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  1. I think he accepted that he was wrong from the beginning and has paid his dues. Isn’t that what going to prison should be about? Reflection and rehabilitation? Redemption? Theoretically one comes out a better person? (Of course it is often not the case, we know that.) In this case, and in many others that have occurred similarly in several countries, the babies were basically given over to the adoption agency by a parent or parents (or orphanage) thinking they would have a better chance and were paid Or just for money. Many poor families sold the children, but didn’t always understand they wouldn’t see them again.
  2. Yes, Bisbee Gal, I’d like to know the name as well. I have the same cabinets and after twenty years they too need a refinish/repaint.
  3. We know a man, released not too long ago after six years in prison for “stealing” babies who were being adopted by Irish couples. He’s actually a pretty nice guy who is trying to rebuild his life now, and realizes he was involved in illegal transactions.
  4. Ok, will do that Gringal, in awhile... but it does appear that they do have an office in a building in Guadalajara: Av. Lázaro Cárdenas, No. 3675, Col. Jardines de San Ignacio (Chapalita), Guadalajara Jalisco, Tel 01 (331) 031 2429 ...
  5. From their webpage (and Facebook page) it appears that they are based in Zamora, Michoacan and have coverage that extends to Sahuayo and Juquilpan, etc. And the posted reviews are largely negative, but none appear to be from 2018. Here is a map of their current and planned coverage, as well as supposed agreements with third parties farther north and northeast. What I have read on their website doesn’t give me a lot of confidence, or at least not at present. Will be interesting to see their progress this year. http://www.iloxtelecom.com/internet-dedicado
  6. Just little note...I think Benno and his family returned to Belgium after his father was detained by narcos while hiking with his dogs. It was about the time of the May massacres. Re house calls, Kia is their person... she’s great. I call her directly now.
  7. Haven’t seen anything about the above event. Was it attended by local Mexican women as well as expats? Curious.
  8. Dr. Alberto Don Olivera.... Don is his family name, not his first name, nor is it a nickname. Olivera would be his mother’s name. Some years ago a good number of his patients, including me, had to talk to Dr. Garcia, in order to get our money back from Dr. Don. Others just sucked it up. He had so botched the work he’d done. And had not kept complete records (ok, not uncommon at the time, a lot of doctors didn’t). Many dentists were aware they were fixing problems created by Don. I certainly hope he has improved in the ensuing years.
  9. On my Facebook page - for several days now - there is a band of red, with the message “unknown feed unit type: pages you may like feed unit”. So no suggestions. I like that there is not so much stuff cluttering my feed.... but curious as to what/why this is.
  10. You may get more useful responses if you tell us what your rental budget is, your preferred location(s), etc. Good luck...
  11. Truly, bdlington was referring to the old Pedro’s Gourmet on Ocampo...so easy to stop in, different ambiance. Go Bistro is pure Peter with great offerings as always, but also different. And the Secret Garden was on Hidalgo, just down from the corner, vegetarian, great bakery goods that Georgina still sells at the markets...owned by her and husband Peter. Can’t remember when it closed.
  12. DID YOU ORDER SIGNS FROM XILL FOR THE WOMEN’S MARCH? Xill Fessenden will be at the Cafe Black & White (east side of main Ajijic Plaza) Saturday 20 January @ 9am. Please pick up any signs for the Women’s March that you have ordered from her, at the Cafe. She still has a limited amount of extra signs if you are interested.
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