw on the inside wall of a McDonald's one morning in Amarillo, Texas, when I stopped for breakfast back in the late 1980"s.There was a rough sketch of a kinda desert scene on the wall and words something like: "one evening, late, when God was creating the Earth, He " roughed out" West Texas. He decided He was too tired to finish and said to Himself that He would just finish it the next morning. When morning came and He looked at what He had done with West Texas, He said to Himself that there was just too much work to do to fix it. So, He said that He would just leave it the way it was, and create people who would love it to live there. And, to this day, you really have to love West Texas to live there. But, those who do, would live in no other place on the Earth.
  4. What makes one person happy is often the opposite for others. That is what you will get in response to the OP. Sure we liked before 2010 at Lakeside, as did many of our friends. Several of them moved back NOB after that time, so they will not respond here. Those who are "trapped" here will rarely respond to these "questions". So, what you basically get is a non response from people who are afraid to respond honestly because of the "elites" here, or from those who honestly like Lakeside as it currently is. Everyone deserves to be as happy as they can afford to be.
  5. Actually, RV, YOU have it incorrect. Texans do know the difference, and obviously YOU do not. Reservoir refers to any large area that stores water, whether it is a Natural Lake or a man-made lake. Just a General "catch all" term, not as specific as "Lake". Check it out, you never get too old to learn something new ! Get some cattle to go with that hat, and then you will become a wise old cowboy!. But, sadly, never a Texan.
  6. Actually, if I were, I could just not look at them anymore. Then I wouldn't be tired of them anymore. Sometimes the solution is right in front of us and we get so obsessed complaining about it that we can't see the solution.
  7. I bet if you ask real nice, he would give you one. Make you feel better?
  8. My first thought about what is so special here is : Your Father.
  9. This thread was right on immigration policies of Canada, Mexico, and the US, UNTIL "chillin" posts the above, which took everyone off course. Not only that, but it was some Fake News. Why do these people get away with this crap. He has no credibility with these types of posts. Moderator, please close my Thread. Thank you.
  10. We have ours NOB flying, as does all our neighborhood there ! We fly ours here, inside our wall, in respect to Mexico. What a Great Day to be a Proud American !!!
  11. Looks like the USA would benefit in becoming more like Canada ( and Mexico)in its immigration policy. Maybe just enforcing its own laws, for a change, would be a step in that direction. Canada's policy makes sense to me. Doesn't show the "flight" that people were reporting earlier by Americans to Canada (maybe some had a problem finding that "sponsor"). . Doubt there was any "flight " to Mexico either.
  12. Wishing my friends and neighbors who are Proud American Citizens a Happy Independence Day! Remembering The Declaration of Independence.
  13. Results for Canada https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/07/03/trumps-election-didnt-actually-inspire-more-americans-to-move/23014688/
  14. Could one of the reasons that some people move to Mexico be that they are told how easy it is for extranjeros to break Mexican laws and do as they please, thus keeping many things less expensive than in other countries? Or, maybe they are tired of having to do things legally where they are coming from and are excited by the "ease" with which people seem to get away with breaking Mexican laws?
  15. I think you need to be back in time to "renew". That is your only restriction.
  16. One thing you can take to the bank : the noise problem here is many times worse in the last 5 years than in the 15 years before that.
  17. Be sure to get AT LEAST 2 opinions before you have ANY surgery. You may be surprised and very thankful that you did.
  18. When I go by bus, I just get on the bus in Guad, off at Laredo to go through customs, back on the bus (at the same location) and get off in East Austin, where family picks me up. A long ride and night stops in small places, so not a very fun trip, but we made it ok. Think I paid about $110 one way.
  19. WOW ! And how long have you lived in Mexico? Doesn't take very long for one to realize that those in government NOB have nothing on those in government here in Mexico, they are amateurs NOB. WE are in the land of the Champs in the government using and abusing others for personal gain ! Open your eyes and ears.
  20. Our electric and water have been really stable NOB for several years. Water is $3.50/1,000 gal. and electric hangs about 8.7 cents a KWH. Don't have any idea how that compares out West.
  21. Actually 2017 is on pace to have the highest overall violence death count on record for Mexico. Things are much worse during any time of Calderon's presidency, and there does not appear any plans to slow that down. We just don't get that info here. Jalisco is one of the most dangerous States in all of Mexico currently.
  22. 3% discount, that is about 2.5 cents American/liter, so less than 10 cents a gallon. Better than nothing, but not by much. Kinda like the "sales" they have sometimes here on clothes, 5% discount. I'm so spoiled that if it is not at least 40% on clothes NOB, I don't bother to look.
  23. Looks like he was "overruled " by the real experts. They didn't seem to like his opinion very much.
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