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  1. You might need a vpn showing you are in Mexico
  2. Inauguration Day, celebrated every 6 years, on Dec 1, but since Dec1 is a Saturday, it is a Friday holiday
  3. I think Jara, the ferreteria by telmex carries miracle grow.
  4. If they have a collar, they an write their contact information on the collar. Collars are expensive too. We have supplied many new ones to the Ranch.
  5. Well, I guess east of his old office, between Juarez and Colon
  6. There is a candy store, just a little east of Dr. Leon's office, on the carretera.
  7. I highly recommend Gossips. Stop by and get his catering menu. Call to be sure Ismat is there.
  8. Check https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A//www.notisistema.com/ You can always run thru a translator too for other stories
  9. No appointment needed. 820 pesos for mammograms
  10. Dia de los muertos is their tradition
  11. Download the app. Much easier to see everything.
  12. http://www.homedecorchapala.com/products/furniture/bedroom
  13. So who gets in trouble if they hit a motorcycle? Especially when in your blind spot or on the right of your car?
  14. Yes, you need one. Ajijic is not exempt. Calle Zaragosa in Chapala is the testing station. 400 pesos, reliable.
  15. A doctor can tell you if he can see your eardrum or not. If not, you have wax buildup.
  16. Just happened to me. A cell phone called my landline and disconnected 4 times.
  17. Kitchen and Harmony next to Dominos in Ajijic has a good tiler
  18. Didn't need the inapam card when I renewed. They just looked at my age and gave me 1/2 off. If you renew in Guadalajara, you pay there. No need to go to the bank.
  19. No, it's not Heidi's. It says T-Shirt on the outside. Owned by the artist Mariscal on Marcos Castellanos.
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