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  1. Hi Folks 

    I am ask if anyone has had trouble using the ATMs. Today for the second day trying 4 different banks I have attempted to make a withdrawal from my bank (Bank of America) and after going through the whole process it gives me a screen saying it can not access my institution.  Am I alone in this??

  2. Ha! Ginger has a point. It is not easy to be alone as a male here for long. I'd PM you but it doesn't work. I lunched with 50 women today. Not all single, but most are. Let's lunch. I am not looking, but I probably can connect you with someone. Maybe I'll start a match service.

    Hi I'm not sure how to reply to you let's see if this works. If that was an offer for lunch it would be my pleasure. You can reach me at

  3. I am looking for a place to meet a nice single woman. I am Simply looking for a lady to share the joys and love of life. I am and she should be, loyal, kind, honest, have a good sense of humor. She should be willing to share her feelings, to discuss and resolve any problems. Strive to grow the love a relationship brings. Can you point me in the right direction?

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