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  1. All well and good, but the discussion here centers on IMSS, so are you paying that for your help? Whatever you pay your help will come under one Mexican Law or another in the Grand Scheme of thing, whenever they get their lawyer.
  2. Hud

    Juice not nectar!

    When you say "juices" are you talking about those whose 1st ingredient listed says "100% juice", or something else? My understanding is that if those exact words are not used, then it is simply colored water and sugar.
  3. Hud


    what would you give?
  4. Actually, Mark, I posted that for your benefit, as I knew you couldn't resist getting personal with me (doesn't take you much does it, Mark?) Someone here suggested you find a mirror, maybe you should take that suggestion, you might have at least a little success there. Not getting much here. are you? Bless your heart, Mark !
  5. So, is that a new "record high", or has it been higher in the past? Everything is "relative" to the time it is happening, or has happened in the past. Just willing to bet that it has been higher in the past, and may be higher in the future, or not. Time will tell, no? BTW, where we live in Texas, most of the weather records are from the 1920s, both cold and hot. Wonder what that means in reference to today?
  6. I think the word "demand" gets a lot less consideration. Seen too many people laid off when they had "demands". Just sayin'.
  7. My take is that there is lack of interest for this activity for the same reason there is lack of interest by extranjeros for swimming in the lake.
  8. "Ignore" and "scroll on" are the choices for anyone offended by johnny, but the Narcissistic will stay and fight johnny and provoke others.
  9. Just wait a while and there will be a few who will jump down your throat for your response. Always happens when you do not believe the way they do. Kinda like how the left responds to the right. You are not entitled to an opinion that differs from them. They absolutely can not stand for that. And, of course, I will get some for telling the truth about them. We both will probably get told to go somewhere else if we don't like it here. So goes life on this Board.
  10. You haven't been on this Board very long, have you? You haven't learned how "helpful" many members are here.
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