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  1. A friend is wondering if there is such a thing as a tequila club. She is here for a month. Any info welcome.
  2. Dr. Luis Mora... he saved a friend’s life after a botched kidney operation somewhere else. He discovered why I had chronic UTIs, treated the issue, and removed a cyst from my bladder. I have had virtually no recurrence of my very difficult to to treat issues. He’s a love, really, and does speak English. I like Real San Jose because it’s smaller than del Carmen, puerta de hierro, etc. Consultorio Dr. Luis Mora Ibañez Urólogo · Calle Tarascos 3469, Monraz #513 Guadalajara, Jalisco works out of hospital Real San Jose 01 33 3813 3029
  3. I simply do not buy meat, poultry, or fish at Walmart. However, I broke my own rule and purchased four packages of chicken for making pollo milanesa.... the sell by date was September 4. On September 2, we opened the packages, and every single piece of chicken smelled and was tinged green. Ugh. One other thing I also learned awhile ago, is what looks fresh, is usually not. I went behind the counter into the back of the Butcher department. I wanted to ask if the meat / chicken / fish came fresh, or if they thawed it all there. The head of the department explained that everything comes frozen, and they defrost there. Since I am a Spanish speaker, I'm pretty sure I didn't misunderstand him. Everyone knows it's dangerous to re-freeze once thawed meat, unless it has been cooked first, don't they?
  4. Ianos, i don't usually post on something like this but your series of responses are really quite unnecessary. You could simply have said one person made a complaint (re the 30% surcharge) and you are sorry, and can't fathom how that could have happened, and there had probably been an error. It really isn't slander. One individual had a bad experience. My god, you're a restaurant owner, and there is no need to blast an unhappy customer. Why become so defensive? Let it go. Given our population, only a small percentage read the web board but word gets out. Look, you're beginning a brand new endeavor.... a brand new restaurant in an area that has many many eating establishments and competition is fierce. Just let it slide off your back, and be gracious. Truthfully, I don't understand your attitude based on your posts on this thread. Also, many of us have received a few emails from Gabi, over the past several months, and 4 was mentioned when La Vie en Rose was starting up. Many including me were a bit confused.
  5. Thanks all... gee Aguaponics gimme a break. I've been in Mexico a loooong time, and yes I needed those shades yesterday... and, so ? I learned what I needed to know. And I'd forgotten Tommy was having a sale..will check there. Thanks Hopkins for the reminder. I have two other shades that I bought from him, maybe ten years ago, and they too need replacing. Now my big thing is: WHERE CAN I BUY SHELF PAPER???
  6. Metuchenmama...Ferret... thanks tons. I'll head back to the store next to Sunrise in the morning. Deep breath taken, and I'm calm and relieved. Ajijic Charlie, I need the shades "yesterday", and am leaving early Tuesday for a month. I'll absolutely check Galerías and other places in Guad when I get back.
  7. Desperately need to buy a number of new shades, different sizes... simple styles, with harps and those that clip over a lightbulb. And I need to get them tomorrow at the latest. Walmart had none; the lighting store in Plaza Bugambilias isn't there anymore...a zillion bulbs, LED lighting, but no lamps and shades. And it looked to me that the lighting/hardware store by Sunrise is just hardware when I drove by. I clearly haven't shopped lighting in awhile. Where to to buy Shades???
  8. A number of years ago, acquaintances in a gated community were robbed. They were out of town. And this was probably an inside job. The thieves actually broke through the cement outer wall to the garden from the empty lot next door...there were electric wires on top of the wall, neatly bypassed ...there was a major safe, quite large, too large to move, with far too many valuables in it and not insured. The thieves broke in to the safe with heavy heavy tools, and got it all. And other friends have lost smaller safes, picked them up, walked out.... or unscrewed. Lots of ways to get in I think.
  9. That used to be the case, but in general all controlled drugs now need an RX. This includes Valium, Ativan, xanax, ambien and the rest (and their generic equivalents). In fact several doctor friends say the oversight agency comes to their clinics, and then crosscheck with the pharmacies. Labor intensive. Of course there are ways around, that are still legal, as above. And I'm sure pharmacies around that will even sell without a prescription.
  10. Also, a bit off the scammer subject above....on my Samsung Duo, under settings, there is a number to forward calls, messages, texts etc. I cannot delete the number and/or change it to anything else. The number is 3313570300. Does anyone have an idea of why this number appears on my phone, or what to do about it?
  11. On Saturday my friend in Colorado had a call on her cel from 52-1-333-181-8992. She answered and there was a hang up. After a few seconds she received a text... "hi, this is Mike, I'm a friend of xxxx. Her phone died & she needs $, pls send to my number at Farmacia Guadalajara." My friend replied, "I'm in Colorado". He texted "yes, you can send $ to Mex, no problem". She then figured it was extortion, and didn't reply. I happen to be in the states, and saw her today and she mentioned the exchange. Unfortunately she deleted the text, but we had the number from the hang up. "Mike" has called my landline in the past, asking me to guess who it is; once he called and said "it's Michael", I said who? He replied "your favorite nephew silly!". I hung up. I have one nephew, not named Michael. This past March, as I wrote on the other similar thread, he'd called posing as my neighbor, from Costco. I played with him, "Oh Jim" and finally told him I didn't have a neighbor Jim. I think he forgot he called me and called back hours later, same story. i know he can find my name and landline in the Telmex Directory. What frightens me is I have no idea how he could get my friend's cell number in the states. She has never called me except on my Mexican cell, and has never been to Mexico. Can someone hack my cell? This scammer is getting far too sophisticated.
  12. For those of you who own a telephone line in your name, your name and number and often, address, are listed in the Telmex Mexican directory. The directories come out every year; someone comes around bringing the new phone book in exchange for the old, and a 10 peso tip. The directory covers several municipalities, including Chapala and it's villages.
  13. How much are they willing to spend? I have a rental available from March 8, 2018 onwards. $1400 all inclusive.... about the only thing renters need to buy is their food and drink. Everything else is provided. In the village, central.... PM if interested.
  14. Well, regardless, I still hate any catfish...basa or otherwise. I especially don't like the idea of eating Vietnamese catfish after having spent an inordinate amount of time on the Mekong river and in the delta, and going out to the fish farms at least a dozen times. Yucky yucky yucky, smelly, icky ...and yes many kinds of catfish. A large portion of catfish here...basa...does come from VN. It doesn't much matter to me where the catfish comes from...there is a catfish/tilapia fish farming project off Mezcala Island. But I never liked tilapia either, in spite of running development programs with tilapia fish farming components. The word Basa is so similar to bass, that this is undoubtedly where the confusion lies. I would really just like restaurant owners and chefs to understand Basa is NOT sea bass, and educate staff accordingly.
  15. Ok, so I was at the Brew House today and asked what fish they use for their beer battered fish and chips. I was told, as in other restaurants I've been to, they use sea bass. So I asked if that meant BASA....the waiter said yes. I explained basa isn't sea bass. Folks, BASA is CATFISH.... catfish catfish catfish. I hate catfish.
  16. But, but.....I like using a facilitator....and I'm a fluent Spanish speaker....and I know how to use a copy machine....can I still drive my two ton hunk of steel?
  17. Perhaps this could be translated into Spanish? The people in my barrio are very concerned, and Mexicans have lost pets as well. I think what you are doing is so important! Thanks.
  18. can you let me know which fumigator?  Very sorry you lost so much money.

  19. Marie Sonalet Jarvis

    cell 33-2111-0902


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