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  1. 27 minutes ago, Al Berca said:

    Good to know that a man who served six years in prison for "stealing babies" now "realizes he was involved in illegal transactions". Wonder how he figured it out.

    I think he accepted that he was wrong from the beginning and has paid his dues.  Isn’t that what going to prison should be about?  Reflection and rehabilitation?  Redemption?  Theoretically one comes out a better person?  (Of course it is often not the case, we know that.)

    In this case, and in many others that have occurred similarly in several countries, the babies were basically given over to the adoption agency by a parent or parents (or orphanage) thinking they would have a better chance and were paid  Or just for money.  Many poor families sold the children, but didn’t always understand they wouldn’t see them again.  

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  2. 18 minutes ago, ibbocat said:

    We had a similar Irish couple stay next door to us  to with a new baby, they departed suddenly a day before the federal police came looking for them.

    Next week there was an report in the local press about babies for sale.

    We know a man, released not too long ago after six years in prison for “stealing” babies who were being adopted by Irish couples.  He’s actually a pretty nice guy who is trying to rebuild his life now, and realizes he was involved in illegal transactions.

  3. 2 hours ago, Honorandfaith said:

    What do you mean by company's experience in Zamora?

    From their webpage (and Facebook page) it appears that they are based in Zamora, Michoacan and have coverage that extends to Sahuayo and Juquilpan, etc.  And the posted reviews are largely negative, but none appear to be from 2018.    Here is a map of their current and planned coverage, as well as supposed agreements with third parties farther north and northeast.  What I have read on their website doesn’t give me a lot of confidence, or at least not at present.  Will be interesting to see their progress this year.  



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  4. 8 hours ago, johanson said:

    Remember Benno is in the states. He sold the store maybe 6 to 8 years ago and new management took over at that time and then less than a  half year ago, Benno's was sold again and there is another new owner. I hope he has things up and running again. A couple of weeks after he took over I had a bad experience ordering a printer cartridge, coming back several times only to see that he got the wrong model for me.

    I went elsewhere and was helped much more rapidly.

    I hope that things are up and running again.

    Just little note...I think Benno and his family returned to Belgium after his father was detained by narcos while hiking with his dogs.  It was about the time of the May massacres.  

    Re house calls, Kia is their person... she’s great.  I call her directly now.

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  5. Dr. Alberto Don Olivera....  Don is his family name, not his first name, nor is it a nickname.  Olivera would be his mother’s name.  Some years ago a good number of his patients, including me, had to talk to Dr. Garcia, in order to get our money back from Dr. Don.  Others just sucked it up.  He had so botched the work he’d done. And had not kept complete records (ok, not uncommon at the time, a lot of doctors didn’t).   Many dentists were aware they were fixing problems created by Don.  I certainly hope he has improved in the ensuing years. 

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  6. 9 hours ago, gringal said:

    The Secret Garden is alive on Colon.

    Pedro's Gourmet moved up on the hill for awhile, but Pedro is running GO restaurant now,  which is a block off the Carretera, mountain side, in central Ajijic.

    Truly, bdlington was referring to the old Pedro’s Gourmet on Ocampo...so easy to stop in, different ambiance. Go Bistro is pure Peter with great offerings as always, but also different.  And the Secret Garden was on Hidalgo, just down from the corner, vegetarian, great bakery goods that Georgina still sells at the markets...owned by her and husband Peter.  Can’t remember when it closed.

  7. Roberto, just a suggestion.... it might be better if you stated at the beginning....”including Expats from the Lake Chapala area from San Nicolas de Ibarra to Jocotepec” or something like that.  If you put just Chapala/Ajijic, you will already have lost many potential respondents.  Buena Suerte.

  8. 20 hours ago, elisabeth said:

    Numbeo is cited as the source for these figures.   A note on the Chapala page says there have been 9 different contributors of data in the past 18 months.  Even with so few data points, this seems highly suspect. According to the author's bio on Investopedia,, she writes regularly on retirement planning.  I am embarrassed that a network-related media site would "publish" such poorly researched work.  I don't see a way to comment there or to contact the writer. 

    I just went to her Facebook page and left her a message.  Can also send an email to CNBC re the article.  Maybe if we all send the network emails or leave comments, they’ll do something about this?

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  9. From a slightly longer article on three places in Latin America to retire on social security alone.  I’ve no idea where this woman got her figures...but a lot of people might be surprised when they get down here... or try for permanent residency unless the income amount has changed with the dollar fluctuation.  Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    According to August 2017 data from the Social Security Administration, the average Social Security retirement benefit is $1,371 per month. Many Americans get professional help to plan their retirement, but in case you only have your Social Security to count on, there are retirement options just a few hours south of the U.S. border. In fact, in these three Latin American destinations, you can actually retire in comfort on Social Security benefits alone.

    — By Claire Boyte-White, special to CNBC.com. Boyte-White writes about finance and investing for Investopedia
    Posted 6 November 2017


    As our closest neighbor on the list, Mexico is a top choice for many retirees because it's not too far from home, which makes trips back to the States for the holidays or to see new grandkids relatively cheap. But Mexico has a lot more to offer than convenient proximity. To get residency in Mexico, you have to prove that you've received consistent monthly income, including Social Security benefits, of $1,300 (or more for permanent residency) over the past six months.

    What's more, once your residency is approved, you can enroll in the Instituto Nacional para las Personas Adultas Mayores (INAPAM) program. Carrying this little plastic card entitles you to discounts on a huge range of goods and services — including health care, leisure activities, public transport, restaurants and airline tickets — as well as discounts on property taxes and water bills in some municipalities.

    The lakeside town of Chapala has a thriving expat community, a near-perfect climate and surprisingly low cost of living. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center is just $148 per month, with utilities, Internet and cell service totaling $75. Groceries are similarly inexpensive, with a typical monthly grocery bill — including basics such as bread and cheese, meat, produce and a little extra tossed in for impulse items — can cost as little as $135. All in all, an average monthly budget in this sunny town including nights out, a gym membership and transportation comes out to just $675 per month.



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  10. 3 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    I am on Prime both US and MX with a US credit card.  I registered earlier this year.  


    Sorry, think  I wasn’t clear.... I do have Amazon Prime Mexico, for shopping.  But cannot access Amazon Prime Video Mex with a U.S credit card linked to a U.S.Billing address.  


  11. 16 hours ago, AngusMactavish said:

    Yes. Mexico is half the price of the US.

    I was told by Amazon that I cannot pay for Amazon Prime Mexico with a credit card linked to a U.S. address.  Don’t have a Mexican bank account or credit card.  Have had Prime in the states forever,  and video was accessible with a VPN ... now not possible.  This is simply a comment, not much I can do.

  12. I have two phone lines, I.e. two separate numbers....after all my problems lately, with my Telmex WiFi signal and routers etc, I decided to add infinitum to my other telephone line, and keep the existing WiFi where it is.  I called Telmex, and was told there is no new service in our area (Ajijic), because “they” are carrying out work.  I asked when service would be forthcoming and was told no one knows.   Does anyone have any additional insight into obtaining internet service?  

    Also...  Not interested in the investment being talked about with high speed fiber optics.  Later, I thought, ok, I’ll contract Telecable instead.  Talked to them last Tuesday afternoon....  and still have not received a call from an installer...  what a disaster this all is.  


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  13. I’ve been using Express VPN for over a year, with my Amazon Prime Video with no problem...  that was until October 2.   Sigh.  It no longer works.  I tried about five other VPNs I’ve had some luck with in the past, but it seems Amazon has now caught on.  I suspect VPNs are a thing of the past for Amazon. 

    After the same problems last year with Netflix I switched to Netflix Mexico.


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