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  1. I would recommend Chopa over Tolsa as Chopa is clean, modern, staff is friendly and have english speakers and was several thousand pesos cheaper for an MRI on my shoulder in spring last year.
  2. I found our bedskirts got dirty from the mops then Martha Stewart came to the rescue. She suggested in a magazine to use an inexpensive fitted sheet instead of bedskirt which eliminated the mop problem but also solved the potential of the bedskirt being a bug ladder. Found a set of cheap sheets on Amazon in the color I wanted for less than $20 and got a bedskirt, a dust cover from the top sheet and cleaning bags from the pillow cases. Just an idea!
  3. I use both Amazon Mexico and Amazon USA and always check items on I want on both sites. My experience has been that items on the Mexico site that show being shipped in from the states are more expensive than ordering from the US site. As an example, a pet urn was $35 dollars on the US site and the exact same product was $3500 pesos on the Mexico site. Also, some items on the US site are not always for delivery to Mexico but if you keep checking that can change. I deliver to our home in Ajijic as we have 24 hours guards who sign for the packages. FYI - Amazon USA tells when your package is out for delivery and shows how many stops away it is from your home.
  4. I serve on the board of a condominium with underground utilities. We have a contract with TELMEX to replace the existing copper wiring with fiber optic cable and all homes will have the option of high speed internet. Any homes without TELMEX phone service will be provided with a number if they want the internet package. Owners can chose to keep their existing services at the same costs or move to a high speed package including a new modem. Rates for the packages are cheaper than what I pay now. I was in charge of the project for our development and have emails from ILOX stating they would not use any TELMEX overground or underground facilities. ILOX suggested options were string aerial cable or install additional conduits which requires major work to the roads. ILOX would not use the underground CFE conduits due to the danger from the power and water in the conduits. We started working with TELMEX in March 2018 and the contract was finalized in May 2019. There are several developments lakeside that already have or in the process of getting TELMEX high speed service which in our assessment was the only practical option for developments with underground utilities.
  5. Was in Bancomer yesterday as my debit card had expired. The customer service rep in the office at the back speaks perfect English - lived in California till he was 15. Was a delight to work with. He checked what my minimum balance needed to be and printed a document that shows it is on average 7999.00 pesos. Not sure why so high - maybe because we have checking and a Bancomer Visa. He told me must have activity in the account once every three years.
  6. Just yesterday, went to Ventiladores in Guadalajara on Lopez Mateos and bought two new fans. They have the biggest selection I have ever seen - check out their website to see what they have. https://www.ventiladores.com/ There were two lovely ladies in the store who spoke english very well and in fact, I called the store first before making the trip to see if they had what I wanted in stock as I preshopped the website and there was no problem communicating on the phone. The prices were lower at the Lopez Mateos location versus the store by Andres Mall and much lower than Amazon Mexico. Good luck with your fan shopping
  7. Pablo's gate are usually closed for security.............normally we just bang on the gates and someone comes.
  8. Luis Enrique Ayon Duenas of the Home Doctor General Contracting business is the one referenced above and he just finished a complete remodel of our pool. And while there was an issue getting the nozzles for the hot tub, the end result is exactly what we wanted. And we would recommend him.
  9. Got a ticket delivered to our home in early December. My husband went to the office in Chapala to pay it and get the discount which he did. While there he was told there were other two unpaid tickets which they could not show him. He paid them all and the receipt showed ticket numbers. Different processes for different days, I guess.
  10. Assuming you are flying from Gauadalarjara to Mexico City, we found it easier to get our INM paper stamped at the Guadalajara airport before we caught our flight to Mexico City
  11. Check with them as they may be able to get you any currency you need.
  12. you can get euros thru the small banco right by Wings Army in centro Laguna
  13. Most of the small roadside key stands have them.
  14. If the reply directly answers the question asked by the original poster, why should it matter who responds? It could be a person who has used the services asked about or someone who offers those services.
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