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  1. Just yesterday, went to Ventiladores in Guadalajara on Lopez Mateos and bought two new fans. They have the biggest selection I have ever seen - check out their website to see what they have. https://www.ventiladores.com/ There were two lovely ladies in the store who spoke english very well and in fact, I called the store first before making the trip to see if they had what I wanted in stock as I preshopped the website and there was no problem communicating on the phone. The prices were lower at the Lopez Mateos location versus the store by Andres Mall and much lower than Amazon Mexico. Good luck with your fan shopping
  2. Pablo's gate are usually closed for security.............normally we just bang on the gates and someone comes.
  3. Luis Enrique Ayon Duenas of the Home Doctor General Contracting business is the one referenced above and he just finished a complete remodel of our pool. And while there was an issue getting the nozzles for the hot tub, the end result is exactly what we wanted. And we would recommend him.
  4. Got a ticket delivered to our home in early December. My husband went to the office in Chapala to pay it and get the discount which he did. While there he was told there were other two unpaid tickets which they could not show him. He paid them all and the receipt showed ticket numbers. Different processes for different days, I guess.
  5. Assuming you are flying from Gauadalarjara to Mexico City, we found it easier to get our INM paper stamped at the Guadalajara airport before we caught our flight to Mexico City
  6. Check with them as they may be able to get you any currency you need.
  7. you can get euros thru the small banco right by Wings Army in centro Laguna
  8. Most of the small roadside key stands have them.
  9. If the reply directly answers the question asked by the original poster, why should it matter who responds? It could be a person who has used the services asked about or someone who offers those services.
  10. My understanding is that all new houses have the same issue - it is problem with Telmex, not the developers
  11. We bought our stainless steel handrail thru our pool maintenance person - Carlos Taylor. You may be able to order thru a local pool supply store.
  12. bought some a few weeks at Superlake. It was in with the other boxed juices.
  13. For physical therapy, I am seeing Dra Justina Jimenez Lopez, a rehabilitation specialist, and her team located in west Ajijic. The clinic's number is 376 766 5563. Thanks to their efforts, I have avoided shoulder surgery. Everyone speaks english if that is a concern to you.
  14. To share my experience with the company Border Free which was mentioned earlier in the post: I ordered 2 items from Chicos last December - they would shipped to Mexico using Border Free and would charge all duties, shipping costs, etc at the time of the order. One price was shown with all the charges on the screen which I printed a copy off then the price shown changed significantly once I hit the order button but that is another issue. It took approximately 10 days and DHL delivered the items and gave me invoice for $600. I advised shipping had already been paid but was told no pesos no items so I paid. It took almost 4 months to get my $600 pesos back - Chicos said not their issue to call Border Free and Border Free said not their issue to deal with Chicos. And I got my $ back only after getting the name of the executives at Chico and threatening to go to them if I did not get my money in 4 days. There is something to be said about having time on your hands after retirement!!!
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